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Hello there!

I noticed that I was getting a lot of the same questions in my email from you guys. To make life more efficient for you, and me, I decided to create a F.A.Q. This way you can easily see the most asked questions, get their answers and explore the rest of this website faster.

Why did you start this website/ travelblog about The Netherlands?  I started this travelblog about The Netherlands because I was annoyed that people saw Amsterdam as the only city in The Netherlands. I mean, it’s our capital, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country is anything like Amsterdam. They are worlds apart. And I wanted to show that to people, so they would go beyond the crowds and have a more authentic experience of The Netherlands. For more check the About Me page here.

Can I support your The Netherlands travel blog somewhere? Absolutely. As you’ve noticed, I very rarely do any sponsored posts, campaigns, etc. Especially since I want to discover a places on my own terms to see what it’s really like and not get any of the perks to being invited somewhere. So, if you are happy with the free content that I’ve been providing for you, and you have a few coins to spare, then you can join my Patreon @visitingthedutchcountryside.

Where are you from? I am Dutch. Born and raised in a small village in the province of Noord- Holland. About 1,5 hour up North from Amsterdam (by public transport).

What is the most beautiful national park of The Netherlands? You cannot really ask me to answer that one right? We have many forests and national parks, that are all worth a visit. They are special in their own way. Every province has a different charm.

I booked a ticket to The Netherlands by accident, I’m not sure if there is something to do besides Amsterdam? Girl. Or. Guy. This website will show you enough places. Every day there are more articles added and if you have questions or need more suggestions (because unfortunately for me, there are only 24 hours in a day) you can always sent me an email at info[@] You can go through The Netherlands for months and years, and still not have seen it all. Hell, I’ve been living (born and raised after all) here for 25 years, and I’ve not seen it all.

When is the tulip season and is it really worth it? Tulip season is honestly one of my most favourite times of the year. It is in spring when the mornings are foggy, and this beautiful light of the sunrise flickers over the tulips. Just don’t go to the province of Zuid- Holland (in my opinion). It’s too crowded. Go to Flevoland or Noord- Holland to see incredible fields without people. Groningen, Drenthe, Zeeland and Friesland have tulip fields as well. Not as much, although Zeeland has quite some, but still enough to enjoy. In general the tulips in The Netherlands bloom on the tulip fields between mid-April and the beginning of the first week of May. The last week of April is the best time. You can find an article on the best places to visit tulips here. And for the best accommodation near tulip fields (that are rarely visited by tourists) click here.

Why do you think you are a good person to create this website? Just because you’re Dutch? Well, yes. You see, I’ve been living here almost all my life. I know what Dutch people are like and what you can expect when you are visiting The Netherlands. Because I’m Dutch, and a bit of an overachiever, I also know way more places than most Dutch people. Can you imagine how much more places I know than foreigners? Yes. That’s a lot of places. And I decided to share all of my information with you guys, because I love my country and I want people to experience The Netherlands the real and authentic way.

That’s all for now. If there are more questions, let me know and I’m happy to answer them. If you want to scroll through all my articles I’ve written so far, click here.