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Dutch Local Tips: Where to find tulips in and near Amsterdam

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Tulips in Amsterdam. Tulips and Amsterdam go hand in hand. Or do they? We all know the beautiful and traditional pictures of thousands of tulips in front of Dutch canals or the tulip fields in front of the windmills at the Zaanse Schans near Zaandam, but are those real? And if so – where can you find them? There are also many other locations near Amsterdam where you can find flower fields; I will also tell you about those in this article. Also, if you want to join me on a windmill and tulip tour from Amsterdam, then you’ll love my bike tour! Anyway, onto finding out about the locations of the tulip fields near Amsterdam.

Visit the tulips in Amsterdam

Spring. The most beautiful time of year and the season for admiring bulb fields in Holland. Whether you’re here to discover The Netherlands and a tulip festival or a part of the Holland region and tulip gardens, I have you covered. First things first: Amsterdam has no tulip garden, and the Keukenhof gardens are located in a completely different town than Amsterdam. Unfortunately, some people in a tourism agency thought it was a good idea to rename a fifth of the country ‘Amsterdam’, while they’re not, making it more confusing for you and me. The tulip gardens are around an hour from Amsterdam.

When is tulip season in Amsterdam?

If you want to visit a tulip garden near Amsterdam in June, I will have to let you down. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of wrong information from people who don’t know what they are talking about. Some say that tulips are on the fields from the end of March or the beginning of April until the end of May or even June. This is all false. Tulip fields roughly bloom from mid-April until the first few days of May. Hyacinths and daffodils bloom on the fields earlier, around the end of March and the beginning of April. 

The tulip garden you want to visit from Amsterdam during the tulip season is the Keukenhof. Generally speaking, the Keukenhof flower gardens are open from the end of March until the middle of May, but these are no fields: this is a show garden. 

So, now you know when to visit Amsterdam for tulip season. You’re welcome!

Where to see tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips can be found in Amsterdam on two separate occasions: National Tulip Day in January and in flower pots throughout the city during the tulip season. National Tulip Day is a great event to visit in Amsterdam and always takes place in January. Hundreds of thousands of tulips can be picked for free and are donated by tulip growers. It does get busy, but you’ll be able to get a few free bunches of blooming tulips in Amsterdam. That’s when you can see the tulip flower in Amsterdam. But this is not precisely a tulip festival. 

You will see many flower pots with colourful tulips in Amsterdam during springtime. These flower pots are placed across the city: from its canals to Dam square and beyond. It’s an incredible sight in Amsterdam and always gets me excited for what’s to come: endless blooming tulips in The Netherlands.

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But if you were wondering where the tulip fields are in Amsterdam, then I have to disappoint you: they do not exist. So, why did I title this article this way? I want to help people get factual information instead because I’m sick and tired of people who do not know what they’re talking about writing articles.

There’s a nature reserve next to the Zaanse Schans – and logically, no tulip fields can be grown here. Also, you cannot find any tulips at Zaanse Schans windmills simply because the flower fields do not grow here. Those photos are also fake. 

Can I walk between tulip fields in Amsterdam?

Absolutely not. Please be a kind and respectful visitor. Not only are these fields private property, but you’re damaging the future harvest of the tulip farmer. Walking in tulip fields, you will spread fungi, bacteria, diseases and insects from one field to another. And you might think: ‘I’m being careful’, but frankly, you’re not. I know these fields are gorgeous, but it’s an actual industry that people depend on. You’re playing with their livelihood.

Tulip farmers have had tens of thousands of euros in damages because of disrespectful tourists. So, how can you visit tulip fields near Amsterdam? By respecting the flowers and the work that goes into them. Your Instagram or TikTok video or photo is not essential; please stay out and be respectful. And then we will happily welcome you in Amsterdam in April again to see tulips.

Where to find tulip fields near and close to Amsterdam

It’s easy to get to tulip fields from Amsterdam, as the city is centrally located between the three largest tulip regions in The Netherlands. This makes it very easy to go on a day trip from Amsterdam to the tulips. Seeing tulips in Amsterdam and its surroundings is incredible and so worth it. The country turns into one big sea of blooming flowers, and we all change for the better. We all seem to be happier, although that’s not weird when you’re having a look at all the free tulip fields near Amsterdam. I hope this helps you plan your holidays to see tulips in Amsterdam and its surroundings.

1. Flevoland


The Northern part of the Flevoland province is where you can find the Noordoostpolder. It fell completely dry on the 9th of September 1942; before that, it was water which was part of the former Zuiderzee. After that, the Noordoostpolder was developed quickly, and the tulip fields followed relatively soon after that. The first tulip bulbs were planted in the Noordoostpolder in the 1960s. Nowadays, the Noordoostpolder is filled with tulip fields. It is the municipality in The Netherlands that is home to most tulip fields. It is an absolutely perfect place to visit, especially from Amsterdam.

Note: While the Noordoostpolder is the municipality that houses the most tulip fields in the country, that doesn’t mean that the entire region has more than another part of the country. The Kop van Noord- Holland region (home to several smaller municipalities) still easily surpasses the Noordoostpolder in the number of fields. 

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The southern part of the Flevoland province is called the Flevopolder, and it’s also where you can find cities like Almere and Lelystad. The Flevopolder is the largest artificial island in the world. And it’s home to many flower fields. It’s an area that is very easily reached via public transportation. So, while most people tend to head to the Keukenhof area in Zuid- Holland, you have almost all the fields to yourself in the Flevopolder.

Click here for the full article on tulip fields in Flevoland!

2. Noord (North)- Holland


Between the cities of Purmerend and Alkmaar, you can find the Beemster. This region used to be filled with peat, which was excavated and then turned into an inland sea due to floods and rain before wealthy merchants from Amsterdam turned it into reclaimed land. Not only is this a Unesco World Heritage site, but during spring, you can find a couple of beautiful tulip fields around Middenbeemster and its surroundings. 

Kop van Noord- Holland

Do you want to see most tulip fields in the country? Then it would help if you headed to the Kop van Noord- Holland (where I’m from and live!). From the city of Den Helder to Egmond to Anna Paulowna to Alkmaar to Callantsoog: it’s one big carpet of blooming flowers. But it gets better. Few people visit this area compared to the Keukenhof and Lisse area. So, this region is great to visit for an Amsterdam tulip trip if you’re not a fan of many people (I get it). And you can even join me on a  tulip fields bike tour from Amsterdam this spring of 2023.

One of the best tulip tours in Amsterdam (in my humble opinion) lasts around four hours, bike rental is included, and only seven people can join daily. Don’t miss out!

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One of the best places to visit from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to see tulips is West-Friesland. This is a historic region (which is also where I’m from) and a region of seven municipalities (which is where I’m not). I am now talking about the area with the municipalities. In the region of cities like Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Hoorn and Venhuizen, you can admire tons of stunning blooming tulip fields on foot, bike or car. Or you can even go on a historic steam tram along the tulip fields.

3. Zuid (South)- Holland

Randstad region

Do you want to visit the famous flower garden from Amsterdam? Then you’d like to go to this area. Remember that this is the country’s most visited and renowned tulip region. That means that millions of people head to this area during flower season. It’s a beautiful area, but it might not be a great place for you if you’re not a fan of big crowds. The Randstad region is where you can find towns like Lisse (with the Keukenhof gardens), Hillegom and Noordwijkerhout. These are also the closest tulip fields near Schiphol.

There’s also another part of Zuid- Holland where you can find tulip fields, but it’s a lot further away from Amsterdam, which is why I didn’t include it here.

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Tulip Tours Amsterdam

Do you want to go on a tulip trip near Amsterdam? Because you can join me – a born and raised Dutch local from the region with the most tulip fields in The Netherlands – on a bike tour. Then I’ve got the best tulip tour from Amsterdam for you. The tour lasts around four hours, only seven people can join daily, bike rental is included, and we will discover a region with tons of tulip fields that most people have never heard of.

Or do you want a private tulip tour from Amsterdam? Then you can email me via my contact to see which dates I still have space, and we can probably work something out.

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I hope you have learned everything you need to know about tulips in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a great city to start if you want to see tulip fields in The Netherlands. It’s centrally located within the three largest tulip regions in the country, so it’s effortless to visit Amsterdam and tulip fields on the same trip. Now, in Amsterdam, you won’t find a field of tulips. And that makes sense, as it’s a city, and Amsterdam has no space for a tulip field. But, you can easily see tulips near Amsterdam with a quick trip outside the city and have the best time of your life within a finger snap. 

Remember to share this post on where to see tulip fields near Amsterdam so your friends and family also know where to look for a tulip experience from Amsterdam. Because let’s face it, don’t we all want to see the endless stunning, blooming flower fields? It feels like you were transferred to another world. Join me on this otherworldly experience with my bike tour to the tulip fields, which can easily be visited from Amsterdam.

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