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Where to see Tulip Fields in Drenthe: Discover tulips in the East of The Netherlands

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aerial view on blooming tulip fields in drenthe netherlands during spring

Do you want to visit the tulip fields in Drenthe? Great, you’ve come to the right place. Drenthe is not a province where you can find dozens of tulip fields in a row; sometimes, visitors need to search for them (except for you, as you have all the insider information from me). And while you won’t find kilometres-long tulip fields in Drenthe, the number of fields has been growing slowly but steadily in this Dutch province. Especially in the centre of Drenthe (also called Midden- Drenthe), the number of fields is growing quite fast compared to the rest of the province. Drenthe is in fourth place on the list of the most tulip fields in The Netherlands, after Noord- Holland, Zuid- Holland and Flevoland.

We have so many Dutch bulb fields all over the country, and most people do not visit Drenthe for tulips, but the province is worth visiting. In this blog, you will discover everything from tulip gardens in Drenthe to the flower area in Drenthe and, of course, things to do in Drenthe in spring.

When is tulip season in Drenthe?

I have so many things to say about this. But first, you should stop listening to other people on the internet. So many people do not know what they’re talking about (or have visited the tulips in Drenthe or somewhere else in the country once) and think that they have the entire industry and their blooming figured out. That’s not how this works.

Some people say that the flower fields in Drenthe bloom at the end of March, the beginning of April, or even the end of May or June. Please do not listen to them. In Drenthe, tulip season starts from roughly the middle of April until the first few days of May. Not until the end of the first week, but the first few days. 

I recommend visiting the last week of April to see the best tulip fields in Drenthe, as most fields will bloom. The exact time when Drenthe and its flower fields can be seen depends on whether we’ve had a harsh winter – or not – and the amount of sunshine and rain that we get during early spring. It’s still nature, after all. But, all in all, you’d want to visit at the end of April to see the best tulip spots in Drenthe.

Can I walk in flower fields in Drenthe?

That’s what we’re NOT going to do. So, no. I’ve been telling people for years that they should not walk in tulip fields in Drenthe (or any other place in the country). A Dutch tulip field does not exist for your Instagram or TikTok video or photo: it’s part of a billion-euro industry. People make a living from these flower fields. 

When you visit Drenthe and walk between tulips, you will spread fungi, insects, bacteria and diseases from field to field—ultimately destroying thousands of bulbs. This then results in the loss of income for the tulip farmer, meaning they have less money for their business and to feed their family. Besides that, flower fields are private property, so stay out of them.

This way, you can respectfully admire Drenthe and its tulip fields. And everyone is happy to welcome you again so you can see tulips in the province of Drenthe again.

aerial view on blooming tulip fields in drenthe netherlands during spring

Where to find tulip fields in Drenthe

The province of Drenthe is found in the East of The Netherlands and is one of the least densely populated provinces in the country. It borders Groningen in the North, Overijssel in the South, Friesland in the West, and the German state of Niedersachsen in the East. It’s home to roughly 500,000 people, and the capital is the city of Assen. 

Drenthe is mainly known for having the most dolmen in the country. We have 54 dolmen in The Netherlands left, and 52 are in Drenthe. Another thing that Drenthe is very famous for is its nature reserve: it’s home to three national parks and 14 Natura 2000 areas, as well as countless other nature reserves. If you’re interested in exploring some beautiful Dutch nature, then Drenthe is a perfect province. Add tulip fields in Drenthe to the mix, and you will have one hell of a holiday. You can discover where to see and find tulip fields around Drenthe below.

1. Diever

The village of Diever is a traditional ‘esdorp’ or ‘brinkdorp’ in the Drenthe province. These kinds of villages were found at the edge of sandy soils and generally originated in the High Middle Ages (1000-1300). Diever and its immediate surroundings are home to around 2,700 people and are part of the municipality Westerveld.

2. Dwingeloo

The village of Dwingeloo is one of the greenest villages in Europe. It’s also a traditional ‘brinkdorp’ and is found right next to National Park Dwingelderveld. The village is home to around 2,400 people and is located in the municipality of Westerveld.

3. Hijken

The esdorp of Hijken is found in the municipality of Midden-Drenthe and is home to around 680 people. Hijken was first named in a document from 1370. The village was found in the best area for agriculture in the region, with heather fields and haylands surrounding the town. It’s also located along the Oranjekanaal.

4. Smilde

The village of Smilde is a former municipality and water authority in Drenthe located nearby the capital Assen. Smilde is one of the places in The Netherlands where many archaeological findings show people have lived here at least since 11.000 B.C. Currently, around 4,900 people call Smilde their home. 

5. Grolloo

Grolloo is a small village in Drenthe between the towns of Rolde and Schoonloo. The village is home to around 630 people and is located in the municipality of Aa en Hunze. The name Grolloo translates to green forest. The village is found in the middle of beautiful nature reserves in Drenthe, such as Grollooërveld and Boswachterij Grolloo.

aerial view on blooming tulip fields in drenthe netherlands during spring

More things to do in Drenthe this flower season

Visit picking gardens

There are several picking gardens in the Drenthe province where you can select a beautiful bouquet of blooming flowers. 

At first, we have Tulpenpluktuin Drenthe, which is found in Beilen. In this picking garden, you can walk between the rows of tulips and pick your favourite colourful ones. You must stay on the paths, so you do not damage or break the tulips. Every tulip that you choose is around 25 euros cents. You can only pay in cash, and there is no change, so have some smaller coins with you. During the season, it’s open seven days a week from sunrise until sunset. It can be found at Brunstingerveld 16, Beilen.

You can also visit Tulpenpluktuin De Monden in Drouwenermond, which has been open since 2021. It is 1500 m² and has different species and colours of tulips. You can find them at Zuiderdiep 42 in Drouwenermond, and for their opening times during tulip season, I recommend you to visit their Facebook page

Enjoy tulip routes at Tulpenpracht

As more and more tulip fields are popping up all over Drenthe, several farmers and local companies have combined their powers and created different walking, cycling and car routes that will bring you along the tulip fields. The car ride is often around 90 kilometres, the bike ride is about 30, and the walking path is approximately 10 kilometres. The route changes every year, but if you go to this website and click on the ‘nieuws’ item, you will find the year’s new routes. You can get the paper version of the route at Cafe Dorpskern in the town of Hijken. 

Another tulip route in Drenthe starts in the surroundings of Diever, and Maatschap Joling designs it. It generally includes two walking paths: one shorter, one of roughly seven kilometres and one of around nine kilometres. Maatschap Joling also creates several cycling routes and a car route each year. One of the most known routes tends to start at Tourist Info Punt in the town of Diever.

Visit an evening event

Tulpenpracht bij Nacht is a great event during tulip season in Drenthe. The name translates to beautiful tulips by night, and it’s a car route in the evening that will pass illuminated tulip fields. The route generally starts in Assen and passes towns such as Smilde, Hooghalen and Hijken. This route in Drenthe is planned roughly between the middle and end of April. You can find the exact dates on their Facebook page to see the magical tulip fields in Drenthe.

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aerial view on blooming tulip fields in drenthe netherlands during spring


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I hope you enjoyed this blog on tulip fields in Drenthe- and that you now know where you can find tulip fields in the East of The Netherlands. It’s not a famous region to visit just yet. Only the area around the Keukenhof flower garden in Zuid- Holland is famous. But Drenthe is great to visit to see tulips East of Amsterdam and to go on a journey to places that most people never tend to see when they travel to The Netherlands.

Fields of tulips are found all over The Netherlands, but the nature you can see in Drenthe and its typical regional villages is not. You will have a great time exploring Drenthe’s free tulip fields and enjoy visiting the East of The Netherlands.

Remember to share this post about Dutch tulip fields so your friends and family know where they can find tulips in The Netherlands and things to do in Drenthe. And I hope to hear your stories about exploring the tulips in The Netherlands soon.

I hope you will enjoy the best things to do in Drenthe and that you’ve learned where you can find the flower fields and Dutch tulip fields in this part of The Netherlands.

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