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Limburg is the most Southern province of The Netherlands and is the only province that borders two countries. Limburg, The Netherlands borders Belgium and Germany. One of the most popular spots for Dutch people is the three country point (drielandenpunt) that is located on the Vaalserberg, or Cauberg. The Vaalserberg is the highest ‘mountain’ of The Netherlands, so when you are visiting the three country point, you’ll check another important place of your Limburg bucketlist straight away.

The capital of Limburg, The Netherlands is Maastricht. Maastricht is known as a Burgundian city that has a wonderful atmosphere and old, yet modern feel. Limburg is one of the couple provinces of The Netherlands that has a hilly landscape, so if you are looking for some of the most scenic places of The Netherlands then this is your province. Limburg currently has around 1.1 million people. I love how many things there are to do in Limburg: From enjoying a hike in the Tuscany in The Netherlands to wandering around incredible nature to exploring traditional food from Limburg.

The natural beauty in Limburg is beautiful, it’s cities are to die for and the food makes my mouth watery. So, have a look below to see which articles have been posted so far and discover the best destinations (including cities, towns and villages) to travel to in Limburg, The Netherlands.

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things to do in netherlands national parks to visit
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