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42 Best travel apps for The Netherlands & Amsterdam recommended by a local

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Discover the best travel apps for Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Including best tips and public transportation tips for Holland and The Netherlands. As well as where to find offbeat beautiful places in Amsterdam and the best train app for The Netherlands. Discover hidden gems and beautiful destinations in The Netherlands and Europe.
Are you travelling to Amsterdam or The Netherlands? Here you will find the best travel apps for The Netherlands, including the best public transport and Dutch apps.

So, you’re planning on visiting The Netherlands? Then you want to be prepared for everything with the help of the most useful apps for tourists visiting The Netherlands. Here you will find the best Dutch apps that are useful when you’re travelling to The Netherlands and Amsterdam. From the best public transport app in Amsterdam to great Dutch language apps. You’ll find all the great travel apps for The Netherlands here. Including the best app for tourist attractions, museums and hidden gems in Amsterdam, Noord- Holland.

Discover the best apps for travelling to Amsterdam & The Netherlands

Language apps for The Netherlands

Google Translate

Google Translate isn’t the most reliable translation app for full sentences. But you can still make yourself clear with the help of this app or discover the meaning of words easily. There even is a camera function that helps you to straightaway translate whole pieces of paper when you point your camera at them. If you want to use it offline, don’t forget to download the language in the app before you go offline. But once you download it, that’s when Google Translate is one of the best offline travel apps to use in The Netherlands.


Ahh, Duolingo. You either love it or hate it. But it’s safe to say that Duolingo has come a long way since years ago and improved their program and learning method rapidly. In fact, it’s actually a useful language learning app nowadays and offers Dutch as a language.


One of the top apps to use before you’re headed to The Netherlands is Babbel. Now, most people in The Netherlands speak English. I happen to be one of them. We start learning English in primary school, but more about the languages we speak in The Netherlands here. If you want to travel beyond the crowds in The Netherlands, it’s very much possible that you’ll encounter people who do not know a lot of English. But most of them are too scared to talk in English. Babbel is a program that costs money, so I will only recommend it to you if you want to learn basic Dutch and more, instead of random words and sentences. However, if you’re interested in learning my mother tongue, then Babbel is one of the most useful language apps for learning Dutch.

Airports and airlines apps for The Netherlands


KLM is one of the best airlines of The Netherlands. They have great aeroplanes; friendly staff and I love their special blue colour. It’s the oldest airline in the world that still operates in the same name. In the KLM app, you can book tickets, discover new locations, explore your Flying Blue miles, grab your boarding pass and plenty of more. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the hub for KLM as well, that means you can easily fly through or to Schiphol from many locations in the world. Making this a great travel app for travelling to The Netherlands.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Most people who travel to The Netherlands fly via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. So that automatically makes having the Schiphol Airport app, one of the best apps to have when travelling to The Netherlands. From departures to the opening of stores and plenty of more information. For a full guide on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, have a look here at an article I wrote.


Transavia is the best low-cost airline of The Netherlands and a daughter company of KLM. I prefer to fly Transavia through Europe as I usually have a lower budget than the people who fly KLM. Transavia flies from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and more airports. It’s the airline I prefer when I’m flying within Europe, way above Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizzair. In their app, you can book tickets, find new and cheap destinations to fly to, get your boarding passes and more.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport/ RTHA

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is made for the people who fly to and from this airport near Rotterdam and The Hague. The most recent information, updates etc. can be found on the app that is called RTHA. For a full guide to Rotterdam/ The Hague airport, have a look at another article here. 

The best weather apps for The Netherlands


My favourite weather app for Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands is Buienalarm. The best part about this app is that it shows up to two hours when the rain will fall down. I’ve only had it a couple of times that Buienalarm was wrong, but I’ve been using this weather app in The Netherlands for years now. There are a radar and a weather forecast as well included in the app. Turn your notifications on for several locations to immediately be aware of the rain that’s coming your way.


Buienradar is one of the very useful travel apps that you can use in The Netherlands. While it’s not as specific as Buienalarm, it’s useful to discover the weather prediction in the long-term. Including options to see whether hail, snow or thunder is heading your way. That makes it one of the best apps to have for travelling through The Netherlands if you don’t fancy getting a headache because of hail.

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Great public transportation apps for The Netherlands

Reisplanner NS

Reisplanner by NS is the official Dutch railways’ service app. This train app for The Netherlands is a free app that has all the current train travel information. If there are delays or disruptions, planned work etc. it all shows up. The Netherlands has a big train network, so this app is very useful. All the stations are included, as well as any amenities you can find there. It includes information on the length of the train, how crowded it is and plenty of more things. That makes Reisplanner one of the most useful public transport apps in The Netherlands.


My ultimate favourite app for The Netherlands is the public transport app called 9292, sometimes called 9292ov. This planner is used by most people in The Netherlands to plan their public transport journey. 9292 included the fastest routes, whether there are delays and changes and more. The 9292 app is also available in English.

NS International

If you’re planning on taking an international train from Amsterdam or any other big train station in The Netherlands, then NS International will be a very useful transport app in The Netherlands. You can have a look at your current tickets or buy new tickets.


For the best information and app for public transport in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, I can recommend you download RET. This free public transport app for Rotterdam has all the current information on departures and arrivals for the ferry, bus, metro and tram. The RET app also includes information about the frequently asked questions. And even about service points which can be very useful if you lost or found items.

Are you planning on cycling or walking through The Netherlands? This doesn’t mean cycling through a city, this means cycling long distances. This cycling and walking app for The Netherlands includes everything you need to plan your cycle ride or walk. The only downside is that you need a basic understanding of Dutch, however, with some Google Translate here and there you’ll be fine. You can download maps to access them offline as well.

Discover the best travel apps for Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Including best tips and public transportation tips for Holland and The Netherlands. As well as where to find offbeat beautiful places in Amsterdam and the best train app for The Netherlands. Discover hidden gems and beautiful destinations in The Netherlands and Europe.

The best food apps for The Netherlands

The Fork

If you’re looking for a useful restaurant reviews app in The Netherlands, then The Fork is for you. No fake reviews, just real and great tips for great restaurants to visit in The Netherlands and Amsterdam. It’s possible to make reservations via the app and you might even score some discounts that pop up every now and then.


Whether you’re staying in a hostel, hotel or apartment in The Netherlands, sometimes you don’t want to cook or eat out. Then the food app Thuisbezorgd is your hero in The Netherlands and Amsterdam. This food delivery app will make your dreams come true. The only issue is that the app is in Dutch, but if you’re hungry there’s nothing you can’t do. Including using Google Translate to make your foodies’ dreams come true. You can pay with non-Maestro cards as well, which is especially for foreigners a big plus.

Happy Cow

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and travelling to The Netherlands, you might have heard of this app called Happy Cow. This app can be used all over the world. It’s useful to discover restaurants and cafes that offer great vegan and vegetarian food in The Netherlands and Amsterdam. This is a must have food app for Amsterdam for sure as you can find most vegan restaurants of The Netherlands here. However, vegan food is expanding rapidly to other parts of the country so in smaller cities, you’ll be able to find places as well.


This is another food delivery app in The Netherlands, but not my ultimate favourite. The reason for that is that you cannot find Deliveroo all over The Netherlands. And if you were planning on getting a delivery in the middle of the night after the club, then it’s usually not the best. However, if you’re in a big city such as Amsterdam or Utrecht then Deliveroo is a great food delivery app.


This is one of the best apps that you need to download for The Netherlands. If you’re on a budget, like to live eco-friendly, or both in The Netherlands, then this is great for you. Toogoodtogo is an application that is made to decrease the massive amount of food waste that we have in The Netherlands. You can pick up leftovers from restaurants, cafes and supermarkets for a very cheap price of around 3 euros (sometimes more or less). Every day the products that are leftovers differ, so it’s a surprise for you as well. Bring your own bag so we can decrease the amount of plastic together as well.

Communication apps in The Netherlands

What’s App

The app that I, together with most of Europe, use every day is What’s App. This is a free messenger app that is easy to help you connecting with your friends and family back home, or with the new local Dutch friends you made. One downside, you need data to use What’s App if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. An upside to What’s App is that this service is way more secure than most messaging apps out there. So are you planning on making local friends? Then don’t forget to download one of the top travel apps for Holland and The Netherlands.

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Best dating apps for The Netherlands


With Bumble women are in charge of the dating scene all over the world. But, Bumble actually also has an option to look to meet friends. So, whether you’re looking for friends in a new country or just something fun, Bumble is a must-have travel app for The Netherlands.


Next up is Tinder. While some see Tinder as a hookup application, there are actually more success stories than you might think. So, give it a shot and maybe you end up with a nice souvenir.


Happn is the dating app that is often used in The Netherlands. If you were wondering who that beautiful woman or man was that just passed you, there’s quite a chance you can actually find them in the Happn app. With this application, you will see every one of the preferred genders that you cross paths with. Now, all there’s left is hoping they will like you back. At least you now know their name for your stalking adventures.

Apps to find accessible restaurants, attractions, toilets & more in The Netherlands


Ongehinderd is an application that is only in Dutch. But one that is still very useful to find accessible attractions, restaurants and more in The Netherlands. It’s very useful to be prepared and not eventually get disappointed because you had a certain restaurant in mind.


The Wheelmate app is incredibly useful to find accessible toilets. But also disabled parking places all over The Netherlands. With this parking & toilets app for The Netherlands, you can easily save your location. The app automatically gives you information on where you can find disabled toilets. And where you can find disabled parking spaces in the neighbourhood.

Accommodation apps for The Netherlands

Hostelworld & Hostelbookers

If you’re looking for the best hostels and prices in The Netherlands, then Hostelworld and Hostelbookers are two of the accommodation apps you should use in The Netherlands.

The application is great to book accommodation quickly. Not to mention that you can easily change the reservation and often don’t need to fill in your credit card until the same day. You can find everything that you’re searching for on the Booking app. From luxurious hotels to apartments and from hostels to small bed & breakfasts.


The last accommodation app you should use in The Netherlands is Couchsurfing if you’re on a budget. Now, many people are searching for a free bed or couch to stay in, especially in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. However, it’s always worth a try so you can spend your money on other things.

You might’ve noticed I didn’t include the Airbnb app. The reason for this is the fact that Airbnb is not a great company who thinks of the locals. Airbnb is one of the reasons why the housing crisis in Amsterdam got even worse. If you can stay with the owners in the same apartment and only rent a room (as it was originally meant for), then it’s okay. Or when the owners of the house are on a trip of a month or so. Not when the houses are sublet by the big companies and real estate agents who prefer to take advantage of tourists with the absurd prices. And they will not allow locals to buy or rent the house because locals cannot afford to pay the crazy amounts. Please think again whether you should use Airbnb in The Netherlands or not. Airbnb is one of the reasons that force locals out of the city because they cannot afford to live there anymore. Airbnb doesn’t enforce the rules that were created by the local council either because they simply don’t care about people.

Other useful apps for The Netherlands

Social Deal

If you’re interested in budget travelling through The Netherlands, then downloading the Social Deal app will be a lifesaver. From amazing deals at major attractions in The Netherlands to great hotel offers and more.

Party With

This party app gets you connected to party-loving locals and visitors in The Netherlands really easy. People will invite you to parties and more. It used to be known as Party with a Local but changed to Party With. However, it’s a game changer for the party lovers.

Units Plus

There’s a big chance that you’re not from The Netherlands when you’re reading this. There’s a whole world out there that uses different units than we do in The Netherlands. That’s why this is the perfect converter for your travels to Europe. This converter is for currencies, temperatures, weight and more. Now, if you’re aware of another app that is great for converting clothing sizes, please let me know. The ones I’ve seen and tried to use don’t include many countries or sizes.

Although Google Maps can be helpful (that you can use offline if you download a certain place), I prefer Why? Because in this app you can easily get directions or even discover restaurants or other places in the area, all while being offline.

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Nord VPN

Netflix anyone? We all know how some news sites aren’t available in other countries, or how websites as Netflix have a lot more content in other countries. With Nord VPN it’s very easy to get to other international websites. And it’s the best VPN for Europe and the other continents. If you’re looking for the best VPN for Amsterdam or The Netherlands, then you’d want to have a look at Nord VPN, it has never let me down.

Google Photos

This application is great, so you can easily back up your photos on your phone, so you won’t lose them even if your phone gets stolen. There’s one downside to this app and that is the fact that the photos are decreased in image size and quality.


Rise is a great app for when you want to know when the sunset or sunrise takes place. It also gives you information what time you can find the first and last light of the day in The Netherlands.


This application is only in Dutch, but gives you information of where you can find public toilets in The Netherlands. Lijst means list and it’s the list that shows you the toilets that are closest to you. Kaart means map and here you can see all the toilets. You can also search a city and find public toilets this way. The toilets can be anywhere, from a train station to a shop to a harbour.

Most useful and best travel apps for Amsterdam, Noord- Holland

Amsterdam City Guide

This app is the best offline app for Amsterdam. This application has everything about Amsterdam that you want to know, besides this 2 day local itinerary, these 40+ facts and the cheapest hostels. You can find over 800 addresses in Amsterdam in this app, including where to get the best food in Amsterdam. When you have downloaded the information, there’s no internet needed. You can search by neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and navigate easily.


The Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest event in Amsterdam. To make your visit to ADE in Amsterdam a bit smoother, they’ve created an app, named Woov. On this ADE application, you’ll find all the relevant information on events, artists and venues. But also, communities. Here you can meet other like-minded people, personalised recommendations and you can even create your own schedule in the app.

VaarWater app

If you’re renting a boat in Amsterdam, then you’d want to download one of the best Amsterdam travel apps. This boating app makes it incredibly easy to sail through the canals of Amsterdam. Discover routes, where to place your boat and things to see and do in the areas. It even includes a speedometer, weather forecast of Amsterdam and more.

Taxi TCA

This is the best taxi app for Amsterdam. The reason? This is one of the biggest and most reliable taxi companies in Amsterdam. This way you know you’re not getting ripped off. So, if you’re in Amsterdam looking for a taxi app, this is it.

Also, I didn’t include Uber on this list. The reason why is that Uber doesn’t care about its drivers, their health and anyone can be a driver if they fill out three questions. There’s been a lot of anger directed toward Uber because they don’t have any standards for drivers. They charge a lot of commission and don’t have rules to make sure the drivers rest. Because of the lack of rules from the side of Uber deathly accidents have happened in The Netherlands. The drivers were driving way too long, were speeding, etc. People got killed in The Netherlands because of bad management by Uber. So, I would only recommend you use TCA in Amsterdam. Of course, not every Uber driver is a bad one, but still.


The GVB is the municipal transport company of Amsterdam and has the best Amsterdam public transport app. The GVB app can be used for public transport within Amsterdam. It can also be used within the rest of The Netherlands. But I prefer to use the GVB app only for Amsterdam and use the 9292 ov public transportation app for the rest of The Netherlands. You can use the GVB app in English to see when and which the tram, metro, bus or night bus in Amsterdam leaves with this app. This public transport app of Amsterdam shows the best routes to take as well as the times and delays or detours.

Discover the best travel apps for Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Including best tips and public transportation tips for Holland and The Netherlands. As well as where to find offbeat beautiful places in Amsterdam and the best train app for The Netherlands. Discover hidden gems and beautiful destinations in The Netherlands and Europe.

Discover the best travel apps for Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Including best tips and public transportation tips for Holland and The Netherlands. As well as where to find offbeat beautiful places in Amsterdam and the best train app for The Netherlands. Discover hidden gems and beautiful destinations in The Netherlands and Europe.













I hope this article was useful for you and that these best travel apps will make your trip to The Netherlands a lot better. If you have other apps in mind that I forgot to include in this list, please let me know! I’m curious to know which ones those are. If you’re interested in more articles I can recommend you to see a local side of Amsterdam, explore Maastricht or discover a perfect day trip near Amsterdam with Hoorn. Are you curious which beautiful walking sandals, boots and shoes are great for traveling to The Netherlands and Europe? Then have a look at this article. Share this article!!

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