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The Best Autumn/ Winter Jackets & Coats For The Netherlands: Women’s Winter Coats Reviews

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Cyclists in Amsterdam cycling in snow
Are you looking for the best autumn and winter travel jackets? Or women’s coats? Discover the best coats you should pack for your trip to Amsterdam, Holland & The Netherlands below.

One of the questions that I get the most is about clothing and how visitors can dress for the ever-changing climate in Amsterdam. ‘What are the best winter jackets?’, ‘Great women’s fall travel coats’, etc. I decided to get all my knowledge, about the climate and best autumn and winter jackets for women in The Netherlands, out and about.

I know that the climate and weather in The Netherlands change all the time. Even as a born and raised Dutch woman I sometimes still have problems with deciding what coat or jacket I should wear in The Netherlands. Here you will discover the best travel coats for women who are travelling to Amsterdam, Holland and The Netherlands. After this article, you don’t have to wonder ‘what coats or jackets to wear in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in September?’ As well as for October, November, December, January, February and March. You’re welcome

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What are the best winter jackets and coats for women? And which should you pack for Amsterdam and The Netherlands during autumn and winter?

The weather in The Netherlands, during every season, can change rapidly. But autumn and winter are especially well-known within the Dutch minds as unpredictable. From heavy rain in the afternoon to the return of a sunny autumn day just an hour later. And from snow in the morning to a freezing wind at noon. And one thing that you’re not going to like when you’re travelling and exploring The Netherlands is being cold. I would rather be a little too warm, than freezing my butt off and finishing the trip through The Netherlands with a fever or a cold as a souvenir.

That’s why I am creating yet another article for the best women’s travel jackets and coats, but this time we will discuss the autumn and winter seasons. If you’re looking for what jackets and coats to wear in Amsterdam and The Netherlands in spring or summer, then you’ll find the best women’s travel jackets for The Netherlands here. 

I will divide the article and the seasons into several headers, as the weather varies within the seasons in The Netherlands as well and I want to give you guys the most specific answers and tips. This way you can choose the best winter jackets women’s brands.

Note: The weather in The Netherlands always feels colder than what the temperature on the weather reports says. The reason for this is the location of The Netherlands with the North Sea in the West and the Wadden Sea in the North. There is almost always wind in The Netherlands, and yes also in Amsterdam. And not a little wind. Wind in The Netherlands often likes to show off…

One of the nature reserves and national parks in The Netherlands during autumn with brown leaves on trees Rotterdam during autumn/ fall: A view on the Erasmusbridge and high buildings

What is the autumn climate in The Netherlands like?

22nd-23rd September until 20th December

Officially autumn season, or fall, in The Netherlands starts on either the 22nd or the 23rd of September depending on the year. But mother nature couldn’t give fewer fucks about the dates, as she decides her way. However, there are some general changes within the season that I’ve discovered throughout my years that will help you ladies choose the best coats.


September is the month that anything can happen weatherwise in The Netherlands. From beautiful sunny weather to cold evenings. During September you have to be aware of layering your outfit and clothes. Sometimes you’re wearing a thicker coat already (not the thickest), but when the sun comes out, it gets warm easily. So be prepared to wear a thin sweater and/or a shirt or blouse (underneath).

  • Average temperature September The Netherlands= 14,2 degrees Celsius / 57 F
  • Average maximum temperature September The Netherlands= 17,9 degrees Celsius / 64F
  • Average minimum temperature September The Netherlands= 10,7 degrees Celsius / 51F
  • Average days with precipitation= 17 (remember that it almost never rains an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day= 4,3 hours a day


October in The Netherlands and Amsterdam generally gets quite more rain than September. The temperatures also decrease rapidly, they are especially low in the mornings and evenings. The sun (when it’s out) can still be very comfortable and create terrace weather. October is also the month when you should start bringing a thin scarf to The Netherlands if your coat isn’t that warm around your neck.

  • Average temperature October The Netherlands= 10 degrees Celsius / 50F
  • Average maximum temperature October The Netherlands= 14,2 degrees Celsius / 57F
  • Average minimum temperature October The Netherlands= 6 degrees Celsius / 42F
  • Average days with precipitation= 18 (remember that it almost never rains an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in October The Netherlands= 3 hours a day

Amsterdam and its canals during autumn and fall in The Netherlands with a canal cruise under a bridge One of the National Parks and nature reserves in The Netherlands during autumn and fall













November is the month that has quite a lot of rain as well, but that’s not all. The wind is usually harsh. When the wind blows from the East (land) it is and feels way colder than when the wind comes from the West (North Sea). Be prepared to wear an extra layer when you discover that the wind comes from the East and you’re deciding on going outside. But there isn’t just rain during November, because when it doesn’t rain it’s lovely to go outside. You will discover your rosy cheeks by the end of your walk or outside trip and will sleep great at night.

  • Average temperature November The Netherlands= 5,5 degrees Celsius / 41F
  • Average maximum temperature November The Netherlands= 10,2 degrees Celsius / 50F
  • Average minimum temperature November The Netherlands= 0,6 degrees Celsius / 33F
  • Average days with precipitation= 20 (remember that it almost never rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in November The Netherlands= 1,8 hours


December belongs to both autumn and winter in The Netherlands. Thus it’s chillier than the previous months and depending on when you’re arriving (beginning or the end of December) I would recommend you to bring a nice and thick scarf with you. December is usually the month when the winter cold is starting to arrive. But as December belongs to both seasons it’s one of those transition months.

  • Average temperature December The Netherlands= 2,7 degrees Celsius / 36F
  • Average maximum temperature December The Netherlands= 7,3 degrees Celsius / 45F
  • Average minimum temperature December The Netherlands= -5,7 degrees Celsius / 21F
  • Average days with precipitation= 20 (remember that it almost never rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in December The Netherlands= 1,2 hours a day
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Best women’s travel coats for travelling in autumn to The Netherlands & Amsterdam

23rd of September – 25th of October

SHIBEVER Fluffy Women Coats Faux Blend Warm Winter Jacket

This is one of those cosy jackets that would be great for you to wear in Amsterdam and The Netherlands from September until mid-October. But I wouldn’t recommend you to wear this jacket in November, December, January, February or March as those months are generally too cold for that.
This is a perfect lightweight travel jacket and the material is incredibly soft and it will definitely keep you warm and cosy.  When you order this jacket be sure to get one size larger than your usual size as they do run small. But if you were looking for a great travel jacket to bring to Amsterdam in September, then this is your pick.


Don’t miss out. Buy today!


RAINS Women’s Long Jacket

Whether you’re visiting The Netherlands in September or October, then I would recommend you to buy this perfect raincoat. This is one of my favourite raincoat brands for both men and women. You will see many Dutchmen and women riding their bikes in these jackets during autumn. This is one of the best travel jackets you could bring to Europe. They’re comfortable, are lightweight, look great (for raincoats) and can be folded up small.

They look great, are comfortable and will keep you completely dry. It has a drawstring hood, rain flap at the back and snaps at cuffs. I wouldn’t wear this travel jacket beyond the month of October as they are not thick coats and I don’t want you to get sick or cold.

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25th of October- 20th/21st of December

RAINS Women’s Padded Parka

Another jacket from one of my favourite brands: Rains. When the weather does get a bit chillier in October then this jacket will be perfect for you. It’s made from a light, waterproof material and doesn’t stretch, which is something that I like. With coats that don’t stretch you do have to be aware of the sizing as I prefer to take a bigger size so I can wear layers underneath the jacket. But layering works perfectly fine with this coat, which is why I think it’s one of the best autumn and fall travel jackets for women.

October doesn’t have the type of weather that can be found in November in The Netherlands. The wind is less rough and harsh, so a bit of a thicker coat than September is something you need. That makes this coat a perfect addition to your fall travel outfits.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!


Calvin Klein Women’s Mid-Length Single Breasted Wool Coat

When you’re looking for the more classy women’s fall & winter, then this Calvin Klein wool coat is a true dream come true. It’s very well constructed and looks beautiful on. I would wear this coat anywhere from October until somewhere in December. I don’t think it’s thick enough for the coldest months in The Netherlands, but for the autumn season and beginning of winter, it is perfect.

What I mainly like is the lining material and how comfortable the coat is. But it does run a little larger, I would go half or one size smaller than usual. Even when you’re layering underneath the coat. A downside of the coat is that the flap pocket is fake, but there are pockets right underneath both flap pockets that you cannot button up. So ladies, if you’re searching for one of the most perfect fall travel coats, then this is one for you.


Don’t miss out. Buy today!


Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket

For November, I would recommend you this Columbia coat. What I love about this coat is that this jacket is simply amazing! The quality is bizarre really. It lasts very long, which is something that I like as I invest my well-earned money in durable women’s travel jackets and coats. 

 This is not the jacket to use when it goes below 0 degrees celsius and therefore I wouldn’t recommend this jacket for you if you are travelling to The Netherlands in December. This jacket is also very light and takes up very little room. Plus, it’s easy to clean. So if you’re a messy human, just like me, you will love this coat. It’s water repellent, but not waterproof. It fits true to size, so no need to size up or down. If this is not one of the best fall jackets for women, then I don’t know what is.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!

What is the winter climate in The Netherlands like?

21st/22nd of December – 19th of March

The winter season of The Netherlands starts on either the 21st or 22nd of December and ends on the 19th of March. You will discover snowy, moody, rainy and windy days. But nonetheless, winter is one of my favourite seasons in The Netherlands simply because everything is so cosy.

I love walking around cities during winter to breathe in the fresh, cold air and the feeling of my rosy, frozen cheeks by the end of the day. The combination of the Christmas lights, the trees and the atmosphere of winter is like no other season. Every season in The Netherlands has its charm and winter is no different.

January is one of the coldest winter months in The Netherlands. You will get plenty of cold days in January. January will have you sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea. But it is also the month where you can enjoy The Netherlands without masses of tourists, as January falls in the low season. There’s one way to survive the cold winter days in The Netherlands and that’s by dressing for the weather. Don’t be silly and just wear a t-shirt or blouse under your one of your quality women’s winter coats. And if you dress for the weather, with the tips provided by myself, then you’ll love to visit The Netherlands in January. Especially since you will still see Christmas lights hanging on the streets and buildings.

  • Average temperature January The Netherlands= 1,4 degrees Celsius / 34F
  • Average maximum temperature January The Netherlands= 7,1 degrees Celsius / 44F
  • Average minimum temperature January The Netherlands= -7 degrees Celsius / 19F
  • Average days with precipitation= 20 (remember that it almost never rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in January The Netherlands= 1,4 hours
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February is yet another cold month in The Netherlands. The last couple of years the final two months of winter (February & the beginning of March) have been quite cold, so be prepared. February is one of those months where the sun will slowly begin to shine again. And Dutch people love to enjoy the sun, so don’t be shocked when you see people sitting outside. Underneath a heater and twenty blankets, but still outside.

  • Average temperature February The Netherlands= 7,6 degrees Celsius / 45F
  • Average maximum temperature February The Netherlands= 2,5 degrees Celsius / 36F
  • Average minimum temperature February The Netherlands= -6,7 degrees Celsius / 19F
  • Average days with precipitation= 18 (remember that it almost never rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in February The Netherlands= 2,3 hours a day


March in The Netherlands is a month that is filled with contradictions. Some days are comfortable, with that nice spring sun shining in your face while you’re sitting on a terrace (while wearing your coat). And the next day, your face freezes because the wind blows from the East and you cannot wait until you get to the next cafe to drink a nice cup of tea. It is also the start of the flower season in The Netherlands, as the hyacinths and daffodils start blooming on the fields around the end of March.

  • Average temperature March The Netherlands= 4,7 degrees Celsius / 40F
  • Average maximum temperature March The Netherlands= 8,8 degrees Celsius / 47F
  • Average minimum temperature March The Netherlands= -2,3 degrees Celsius / 27F
  • Average days with precipitation= 18 (remember that it almost never rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in March The Netherlands= 3,4 hours

Winter in The Netherlands is generally pretty mild thanks to the fact that we have a maritime climate. The wind during winter is pretty harsh and makes your face feel like you’re freezing. There will be anything from rain to snow and maybe even frozen canals in The Netherlands during winter.

If you’re used to these temperatures and the harsh wind, then just take your usual winter jacket. However, if you’re used to warmer temperatures and climates, then I would recommend you to have a look at these women’s winter coats that you must buy for your The Netherlands and Amsterdam trip. Many people don’t expect the way that the temperature in The Netherlands feels. I remember that a Brazilian friend came to The Netherlands and he had to buy a new winter jacket immediately in one of the stores because he was wearing a leather jacket. Don’t do this, you will freeze to death.

Friesland, The Netherlands during a foggy winter morning and a grassland in front of it

Good winter coats for women for visiting The Netherlands and Amsterdam in winter

RAINS Women’s Long Puffer Winter Jacket

From December until March a coat like this long puffer jacket is perfect. It’s warm and incredibly cosy. Not to mention that it’s waterproof and is perfect for the windy and rainy end of autumn and winter season in The Netherlands. This puffer jacket is not made of any stretchy material either, but it already has a bit of a wider fit.

This is one of the fashionable winter coats for ladies that I would recommend to anyone. It will keep you dry, cosy, warm and stylish. Sometimes you spot a beautiful looking winter coat and it just doesn’t quite cut it. But this is a women’s winter coat and raincoat in one. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!


Columbia Women’s Peak to Park Insulated Winter Jacket

Columbia has some of the best women’s winter jackets and coats I’ve ever tried. If you’re looking for a warm winter coat that is also very comfortable and looks great, then you have to stop searching right now. This Columbia jacket is an insulated jacket that has a water-resistant exterior shell. The outer shell and inner lining are even made from special materials that together will keep you warm. This best travel winter jacket for women has two pockets with zippers and, something very useful for when you’re travelling, an interior security pocket.

 But one of my favourite things about this jacket is the fit. It’s such a nice fit. The only downside I can find in this jacket is the length, so if you’re looking for a coat that falls over your butt, this is not the one for you.

 However, if you like a comfortable, durable and warm coat that looks good and love that it fits you at the hips? Then you’re going to love this coat. It comes in 12 other colours, including black, dark blue and white. And, you can even wash this women’s winter coat in the washing machine.


Don’t miss out. Buy today!

MOERDENG Women’s Waterproof Ski Winter Jacket

Are any of you ladies looking for short winter jackets? Because this is the one for you. I know, I know. This is a ski jacket. And no, we don’t have mountains in The Netherlands where you can go skiing or snowboarding. But if you’re from a warmer country and not used to cold temperatures at all, then I would suggest you buy a coat like this one. As this coat is very warm and keeps the rough Dutch wind out.

But, as it’s a ski jacket, it’s seriously warm. So if you’re not a fan of cold weather, or cannot cope with it, then this is one of the warmest winter coats for women and it will be perfect for you. If not. Don’t buy this jacket, because it does what it does best: keep you seriously warm.

This jacket is both waterproof and windproof. Two other things that I like about one of women’s best travel and warm winter coats is that it has an adjustable storm hood and is made from quick-dry material.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!


Wantdo Women’s Packable Ultra Light Weight Jacket

If you’re on a low budget or are searching for the best ladies winter coats for college students, then this Wantdo lightweight winter jacket is perfect for you. It has a water-repellent coating (not waterproof) and has very good wind protection as well. There are two inside deep pockets and two zippered outside pockets.

This will keep you perfectly warm in 0 degrees Celsius (30F) weather and although the sizing of the coat is pretty normal if you’re in between a small or medium, I would opt for the medium. Especially if you’re tall and have longer arms and torso.

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This thinnest and warmest women’s jacket can be compressed down and becomes puffy around 2 hours after you take it out of the small compress bag. But don’t forget to give it a little shake, as it helps the expanding process. It’s very comfortable and can be worn during your entire trip in The Netherlands. Although this warm jacket is a lot cheaper than most of the best winter jackets (women’s), it is made of surprisingly better quality than you might initially expect and they come in 13 different colours.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!

CAMEL CROWN Womens Waterproof Ski Jacket 3-in-1 Windbreaker Winter Coat Fleece Inner for Rain Snow Outdoor Hiking

This waterproof ski jacket is also a windbreaker and will be perfect for your winter trip to The Netherlands. It’s a cosy jacket that fits extremely well. But my favourite part about one of the nice winter jackets and coats for women is the fact that it has so many pockets and that the hood is detachable. The hood is one of the only downsides of this coat as it’s quite big, but besides that, this is one of those women’s winter coats that is stellar.

You can tighten the coat at the bottom to make sure wind doesn’t get to your body and to adjust the coat to be as snug as you’d want. I would make sure to size up if you want your coat to have a little more room to layer clothes. It comes in four colours and is made of very good material. It’s perfect for cold, rainy Dutch weather.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!


Steve Madden Women’s Long Chevron Quilted Outerwear Jacket

When you’re looking for a sleeping bag feeling in a coat, then you’ll love this Steve Madden jacket. It’s one of those warm, fashionable winter coats. And it’s perfect if you’re looking for a women’s long winter coat. It’s water-resistant, very warm and will help you survive the harsh wind in Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful women’s winter coat that you will fall in love with the moment you wear it.

What I mostly love is that the collar is very puffy as well, which means that it keeps your neck and even ears warm. Also, the lining is fleece material and extends to the wrists. Plus the pockets are fleece lined as well. It comes in 5 different colours, and my only note on this jacket is to size up as it does run a little small. But other than that, you will have one of the stylish winter coats that you’ve dreamt of.

Trendy and popular women’s winter coats can sometimes a bit of a struggle to find. Many are sold out and others don’t look nice enough. Luckily for you ladies, this is one of the long winter coats with hoods that are still available. And looks amazing.

Don’t miss out. Buy today!

WenVen Best Winter Coat Women’s Parka Hooded Jacket

If you’re a tall woman with long arms and broad shoulders, then this coat will be perfect for you. What I love about the winter season is the fact that I can wear extremely comfortable clothes, such as thick sweaters and warm coats. This women’s tall winter parka coat is not only warm but is also very comfortable.

It has good pockets and ends around mid-thigh, which is perfect for me. It has the perfect fit, especially if you have a bit wider shoulders and long arms. And, it can be quite a challenge to get the perfect coat when you have broad shoulders, but with this perfect winter coat, you’re settled.













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I hope this article was very helpful for you and that these women’s winter coats reviews helped you choose the best female winter coats. Don’t forget, if you ever have questions I’m happy to answer them. Send your question through the comment section below, through social media or get an email my way. I hope you will enjoy my country, The Netherlands, a bit more when you’re dressed for the weather. At least now you know what the best women’s winter jackets and coats are, and I’m glad I could help.

Don’t forget to have a look at the weather reports when you’re visiting, but also don’t take them too seriously at the same time. Weather is very unpredictable. So when it says rain for an entire day, this is very rarely the case. It often rains a little and will be dry for most of the day. Share this post about the best winter jackets (women’s) with people for who this article will be useful. Save this post on Pinterest!

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