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Things To Do In One Day In Hattem, The Netherlands: Explore One Of The Hidden Gems Of Gelderland

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Thinking of visiting to the beautiful Dutch town of Hattem, The Netherlands? Find your perfect itinerary here!

Are you looking for things to do in Hattem and for great destinations to visit in Gelderland, The Netherlands? Then the town of Hattem has to be on your list. Spending one day in Hattem is a great thing to do in the centre of The Netherlands. Not only are there tons of things to see and activities to do in Hattem, but it’s also filled with landmarks and is one of the more unusual places to visit in The Netherlands.

In this Hattem city guide, you get to explore one of the best places to visit in Gelderland and explore its beautiful streets, buildings and hidden gems to see in one of The Netherlands most scenic and underrated places.

What to do in one day in Hattem, The Netherlands

Hattem is a small Hanseatic city in Gelderland and is mainly known as being the ‘Anton Pieck’ city, as he lived here. But there’s more to Hattem than that. While the city of Hattem and its centre is relatively small, Hattem is actually filled with sights and attractions. In this Hattem travel guide, you will find the perfect itinerary for spending one day (or weekend) in Hattem and its surroundings.

You will also get the answer to your question ‘Where is Hattem, The Netherlands’, and will find where to go and what to do in Hattem. I can guarantee that after reading this Hattem city blog, you can’t wait to go sightseeing and to spot the must-sees in Hattem. Keep in mind, though, Hattem is not found in Holland, but the Gelderland province.

History & facts about Hattem

The city of Hattem has a population of around 11.000 people, the municipality of Hattem a bit more than 12.000. It is said that the name Hattem has one of the two following meanings. Hattem either comes from people who used to belong to the Chattuarii tribe (also Hattuarii or Hatten), or it comes from tribes whose leaders’ name was Hatto. The first time Hattem was mentioned was around 800. At that time it was called Hat- Heim and owned by the Abbey of Lorsch, Hat- Heim was given to the Abbey.

During that time, there wasn’t a church or chapel to be found in Hattem; however, that changed in 1176. It wasn’t located in the current city centre of Hattem, but a bit further away. Hattem obtained city rights from Earl Reinoud I van Gelre in 1299. That is also when Hattem became both a fortified and Hanseatic city in The Netherlands and was entirely moved to its current location.

In 1401, Duke Willem de Hoenwaard gave the citizens of Hattem who lived within the city walls the privilege to let their cattle graze and to bake bricks. In 1404, castle St. Lucia was built in Hattem. It was later known as ‘de Dikke Tinne’, which means that it was a ‘fat’ building due to having the thickest castle walls in The Netherlands. This Dutch castle was demolished so the local municipality could sell the stones in 1778.

The coat of arms of Hattem exists out of a crowned golden lion, with two tails and a golden star in between. The shield has a golden crown of five leaves and is held by two lions in their natural colour. The crowned golden lion with two tails was used by the Dukes of Gelre in their coat of arms since 1339. That’s also the main reason why, nowadays, you can still find this lion in the coat of arms of the province of Gelderland and the coat of arms of cities in Gelderland and the North of Limburg.

Where to stay in Hattem

There are quite a few great hotels and B&B’s to be found in Hattem. From boathouses in this part of Gelderland, The Netherlands, to cosy rooms. Hattem is filled with excellent accommodation.

Ijsseldeltamarina houseboat: check rates & availability

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Best restaurants in Hattem

There are plenty of great restaurants to be found in Hattem. Think of visiting Grand Café Banka, Restaurant ‘t Spookhuys, De Ridderhof or Bij de Jongens. There are breakfast, lunch and great dinner spots in Hattem.

Things to do in Hattem

Free walking tour in Hattem

We start of Hattem walking tour at Dijkpoort. This is the only remaining city gate in Hattem and is also probably the way you’ve entered the town of Hattem today. P.J.H. Cuypers restored this 14th-century city gate in 1908. That’s when the little towers on the corners were added. Outside this city gate there used to be another gate with two round towers to protect the city, even more, one of these walls is still standing today: you can even find cannon and arquebus shooting holes in this one.

Then head to Knorrenburgerstraat1e SteegRidderstraatKerkhofstraat and Kerkhofstraat 11. This is where you can find the Daendelshuis from 1618. The left part of this monument in Hattem is even older than that. It’s nicknamed the Daendelshuis, or Daendels home because the widow of patriot Herman Willem Daendels lived here. In 1818, after the husband died in, nowadays, Ghana due to Malaria, Aleida van Vlierden lived in the house for several years. Patriot and jurist Daendels was born in Hattem in 1762. He revolted against the new Dutch Royal family of Oranje- Nassau and had to flee to the North of France to escape a death penalty. Now, you might think that he was a nice guy, but nothing could be more wrong than that.

Under Napoleon, he became the Governor-General of Nederlands Indie (from 1807- 1810), which is nowadays Indonesia. On Java, ten thousands of Javanese died because of him, as he forced them to work at one of the big roads in Java. Napoleon then took him out of Nederlands Indie for the wars in Russia, but Daendels eventually died as a governor of the former slave colony Elmina, which is nowadays Ghana.

Then head to KerkpleinKorte Kerkstraat and Korte Kerstraat 7. Here you can find a building that’s called ‘De Oude Wehme’, this is a former rectory of the Reformed Church and was first mentioned in the first quarter of the 15th century. Its current look dates back to the early 17th century.

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Now walk to Korte Kerkstraat 14, where you can admire Het Hooge Huis, which dates back to 1580. It was built after a small castle was demolished. It is said that the eastern part of the building was added to the rest in the 18th century.

Continue your self-guided and free walking tour in Hattem to Adelaarshoek and Adelaarshoek 18. Here you will find a stone shed, which used to belong to the Castle of Hattem and was built in the Middle Ages. After that, you’re headed to Koestraat and Tinneplein. This was the location of the Hattem castle, which had walls of at least seven metres thick. So, while it was originally named Kasteel St. Lucia, it was mocked as a fat castle. It was demolished in the 18th century, but at this square in Hattem, you can find the contours of the walls of the former castle.

Then head to Zuidwal and Zuidwal 42. This building dates back to 1608 and is the extra house on the back of Kerkstraat 55/57. Now, go to Kerkstraat and Kerkstraat 27. This house is from 1600, and its facade has an early 19th-century character. Walk to Markt and Markt 2. Here you will see the Grote Kerk, also called the Andreaskerk. It’s currently in use by the Reformed church for services, but there are tons of musical events that also take place in this church. Plus, from the 1st of June until the middle of September, you can visit the Andreaskerk from Monday to Saturday from 14:00- 17:00.

Interesting to know is that the previous church on the same location was a Roman church and found in 1225. Nowadays, the tower of the church is still from the former Roman church. That’s not the only part of this church that goes back to the 13th century. Look at the eastern side of the tower to see the Roman church roof and, when you’re travelling to Hattem in the summer period, admire the baptismal font from the 13th century and the organ from the 15th century. The top of the tower was replaced in 1611. This church has been reconstructed (mainly due to expansions) tons of times.

Now head to Markt 1. This is the 16th-century town hall of Hattem. Then, directly at the northern part of the city hall of Hattem in Kruisstraat, you can find the Waag or the weighing building of Hattem from 1625. Head further into the Kruisstraat, then to Achterstraat and Achterstraat 33. This is the former synagogue from the middle of the 19th century.

After that, you will walk to Molenbelt 2. Here you see a 17th or 18th-century city farm. Now, walk further to Molenbelt 7. Here you can find the only windmill in Hattem which dates back to 1816. It was build after the previous windmill was levelled in 1808. Ever since the Middle Ages, there has been a windmill to grind grains on the same location. It’s opened every Saturday from 13:30- 16:30. And you can buy things such as bread and cake mixes.

Then, Noordwal is going to be your last stop of one of the must do’s in Hattem. To make the walking tour a bit longer, you could also add Grote Gracht yo your Hattem tour.

Get your Hattem free walking tour here!


Best museums in Hattem

What I like about the small town of Hattem is that it has quite a few museums. Whether you’re interested in learning about Dutch bakeries or Dutch artists, there is an excellent museum in Hattem for you.

Voerman Museum

If you’re interested in seeing incredible paintings, then this museum in Gelderland is something for you. There are many paintings by Jan Voerman sr., Jo Koster, Jan Voerman jr., and plenty of others. Besides that, if you’re into history and archaeology, then you’ll also love this museum.


Now, the Dijkpoort (or the city gate of Hattem) is not exactly a museum, but more a gallery. However, it’s a pretty darn cool one, and the fact that you’re walking the stairs of the 14th-century city gate is a nice touch. You usually can visit it every Saturday from 10:00- 15:00 for free, and some extra opening days can be found on the sign outside the entrance of the gate.

Nederlands Bakkerij Museum

If you’re a fan of baking and eating, then this bakery museum in Hattem is entertaining. Not only can you discover the history of baking and what it means to be a confectioner, but you can also get tasty ‘poffertjes‘ here and a terrace with a courtyard. However, if you thought that was all, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Because they also have an old Dutch bakery store, that is filled with incredible treats and Dutch souvenirs. If that wasn’t enough for you, then you can also visit their modern bakery.

Anton Pieck Museum

This museum is exhibiting the works of Dutch painter and graphic designer Anton Pieck. You can find hundreds of original paintings, etchings and so much more. You can even discover the original etching press that he used in the basement. Not only can you find different and ever-changing works of Anton Pieck in this museum, but there are also exhibitions about other subjects that fit with the character and inspirations of Pieck.

Huisje op de Muur

Some parts of the city wall of Hattem are still kept. From the Grote Gracht you, not only have a beautiful view on the city wall, but also on the Huisje op de Muur, or the house on the wall. This 18th-century teahouse in Hattem is where an artist paints and holds exhibitions. You can usually visit it on Wednesday until Saturday from 14:00- 17:00.

Markets & events in Hattem

Kunstfestival Hattem

The Kunstfestival Hattem, or art festival, takes place on a Saturday in May from 11:00- 17:00. You get to learn about different sorts of art, get to see how art is created in workshops and demonstrations and so much more. You’ll be able to get a taste of painting, glass art and plenty of other things. There’s even live music!

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Chocoladefestival Hattem

The chocoladefestival, or chocolate festival, in Hattem, is organised every two years and is free to visit. The next festival in Hattem will be held at a Saturday between 11:00- 17:00 in October 2021, then October 2023, etc. Not only will you be able to taste, and buy, the most fantastic chocolate and chocolate related products, but there is also art to see, demonstrations to witness and so much more.

Dikke Tinne Festival

This festival, named after the old and demolished castle of Hattem, takes place on a Saturday in September from 11:00- 17:00. This is where you can find and buy the best antiques and other items. It’s a historic festival in The Netherlands that goes back to the time of knights and noblewomen. There are stories, old crafts, demonstrations, and so much more.

Flea market Hattem

The flea market and yearly market of Hattem (Rommel- / Jaarmarkt van Hattem) is one of the biggest flea markets that is organised in The Netherlands. Every year, more than 450 people show off their goods (plus there are other stalls as well) and there are more than 35.000 visitors. Now, that might sound a bit busy (because it is), but it’s well worth visiting to search for the perfect souvenir for your The Netherlands trip. It starts early in the morning at 06:00 on a Saturday in August.

Visit shops & buy local souvenirs in Hattem

Shopping in Hattem is quick, but great. You’ve got everything that you could wish for in Hattem. From a chocolatier to a great bakery to jewellery. I would recommend you to visit Smederij Wessel for jewellery and to head to WenZ for handmade jewellery and cool accessories for your house, but also beautiful bags, shawls and so much more.

Bring a visit to Wijnkoperij Henri Bloem for some local alcoholic drinks and head to the Wereldwinkel for fairtrade products. Then I would also recommend you to visit De Leckernij for the best Dutch cheeses and, if you are a fan of the UK, then a visit to The Celtic Country Store is an absolute must.

 Deja-Vu in Hattem is the best book store in town, and Bonbon Atelier A3 is a must-visit for the best handmade chocolate you’ve ever tried.

Go on a canal & river cruise from Hattem

From Tuesday until Saturday (year-round) you can go on a stunning boat tour from Hattem through the canals of the countryside. Whether you’re travelling alone, or not, you can join the canal tour in Hattem. You can see loads of animals, such as beavers and will learn a ton about the beautiful flood plain area in The Netherlands that you’re sailing through.

The river cruise in Hattem can only depart when the weather is okay, so make sure to check in advance at the tourist office if they are running on the day you’re visiting Hattem. The boat departs at 14:00 from Panorama Paviljoen, lasts around one hour and runs if there are ten paying passengers aboard.

Things to do in the surroundings of Hattem

Explore National Park De Hoge Veluwe

The city of Hattem is located near the Ijssel river, but also on the edge of one of the biggest national parks in The Netherlands: De Hoge Veluwe. This Dutch National Park is filled with moorlands, thick deciduous forests and wildlife. There are many cycling paths and hiking paths in the Veluwe that you can walk so that you can explore this park in the best way. I would recommend you to head to the less popular places in the Hoge Veluwe, as this national park is the most popular in The Netherlands. More and more people are headed to the Hoge Veluwe, and this is starting to disturb wildlife.

Visit nature reserves near Hattem

De Dellen en Ambtsbos

On the estate or Landgoed, De Dellen you can see beautiful fields with heather, small rivers and thick forests. This estate and nature reserve is home to many unique animals, such as rare lizards and deer. There are three walking routes through this area that are marked by poles. They are 3, 3.5 and 4.5 kilometres and start at the parking lot at the Nieuwe Zuidweg.

Something cool to know is that a small regional hiking path, called Horsthoekerpad goes through De Dellen and can be followed by following the clog signs. An absolute must-do in this part of The Netherlands is to visit the observation tower on the Holle Berg, which can be found on the edge of the Dutch moorlands. Also, from around mid- September until mid- October there is a chance that you can listen to deers in their mating season.

Natuurgebied De Renderklippen

This is yet another stunning natural area in the province of Gelderland, and it’s filled with moorland and pine trees. It’s one of the parts of the Veluwe region that has small hills, which makes exploring it even better. This nature reserve in Gelderland is around 223 hectares big. During your walk through this beautiful piece of Dutch nature, you can find a herd of sheep that grazes in the reserve. If these sheep wouldn’t be walking here, those beautiful moorlands will be gone and replaced by trees before you know it.

There are quite a few walking and bicycling paths in this area. Also, a fun fact is that archaeological remains have shown evidence of inhabitation in this region that started at least 700 BC. Be aware of viper snakes here; however, they don’t often show themselves, they are the only poisonous snake species that we have in The Netherlands. They rarely kill humans and bites are mostly painful, but better to be more careful than not careful enough. 

Natuurgebied Algemene Veen, Hoenwaard & Wiesenbergse Kolk

Just East of the city of Hattem you can find three beautiful and different, nature reserves. In the Wiesenbergse Kolk, you can explore the flood plains with otters, beavers, geese and plenty of other animals. In Algemene Veen, you can find plenty of rare plants. And in Hoenwaard you can see how landlords and farmers have combined their powers and change around 100 hectares from agricultural land into nature. In total, the area will be about 200 hectares.

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Walk in the surroundings of Hattem

I’ve been hyping up Hattem for a while now, especially since not only this small Hanseatic town in The Netherlands has a lot to offer, but it’s surroundings as well. Walking in the region of Hattem is one of the best things you can do. Whether you’re thinking of spending a weekend in Hattem, or only one day, it’s something you need to do. Visit Landgoed Molecaten for instance, this significant estate near Hattem is filled with forests and even has a restaurant.

The short-distance hiking path in Hattem, The Netherlands, you want to walk is the Assenradepad, and it is around 11 kilometres long. This walking path is also named a ‘klompenpad’ or clogs path. The starting point is Herberg Molecaten, and you need to follow the blue markings in the shape of a clog. The route has been marked in both directions. During walking the Assenradepad, you will see beautiful meadows, forests and even an estate. It takes you through some of the best parts of Gelderland. If you want to go for a longer walk, then you can combine this klompenpad with the Wiseperpad (follow the purple clogs) and the Hoenwaardsepad (follow the orange clogs).

I can also highly recommend you to walk to Ijsboerderij Cowd. At this farm, you can get the best and freshest ice cream you can imagine. But it gets better. Because not only do they have a shop where they sell ice cream and cheese, but also local products and handmade jams. Plus, you can even get a drink on their terrace or enjoy a small lunch.

Go cycling in the area of Hattem

The surroundings of Hattem are breathtaking. You’ve got a changing landscape, rivers and so much to see. And biking from Hattem is definitely one of the activities you need to do when you’re in this Dutch Hanseatic town. In Hattem you can rent bikes at Veltkamp Tweewielers. During high season (July & August), it is recommended to reserve a bike in advance as there may be no bikes to rent anymore if you don’t. They do ask 25% of the bike rent in advance and to show identification when renting a bike (so a passport or a European Union ID card) is needed.

One of the most popular cycling routes in and around Hattem is what we call ‘Rondje Hattem’, or a circle around Hattem. There are several ‘rondjes Hattem’, one of 50 kilometres, 30 and there is also one around 20 kilometres. With this cycling route, you will discover the beautiful countryside around Hattem and even some magical estates. I would recommend you to visit the tourist office in Hattem for the exact routes (generally opened from mid-February until October), as there are so many of them. This way, you will know exactly which one is great for you.

Visit the city of Zwolle

One thing that I love about Zwolle is that this Dutch town has so much to offer. It is home to one of the best art museums in The Netherlands, has beautiful canals and endless picturesque streets. But that’s not all. Because in Zwolle you are also able to visit one of The Netherlands most beautiful bookstores and try local delicacies. Plus, a free walking tour in Zwolle is also always a fantastic idea.

How to get to Hattem

I would always recommend you to use to plan your current trips by public transportation in The Netherlands. This is only used to give you a quick idea on the arrival time and how you roughly can travel to Hattem.

From Zwolle: To go on a day trip from Zwolle to Hattem, you only need to take a bus from the train station of Zwolle. This bus goes in the direction of Apeldoorn, via Hattem and Heerde. To get to Hattem from Zwolle takes you around twenty minutes.

From Utrecht: To get to Hattem from Utrecht Centraal train station, you’d need to take a train in the direction of Groningen or Leeuwarden. Get out at Zwolle train station. From here you need to take a bus in the direction of Apeldoorn, via Hattem and Heerde. To get from Utrecht to Hattem takes you a little less than 1,5 hour.

From Groningen: To go on a day trip from Groningen to the town of Hattem, you’d need to take the train in the direction of Rotterdam Centraal or Den Haag Centraal. Get out at the Zwolle train station. From here you take the bus in the direction of Apeldoorn, via Hattem and Heerde. To get to Hattem from Groningen takes you a little less than 1,5 hour.


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I hope that when you travel to Hattem, you now know what to visit, places to see and other cities to visit in Gelderland and Overijssel. That’s especially handy when you want to stay longer in Hattem than a day trip, which I totally recommend you to do. Spending one day in Hattem us great, but there are so many places and small towns in Gelderland and its surroundings waiting for you to visit.

Whether you want to stay in The Netherlands for one week, or two weeks, Hattem is one of the places to visit. I hope this Hattem travel blog has shown you why Hattem is worth visiting, what there is to see and how you can spend 24 hours in Hattem. There are plenty of things to do in Hattem, and I genuinely hope that you will be able to enjoy this city as much as I did. Share this post!

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    1. Hi Bernie,

      That is correct; there’s a big yearly market held in Hattem on the 27th of August (very fun!). There are more than 450 stalls and more than 35.000 visitors and it is one of the largest markets that is held inside the city centre in The Netherlands. It starts already at 06:00- 17:00. So, I would recommend you to park at ‘parkeerplaats Jachthaven’, which is the largest parking space in Hattem. Enjoy!

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