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Leek Stamppot Recipe From The Netherlands: Try One Of The Best Potato And Leek Recipes

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A photo of leek and mashed potatoes in a pot with a potato masher
This leek stamppot recipe is the perfect hearty Dutch dinner meal for those chilly autumn, winter and spring days.

If you’re looking for tips on how to cook leeks, then this leek stamppot is perfect for you. Not only will you find the answer to the question for ‘what is stamppot’, but also one of the best stamppot recipes from The Netherlands. The main stamppot ingredients are vegetable and potatoes, and this leek and potato mash is precisely what you want during the colder days. I hope you will enjoy one of my favourite potato and leek recipes.


Stamppot in The Netherlands goes back way in time. The general combination of potatoes, another vegetable and a piece of meat (optional) available is very filling and warms everyone up during the cold autumn and winter months. Leek has been used in The Netherlands for a long time, it is found in many Dutch dishes: From our Dutch soups to our Dutch winter dishes. So, this leek stamppot cannot get any more Dutch than that.

 Leek Stamppot


  • 750 gr floury potatoes
  • 3 big leeks
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic (depending on whether you like more or less garlic, I am a garlic fan)
  • 1 medium onion
  • +- 100 ml milk
  • Paprika powder
  • Curry powder
  • White pepper
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Oil or butter
  • Optional: Nutmeg
  • Optional: +- 20 grams of butter to add through your mash

Good for around 4- 5 people  – 10 minutes preparation – 20 minutes to cook


1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into fourths.

2. Place the peeled potatoes in a pan and make sure they are covered by water.

3. Put the pan with potatoes on medium-high heat and add a bit of salt to the potatoes.

4. Boil them until they are done (the time differs for every potato, make sure you can very easily put a fork through the potato if they are just done they are often too hard for a mash).

5. While the potatoes are boiling, cut a tiny part of the leeks’ top and bottom. And then you cut leeks through the half and wash the leeks under a running tap with cold water.

6. Cut the leeks (from bottom to top) into fine slices.

7. Cut a medium onion into small pieces and prepare the garlic.

8. Heat oil or butter in a big pot and add the garlic to a garlic press (or make sure you have diced it very finely).

9. Let the garlic simmer for a bit and then add the onions.

10. After the onions are in the pot for a minute, add the sliced leeks and leave that cook (with a lid on) until it’s done (don’t forget to stir now and then).

11. When the potatoes are done, pour out the water from the potatoes.

12. Mash the potatoes with the stamper inside the pot that they’re in.

13. Put the milk into a tiny pan and place it on high heat until it starts to simmer.

13. Take it off the heat as soon as it simmers and stir a little bit through the potatoes, so it becomes a smoother texture (not too much, as the leek juice will also be in there soon!). And add the butter (if you want to use butter in your mash).

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14. Add a few teaspoons of paprika, curry powder and white pepper (and optional some nutmeg) to spice the mashed potato.

15. When you’re satisfied with the taste of the potato mash, add this mixture to the leek in the pan and stir it around until it’s combined. Don’t take out the cooking juice of the leeks, because that adds flavour.

16. Add salt and black pepper to the leek stamppot recipe. We like to eat them with a traditional Dutch meatball (mash it through the leek stamppot when it’s on your plate and you’re golden). But, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, for instance, you can try any meat replacement that you might like: from fake chicken to meatballs. If you’re vegan and you want to try this stamppot recipe, you can change the milk to plant-based, and the same goes for the butter.

You can also eat this leek stamppot without any replacement. But, I can highly recommend you to add something like this, as it makes it all come together very nicely, which makes it a warm, filling and hearty meal that you love during any chilly or stormy day.

Pile of fresh green leeks on sale in a supermarket.

Handy tools to use for this recipe

I hope you enjoyed this leek stamppot and that you will be making it often. All Dutch stamppot can be made into a vegetarian or vegan stamppot recipe, so don’t worry about that. Another tasty Dutch stamppot is this recipe for hutspot.

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