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Explore the city of Workum, Friesland (The Netherlands), and it’s things to do and museums in this one day travel itinerary for Workum, The Netherlands. Find the best cities to travel to in beautiful Friesland, Holland. Including some of the best The Netherlands travel destinations, city guides, travel tips for The Netherlands, travel itinerary, The Netherlands travel bucket lists and things to do. Travel blog about The Netherlands by a Dutch local.

The province Friesland in The Netherlands is well-known under Dutch people for the Wadden Islands, or how we call them de Wadden Eilanden. Besides the islands, Friesland is famous for it’s 11-cities. Every year we are hoping for a strong enough winter that we can finally witness the elfstedentocht. The elfstedentocht (11 cities tour) is a long-distance tour skating event through, you guessed it, eleven big cities in Friesland.

Another thing that I like about Friesland is the many lakes it houses, the endless of sceneries and the countless cute cities and villages. The reason for that is the fact that only around 650.000 people live in the province that borders Groningen, Flevoland and Noord-Holland (by the afsluitdijk). Friesland, The Netherlands is a province that has so much potential and beauty to offer for visitors that you will be blown away. And visiting the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden, is also definitely worth it.

Check out below which cities and other beautiful places you should visit in Friesland below. The province of Friesland is filled with things to do and destinations to travel to, and I hope you will enjoy this province as much as I do.

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