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View on a windy road and the ocean in the back ground on the island of Saba: Dutch Caribbean

While most people tend to visit the popular destinations in the Dutch Caribbean, there’s a stunning island waiting for you to explore it. Saba Island is a stunning, hidden gem located in the Dutch Caribbean. This small and rugged island is known for its natural beauty, including its lush rainforests, towering cliffs, and stunning beaches. Despite its small size, Saba Island offers a range of unique and exciting activities for visitors, from hiking the island’s rugged terrain to exploring its pristine coral reefs.

One of the most unique features of Saba Island is its status as an eco-tourism destination. The island is home to a variety of protected ecosystems, including the Saba National Marine Park, which offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean. It is also home to one of the largest coral reefs in the entire world. Visitors can also explore the island’s lush rainforests, which are home to a variety of exotic plants and wildlife.

Saba Island is also known for its charming villages, including the picturesque Windwardside and the bustling capital of The Bottom. Visitors can explore the island’s unique history and culture by visiting its museums, historic sites, and local restaurants.

With its stunning natural beauty, unique activities, and charming villages, Saba Island is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the Dutch Caribbean. I honestly cannot recommend you to visit Saba enough. 

view on a swimming turtle in the blue ocean in the national marine park in the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean
Beaches in Saba
View on the entry of The Bottom (the capital city of the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean) with houses in the background
Things to do in Saba
View of a house with a red roof and white walls on a hill with the blue ocean in the background in Zions Hill village on the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean
Where to stay in Saba
view of the green rainforest on the island of Saba in the Dutch caribbean
Hiking in Saba