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Haagse Bluf Recipe: Try One Of The Best Egg White Recipes For A Dutch Dessert

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The Netherlands and desserts are a great combination. One of the easiest and fastest desserts you can make is Haagse bluf; this translates to the Hague bluff. It’s simply adding egg whites, sugar and fruit juice together, and you’re sorted. Quick, sweet and delicious: Sometimes that’s all you want for a delicious egg white dessert. I hope you will enjoy one of the best egg whites recipe.

History Haagse Bluf

Haagse bluf is one of the Dutch desserts from The Netherlands. It exists out of beaten egg whites, berry juice and a lot of sugar. It is said that the name refers to the attitude and characteristics that the inhabitants of The Hague have: They seem like they’re a lot, but in reality, they don’t have much substance and isn’t much. It’s not known since when this eggwhite recipe has been made, but it’s definitely tradition.

A small shopping mall in The Hague’s centre is named after this dish and called ‘Haagsche Bluf’. Haagse bluf was also a political and a current affairs program from 1980-1985.

Recipe Haagse Bluf


  • 4 egg whites (you can make Dutch vla with the egg yolks)
  • 350 ml redcurrant (or if you can’t find it, any other berry or raspberry juice)
  • 150- 175 gram of sugar (depending on your sweet taste)
  • A pack of dry biscuits
  • Some fresh fruits to garnish 
  • Optional: mint leaves to garnish

Good for around 8 people – 5 minutes preparation – 10 minutes to cook


1. Add the egg whites, redcurrant juice (or berry juice) and the sugar into a deep bowl.

2. Mix the egg whites, juice and sugar until it gets stiff. You need to be able to turn the bowl around, without it spilling. 

3. Divide the egg whites over eight bowls, put a biscuit in the middle (which you can use to scoop out some of the egg white mousse) and serve straight away. 

It is tradition to add ‘maria biscuitjes’ to the Haagse Bluf. These are dry biscuits but only sold in The Netherlands. So, any dry biscuit could work with this Dutch dessert. Or, if you’re not a fan of biscuits, just leave them out. 

If you’re short on time or are not the most excellent chef, this is one of the easy to make dutch desserts. You can add some fresh or frozen fruit on top of it to make it even better, as well as some fresh mint. Or, add some lemon or orange zest on top of the Haagse bluf. You can change the amount of sugar that you want into this mixture, to make it more or less sweet. 

You need a big bowl for this mixture, as it expands a lot when you’re whisking.

Handy tools to use for this recipe

I hope you enjoyed making one of the famous Dutch desserts from The Netherlands and that you liked making one of the easy egg white recipes. Old Dutch recipes are always fun to make and especially this one, as it’s so quick and easy. Haagse bluf is tasty and perfect for any occasion. I hope you will make one of my favourite sweet egg white recipes more often than once.

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