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Flevoland Tulips: Visit The Best Tulip Fields in The Netherlands

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aerial view of blooming tulips tulip flower fields in flevoland

Do you want to visit Flevoland and see its beautiful blooming tulips? As you should. The flower area of Flevoland is extensive and a great place to visit if you’re looking for tulip fields in The Netherlands, with fewer visitors than the Keukenhof region. Flevoland is filled with flowers, and here you can find the best tulip fields in Flevoland.

The Netherlands is filled with tulip fields, and I recommend you to visit the tulip fields in Flevoland because it’s not overrun with tourism. It’s still the authentic Dutch countryside: filled with meadows, crops, Dutch houses, bike paths and long, straight-designed roads.

Visit Flevoland to see tulips this spring

Flevoland and tulips seem to go hand in hand, but these colourful flowers weren’t always seen in this Dutch province. Most tulip fields were found in the Zuid (South)-Holland province in the Bollenstreek around De Keukenhof at the beginning of the 20th century. After that, many tulip farmers moved to the North, West and East of the Noord (North)- Holland province, where great soil and plenty of cheap land were available to grow tulips. But, eventually, that land was also filled.

And that is when tulip farmers started moving to Flevoland and growing tulips in this province. Flevoland is now the second province for growing tulips, right after Noord- Holland and in front of Zuid- Holland. If you’re wondering where the tulip fields in The Netherlands are found beyond Flevoland, I have a surprise. Tulip fields in The Netherlands are nowadays found in ten of the twelve provinces.

But visiting Flevoland is excellent if you want to see tulip fields near Amsterdam. Exploring the tulip fields in Flevoland is a fantastic day trip from Amsterdam this spring.

You need to know a few things before you visit the best Dutch tulip fields in The Netherlands to be respectful and visit at the right time.

Best time to see tulip fields in The Netherlands

People place a lot of wrong information online on their blogs when visiting blooming flowers in The Netherlands. Please listen to me and follow my tips because I want you to see colourful tulips in The Netherlands. To answer the question: ‘what time of year are tulips blooming in The Netherlands?’

Tulip season in Flevoland starts from mid-April until the first few days of May. If we have a severe and late winter, then the fields in Flevoland will bloom a bit later. And if we have an extremely warm winter in The Netherlands, then the flower fields in Flevoland can bloom a bit earlier. The best time to see tulip fields in Flevoland is generally around the last week and the weekend of April. Flevoland is beautiful during tulip season, and I cannot recommend you enough to visit.

aerial view of blooming tulips tulip flower fields in flevoland and two tractors

Can I walk inside flower fields in The Netherlands?

No. Absolutely not – unless you have a farmer’s permission (they are usually away from the fields as they’re spread out across a region). I’ve been saying this since I started my travel blog about The Netherlands at the end of 2018. Unfortunately, in all of those years, not everyone has learned this – or refuses to hear it.

Tulip fields – and any other flower field in The Netherlands – do NOT exist for your Instagram or TikTok photo or video. It’s a billion-euro industry, and tourists have damaged many fields over the years, leading to a decrease in income for the tulip farmer.

Walking inside flower fields, you will transfer fungi, bacteria and diseases from field to field. This destroys tens of thousands of bulbs. And when people lay in the rows of tulips, they will break the flower prematurely, increasing the chance of disease on that bulb and the surrounding ones.

So, can you walk inside flower fields in The Netherlands? No. If you still think you can do so, please stay home. Farmers have lost tens of thousands of euros because of ignorant tourists, which will not happen on my watch.

There are a few places in The Netherlands where you can visit and enter a field of tulips for a paid and reserved photoshoot, which can be visited in Zuid (South)- Holland. But, in general, you should never walk inside tulip fields in Holland or elsewhere in the country. Also, if you see people walking in the fields, taking photos, lying down, etc., please tell them to get out.

The best locations to see Flevoland and its tulips

The province of Flevoland is divided into two regions: Noordoostpolder and Flevopolder. In both of these areas of Flevoland, you can find tulips. Which exact part you visit depends on your preferences and proximity to your location. Flevoland is great to visit if you want to see tulip fields from Amsterdam, as it’s close to the Dutch capital. If you want to see more pictures of tulip fields in The Netherlands, you will like my Instagram.


The Noordoostpolder is the northern part of the Flevoland province and fell completely dry on the 9th of September 1942. The Noordoostpolder was developed quickly, and farmers planted the first tulip fields in Noordoostpolder on the former seabed at the beginning of the 1960s. The Noordoostpolder is filled with tulip fields – even more so than the next region of Flevoland. A few thousand hectares of tulips are produced in Noordoostpolder every year, and it is a perfect region to visit if you’re not into big crowds of visitors and like to explore a different side of The Netherlands than most people.

1. Emmeloord

Emmeloord comes from the hamlet of Emmeloord on the north side of the former island of Schokland. The city is found in the municipality of Noordoostpolder and is home to around 26,000 people. The small city of Emmeloord was created as the centre of the Noordoostpolder, and a water tower in the town is located at the centre of this part of the reclaimed land. Flower fields in this town in the Noordoostpolder are found just outside the town.

2. Ens

The town of Ens was also named after a part of the island of Schokland and was built in 1946. The southern part of this island was called Ens and was divided by a creek and dike from the Emmeloord part. Ens is home to around 3,100 inhabitants, and it’s a perfect location to see a beautiful piece of The Netherlands – and plenty of tulip fields.

3. Creil

The village of Creil was just like the other villages and towns in the area, and the building started in 1953. Currently, Creil is home to around 1,700 people and is found in the municipality of Noordoostpolder. Outside the town, you can find not just one tulip field but many. And there’s a show garden too.

aerial view of blooming tulips tulip flower fields in flevoland


The Flevopolder is the southern island of the Flevoland province and home to the capital, Lelystad, and the largest city of Flevoland, Almere. It exists out of several polders that were reclaimed from the former sea. It was reclaimed between 1950 and 1968. The Flevopolder is surrounded by lakes, meaning it is a large, artificial island. It is the largest island in The Netherlands and the largest artificial island worldwide. You can find Tulip fields in this part of the Flevoland province. While most people know that there are plenty of flower regions in The Netherlands, only a few tend to head to the Flevopolder compared to the Lisse area in Zuid- Holland. 

1. Lelystad

The city of Lelystad is the capital of the province of Flevoland. It is also a municipality and home to around 81,000 people. Lelystad is a modern city, as the first inhabitants reached the town in 1967. You need to get outside of Lelystad to find tulip fields in Flevoland.

2. Zeewolde

Zeewolde is a town and a municipality and home to around 23,000 people. Zeewolde is one of the six municipalities in the entire Flevoland province and has been only a municipality since 1984. This makes it the youngest municipality in The Netherlands. And, just like Lelystad, Zeewolde is home to many typical 1960s houses. Just outside Zeewolde, you can see plenty of tulips in Flevoland.

3. Dronten

Dronten is both a town and a municipality. The town is home to around 29,000 people, but the municipality is roughly 43,000. Building in Dronten started in 1960, and the first people could move in 1962. Dronten is part of a special tulip route in Flevoland, where you can see the flower fields.

4. Biddinghuizen

The town of Biddinghuizen has existed since 1963. It is named after a village with the same name that disappeared centuries ago. Biddinghuizen is one of the areas in The Netherlands where some large music festivals are held during summer, including Lowlands and Defqon. But, this part of Flevoland is also filled with tulip fields during spring.

aerial view of blooming tulips tulip flower fields getting water in flevoland

More things to do and places to visit in Flevoland during tulip season (spring)

Enjoy a tulip route in Flevoland

Every year, unique tulip routes are created in several parts of Flevoland, including car, bike and walking paths. The car ride is often between 80 and 100 kilometres, and the bike route is around 40 kilometres. In the Noordoostpolder, you can find the Tulpenfestival, for instance. 

In the Flevopolder, you can find another Flevoland tulip route, which brings you to Dronten, Lelystad and Zeewolde.

Visit a tulip picking garden in Flevoland

At the Tulpenpluktuin in the town of Marknesse, you can also pick tulips and create a beautiful bouquet. Tulpenpluktuin Marknesse was the first in the world to start their tulip picking garden back in 2005, and you could choose the first tulips in spring 2006.

Hanneke’s Pluktuin is found in Biddinghuizen and is a tulip-picking garden filled with tulips during tulip season. You can find around 80,000 tulips that are planted here and roughly two hundred fifty different species. Beyond tulip season, you can pick other flower species here.

Admire the tulip fields from above

You can get into a helicopter from Lelystad Airport and enjoy Flevoland and the colourful flower fields from a bird’s view in Flevoland. The flight is around 40 minutes long, making it an experience you will never forget and a true highlight of your visit to Flevoland.

Enjoy a beautiful balloon ride over the tulip fields in Flevoland

You can experience another fantastic thing at the tulip show garden: a balloon ride in the evening during the tulip season. While you float above the blooming flower fields in Flevoland, you will see more pop up wherever you look; it’s truly a spectacular sight and activity.

Discover a tulip show garden

From around the middle of April until the first or second week of May (depending on the weather), you can visit a tulip show garden in Flevoland filled with hundreds of tulip species at Tulpenshowtuin at Creilerpad 14 in Creil. You cannot walk inside the fields for obvious reasons. You can take a photo with the tulips on top of a bridge. You can also start a car and bike route from this show garden and admire more of Flevoland and its tulips.

Discover a tulip island in Flevoland

In front of the coast of Zeewolde, you can find Tulpeiland – or tulip island. This artificial island is shaped like a tulip, filled with millions of planted tulip bulbs during spring. It’s a great way to see one of the must-sees in Flevoland and tulips.

Now you know the rough areas of which part of Flevoland to visit for tulips!

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I hope you enjoyed this blog about Flevoland and its tulips. Some of the best tulip fields in The Netherlands are found in Flevoland, and it is always a spectacular sight to see them. I’ve seen tulip fields since I came out of the womb, and I still think seeing The Netherlands and its tulips are magical. Enjoy the sight of a Dutch tulip field and experience the flowers in Flevoland. If you want to see aerial images of tulip fields in The Netherlands, then you’ll love my Instagram account.

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