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The ultimate Valentine’s day travel gifts guide for him and her

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Whether you’re searching for the best Valentine’s Day travel gifts for him and her, or Valentines gifts for family or friends. In this Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts Guide you will find the perfect presents for the most romantic day of the year.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. In this Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts Guide you will find the best and top Valentine’s Day presents for him and her. From thoughtful Valentine gifts to creative Valentine gifts. From trendy Valentine’s Day gifts for her 2019 to the best Valentine’s gifts for him. And the best thing is that they’re all travel-related.

Valentine’s Day, you hate it or love it. Whether you like it or not, you cannot get around it. Unless you lock yourself in a room. Don’t do that, please. If you love Valentine’s Day, are in need of tips for gifts and love to travel then you’re in for a treat. From a coffee tour around the world to a beer cap map for craft beer lovers. This is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts Guide For Him And Her.

If you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day or romantic valentines gifts for him or her, don’t worry. You can still use this travel gift guide as inspiration for birthdays or other special occasions.

Disclaimer: You will find affiliate links in this article. This means that when you purchase an item through one of these links I will get a little commission at no extra cost to you. Have a look at my full disclaimer here.

Fake Leather Vintage Travel Journal For Men And Women

 One of my favourite things is to write, obviously. If your other half is interested in writing and memorizing travel memories. Then this perfect travel journal or notebook is the best option there is out there. You can get rid of all your thoughts and make it into a diary aka Mamma Mia. Maybe, in the end, it will end up as a movie as well. Click here to see the best travel journal and notebook.



Beer Cap Map For Craft Beer Lovers That Travel

One of the things many of us cannot get around when you’re travelling is beer. Especially local, craft beer. The Netherlands and Belgium, for instance, are internationally known to have great craft beers.Whether you’re planning on travelling to The Netherlands or not (do it, click here to see what my country has to offer), when you travel to the next country you finally know what you’ve had so far and the craft beers you still need to try. Take the beer caps with you on your way back from your travels and attach it to the board. It’s fun to relive memories or to think about the next travel destinations with your travel partner (hint: The Netherlands). Have a look here for the beer cap map.

Handmade DIY Scrapbook Album 

This is a perfect travel related gift for Valentine’s Day. You can create your own story in this DIY scrapbook album. Colour your own cover and release your inner Van Gogh. Add photos, stories, short sentences or quotes and make your other half incredibly happy with the memories you’ve made so far. Or you can use it during your travels and slowly fill it up. Click here for the thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.


World Coffee Tour To Discover New Countries To Travel To  

Every country has its own speciality, but when you’re a coffee drinker that can influence your travels. Would you like to travel to a country where the coffee is horrendous? Didn’t think so either. That’s why this world coffee tour package is a perfect gift in this Valentine’s Day Travel Gifts Guide. You can drink your way around the world and discover your next destination. Click here to see the prices and availability. 

A Perfect Mexican Blanket For Every Roadtrip

Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be incredibly expensive, it’s the thought that counts. If you’re aware of the fact that your other half is constantly cold during a road trip or at home, this is for you. This Mexican blanket should be taken on every road trip. And while your other half is comfortable and warm, you’re helping the unfortunate in this world. This blanket is handmade and each purchase supports charity work that impacts thousands of people. So if you want to give back to communities around the world and want to treat your partner with a thoughtful Valentine’s gifts, see the Mexican blanket here.

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Stainless Steel Metal Straws For The Consious Traveller

2019 is the year that people and travellers all over the world are getting more environmentally conscious. And buying metal straws in unicorn colours will not only give you a happy feeling but will help the oceans and animals all across the world. Your other half will appreciate such a conscious and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s day. Simply because you both appreciate this beautiful earth and want to make it better. See the stainless metal straws here.



Romantic Gifts for Her Small Compact Mirror For Travelling

A great, trendy Valentine’s gift for her is this small compact mirror. Whether she will be travelling or not, something like this can be used every day. You can use this mirror is for everyday touch-ups. See the compact mirror for travelling or every day use here.



Kemy’s Mens Canvas Toiletry Bag Travel Bathroom

It’s always difficult to buy the perfect and special Valentine’s gifts for men. One thing that can be useful (as that’s what gifts also should be, every now and then) is this nice toiletry bag. Whether it’s for keeping everything together at home or to take it on a next trip. See the perfect travel toiletry bag for men here.




The Best Travel Compression Socks For Him And Her

When people fly often it can be very useful to wear compression socks, especially on a very long flight. When you want to remember another person that your heart beats for him or her, then this pair or travel compression socks are perfect. Not only as a thoughtful gift but also a creative Valentine’s travel gift for him or her. There are more prints available if you’re not a fan of the too romantic pair of compression socks, see them here.


Beard Kit Beard Grooming & Trimming

Whether the beard or your partner is long or on the shorter side, he will always want to treat his beard right. So what better way than to give him a beard kit for grooming and trimming for Valentine’s Day 2019? Even when he’s away travelling he can still take some of the parts of this kit with him to ensure his beard stays in a good condition. Help your bearded other half with a beard kit that you can find here.



 Gift Jar of Personalized Messages

This gift jar is one of my favourite Valentine’s Day gifts of this 2019 travel gift guide. The reason? Because this is a personal and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. One of the best ways to let the other half know how much they mean to you is by writing your feelings down and to let your other half read them. When you write messages that your partner needs to open, it will only make the relationship more meaningful and stronger. See the gift jar with personalized messages here.



Travel Jewelry Organizer

I can be very disorganized when I travel, especially when it comes to jewellery. But, luckily, I’m not alone in this battle. I’ve heard of so many women who get their earrings tangled with necklaces, rings and bracelets. It’s time to end the drama for your partner. And the perfect way to do so is by getting a travel jewellery organizer to end their pain. Have a look at an organizer here.

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Couple personalized passport holder

While I’m usually not a fan of couples that personalize everything that they own, a personalized passport holder for travel lovers is actually not too bad. In fact, I actually think that’s kind of cute. There are many different patterns you can choose from as well. And if you’ve lost your passport yet once again at home, it might be easier to find than just searching for your passport colour. Have a look at the personalized passport holders here.


Silver Compass Necklace For Travel Lovers


This silver necklace is a perfect, trendy Valentine’s travel gift for her in 2019. While necklaces are in general one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for women, this necklace takes a different direction. It will always remind her of her hobbies or travel dreams. With this compass necklace, your partner will not only think it’s one of the most romantic Valentine’s gifts you gave her, but also the best as it’s thoughtful. Have a look at the silver compass necklace here.



Fjallraven Classic Backpack And Daypack For Travel In Europe

If you’re looking for the best daypacks for travelling within Europe, then a Fjallraven backpack is the absolute best. Not only are these comfortable rucksacks perfect for travelling within Europe. But they also have enough space and will make you blend in many parts of Europe. So are you’re looking for the perfect and most comfortable daypack to bring on your travels to The Netherlands? I can honestly not suggest a better backpack for travelling in this part of Europe. See the different sizes and colours of the Fjallraven backpack here.


COOLIFE Luggage 

If you’re unfamiliar with cobblestones while travelling then you’re in for a treat once you enter the continents of, for instance, Europe or South America. If you’re looking for a sturdy suitcase that is lightweight, then this is one of your best options. Unlike quite some other small suitcases the wheels of this one are strong and don’t suffer a lot from the cobblestones. So is your other half done with buying a new suitcase? Then it’s time to change the direction you’re currently going. See one of the best sturdy suitcases for Europe here. 


Hanging Toiletry Bag Travel Organizer 

Whenever you’re travelling your toiletries will not often be as organized as with this hanging toiletry travel bag organizer. Sometimes you’ll get wet toiletries, other times you cannot find your moisturizer anymore. It happens. So if your other half is as unorganized as I am, then this toiletry bag organizer is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. Have a look at them here.



4-Piece Packing Cube Set


 Maybe you think this kind of gift is a boring Valentine’s Day travel gift, however, your other half will be utterly grateful for this present. Packing cubes need to be on anyone’s packing list (find a packing list to The Netherlands for women here). With these bad boys, your lover will be not stressed when it’s time to pack up for another adventure. Quite the contrary actually. So if you want to save your partner some time and stress with packing,, then have a look at the best packing cubes here.

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Go Pro Hero 7 Black For Adventurers Who Travel 

Is your other half one of the many adventurers we have on this planet? Then a Go Pro is the perfect travel gift for Valentine’s Day for him and for her. A Go Pro is a perfect travel camera for many different activities, whether you’re at home or abroad. Think about diving with whales in Tonga or cycling death road in Bolivia. Or from mudwalking in The Netherlands, to creating videos and photos of a city trip. Have a look at the brand new Go Pro Hero 7 here. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

This Polaroid camera is perfect for your other half to take travelling, or to create endless memories of special days. Nothing is more fun than memorizing important events or fun activities from years ago with pictures. As you know, a picture says more than a thousand words. I have a polaroid camera myself and I never once been disappointed with the insane amount of photos I have from this thing. Have a look at the polaroid camera here.



Flavours Of Tea From Around The World Samples

For your partner who is, just like me, not a fan of coffee there’s tea. Not in a gossipy kind of way, but the drinking kind. To explore the world with tea from so many different countries is the perfect thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for travel lovers. Drink tea while dreaming of the next destination based on the flavours. Check out the tea here.



Xenvo Pro Wide Angle Travel Lens Kit for Smartphones 

If your other half, familymember or friend is interested in photography, but is not looking to invest in a big camera, then upgrading a smartphone with this wide angel lens is perfect. The cameras of smartphones are constantly improved, but if you’re wishing to make even better photos then adding a lens to your smartphone is the best solution. Check the solution to the best smartphone photos here.


Buy The Original Dutch Stroopwafels Because Food Is Always The Answer

If you don’t know what you need to give your other half as a perfect Valentine’s present, but know that great (Dutch) cookies always make the person happy. Go ahead, you’ve found your ultimate Valentine’s Day present for 2019 for him and her that even has something to do with travel.

In The Netherlands, we have a saying that is ‘(De) liefde (van een man) gaat door de maag’ which translates to ‘(The) love (of a man) goes through the stomach’. Meaning the way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach. And stroopwafels are always the perfect Dutch souvenir, gift or present. But often you already ate them on your flight back already.

So the solution? Buy these bad boys so you can both enjoy a happy and tasty Valentine’s Day. While watching Netflix of course, with your cat in your lap. Check these tasty Dutch goods out here.

Discover the best Valentine’s Day travel gifts for him and her in this Valentine’s Day travel gift guide. Find trendy, romantic and thoughtful Valentines gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Explore Valentines day travel ideas, gifts and tips. Including Valentines gifts DIY, for friends and the more.

 Here you will find the best Valentine’s Day gift guide for travelers. Whether you’re searching for the best Valentines travel gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend or friends. You can find it all here. The best Valentine’s day gifts and ideas for him and her. Get Valentines presents for a budget, creative Valentines presents ideas and for long distance relationships. Explore the Valentine’s day travel gift guide for him and her here.













 Discover the perfect valentine’s day gift guide with the best Valentine’s day travel products and Valentine gifts for him, her, your parents or friends, coworkers or even students. Find the most fun, creative and non cheesy Valentine gifts for him and her. From unique and thoughtful Valentine gifts for him or her, to original and affordable Valentine gifts to buy for travel lovers. And from romantic, simple Valentine gifts to handmade and personalized Valentine’s day gifts with your travels.


I hope this Valentine’s Day travel gifts guide has been useful to you. Which thoughtful or creative Valentine gifts for him or her did you like the most? Leave a comment below! Are you planning your trip to Europe and am looking for the best shoes to fit in and be comfortable, have a look at the best walking shoes, boots, sandals and sneakers for Europe here. What is the best travel-related Valentine’s Day gift you ever gave or received? Have a look at my other articles right here. Share this post!






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