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Hallo allemaal (Hi everybody),

This is me. Manon.

I am the Mastermind behind ‘Visiting The Dutch Countryside’, a travel blog about The Netherlands created by a born and raised Dutch citizen. I am helping people explore The Netherlands beyond the crowds, as my beautiful country is so much more than Amsterdam, since the end of 2018.

I am Manon, and I am 26 years old. I am born and raised in a small Dutch village up North in Noord- Holland. I won’t give you my coordinates, but it’s approximately 1,5 hour to Amsterdam by public transport. I’ve been living all this time in a country that has so much to offer, but people don’t see it. And that’s what I’m about to change with this travelblog about The Netherlands.

This website results from a thesis that I passed and my ambitious brain that doesn’t have a plan B. A little backstory, okay?

I had a hard time figuring out the subject of my thesis, like everyone, I suppose. However, I was a little selfish (in a good way) that I didn’t want a company to get free research. Therefore I wanted to do something that I could use soon.

I was thinking long and hard. I came up with ideas about my previous blog. But they were honestly shit ideas. That’s what the teachers thought as well. So, they gave me a bit of a push in the direction of creating an editorial formula. And eventually, months passed. They passed pretty quickly, to be honest. So did the summer holiday. I still didn’t have my final idea.

Until one day my teacher gave me the best idea ever. You can all thank my teacher for this complete travel guide about The Netherlands. My former blog name already had The Netherlands in it, and then I saw a news article on a Dutch website about how tourism isn’t spreading in The Netherlands, and there it was: I had my idea, a travel blog about The Netherlands it is.

Every week I will add more articles and videos on this The Netherlands travel blog: more destinations, and you will be surprised by all the beautiful places in The Netherlands. You will imagine sitting on top of the dunes, watching a beautiful sunset that slowly dissolves into the North Sea—or looking at tulip fields from above, out of a small aeroplane. Or maybe you’re even skydiving out of an aircraft above the island of Texel.

The Netherlands is a country that is underrated in its whole. We all know the city of Amsterdam. But do you really know the city? The same idea counts for the entire country. You know The Netherlands, or you think you do. But do you really know it?

Not unless you are using my website to guide you through my beautiful country. If you have any questions, I am always happy to answer them. You can leave them in the comments or send me an email at info[@] I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can also help you plan your The Netherlands itinerary with my planning service to give you the most fantastic vacation in The Netherlands you could ever dream about.

Doei! (Bye!)

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