Visiting The Dutch Countryside

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How it is safety wise in a country is important when you’re traveling. If you are worried or curious about the safety aspect in The Netherlands then this is your page. Or do you want to show your family, friends, neighbours and cats that you will be fine? In both cases you’ve come to the right page. I’m a born and raised Dutch woman who knows The Netherlands in and out.

P.S. If you are worried about racism in The Netherlands and wonder why I don’t have an article on that just yet, there is a reason for that. I’m the ‘typical’ Dutch woman. ‘Typical’ because that is what people think everyone looks like in The Netherlands while my country is very multicultural. So yes, I’m blond, have blue eyes, am average (Dutch) height and pretty white. Therefore I couldn’t give you an actual representation.

The articles are coming soon, so please stay tuned and come back every know and then to see whether I have covered your questions.

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