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The Netherlands: The best women’s travel jackets for your perfect spring & summer trip to Amsterdam

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Explore the best spring and summer travel jackets (women’s) for your trip to Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands.

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam in the months of March, April, May or June, you probably don’t know what jackets or coats to bring. But don’t worry ladies, your prayers have been heard. In this article I will tell you exactly what the spring and summer season in Amsterdam and The Netherlands looks like. And what coats or jackets are great to wear in Holland (Noord & Zuid – Holland are two provinces) and the rest of The Netherlands. I’m born and raised in The Netherlands, so you’ll be getting insider tips in this travel blog about The Netherlands.

From the best women’s travel jacket for Europe to the best raincoat to bring to Amsterdam. And from the warmest coats for the beginning of spring  in The Netherlands to a cute trenchcoat for the sunny Dutch weather.

I will also explain the seasons that we have in The Netherlands a bit more and the general changes in the temperature and rainfall. This way you’ll be able to decide your best travel jackets for every season, while still being either comfortable, stylish or both.

What to wear in The Netherlands? The best travel jackets (women’s) for spring and summer

First I will discuss the climate and seasons in The Netherlands. After that you will discover everything from a warm rain jacket to other stylish travel jacket (womens). And from women’s travel jackets to the best travel jacket for The Netherlands in summer.

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What is the spring climate in The Netherlands like?

When is spring in The Netherlands? Spring season dates from the 20th of March until the 21st of June.

Spring season in The Netherlands is a combination of the last very cold days and warmer weather combined. You will have very cold mornings and evenings, but during the day the temperatures will generally rise up starting from around mid- April. There is a lot of wind and you’ll even still have the chance at getting snow and hail.

Because ‘Maart draait zijn staart’, March twists its tail and ‘April doet wat hij wil’, April does what it wants. And during ‘Mei leggen vogels een ei’, birds will lay an egg. Which tells you all you need to know about March, April and May in The Netherlands. The weather can change rapidly. You could be sitting on a terrace mid-April, or you could be cycling along side the tulip fields in The Netherlands in a rain suit.

Because the weather changes so rapidly during spring in The Netherlands I will divide spring into two periods:

20th of March – 30th of April

During this period you’re just coming out of winter. The hyacint flowers start blooming around the end of March- beginning of April. At that time you still have to wear your winter coat, a thick scarf and nice thick trousers. Make sure that your clothes can handle some wind, because it’s always windy in The Netherlands. And during the cold weather that makes the temperature feel colder than you think it is.

One friend that visited The Netherlands and stayed at my place thought that a little leather jacket was enough, as the temperature seemed similar to his home country. He learned it the hard way and had to buy a very thick coat in order to stay warm.

Opt for layers of clothes, a thick coat and waterproof shoes. Click here for my packing list for The Netherlands and Amsterdam.

The daffodils follow and tulips bloom from generally mid- April until the first few days of May. During this period mornings are cold and chilly, as well as the evenings. When the tulips start blooming the weather usually start to become a little bit warmer and you will see the sun more often. This also means that the temperatures will slowly start to rise.

However, this time period of mid-April and the beginning of May is always confusing. Even for Dutch people. There are warmer days, but it often rains and is cold or windy as well. Make sure you layer your clothes that when the sun comes through (the sun can be very warm during this period), you can take off layers. Don’t forget about waterproof and comfortable backpacks or day packs either. I’ve been walking along the tulip fields in the ice-cold rain and sunshine. There are at least a few days during that time period that the Dutch weather is warm and sunny. So when you’re visiting The Netherlands during spring, make sure to carry a scarf with you as well.

Find all the best tulip fields in The Netherlands. From tulip fields in the top of North Holland, to tulip fields in the province of Zeeland. And from a tulip route in South - Holland, to discovering tulip fields in Flevoland and Drenthe. Discover the best places to visit tulip fields in The Netherlands, Holland and Amsterdam with this article to finding free tulip fields.

1st of May – 21st of June

When April has passed, the extremely cold weather is gone as well. Rain always happens in May as well, only not as often usually as in April. During May and June you don’t have to wear those thick coats anymore. So if you’re travelling to The Netherlands or Amsterdam in May or June, don’t pack a thick coat.

You’d still want to use layering. The weather changes rapidly. It can rain and 20 minutes later the sun is shining and it’s hot. Don’t use umbrellas in The Netherlands either. We usually have a lot of wind in The Netherlands, so your umbrella will be broken within no time. Opt for a nice looking rain coat instead, that I also included below.

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In general, from the beginning of June the temperatures in The Netherlands will start to rise rapidly. This either means that you don’t have to wear a coat or jacket at all, or just a light jacket or blazer. And if you’re looking for shoes to wear in Amsterdam and The Netherlands: discover the best shoes to bring to The Netherlands and the rest of Europe here.

Best travel jackets for women during spring in The Netherlands & Amsterdam

As I’ve mentioned before, I will divide this article up into three parts: the beginning of spring, the end of spring and summer. Discover what coats or jackets to wear in Amsterdam in March, April, May and most of June.

Including the best raincoat for your Amsterdam trip, including other jackets and coats that are great for the Amsterdam weather. So if you’re still searching for the best travel jacket for Amsterdam or The Netherlands in spring, then continue reading for my local tips for the best women’s travel jackets.

Warm travel jackets and women’s coats for the beginning of spring in The Netherlands

Long wool coat

What I especially love about a long wool coat, is that they are a perfect mix of what most people search for in a coat. They are comfortable, stylish and most importantly, warm. You can dress these coats up or down, depending of the situation. And a long coat can be found in almost any Dutch women’s closet nowadays. As March in The Netherlands is still very windy and cold, it’s definitely recommend to wear a warm coat like the one I linked to below.

If you’re looking to buy a warm coat for your trip to The Netherlands, then you would want to opt for a coat that has at least 50% wool. Many coats are mainly made of polyester and aren’t that warm. When you’re looking for one of these coats to wear during spring in Amsterdam, then also remember that it has to be big and wide enough to wear a jumper or other layers underneath.

Buy a warm wool coat for your trip to Amsterdam in March now

Long puffer coat

Are you that kind of person that wants to be as comfortable and warm as possible, while feeling like you’re walking around in a sleeping bag? Then this long puffer coat will be the best jacket for your visit to Amsterdam during the beginning of spring.

It’s long, big and comfortable. What I love the most about coats like these is that when you’re exploring the Dutch city of Amsterdam during the cold weather, or other beautiful towns in The Netherlands, you won’t feel cold at all. You will be able to walk a full day into windy and cold weather, so you can make the most out of your trip abroad.

Buy your new favourite puffer coat now


What I love about parkas is that the thick ones are all windproof. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s always wind in The Netherlands because of our location. When you’re wearing a thick parka as a coat during you trip to Amsterdam in March, then you’ll can happily explore the city without worrying about being cold. Of course, when you combine the parka with a hat, scarf, gloves and thick waterproof shoes then the outfit is complete for a cold spring day in Amsterdam.

There are two types of parkas that I love. One is a long, green and cosy one. You’ll see quite a lot of people wearing them in The Netherlands when the weather is chilly, for a good reason. As they’re warm and cover a longer part of your body than some other coats do. You can buy this parka on Asos here.

The other parka I really like and would keep you warm during the chilly wintery days in spring in The Netherlands is a shorter parka from Topshop.

Buy your warm parka on Topshop now

Puffer jackets

The last warm travel jacket I would recommend you to buy for your trip to The Netherlands is a puffer jacket. Not only are these jackets incredibly warm, but they are also windproof. With wearing a puffer jacket will not only make you fit in with the locals, but it”s a trendy and stylish winter coat as well that’s perfect to use as a travel jacket.

Buy the warmest puffer jacket now

Lighter and the best travel jackets and women’s coats for the end of spring in The Netherlands

Light weight down jacket

One of the most perfect travel jackets that is light, and would still keep you warm, can be found below. Jackets like these are not too bulky, nor heavy and do the job they were supposed to do. Although it’s not the most stylish option, it’s definitely a comfortable and relatively cheap option. Besides that, once the weather heats up (the weather in The Netherlands has major mood swings), it’s easy to put it away because of its size.

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Click here to buy the best light weight travel jacket for women 


This rain coat is from the Danish brand Rains and they are a favourite throughout The Netherlands. While they are definitely not the thickest raincoat that are available out there, they are perfectly suitable for the end of spring climate and temperature in The Netherlands. As they are wide enough you can fit plenty of layers underneath this raincoat. And in my opinion it’s the best raincoat for your Amsterdam, or The Netherlands trip, that you can buy.

Click here to buy the most comfortable and stylish rain jacket for spring in The Netherlands

What is the summer climate in The Netherlands like?

Summer in The Netherlands lasts from the 21st of June until the 23rd of September.

Summer in The Netherlands means that it’s the warmest time of the year, combined with moody phases. The days and evenings are warmer and more mild in The Netherlands than during the other time periods in the year. It can rain, be incredibly hot or it can be windy.

Thunder also happens more frequently during the hot summer days, especially when it’s humid. You will see little black flies on your hands or body, that we call ‘onweersvliegjes’ or thunder flies. These usually arrive when the weather is going to change, in a bad way.

Discover the best things to do in The Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam during summer. Find out what to do in June, July, August and September in The Netherlands and Amsterdam.

Top and most comfortable women’s travel jackets for The Netherlands and Amsterdam in summer

Jeans jacket

These kind of jackets are perfect for summer in The Netherlands. When it’s still cool in the morning and cools down in the evening, but when it’s hot around noon and during the afternoon you do not want to carry a thick jacket around. The summer days in The Netherlands usually aren’t that hot in the morning and evenings, so in order to still be comfortable this is one of the items I would definitely bring to The Netherlands when you’re travelling.

Jeans jackets are the one item you can find in any Dutch women’s closet. What I especially love about jeans jacket is that you can combine a them with literally every, single piece of clothing. Besides that, they are the perfect durable and comfortable travel jacket for Amsterdam and The Netherlands. I prefer to get a bit of a wider and longer jeans jacket, such as the one from Topshop that you can buy here, but others prefer a more fitted jeans jacket. If you prefer a snug jeans jacket for your travels to Europe, then I would recommend you to buy the Levi one I linked to below.

Click here to buy your new Levi jeans jacket for this summer

Leather jacket

During the hot summer days in Amsterdam, you might not be okay with wearing a fake leather jacket. Don’t worry, I’m not an alien. I’m not okay with wearing a leather jacket in the sunny weather either. However, when you’re planning on visiting Amsterdam in September and are looking for a jacket to wear, then a leather jacket is the best option for you.

Why? It’s simple really. The end of September is our change towards autumn. The days get shorter, the sun gets less hot and rain will fall more frequently. However, the month of September is also one of the best months to visit The Netherlands as well as Amsterdam. While the temperatures are starting to decrease, September has often very beautiful weather. But cooler mornings and nights than during the summer. And that’s where your leather jacket comes in.

In order to not be cold in the mornings or evenings, or get a cold after your trip to Amsterdam, I would say wear a jacket. It looks stylish, cute and can be combined with literally every piece of clothing that you own. Except for crocs. Leave those at the camping or in your home.

Click here to buy the perfect faux leather jacket now


Even though it’s summer in The Netherlands, rain is always an option. The reasons for this are our climate, our location at the North Sea, as well as for being the delta of Europe. Besides that, I prefer rain over the sticky and humid summer days that The Netherlands can have. When there’s rain, that disgustingness transforms into fresh air, which I definitely prefer.

For those days, it can be very nice to not be depended on an umbrella. I’ve said before that ‘they don’t work like they used to before’. So when they work in other countries, do not expect them to work perfectly fine in The Netherlands. And in order to still enjoy your itinerary in The Netherlands it’s best to carry a rain coat or jacket to The Netherlands, even if it’s a thin one.

There are two rain jackets or coats that I absolutely love and that are very comfortable to wear. So when you’re travelling to The Netherlands or Amsterdam in summer, these are the best rain jackets.


The rain coats of the Danish brand Rains are a favourite throughout The Netherlands. Not only do they look good, as opposed to the many ugly looking rain jackets, but they are also very durable and comfortable. Of course, you do pay the price for that. But, it’s worth it.

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Click here to buy the most comfortable and stylish rain jacket for your summer in The Netherlands

The North Face

The other rain jacket I would recommend you to wear is a rain coat from The North Face. This one is very thin, which leaves enough room for an extra vest of jacket.

Click here to buy the best thin rain jacket for your summer in The Netherlands

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are great jackets for the warmer weather in The Netherlands. During summer you can often cycle or walk without a jacket on through cities, however when you reach September a bomber jacket is the perfect jacket. So if you’re looking for what to wear in Amsterdam in the beginning of September, then I would definitely recommend you to bring a bomber jacket.

And even during the middle of summer, it often cools down in the evenings and mornings in The Netherlands. So this would be one of the best travel jackets for women to take to Amsterdam or the rest of The Netherlands.

Click here to buy your new favourite bomber jacket now

A light trench coat / duster coat

If you’re searching for the best stylish coat to bring during summer in The Netherlands, then a duster coat might be a great option for you. What I love about duster coats is that they’re, not only stylish, but when you buy a good duster coat they are thin. Not thin enough to get cold, but just thin enough to keep you warm and to keep the wind out. Because yes, even with our spring and summer climate in The Netherlands you will get wind.

Click here to buy the most stylish trench or duster coat for your Europe trip now

Military jacket

Now, I’m definitely not joining the military. Not now and not in ten years. However, there are these military style jackets that are perfect as a little vest in the summer. When you’re feeling like you might need a small and thin jacket for the day, but don’t want anything long, then this would be the best coat to bring to Amsterdam.

These kind of jackets are not heavy weight either, so instead of becoming uncomfortable with carrying the jacket around for the day, you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Click here to buy your comfortable military jacket now

Thin and stylish windbreaker

The last jacket I would recommend you to buy for your trip to Europe, but specifically for The Netherlands, is a cute windbreaker. Now I know that they don’t always have a great reputation. But windbreakers can look insanely cute as well, be comfortable and, you know it, keep out the wind. Which we have enough of it over here. Another great part about taking a windbreaker jacket to Amsterdam is that they’re thin and easy to roll up. So when you’re done with wearing the windbreaker for a while, you just put it away in your bag and you’re set.

I have two favourite windbreakers. One of them is by the brand Tommy.

Click here to buy your stylish windbreaker Tommy jacket now

The next one is from Frank and Oak. What is even better about this brand is that they’re made of recycled materials. So you’re saving the earth, while being stylish and comfortable at the same time. What’s more to love?

Click here to buy your environmental friendly windbreaker jacket now


Amsterdam during spring and summer. Discover the canals. And find out what coats or jackets to wear in March, April, May, June, July, August and September in Amsterdam and The Netherlands

Remember that the weather in The Netherlands changes rapidly. Thus you’d be having four seasons within three hours. Before you travel to The Netherlands I would recommend you to check the weather report (that also changes daily), in order to get a little understanding of what the weather would be like.

If you’re from countries where the temperatures are usually way higher than in The Netherlands, I would recommend you to definitely buy a very thick coat for the month of March. If, however, you’re from a country with cooler temperatures, then you’ll be totally fine with ‘normal’ jackets.

One warning: Many countries don’t have as much wind as we get in The Netherlands. So when the temperature is 9 degrees, it can feel like 0 degrees. Or when it’s -5, it’ll often feel way colder. The temperature never feels warmer with the wind, always cooler.

I hope this article on best travel jackets: Women’s edition, was very helpful for you. If you’re looking for more tips on how to dress in The Netherlands with more local tips, have a look here.

When you’re visiting The Netherlands, make sure to visit other cities and areas of The Netherlands as well and not just Amsterdam. I would recommend you to have a look at the most beautiful unknown towns in The Netherlands here. Another beautiful city to visit is the Dutch city of lights (Paris where?), called Eindhoven! Share this post!

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