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Where to find Tulip Fields in the Groningen Region and near the city of Groningen

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aerial view of blooming tulips tulip flower fields in flevoland and two tractors

Do you want to visit tulip fields in Groningen? Great, you’ve come to the perfect place to see the Dutch tulip fields. If you’re still in doubt about going to Dutch bulb fields, stop doubting and come on over. Seeing tulip fields in The Netherlands every spring season is a magical sight. Even after seeing them for 28 years, I still love admiring them in their full bloom. In this blog, you will discover spots to see beautiful tulip fields near Groningen city and inside the Groningen province.

There are only a few dozen tulip fields in Groningen, but these are most certainly worth a visit. The fields are spread out across some specific regions in Groningen, and you will not find dozens of fields in a row. But that’s okay. You can generally find the tulip fields in Groningen in the Northern part of the province.

One of the best things to do in the Groningen region is to visit free tulip fields in Groningen. But, beyond that, there are also many things to do and see in the Groningen province – and its capital city Groningen. Take advantage of that part of the province too. 

When is tulip season in Groningen?

Tulip fields in Groningen can be seen from around the middle of April until the first few days of May. Please do not think that tulips in Groningen can be seen in the middle of May, end of May or even June. You can only see tulip fields in The Netherlands for a short time. So, make sure to take advantage of Groningen this tulip season.

Can I walk inside blooming flower fields in Groningen?

The last thing someone should do when they visit tulip fields in Groningen (or anywhere else in the country) is to walk in tulip fields. Please do NOT do this. You will destroy bulbs with fungi, diseases, bacteria and insects that spread from field to field via your shoes. Besides that, lying in tulips will make the stems crack prematurely, making them more prone to diseases. Please follow my tulip field tips and stay respectful during your tulip field exploration. This way, you will be able to see the flower fields in Groningen again next year, and so will future generations.

Visit tulip fields in the Groningen region

One of the most Northern provinces in The Netherlands is Groningen. Groningen is one of the least populated provinces and is home to around 590,000 people, of which more than one-third live in the capital Groningen (yes, it has the same name, this is not a spelling mistake). It borders Germany in the East, the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Drenthe, and the Unesco World Heritage site, the Wadden Sea in the North. 

Groningen is famous for being a student city, but it is also the home to the largest cafe in Europe. While it is a student city, Groningen is a great place to visit in the region as it’s home to beautiful canals, historic courtyards and fantastic museums. Other well-known places in Groningen are the famous fortified town of Bourtange and The Netherlands’ most beautiful town: Winsum. 

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Whether you’re keen on trying some delicious local snacks (I recommend getting an ‘eierbal’ at Kwalitaria Jolie aan De Beren or cafetaria Koning) or head to the countryside to explore the wideness of this spread out region, Groningen is a fantastic province to visit for anyone.

1. Spijk

The first village you must visit in Groningen during the tulip season is Spijk. Spijk is home to around 1,600 people. The region of Spijk is one of the oldest settlements in the northern part of the Groningen region and was first named in 1246. Spijk also has had a turbulent history of floods: it was almost completely swept away several times, but a new sea dike that prevented further floods was built in 1718.

2. Zijldijk

In the municipality of Eemsdelta, you will discover the small village of Zijldijk, which is home to roughly 165 people. Zijldijk used to be a part of the municipality ‘t Zandt, which became a part of the municipality of Loppersum in 1990. Some say that the name Zijldijk refers to a former sluice of the silted river Fivel. There are quite a few places where you can find those wide-open tulip fields in this part of The Netherlands.

3. Kloosterburen

Kloosterburen is located in the municipality Het Hogeland and is home to around 1,300 people. It is said that the name Kloosterburen (lit. translation monastery neighbours) refers to two monasteries which were located here. What is interesting about Kloosterburen is that it’s one of the only Catholic areas in the North of Groningen. Kloosterburen and the town of Ter Apel are the only two places in Groningen which are home to a carnival association.

4. Uithuizermeeden

Uithuizermeeden is a small village in the municipality of Het Hogeland and is home to around 3,400 people. Before the 1200s, Uithuizermeeden only existed out of several mounds, but then a dike was created. The barrier helped a lot but couldn’t prevent significant disasters during several massive floods. The name Uithuizermeeden refers to meadows only suitable for grassland. It’s one of the perfect places to see tulip fields in Groningen.

More things to do in Groningen this tulip season

Visit a picking garden in Grijpskerk

At Plukgeluk Grijpskerk, you can find a small picking garden at a farm. And, during spring, you can pick tulips from this garden from around 09:30 to 20:00. Generally speaking, you pay around five euros for fifteen flowers. You can select other flowers after this season is finished, but you must check their opening times on Facebook for that.  

Follow a special tulip route called Naar De Bollen

Every year around the end of April, an event called ‘Naar De Bollen’ takes place in the North of Groningen. That is when special walking, cycling and car routes have been created by an organisation that will show you the stunning tulip fields. It generally starts in Uithuizermeeden and has routes between roughly 10 and 65 kilometres. But you need to buy tickets for that. It’s a great way to see tulips near Groningen.

Head to another tulip route called Tulpenbockentocht

This is a route that you can either walk or bike and is around 25 kilometres long; that is held at the end of April. It starts at the café-restaurant Willibrord in Kloosterburen, and you need to sign up. You can find their email address via their Facebook page. This route has around six stops where people will get a delicious treat that connects the region and the bulbs. It costs about 27,50 per person to participate and will show you along some beautiful tulip fields in Groningen.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog on where to find tulip fields in Groningen. Free tulip fields are found throughout The Netherlands, and Groningen is a great province to visit during any season, but even better during spring. Combine the beauty of Groningen and tulip fields, and I can guarantee you will have a blast. The Groningen region is filled with things to do and see, so I highly recommend you discover Groningen beyond the tulips. Remember to share this article with friends and family, so they can also admire Groningen and its tulip and flower fields. And, this way, they have one more good reason to visit Groningen in spring. 

If you want to see some aerial images of tulip fields in the Netherlands, then you will love my Instagram. Have fun exploring things to do in Groningen this spring!

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