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Traditional & Modern Dutch Recipes From The Netherlands

One thing that surprises many people that visit The Netherlands is that my country is home to some pretty tasty and hearty dishes. If you’re looking to recreate some fantastic Dutch recipes to bring The Netherlands closer to home, then you will love all these old Dutch recipes. If you’re searching for some future The Netherlands travel inspiration, then you can have a look at my The Netherlands travel blog here. 

But, maybe you’re also living in The Netherlands, and you’re looking to explore The Netherlands and its traditional food culture and Dutch national food. Then I can also assure you that these Dutch recipes are everything you’ve been searching for. It ranges from Dutch vegetarian recipes to Dutch street food. And from Dutch meat recipes to Dutch baking recipes, yes: and even a recipe for the famous Dutch apple pie, as well as Dutch dessert recipes and more! 

And luckily, that’s not even all this part of my The Netherlands website Dutch recipe blog has to offer for you. I hope that you will enjoy exploring the Dutch kitchen with these Dutch recipes written in English and that you will get to taste a lot of enjoyable flavours.  

Dutch cuisine, to me, is comfort. It’s home to the ultimate comfort foods: generally easy to make and still tasty. So, I think you will like it too. 

I will continuously update this Dutch cooking blog and the rest of my The Netherlands blog: stay tuned for all the delicious recipes of every region in The Netherlands that will be making their way here. 

The ‘V’ sign, behind the names of some Dutch recipes, means that this Dutch recipe has vegan/ vegetarian options or is vegetarian as a whole. 

I hope you enjoy this Dutch food blog and all the delicious recipes. Whether you’re looking for easy Dutch food recipes or examples of traditional Dutch food. Or maybe you’re searching for modern Dutch cuisine or Dutch snacks recipes. There is something for you on this page. Many of these are easy Dutch recipes, so don’t worry about being a brilliant chef.  

Some of these recipes are from my family or friends; other translated Dutch recipes come from other incredible cooks and Dutch food fans. If the recipe does not come out of my surroundings, I will always tell you that and give the owners full credit; plus, I include a link to the recipe on their website.  

I hope you will enjoy these original Dutch recipes.

Dutch Breakfast Recipes

Tiger bread on a wooden table with cheese in a rustic style
Dutch Crunch Bread (Tijgerbrood)
Dutch Frisian Sugar Bread
Dutch Ontbijtkoek
Dutch Christmas Bread
Dutch Kruidkoek
Dutch White Recipe
Poppy-seed Buns
Dutch Duivekater
Dutch Dark Rye Bread
Dutch Semolina Porridge
Dutch Brown Bread
Dutch Dark Bread
Currant Buns
Dutch Rusks
Frisian Keallepoaten
Dutch Easter Bread

Dutch Dinner Recipes

Sauerkraut in a bowl and potatoes, salt and a towel on a wooden table
Sauerkraut Casserole (V)
Hearty traditional Dutch pea soup with smoked sausage, rye bread and bacon. Or: 'erwtensoep met rookworst, roggebrood en spek'.
Dutch Pea Soup (V)
Dutch Mussels
Red Cabbage With Apples (V)
Dutch Apple Soup (V)
Hete Bliksem Stamppot (V)
Dutch Sour Meat From Limburg
Dutch Spiced Beef Stew
Dutch Asparagus Soup (V)
Dutch Chicken Soup
Dutch 'Kruudmoes' (V)
A rustic kitchen with a plate with 'Boerenkool met worst' or kale with smoked sausage, a traditional Dutch meal. Served with gravy. With typical Dutch Delft blue tiles on the wall in the background.
Kale Stamppot (V)
Hutspot Stamppot (V)
Leek Stamppot (V)
Dutch Onion Soup (V)
Endive Stamppot (V)
Dutch Vegetable Soup With Meatballs
Dutch Hachee Stew
Dutch Tomato Soup (V)
Dutch Mushroom Soup (V)
Red Cabbage Stamppot (V)

Dutch Desserts Recipes

Jack In The Bag
Closeup of dutch haagse bluf egg white dessert isolated on a white background
Haagse Bluf
Dutch Flensjes
Dutch Stewed Pears
Dutch Eiers En Beiers
Diplomat Pudding
Little bowl of vanilla custard on wooden background
Dutch Vla (Custard)
Strained Dutch Yoghurt
Dutch Rice Pudding
Dutch Semolina Pudding
Bittercookies Pudding

Dutch Baking Recipes

Bossche Bollen
Traditional Dutch 'speculaas' (spiced shortcrust cookies). With authentic wooden cookie cutters especially made for these cookies in the background.
Dutch Speculaas (Spiced Cookies)
Zeeuwse Bolussen (Dutch Cinnamon Rolls)
Dutch Apple Beignets
Dutch Christmas Cookies
Moskovische Tulband
Fryske Dúmkes
Dutch Ginger Cake
Deventer Koek
Gevulde Koek
Arnhem Biscuits
Dutch Vlaai
Dutch Apple Pie
Dutch Oliebollen
Dutch Stroopwafels
Jouster Pof
Dutch Butter Cake
Dutch Kwarktaart (Quark pie)
Dutch Apple Turnovers
Dutch Bitter Cookies
Heukelumse Krakeling

Dutch Vegetarian Recipes

Dutch Pancakes
Dutch Poffertjes (Little Pancakes)

Dutch Meat Recipes

Dutch Meatball
Dutch Slavinken
Dutch Meatloaf

Dutch Fish Recipes

Dutch Shrimp Cocktail
Dutch Oysters
Dutch Fish Croquettes
Dutch Fried Cod Fish (Kibbeling)

Dutch Fried & Street Food Recipes

Dutch Sausage Roll
Dutch Bitterballen
Dutch Kaassouffle (V)
Dutch Cheese Bread (V)
Dutch Fries (V)
Dutch Beef Croquettes
Dutch Potato Croquettes (V)
Dutch Kapsalon
Dutch Cheese Croquettes (V)

Other Dutch Food Recipes

Dutch Mayonnaise
Cucumber Salad
Dutch Appelmoes

Dutch Alcoholic Drinks Recipes