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The Netherlands: 20+ Best Traditional Dutch Christmas & Holiday Gifts To Give That Represent Amsterdam

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Are you looking for the best Amsterdam, Holland or The Netherlands themed gifts for this upcoming holiday? Then you’re going to like this article. I, a born and raised Dutch local, have the 23 best Dutch Christmas, or every day, gifts for you here!

If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts that represent The Netherlands, or are Amsterdam themed gifts, then this article will help you with finding the best Christmas holiday gifts. And great gifts from The Netherlands, or The Netherlands themed gifts in general. All recommended by a born and raised Dutch local.

While your first instinct when buying typical Dutch gifts might be going towards Dutch Delft blue pottery and others, I’ve included special Dutch gifts and presents that you can buy online.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Dutch gifts or maybe want to make a Dutch gift basket with fun Dutch goodies, with these Dutch Christmas gifts I’m certain that you’ll be giving your friends or family a holiday they can’t forget.

Christmas holiday gifts to buy: Amsterdam, Holland & The Netherlands themed gifts and Dutch souvenirs that you can order online

Whether you haven’t been able to visit The Netherlands just yet, or you have but you are looking for some new food or gifts that remind you of your trip in The Netherlands, this holiday gift guide for Amsterdam, Holland and The Netherlands is perfect for you. Or if you want to surprise a friend or family member with a trip to The Netherlands, purchase one of these perfect Dutch gifts and let them guess what your amazing holiday gift with the help of one of these presents that represent The Netherlands.

I will be guiding you through the best Dutch themed gifts that you can buy on the internet, to make sure it’ll be delivered in your hometown on time before the holidays are starting. You will be discovering anything from art to the best books about The Netherlands. And from the best The Netherlands related Christmas ornaments to amazing cookbooks about the typical food in The Netherlands (that isn’t as bland as you might think). I’m certain that there’s a perfect Christmas or holiday gift for everyone in this article.

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1. Get the best books about The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an interesting country. It went through hundreds of years of different wars. Against the French, the Spanish, the Germans and many more different countries and empires. The Netherlands is also a country where some of Worlds best painters come from. Think of Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer. But also other interesting people were born here, or have lived here. Think of Mata Hari, Audrey Hepburn and Anne Frank.

The Netherlands is a country that is known for many different things. From amazing painters to having some of the best cycling systems in the world. And from blunt people to fried food that you can buy from a vending machine.

In order to learn something about The Netherlands, before or after your travels to my beautiful country, I would definitely recommend you to read at least one of these books I’ve placed below. Discover Dutch people and the culture, the story of Corrie ten Boom during the Second World War and plenty of more. All these books give you an insight in The Netherlands and create the perfect Dutch gifts.

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘Dutch Girl’ on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘Why the Dutch are different’ on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘Van Gogh’s Letters’ on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘The Hiding Place’ on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘Stuff Dutch People Eat’ on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘In The City Of Bikes’ on Amazon today!

2. Explore the best English translated Dutch books by Dutch authors

I remember that we had to read several big books for our Dutch lessons during high school. And some of the books that most teenagers were dreading were written by Harry Mulish. After procrastinating for a long time, I decided to finally read the book and was stunned. Harry Mulish is actually one of The Netherlands best writers, in my opinion.

This book: The Assault (De Aanslag in Dutch) is a book about the Second World War and it is one of the best Dutch books about the war. While it is a fictional book, it takes you through a very interesting story about the war.

Don’t miss out. Buy ‘The Assault’ on Amazon today!

3. Slice your cheese the way you’re supposed to

One of the typical Dutch gifts is a cheese slicer, or kaasschaaf in Dutch. Cheese is one of The Netherlands most famous products and what comes with that is all kinds of accessoires. But the most important thing to have is the cheese slicer.

I use one myself every, single day to create the best slices of fresh cheese. What can I say? Cheese is one of my favourite things to eat and can be combined in endless of ways. If your friend, family member or spouse is as much as a cheese lover as myself, then I can assure you that this is one of the best Dutch souvenirs and gift ideas.

Don’t miss out. Buy your Dutch cheese slicer on Amazon today!

4. Bake the traditional Dutch New Year’s Eve snacks

If you’re aware of some of the Dutch Christmas and, especially, New Year’s Eve traditions in The Netherlands then you probably have heard of oliebollen. If not, I will give you a little explanation now. Oliebollen (literally translated: oil balls) are deep fried doughnut balls. They are made by scooping a certain amount of dough and dropping this into a deep fryer with hot vegetable oil. The dough exists out of flour, eggs, yeast, salt, milk, baking powder and sometimes raisins or currants.

The traditional Dutch oliebollen are mostly eaten during New Year’s Eve, but you can find oliebollen stalls (yes with only oliebollen) in the streets in winter and at funfairs in the entire year.

Fun fact: The earliest recipe of Dutch oliebollen (they were named oil cookies back in those days) date back to 1667.

Bring The Netherlands to your house with making this typical Dutch Christmas and NYE food. It smells and tastes delicious. It’s the perfect way to surprise your loved ones with tasty treats that they might’ve never had before.

One tip: You should never use frying fats when making them as you will get a fatty, white layer on them once they cool down. This is not what you want.

The oliebollen mix is sometimes pretty hard to find online, which you might have noticed if you have looked into buying some Dutch food online. But, below you can find the mix that most people in The Netherlands use. The oliebollen stalls obviously have their own secret recipes.

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Don’t miss out. Buy the traditional oliebollen mix on Amazon today!

5. Bring the Dutch cycling chaos to your country

Of course, I couldn’t skip a bike in this perfect holiday gift guide for The Netherlands. You might be aware of the fact that cycling is a big thing in The Netherlands. One of the best gifts for her and him that relate to The Netherlands is a bike. Not just any bike, but what we call an ‘omafiets/ opoefiets’ or grandma/grandpabike.

Whether the person you’re gifting the bike to is a fan of cycling, or is just trying to learn it, I’m pretty sure that there’s not a better style of bike than this Dutch inspired city bike.

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch style bike on Amazon today!

6. Get the best Dutch cookies in your home

These cookies have been finally making their way across the globe, but most of these typical Dutch cookies do not have quite the same taste as they have back in The Netherlands. That why one of the absolute best Christmas gifts to give are the famous stroopwafels (literal translation: syrup waffles). These are some of the best of the best when it comes to the Dutch cookie world. They exist out of two thin waffles with a layer of syrup in the middle. Place them on a hot cup of tea and the middle layer will melt, which makes it even more heavenly. Now obviously, it’s one of the things you have to buy in Amsterdam  in a supermarket, but if you’re not near, then this is the second best option.

If your favourite person has been begging you to buy some stroopwafels for them, or doesn’t even know they exist (the travesty!), then this is one of the best Dutch gifts or souvenirs you can buy online. The Daelmans brand makes some of the best Dutch stroopwafels out there and they will be as tasty and fresh as they can be.

Don’t miss out. Buy the best Dutch cookies on Amazon today!

7. Hang a beautiful Dutch Christmas ornament in your Christmas tree

When is it a better time to think of your memories, that you’ve made in The Netherlands, than during Christmas? There is simply no better time to relive those beautiful and fantastic memories than during Christmas time. It’s that time of year that you will have endless of fun conversations, discuss things that happened and laugh about the things you have done. All while watching the ultimate Christmas movie. Home Alone. I cannot celebrate Christmas without seeing the first two movies, knowing exactly what is coming next and still grabbing my foot when the burglar steps in a nail.

One way to relive your Dutch memories, or make someone else relive theirs, is by making a Dutch gift package of Dutch Christmas decorations. Or give one special The Netherlands themed ornament, that will do as well. Give them a pair of clogs, a hand painted ornament of a painting from Van Gogh or others. Seeing a special Christmas tree ornament in a tree is always a great moment, as it helps you to relive memories for a very long time.

Don’t miss out. Buy clog ornaments on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy Amsterdam ornaments on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy Van Gogh ornaments on Amazon today! Don’t miss out. Buy The Netherlands ornaments on Amazon today!

8. Bring the Dutch wooden shoes to a new home

These Dutch wooden clogs are the ultimate personalized gifts from Amsterdam. These wooden clogs aren’t painted or decorated yet, so you can write a nice message to the one that you are surprising. Or maybe you’re an incredible artist and painter who can paint the most incredible things on these wooden clogs so you can convey a personal message to your loved ones.

Wooden clogs are generally pretty wide and they are traditionally worn with very thick grey goat wool socks. I would recommend buying a larger size than your usual shoe size. I’m sure that whether you decide to decorate one of the best Amsterdam gifts ideas, or not, that they will appreciate some of the best Dutch souvenirs from both Holland and The Netherlands.


Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch clogs on Amazon today!

9. Cook your way through life with these Van Gogh themed oven mitts

These are oven mitts come directly from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and are the perfect souvenirs to get from Amsterdam online. If you know someone who likes to cook and Van Gogh, or it’s yourself, then adding these oven mitts to your kitchen interior would be perfect. You can even add them to a Dutch gift box together with an ornament, for instance.

Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch oven mitts on Amazon today!

10. Learn the Dutch language with these books

Whether you’re looking for Dutch related wedding or Christmas gifts, a Dutch language book can never go wrong. Although many people in The Netherlands speak English, you might be interested in learning the language, or know someone who is. And trust me, that is something we all appreciate here.

Though the Dutch language has some tricky points, you should definitely not let that hold you back as simply any language has some difficult rules and pronunciations. Maybe your family or friends can learn how to say Merry Christmas in Dutch while stuffing their faces in all the food that’s on the table. Anyhow, this is one of the best The Netherlands and Dutch gifts for foreigners. And one of the best moving to Amsterdam gifts.

By the way:

Fijne feestdagen = Happy holidays

Fijne kerst/kerstdagen = Merry Christmas

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch phrasebook on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch workbook on Amazon today!

11. Make your garden or home cosy with Dutch flower bulbs

I used to work in the tulip industry. As a matter of fact, I would take the roots of bulbs that people would plant in their gardens again. You’re welcome for that beautiful, colourful garden from the last 15 years. Anyway, everyone knows that The Netherlands is eternally connected to tulip bulbs. Which makes tulip bulbs some of the best Dutch & Amsterdam souvenirs and presents you can buy online.

If you have a garden, or flower pots, then spring will look very exiting for you. There Dutch tulip bulbs are different kind of flowers. From Dutch irises to tulips and daffodils. Give these flower bulbs for Christmas in order to give someone a bright and joyful next year.

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Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch bulbs on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch bulbs on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch bulbs on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch bulbs on Amazon today!

12. Discover traditional Dutch food, cookies and snacks in this recipe book

The Netherlands isn’t really known for having incredible, tasty food. However, I am very aware of quite a few typical and traditional Dutch dishes that are filled with flavour. And I think you would love them as well. Whether it’s the traditional Dutch kitchen with stews and fruits to the Dutch Indonesian kitchen. There’s something to explore and cook for everyone here.

I’ve been getting more into cooking since a couple of years, and cooking traditional Dutch dishes is something that I especially love. And you can always add your own touch to the food that you’re creating. One tip: Make the cooked red pears as a dessert for your Christmas dinner. They are so tasty. These cookbooks are some of the best Dutch themed gifts you can buy as a Christmas present. Especially if you know that person is looking for Dutch cookbooks to buy, or how to make traditional Dutch recipes from The Netherlands.

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch cookbook on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch cookbook on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch cookbook on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy a Dutch cookbook on Amazon today!

13. Buy the best Dutch cheese from The Netherlands

Some of The Netherlands best gifts, or souvenirs, are Dutch products. Dutch cheese comes in all kind of tastes. From old cheese (first one) to regular Gouda cheese (middle) and seasonal cheese (last and green one). All these cheeses that you can find below are imported from The Netherlands.

Fun fact: Gouda cheese can only be named Gouda Holland when it’s produced in The Netherlands. Gouda is also produced outside The Netherlands, but cannot have the name Gouda Holland attached to it.

My favourite Dutch cheeses are the seasonal ones. The green one that you will see below is graskaas, which translates to grasscheese. It can only be produced during spring and summer as that’s when the cows are able to stand outside in the grass fields. They reenter the barns usually somewhere in the autumn as that’s when the grass stops growing and it gets too cold and rainy for the cows.

This grasscheese is incredibly creamy and filled with flavour. But too be honest, the old cheese as well as the Gouda cheese are both also very tasty. And luckily you’re able to eat this fresh Dutch cheese at home pretty soon as you can order this Dutch food online.

Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch cheese on Amazon today!


Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch cheese on Amazon today!


Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch cheese on Amazon today!

14. Accessorize your bike with this basket

Whether you already have a bike in your hometown, or not, you probably need some extra space. Especially if you’re taking the bike to do grocery shopping. And one of the perfect Dutch gift ideas is a basket for your bike. It’s one of those perfect Dutch cycling accessoires that, not only makes your bike look nicer, but especially more practical. And we’re all about practicality in The Netherlands.

Don’t miss out. Buy on Amazon today!

15. Watch one of the best Dutch movies

There are not that much big and great movies that come from The Netherlands, but Black Book is an amazing Dutch movie. Black Book, Zwart Boek in Dutch, is a movie about the Second World War in The Netherlands and takes you through a part of the resistance movement throughout The Netherlands.

It’s directed by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven and stars a lot of talented people, such as Carice van Houten. While this movie is definitely not one of those cosy and romantic Christmas movies, it is a very interesting movie to watch as it shows you what things the resistance fighters went through during WW2.

Don’t miss out. Buy on Amazon today!

16. Make your own kruidnoten and speculaas with this spice mix

The only place where you’re able to get a better mix of these spices is in NL, but if you’re not here, this is definitely the best out on the mighty internet. One of my favourite Dutch cookies are speculaas and kruidnoten. Both of these can be made with this spicemix.

Whether you’re a masterchef, or not, trying to bake some things is always fun. And if it fails, then you can always eat the remaining cookie dough with the family. If that isn’t one of the best Dutch gifts that you can think of, then I don’t know what is.

Don’t miss out. Buy Dutch spices on Amazon today!

17. Stay dry in the perfect raincoat for Amsterdam

While there’s not that much rain in The Netherlands as you might expect, it does rain at least 120 days a year. Now, this doesn’t happen the entire day, but in phases. So what’s a better gift for someone who is going to Amsterdam, then one of the best and most populair raincoats for The Netherlands?

You will probably see raincoats like these all over Amsterdam. Many people use them during the rainy days and they are available is many different colours, designs and fits. These raincoats are both wind and waterproof and one of the perfect Holland & The Netherlands gifts for a future Amsterdam visitor.

Don’t miss out. Buy this raincoat on Amazon today!

18. Pimp your phone with an Amsterdam themed phone case

You simply cannot go wrong with one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs out there. This phone case will remind you of a beautiful time that has either happened, or is coming your way, while also protecting one of your most important gadgets of the 21st century. Your smartphone.

Whether you’re more a fan of the map design, or skyline of Amsterdam, I know that both are a great pick if you’re looking for things that represent Amsterdam.

Don’t miss out. Buy this phone case on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy this phone case on Amazon today!

19. Dream of visiting The Netherlands with this perfect pillow

Discover some amazing cities and Dutch places to visit with one of the best The Netherlands gifts you can add to your cosy interior. Now you can relax on your couch or in your chair while leaning on The Netherlands. You will see traditional symbols such as Dutch windmills, Dutch cheeses and plenty of more. Get your freshly made speculaas or kruidnoten, grab a cup of tea, watch the movie Black Book and sit back in your new favourite pillow. It can’t get better than that.

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Don’t miss out. Buy this pillow on Amazon today!

20. Get the best magnets to fill your fridge

Now I know, magnets are the typical Dutch souvenirs that you can buy in any Holland or Dutch gift shop when you’re visiting The Netherlands. But maybe you know someone whose dream it is to visit my beautiful country one day, or you might know that they are never able to visit. In both these cases, magnets are a great way of reminding yourself that there is a beautiful world outside of your own country and that you’re never too old to dream.

Maybe you’re planning a surprise trip to The Netherlands? Then wrap this magnet, place it under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and let your favourite person discover what this gift means.

Don’t miss out. Buy this on Amazon today!

Don’t miss out. Buy this on Amazon today!

21. Make the best stews in a Dutch oven

Dutch ovens are great. Not just because they refer to The Netherlands, but also because they make cooking tasty, flavoursome and hearty food very easy. Which is perfect for those autumn, winter and early spring days. And if you’re also not a fan of cleaning things, or know someone who is just as bad as I, then adding all ingredients into one pan is the ultimate solution. And then I know that this Dutch oven will be one of the best Dutch gifts you can give them for the upcoming holidays.

The name Dutch oven actually does refer to The Netherlands. During the 17th century, brass was the preferred metal for English cookware and utensils. It was produced at a low price in The Netherlands. Back in 1702, Abraham Darby was a partner in the Brass Works Company of Bristol, which made malt mills for breweries. He visited The Netherlands and studied the Dutch methods of working brass in 1704. He learned that Dutch people used molds made of sand, instead the traditional loam and clay. Which was both cheaper and produced a finer finish on their brassware.

Darby realized that he could sell more kitchen wares if he replaced brass with a cheaper metal, cast iron. In 1707 he obtained a patent for the process of casting iron in sand, which derived from the Dutch process. Therefore the term Dutch oven has been used for over 300 years and does indeed refer to the way Dutch people made cookware.

Don’t miss out. Buy this Dutch oven on Amazon today!

22. Remind yourself of Amsterdam with this map

Lately, one of my favourite things in the world have been looking at maps. I’ve always been into geography, so that’s where my new obsession must be coming from. When you’re hanging this piece of art on the wall of your livingroom, or any other space, it brings back memories and dreams. And it makes one of the best Dutch gifts.

With the Ij river in the top part of the map, you know that Amsterdam Noord is above the river. Maybe you’ve taken a free ferry there or you’re planning on visiting this area of Amsterdam when you are finally able to visit this destination. The canal belt of Amsterdam is also very easily spotted in the middle of the map. Here you can remind yourself of those beautiful views and canals, that you’ve either seen in person or on photos, actually exist. And it’s one of the best things you can buy that represent Amsterdam.

Don’t miss out. Buy this on Amazon today!

23. Admire the colours of Amsterdam with this piece of handmade art

Bring some colour in your house with this beautiful piece of art. Whether you’ve visited Amsterdam, or are looking for some amazing colourful art, this is one of the best Amsterdam gifts you can buy for someone. A living room, bedroom, or any other room will be much more interesting to enter.

Plus it makes ones entire interior much more special, especially since it’s handmade and not something you can find in any store that you’re visiting. It’s one of those Dutch gifts that lights up a room, in a very good and cosy way. And isn’t that all we want during the autumn and winter months?

Don’t miss out. Buy this on Amazon today!

24. Aerial photo book of the beautiful Dutch tulip fields

If you’re looking for the best photo book of The Netherlands, then you will love this book. This aerial photo book of tulip fields in the Noord- Holland province has been made by yours truly, and includes 170+ pages of the most beautiful photos from flying my drone above the tulip fields for the last five years. It also includes information on the history of tulips in The Netherlands, where to find tulip fields, fun facts and how the tulips reach the consumers. It’s a great book to get inspired, and to bring some colour into your life.

Don’t miss out. Buy this on Shopify today!

Find all the best tulip fields in The Netherlands. From tulip fields in the top of North Holland, to tulip fields in the province of Zeeland. And from a tulip route in South - Holland, to discovering tulip fields in Flevoland and Drenthe. Discover the best places to visit tulip fields in The Netherlands, Holland and Amsterdam with this article to finding free tulip fields.


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I hope that this article has helped you finding the best Dutch & Amsterdam gifts and things from The Netherlands in this mighty world of the internet. I can assure you that no matter what present you will buy for your next to favourite person, as I’m obviously your first, that they will love it. Share this post!!

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