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21 x The Netherlands Prettiest Castle Hotels: Find The Best Castle Hotel To Stay In The Netherlands & Holland

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Huis Bergh Castle on a sunny Autumn day in 's Heerenberg, The Netherlands
The Netherlands: Discover castle hotels in this article. Castle hotel accommodation in The Netherlands isn’t too hard to find, but there are simply many castles in The Netherlands & Holland you can stay in. So I’m making your The Netherlands castles adventure easier!

The Netherlands is filled with castle hotels, but some are better than others. That’s why I’m giving you the best castle hotels to stay in The Netherlands here, and then you can decide which Dutch fairy-tale castle is the one you want to wake up in. Whether you’re looking for castle hotels in Holland or Amsterdam castle hotels, this article will show you the most special hotels in The Netherlands.

Medieval castles are found all over The Netherlands, so it’s no surprise you can sleep in a castle in The Netherlands and Holland. Dutch castle hotels are found in most provinces and sleeping in one is a spectacular experience. You’re headed back into time, while still enjoying the luxury of today. There’s no need to do your business in a bucket, so that’s quite a relief (pun intended).

Whether you’re looking for where to stay in The Netherlands countryside to amazing and pretty castles in The Netherlands, the best castle hotels in The Netherlands are all found below.

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The Netherlands castle hotels: Explore the best Dutch and medieval castle hotels in The Netherlands & Holland

Some of the best castle hotels in North-Western Europe can be found in The Netherlands. You can find castle hotels near Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht and even Rotterdam. Spending a night in a castle in The Netherlands isn’t as hard as you might think it is. Whether you’re looking for Dutch castle hotels on a budget or luxury boutique hotels in The Netherlands, my country has it all. I can say without a doubt, that you will discover the best castle to stay in The Netherlands here.

From luxury castle hotels in The Netherlands to the most impressive Dutch castles. And from romantic places in The Netherlands to luxury hotels in The Netherlands countryside. You will discover some of the best castle hotels in Europe for the rest of this article.

1. Castle Heemskerk

Castle Heemskerk is the only castle on this list that is actually a hostel. While there are dorms in this castle in The Netherlands, there are also family rooms. So if you want to stay in a pretty Dutch castle while you’re on a budget, then this is the perfect place to do so. This castle hotel is closest to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This StayOkay hostel in The Netherlands is located in Castle Assumburg, which dates back to the 13th century. Not only can you discover the magical castle gardens, but the surroundings of the castle is also stunning. There are free parking and WiFi available. Every morning there is a free breakfast, and every evening there’s a three-course menu (for which you do have to pay and reserve in advance). You can also rent bikes to discover the beautiful Dutch countryside around Castle Heemskerk and trust me when I say that this is worth it. The train station of Heemskerk is a 20-minute walk, and a bus stop is 200 meters from the castle hostel in The Netherlands.

Province: Noord- Holland

Location: Heemskerk, the nearest big city is Haarlem

Check rates & availability:

Castle Heemsker or Assumburg in the Dutch province of Noord- Holland, The Netherlands

2. Castle Huis Bergh

Castle Huis Bergh is a beautiful castle hotel in the eastern part of The Netherlands and dates back to the 12th century. It’s located on a fortified island in the medieval city of ‘s-Heerenberg. Not only is there a stunning garden within the castle grounds, but the different styles of gardens that surround the castle are truly spectacular. There is free WiFi in the hotel, free parking and the suites of this castle hotel are located in two old towers of the castle. They both have a kitchen, terrace and flatscreen-tv.

Castle Huis Bergh is also home to a Grand Cafe where you can have a great lunch and high tea. You can also rent a bike at this hotel to discover the beautiful surroundings where you will experience The Netherlands in its best way: forests, meadows, small villages and rivers.

Province: Gelderland

Location: s’Heerenberg, nearest big city is Doetinchem

Check rates & availability:

The castle Huis Bergh in the most beautiful village or small Dutch town of s-Heerenberg in Gelderland, The Netherlands

3. Estate & Castle Oud-Poelgeest

Staying in Castle Oud- Poelgeest feels like having the best of both worlds. Not only is it only a 20-minute walk from one of The Netherlands hidden gems: Leiden. But it also has the quiet and peaceful surrounding you would expect from a castle. Explore the five monumental buildings on this estate in The Netherlands. There’s the castle, a former coach house, a chapel, a forester’s home and a gatehouse.

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The hotel rooms are located in the former coach house, and every room has a private bathroom and a shower. Some have access to a balcony as well, so you can be a princess in your fairy-tale surroundings in The Netherlands. Every morning there is a tasty breakfast in Castle Oud- Poelgeest and they also offer free WiFi and parking. Another plus is that you can rent bikes here to reach Leiden even faster.

Province: Zuid- Holland

Location: Oegstgeest, nearest big city is Leiden

Check rates & availability:

Castle Oud- Poelgeest near the city of Leiden in the province of Zuid- Holland, The Netherlands is a castle hotel

4. Castle Sterkenburg

Castle Sterkenburg is a 13th-century castle that is located in a beautiful countryside area near the city of Utrecht. There is an excellent combination of unique rooms, stunning gardens and a spectacular interior. Be mesmerized by the history and the magical gardens. There are even barbecue facilities on the terrace of this castle. Every room has a view of the Dutch countryside and bathroom. They have no television so you can completely relax with the sounds of nature in your head.

You will find free parking at Castle Sterkenburg, and the city of Amersfoort is 30 minutes away. They also serve a terrific breakfast every morning, and there are tons of activities that you can do against payment at and near this accommodation. You can participate in a cooking class, go horse riding, hiking, go cycling and plenty of other things. One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored here, and by the time it’s time to leave, you’ll be completely recharged.

Province: Utrecht

Location: Driebergen, nearest big city is Utrecht

Check rates & availability:

Castle Hotel Sterkenburg in the Dutch town of Driebergen near the cities of Utrecht and Amersfoort, The Netherlands

5. Castle Schaloen

Near the famous town of Valkenburg, you will discover Castle Schaloen. This castle hotel in Limburg is located right next to a forest in the most peaceful surroundings. The castle has rooms or apartments to stay in, which all have their little kitchen and view at the garden and forest. They also have their bathroom, living room and dining place.

Throughout the hotel, there’s free WiFi, and you can park for free at the accommodation. And, there’s no need to get into the nearby city as there is a restaurant in the former gate building of Castle Schaloen. So eat your worries away while you’re enjoying a magical region in The Netherlands.

Province: Limburg

Location: Valkenburg, nearest big city is Maastricht

Check rates & availability:

The Castle of Schaloen in the town of Valkenburg in the province of Limburg,The Netherlands during autumn

6. Castle Coevorden

This castle is found in the province of Drenthe, where you won’t find many castles left, which makes this experience even more special. The German border is a five-minute drive from Coevorden, but the beautiful surroundings of the area make up for that negative part. (I’m kidding by the way… It doesn’t make up for it. ) Anyway, jokes aside, Castle Coevorden is a magical little gem in the Eastern part of The Netherlands.

Not only does this castle offers rooms with free WiFi, but they also have a bar and restaurant in the castle, as well as a beautiful looking terrace. The rooms all have a flatscreen television and a minibar, as well as private bathrooms. Parking is free at the accommodation, and if you want to discover the region of this area of Drenthe, you can rent bikes at Castle Coevorden.


Province: Drenthe

Location: Coevorden, nearest big city is Emmen

Check rates & availability:

Castle Coevorden in the small Dutch town of Coevorden in the province of Drenthe, The Netherlands

7. Castle Daelenbroeck

This 14th-century castle is everything you’ve ever dreamt of. This castle hotel in The Netherlands is the ultimate luxurious experience. Enjoy Castle Daelenbroeck and its beautiful surroundings. The estate of this castle is suitable for every nature lover who prefers to relax. Go canoeing, rent some bicycles at the hotel, go horseriding, go hoking or even discover art galleries in this hotel. A golf course is also nearby, as well as Designer Outlet Roermond.

But that’s not all. Become as zen as you can be at their wellness centre and enjoy a nice Burgundian and local meal at the restaurant at Castle Daelenbroeck in Limburg. You can park for free at this hotel and WiFi is also available throughout the entire accommodation.

Province: Limburg

Location: Herkenbosch, nearest big city is Roermond

Check rates & availability:

Castle Daelenbroek near the town of Herkenbosch in Limburg, The Netherlands is currently a castle hotel

8. Castle Geulzicht

The beautiful area of the Geuldal in the province of Limburg is home to more than just one castle hotel, and Castle Geulzicht is one you cannot miss. The beautifully decorated rooms, the small river with a waterfall and the elegant interior make this castle a romantic and dreamy place to stay in The Netherlands.

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Whether you want to explore the hills of Limburg or wish to make some day trips to Maastricht or Valkenburg, Castle Geulzichtis the perfect location, don’t forget to enjoy the lovely terrace at the castle where you can enjoy the green surroundings. And when you’re done with admiring the area, head into the library in this Dutch castle hotel or use some free WiFi. Parking at the estate is free as well.

Province: Limburg

Location: Berg en Terblijt, nearest big city is Maastricht

Check rates & availability:

Castle Geulzicht: An old Dutch castle hotel nearby the city of Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands
Photo by Chris & Anya / Flickr

9. Castle Elsloo

Near the Belgium border, you can spend a night in a 16th-century castle: Castle Elsloo. This castle hotel near Maastricht is found in a rural area, and both the German and Belgium border is nearby. The Belgium border at a 5-minute drive and the German at less than 30 minutes. But being near several countries isn’t the best part of this castle at all.

Castle Elsloo is French-inspired and is also home to a restaurant. At the restaurant, you can enjoy classic French dishes, great wine, snacks and other foods. All of that, in combination with a dreamy view of the estate of this gorgeous Dutch castle, make this a paradise. Every room in this hotel has its bathroom with cable television. Some rooms, but not all, offer a spectacular view of The Netherlands countryside. Don’t forget to go for a match of tennis or a cycle ride in the surroundings. WiFi is also available in this accommodation and parking is free.

Province: Limburg

Location: Elsloo, nearest big city is Maastricht

Check rates & availability:

Castle Elsloo in the province of Limburg, The Netherlands
Photo by Frans Berkelaar / Flickr

10. Castle Van Rhoon

A great Dutch castle hotel near Rotterdam is Castle Van Rhoon. This castle has a restaurant, a bar and a beautiful garden. They offer free WiFi and private parking. But my favourite part is the terrace. Sit outside with your tasty breakfast, enjoy the rays of sun on your face and listen to the birds. It’s truly the best way to wake up.

Rotterdam can be found at only 11 kilometres of Castle Van Rhoon and The Hague at 33 kilometres. Don’t forget to wander around the area and enjoy the water in its surroundings.

Province: Zuid- Holland

Location: Rhoon, nearest big city is Rotterdam

Check rates & availability:

Castle van Rhoon in the province of Zuid- Holland, The Netherlands; A castle hotel near Rotterdam and The Hague
Photo by Roel van Deursen / Flickr

11. Castle Ophemert

This beautiful castle b&b in The Netherlands is located in the rustic and relaxing countryside. The rooms all offer a fantastic view of the garden, and every room has a bathroom. Castle Ophemert itself is already stunning. However, the location and surroundings are what makes this castle stay in The Netherlands truly an experience you won’t forget.

Castle Ophemert can be found in the region the Betuwe in The Netherlands, which is known for the beautiful countryside, rivers and forests. At the castle, you can go horseriding and rent bikes against a small fee, and they are also able to give you plenty of travel tips to explore this part of The Netherlands. Or discover their library, play some board games or use their free WiFi to sent some beautiful photos of this fantastic place to your family. You can park for free at the accommodation.

Province: Gelderland

Location: Tiel, nearest big city is Nijmegen

Check rates & availability:

Castle B&B Hotel Ophemert in the province of Gelderland, The Netherlands
Photo by Godfried / Flickr

12. Castle Maurick

One of Noord-Brabant’s most beautiful buildings and hotels is Castle Maurick. This century-old castle will make your ‘staying in a fairy-tale castle in The Netherlands’ dreams come true. Not only can you enjoy a spectacular lake view here, but this castle also has a terrace, a restaurant and stunning castle gardens to enjoy. All rooms have a bathroom and flatscreen television.

Castle Maurick is located at only 8 kilometres from the historic Dutch city of Den Bosch, or ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which is one of Noord-Brabant’s best destinations to visit. You can rent bikes at Castle Maurick to explore the surroundings which I definitely recommend you to do so. They also offer free parking and WiFi here. And you can even go canoeing here!

Province: Noord- Brabant

Location: Vught, nearest big city is Den Bosch (also named ‘s-Hertogenbosch)

Check rates & availability:

Old Dutch castle Maurick in the small Dutch town of Vught in Noord- Brabant, The Netherlands

13. Castle Wittem

Château Wittem is located in one of the most beautiful areas in The Netherlands: Geuldal. This region in Limburg is famous for its hilly surroundings and picturesque towns. And the castle of Wittem fits right in. Here you can explore a beautiful park on the estate, moats and century-old trees. Every room in this castle has a bathroom, with a walk-in rain shower. And also free internet and parking.

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There are endless possibilities in this hotel. Whether you want to relax, be active or want to enjoy the food in the restaurant on-site at Château Wittem, this is the perfect place to do so. Enjoy the terrace, rent some bikes at the hotel, explore its library or go for hikes in the hills of Limburg.

Province: Limburg

Location: Wittem, nearest big city is Maastricht

Check rates & availability:

Hotel Castle Wittem in the Dutch region of Limburg, The Netherlands; Near Maastricht
Photo by Joop Hoek / Depositphotos


Other honourable mentions for cute castle hotels and B&B’s in The Netherlands

There are quite a few other castles in The Netherlands where you can stay in. So if the other Dutch castles hotels above weren’t in the regions that you are visiting on your The Netherlands vacation and trip, then these below might help your ‘stay in a European castle hotel’ dreams come true. They are all perfect in their way and will be serving you a peaceful, dreamy night. You will find some more romantic and unusual hotels in The Netherlands below. They include the best boutique hotels in The Netherlands, small luxury hotels, luxury b&b’s in The Netherlands and affordable cool hotels.

14. Stay in Castle Hattem: The smallest castle in The Netherlands

Province: Limburg |  Location: Roermond


15. Stay in Castle Doenrade: A charming castle surrounded by nature near the German border

Province: Limburg | Location: Doenrade, nearest big city is Sittard


16. Stay in Castle de Essenburgh: Discover a romantic garden in the countryside

Province: Gelderland | Location: Hierden, nearest big city is Harderwijk


17. Stay in Castle Bloemendal: A spectacular luxurious adventure in an impressive castle

Province: Limburg | Location: Vaals, nearest big city is Maastricht


18. Stay in B&B Castle Nijswiller: The most dreamy B&B you will ever enter

Province: Limburg | Location: Wittem, nearest big city is Maastricht


19. Stay in Hotel Castle Terworm: 14th century castle with French styled gardens and access to a spa

Province: Limburg | Location: Heerlen, nearest big city is Maastricht


20. Stay in Chateau St. Gerlach: A spectacular experience in one of the biggest estates you’ll ever see

Province: Limburg | Location: Valkenburg, nearest big city is Maastricht


21. Stay in Castle Kerckebosch: A young castle that has the atmosphere of a 12th century castle

Province: Utrecht | Location: Zeist, nearest big city is Utrecht




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I hope this article has shown you that both Holland and The Netherlands are filled with castle hotels. Whether you’ve searched for Utrecht, Maastricht or Rotterdam castle hotels, you’ve probably found your right stay with this travel guide for unique places to stay in The Netherlands. You can find castles and castle hotels in most provinces, such as Limburg, Gelderland, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland and Noord- Brabant.

There are many fairy-tale and pretty castle hotels in The Netherlands, but these were my absolute favourite. In my opinion, these monuments in The Netherlands are some of the best castle hotels in both Europe, Western Europe and the Benelux.

Sleeping in a medieval castle in The Netherlands and discovering Dutch castles is always a great idea. And these top and best castle hotels in The Netherlands will make your extraordinary accommodation in The Netherlands dreams come true. Enjoy a stay in some of the biggest and oldest castles in The Netherlands and live like a Queen, or King, for a night. I hope you enjoyed the article on the most beautiful castle hotels and unusual stays in The Netherlands. Share this post!!

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