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The 19 Best Long-Distance Walking Paths in The Netherlands & Holland: Enjoy Walking In The Netherlands

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Thinking of walking one of the long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands & Holland? Then you’re going to love these walks and walking routes!

Are you looking for long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands? Then you’ve come to the right place! Somehow The Netherlands isn’t associated with long-distance hiking trails. Is there a lack of hills? Well, in most of the country, yes. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good hikes in The Netherlands to do.

Now, before we get further into this article: This article is about long-distance trails in The Netherlands: 100 kilometres and up (with many around 200- 300 kilometres), except for one which is 90 kilometres. If you were planning on walking 25 kilometres or something like that, you can always simply do one part of these walks in The Netherlands.

Whether you’re looking to do some hiking in the Holland region, or for hiking in the rest of The Netherlands, I can guarantee you that walking one of these long-distance hikes will be one of the most perfect walking holidays in The Netherlands you can get.

These long-distance foot paths in The Netherlands show you the best of almost every Dutch province and even long-distance hikes in the Holland region. The long-distance hiking routes show you things to do from Limburg to Overijssel, Noord (North)- Holland, Friesland and Drenthe. Walking across The Netherlands is something I would recommend anyone, who’s capable of doing so, at least once in their lifetime. When you walk in The Netherlands, you will learn so much and will see the country from an entirely different perspective than most people. Even different from Dutch people, as many don’t even know everything that our country has to offer.

I hope you will enjoy this article on the best long-distance hiking trails in The Netherlands and that you will discover why hiking long-distance footpaths in The Netherlands is an adventure worth on taking.

Top long distance hikes and walking routes in The Netherlands

Tips and tricks for walking across The Netherlands

Our long-distance hiking paths in The Netherlands are all named LAW: Lange-Afstand-Wandelpaden, or long distance walking paths, and they all have a number behind them. The markings in The Netherlands for walking are in general excellent. And if you happen not to see a part of the route, you can (and should) contact the people who are taking care of those paths, I will link some websites in the several Dutch hiking trails that I’ve listed below.

There are some more popular long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands, such as the Pieterpad trail, but I’ve included many walking trails in The Netherlands that you’ve probably never heard of.

Accommodation is relatively easy to find, however, during the high season in The Netherlands (April for Dutch tulip fields and July & August for Dutch summer) more people are outside walking trails in The Netherlands. So, in that case, I would opt to reserve some accommodation for long-distance paths in The Netherlands.

The long-distance hiking paths I am recommending to you are showing you everything from typical Dutch villages to nature and the beautiful Dutch countryside. You will walk on small and century-old walking paths in The Netherlands and discover why The Netherlands is worth visiting.

It’s also beneficial to always know which LAW your walking route is a part of. A LAW in The Netherlands is a long-distance walking path of at least 100- 150 kilometres. These long-distance hiking paths in The Netherlands are always marked from two sides with a white-red mark. Regional hiking routes in The Netherlands are marked with yellow-red signs.

Plus, have a translation app on your phone as the signs of the walking paths in The Netherlands are in Dutch. Usually, you won’t need the app, but every once in a while, it can come in handy.

There are 15 points where several of the long-distance walking routes in The Netherlands can be combined with other European hiking routes in Belgium and Germany. Plus, you could always cross with the ferry to England to continue a stunning European long-distance hiking holiday.

I would always recommend you to buy a guidebook of all these walking paths and visit the local tourist offices (VVV) in the region. And if you’re planning on walking any of these long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands with your dog, then I would recommend you always to ask or look for the latest information on the websites whether it’s allowed or not, because this can also change.

Wild camping in The Netherlands is NOT allowed. Paalkamperen is also not allowed anymore as people left trash in nature, which is of course not what we want. If you have a small tent with you, then you can have a look at these accommodations, which are in the middle of nature.

1. Pieterpad trail

What: The Pieterpad hiking trail leads you from the town of Pieterburen, which is located on the edge of the Unesco World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea in the North of the province of Groningen, to the Sint- Pietersberg near Maastricht in the south of Limburg. This is one of the longest long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands. You will walk through the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland and Limburg. Here you will discover the regional differences in The Netherlands both when it comes to natural beauty as well as architecture and industries. It’s a real highlight when you visit The Netherlands to walk this incredible hiking path. And you will find many hidden gems and beautiful cities in The Netherlands, such as Groningen.

Distance: Around 498 kilometres.

Website & route Pieterpad

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2. Jabikspaad trail

What: This is a pilgrim route: however, it’s incredibly worth walking even if you’re not religious. You will walk from Sint Jacobiparochie to the small city of Hasselt. On your way, you will explore the most peaceful areas in The Netherlands and see incredible nature reserves. You will see a Unesco World Heritage site, endless meadow birds, swamps, a National Park and tons of spectacular flora and fauna. As well as walking through the most picturesque towns and villages in The Netherlands, such as Oldeboorn (Aldeboarn in Frisian).

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Distance: Around 130 kilometres.

Website & route Jabikspaad

3. Watersnoodpad trail

What: One of the best things to do in the province of Zeeland is to walk the Watersnoodpad. The province of Zeeland was the most hard-hit province during the disaster in 1953. During this massive storm, which is still called the ‘Ramp’ in Dutch or the disaster, the dykes broke on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland and thousands of people and animals died. During this walking path in Zeeland, you will walk along many locations that are important to the ‘Ramp’ in The Netherlands. Plus, you get to discover how the Delta Works in Zeeland are working and will understand better why they are built in the first place. This is one of the long-distance hiking paths in The Netherlands that starts and finishes at the same place: the city of Zierikzee. Some of these paths aren’t accessible with dogs.

Distance: Around 154 kilometres.

Route Watersnoodpad

4. Oosterscheldepad trail

What: This is one of the regional hiking trails in The Netherlands and can also be found in the province of Zeeland that is located on the edge of the North Sea. This long-distance walking route in Zeeland shows you several Dutch islands, the National Park Oosterschelde and plenty of other beautiful destinations in Zeeland. One thing that you do need to know is that there are two parts of this route where you need to cross with a small ferry that is only in use during the summer months. The ferry needs to be taken at Anna Jacobapolder and from Gorishoek to Yerseke. The path starts at Yerseke and finishes in the town of Yerseke (which is famous for its mussels: eating them is one of the things to do in Yerseke). You need to follow the yellow-red signs as it’s a regional path.

Distance: Around 196 kilometres.

Route Oosterscheldepad

5. Trekvogelpad trail

What: This hiking trail in The Netherlands was founded in 1999 when the bird protection organisation The Netherlands celebrated its 100th anniversary. The Trekvogelpad is made of three combined long-distance paths in The Netherlands: Waterlandpad, Heuvelrugpad and Gelrepad. You will start your journey in the town of Bergen aan Zee in the province of Noord- Holland and end in the village of Usselo near the city of Enschede. In this hiking trail, you will discover endless of birds species, a National Park, century-old paths and incredible towns. When you’re planning on walking this long-distance path in The Netherlands during the bird breeding season (15th of March- 1st of July), or when you want to walk this path with a dog, then you need to follow several alternative routes. This hiking route goes through National Park De Hoge Veluwe, which can only be accessed by buying an entry ticket.

Distance: Around 414 kilometres.

Route Trekvogelpad

6. Friese Kustpad trail

What: This is one of the beautiful long-distance hiking paths in Friesland, The Netherlands. It starts in the old town of Stavoren and finishes at Lauwersoog, which is one of the National Parks you can find in The Netherlands. As it begins in Stavoren, which is located at the edge of the Ijsselmeer lake in The Netherlands, it follows this coast until the town of Hindeloopen. From there it goes to cities like Workum, Makkum and Wons. Then it continues to Harlingen, Wijnaldum, Oosterbierum and Sint Jacobiparochie. After that, it continues to Ferwert and right before Holwerd you will start to walk on the sea wall towards the Lauwersmeer. Do remember that if you are planning on walking this, that you’re walking in an area with a low population. This means that accommodation, restaurants and shops aren’t always everywhere, neither is public transportation. Plus, several parts of this route aren’t suitable when walking with dogs, as it’s not allowed. This is a route that is part of the Netherlands coastal hiking trail, if you follow from Stavoren until Lauwersmeer, then you’ve done the Friesland part. After Lauwersmeer, this hiking path continues to go towards the province of Groningen.

Distance: Around 152 kilometres.

Route Friese Kustpad

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7. Marskramerpad trail

What: This is one of the hiking paths in The Netherlands that stretches from the German border town of Bad Bentheim to the city of Den Haag, or The Hague. On the way to The Hague, you will pass the hills of the province of Overijssel, Dutch castles, incredible nature reserves and National Parks and even cities like Amersfoort and the Hanseatic town of Deventer. It’s quite a walk, but you will see the spectacular parts that the centre of The Netherlands has to offer. And I can tell you that it has a lot to offer.

Distance: Around 372 kilometres.

Route Marskramerpad

8. Brabants Vennenpad trail

What: This is another regional hiking path in The Netherlands and will show you throughout the province of Noord (North)- Brabant. If you’re looking for things to do and hiking routes in Noord (North)- Brabant, then this one is for you. It has the yellow-red markings again as it’s a regional hiking trail in the south of The Netherlands. This route starts and finishes in the town of Heeze. You will discover beautiful estates in this region in Brabant, incredible Dutch nature, smaller towns and the bigger city of Eindhoven. If you’re interested in both cultural and natural sights in Noord- Brabant, then you’re going to like this one.

Distance: Around 233 kilometres.

Route Brabants Vennenpad

9. Floris V-pad trail

What: This Dutch hiking route goes from Amsterdam to the city of Bergen op Zoom. You will discover beautiful towns in the provinces of Noord- Holland, Utrecht, Zuid- Holland and Noord- Brabant, such as Willemstad. But that’s not all. You also get to explore a part of The Netherlands lake district or Hollands Plassengebied. This area exists out of small islands that were used to dry peat from the swamps. You will also follow small, picturesque rivers where you get to discover the Dutch countryside in the best way. Plus, on your way down to the south of The Netherlands, this long-distance walking route will even guide you towards the Kinderdijk windmills, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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Distance: Around 244 kilometres.

Route Floris V- pad

10. Friese Woudenpad trail

What: If you’re interested in seeing both a part of the Wadden Sea coastal area in The Netherlands near Groningen and Friesland, as well as the countryside more towards the centre of the country, then you’re going to love this route. It starts at Lauwersoog and takes you towards the small town of Steenwijk. Not only will you discover four (!) Dutch National Parks on this long-distance walking route in The Netherlands, but you can also experience several provinces in The Netherlands. From the typical Frisian landscape to seeing how nature in the province of Drenthe has continuously evolved to the traditional landscape in Overijssel. You will especially love this walking route in The Netherlands if you want to do some social distancing, or if you simply are not a fan of people. It follows a lot of small dirt roads, which only visit small villages. So, take some food and drinks as not every village has a restaurant or supermarket.

Distance: Around 147 kilometres

Route Friese Woudenpad

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11. Groot-Frieslandpad trail

What: This Groot- Frieslandpad connects the region of West-Friesland, with the Dutch province of Friesland and a small part of Ostfriesland in Germany. You start in the Dutch painters’ village of Bergen aan Zee and will end in the German town of Leer. Not only will you pass the tiniest villages, but the calm regions that you will walk through make this a more mesmerising experience than you could’ve ever imagined. Experience the typical West Frisian countryside, which is especially beautiful to see during tulip season in Noord (North) – Holland, see endless of canals and discover the friendliness of the people throughout the north of The Netherlands.

Distance: Around 270 kilometres.

Route Groot- Frieslandpad

Nieuwe Niedorp things to do | Villages to visit in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands 2

12. Waterliniepad trail

What: This long distance walking route in The Netherlands stretches from the town of Volendam to the stunning city of Dordrecht. But that’s not the most unique part about this hiking route in The Netherlands. Here you will discover the fortifications of Unesco World Heritage Site the Stelling van Amsterdam and will also explore the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. These lines of Dutch fortresses in The Netherlands were meant to protect parts of the country during wars and from occupiers. You will walk through the provinces of Noord (North)- Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland, Noord (North)- Brabant and Zuid (South)- Holland. During this long hiking path in The Netherlands, you will not only learn a lot about the history of this country but also explore tons of beautiful Dutch towns and incredible nature.

Distance: Around 348 kilometres.

Route Waterliniepad

13. Zuiderzeepad trail

What: If you want to discover the former Dutch Zuiderzee or Southern Sea, then this is the perfect hiking trail for a vacation in The Netherlands for you. The former Zuiderzee was a rough sea, which was connected to the Wadden Sea and caused a lot of damage and floods in the regions. Nowadays the Ijsselmeer and the Markermeer are found in the Zuiderzee with dykes between them, plus the new province of Flevoland. As well as the Afsluitdijk, or closing dyke, which separates the Ijsselmeer from the Wadden Sea. Around the former banks of the Zuiderzee, you can find many towns and villages that are worth a visit and will be able to explore a part of The Netherlands that rarely anyone visits. This hiking path starts and finished in the city of Enkhuizen. But you will discover cities such as Hoorn and even fortified towns in The Netherlands like Naarden. As well as the city of Elburg and you can also explore the Frisian towns of Lemmer, the stunning village of Sloten.

Distance: Around 492 kilometres.

Route Zuiderzeepad

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14. Grote Rivierenpad trail

What: This is one of the walking paths in The Netherlands that follows the streams of some of the biggest and original Dutch rivers, which is why it’s called the ‘Grote Rivierenpad’, Big Rivers Path. This long-distance hiking path starts in Hoek van Holland, which is found near the city of Rotterdam, and it finishes just across the German-Dutch border in the town of Kleef. You will walk along the rivers Nieuwe Waterweg, Oude Maas, Lek, Linge and Waal. Not only is being surrounded by water, something very calming and soothing, but you will also discover how the landscape changes as you experience this hiking trail from the west of The Netherlands to the east.

Distance: Around 330 kilometres.

Route Grote Rivierenpad

15. Hertogenpad trail

What: This is one of the long-distance hiking paths in The Netherlands that can be found in the provinces of Limburg and Noord (North)- Brabant, so if you were looking for things to do in these provinces, then you cannot miss out on this. This hiking route starts in Limburg, from the city of Roermond, and finishes at the Castle of Breda in the province of Noord (North)- Brabant. This hiking trail in the south of The Netherlands is called the ‘Hertogenpad’, or Dukes path, as the Duchy of Brabant was a unique and historical region in The Netherlands which was founded in 1183 and lasted until 1795.

It will take you through some of the most spectacular natural areas and National Parks in The Netherlands: such as the Loonse en Drunense Duinen and De Peel. But also to, and through, cities such as Den Bosch.

Distance: Around 238 kilometres.

Route Hertogenpad

16. Deltapad/ Netherlands Coastal path part 1

What: This is one of the other long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands and can be started on two separate locations: In the city of Bergen op Zoom and the town of Sluis. These routes come together at the village of Goedereede. From Bergen op Zoom you will go via Halsteren and Nieuw- Vossemeer to the island of Tholen. Then towards the Philipsdam and Grevelingendam to the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. And after walking along the Grevelingenmeer and Slikken van Flakkee nature reserve finally you will reach Goedereede.

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From Sluis, you will go to Cadzand-Bad and through the Dutch dunes to Breskens. Then you need to cross the Westerschelde by a small ferry (only allowed for pedestrians and cyclists). After that, you will go from Vlissingen to Westkapelle, Domburg and Oostkapelle. Via the Oosterscheldekering you will reach the island of Schouwen-Duiveland, then you’re going to Haamstede, Renesse, Brouwersdam, Ouddorp to finally reach Goedereede.

After reaching the town of Goedereede, everyone will walk to the island of Voorne-Putten, the city of Brielle, Rozenburg, Maassluis and Hoek van Holland. This path is truly spectacular as it shows so many different sorts of nature and brings you through some of the best destinations in The Netherlands.

Distance: Around 233 kilometres.

Route Deltapad

17. Hollands Kustpad trail

What: The Holland’s coastal hiking trail is one long-distance coastal walking path in the western part of The Netherlands. You will walk from near Rotterdam at Hoek van Holland to the former Dutch island of Wieringen. Most of this hiking path in The Netherlands will lead you through dunes, the beautiful Dutch beaches and forests. When you’re walking near the village of Ter Heijde, you will be mesmerised how close it is located to the beach and how vital the dunes and the beach are with protecting the low areas in The Netherlands. At the Schoorl nature reserve, you will be able to see how low the area of West- Friesland is located. And when you arrive in the north of the province of Noord- Holland you can see the typical polder landscape, which has been created by pumping the water away and building dykes.

Distance: Around 213 kilometres.

Route Hollands Kustpad

18. Groene Hartpad trail

What: This hiking path is one of the things you need to do in the provinces of Zuid (South)- Holland and Utrecht, and it’s a regional path again: So, marked with yellow-red signs. The Groene Hart is an open area filled with typical Dutch nature between some of the biggest cities in The Netherlands. This hiking trail starts and finishes in the city of Delft. You will discover one of the areas of the Dutch lake district and follow small Dutch rivers that pass the prettiest tiny towns. As it’s a large region that is located between several cities, you can often see the skyline of towns in the distance, but it’s one of the spectacular walks that you can find in The Netherlands. Accommodation is a bit more sparse around this long-distance hiking trail near Delft, so keep that in mind.

Distance: Around 192 kilometres.

Route Groene Hartpad

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19. Grenslandpad trail

What: This is one of the most beautiful long-distance walking paths in The Netherlands. It stretches from the small town of Sluis in the province of Zeeland to the white town of Thorn in the province of Limburg. It is a hiking trail that is continuously in the border region of The Netherlands and Belgium, and it crosses several provinces and Belgium a couple of times. From some Dutch islands in the province of Zeeland, that are located below sea-level, you will walk through Noord- Brabant and finally will reach the province of Limburg. There are quite a few accommodation spaces in this region, but public transportation can get kind of tricky sometimes.

Distance: Around 363 kilometres

Route Grenslandpad

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Bonus Krijtlandpad trail

What: This is a smaller hiking trail in the southern part of Limburg in The Netherlands. But, it’s located in the area where you can find most hills in The Netherlands. Which means that even though it’s one of the shorter hikes in this article about hiking in The Netherlands. It’s can still get pretty tough, especially if you’re not used to going on walks in The Netherlands. Hiking in the hills of the Dutch province of Limburg is a great idea. This path stretches from the city of Maastricht until Eijsden to Noorbeek, Slenaken and the highest point in The Netherlands: Vaals. From here it goes back through Vijlen, Gulpen, Valkenburg, Berg en Terblijt to Maastricht. As this is a shorter and regional walking route in southern Limburg, this means that it’s marked with yellow-red signatures.

Distance: Around 90 kilometres.

Route Krijtlandpad


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I hope you enjoyed this article on walking in The Netherlands and that you’ve discovered some of Europe’s long distance paths. All these long distance hikes in The Netherlands are very different from each other and focus on something else. The beauty about that is that no matter which one of the hiking routes in The Netherlands you end up choosing, is that they showcase something different every, single time.

From stunning Dutch National Parks to the tiniest villages and the cutest canals to insane Unesco World Heritage sites and even former Dutch islands. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Gelderland or Groningen province, these long distance hiking trails in The Netherlands show you the best parts of this beautiful country and its provinces. I can not recommend you enough to go on hikes and walks in The Netherlands. And I genuinely hope that you will choose to walk at least one of the long distance walking paths in The Netherlands. Share this post!!

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