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Sint Eustatius

View on an old Dutch fort with a pink red roof and the ocean in the background at the Caribbean island of Sint Eustatius.

St. Eustatius Island, located in the Dutch Caribbean, is a hidden gem that’s waiting to be discovered. With its quaint charm and laid-back vibe, St. Eustatius offers a unique island experience that’s different from the typical tourist hotspots. The island is also called Statia and is an absolute dream. 

You can discover the island’s rich history, with landmarks like the famous Quill volcano (which last erupted around 1600 years ago and is currently dormant) and the ruins of the old Fort Oranje. And for those looking for a more active adventure, you can hike up to the summit of the Quill volcano which is where you can find spectacular views. The rainforest is also truly breathtaking.

That’s not all that this stunning island in the Caribbean has to offer, so I can only recommend you to see it for yourself.

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