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Custom The Netherlands & Holland Travel Itinerary Planning

view on canal and canal houses in the Dutch village of Aldeboarn, The Netherlands

Planning a trip to The Netherlands can get a little tricky if you don’t know what to look for, and it can quickly get overwhelming even when the country isn’t that big. There’s simply a lot to do and see in The Netherlands. But don’t worry, because I’m here to help! I’m also here to help if you’re already planning your The Netherlands itinerary and you’re still a little overwhelmed. 

Why you should use me as your travel planner for The Netherlands

As a born and raised Dutch local, I am your personal travel expert for The Netherlands (and yes, also the Holland region). I have travelled to the most beautiful places in The Netherlands throughout the years, and I can’t wait for you to explore The Netherlands in the best possible way.

I’m born and raised in the Dutch countryside in the North of The Netherlands. The Netherlands and its countryside are perfect for travelling and exploring, plus generally easy to reach by public transportation. Nature reserves are even easy to reach, and cities are absolute peanuts. 

I will happily create a tailor-made travel itinerary for The Netherlands that fits your most beautiful dreams. Whether you’re devoted to finding the best art museums and galleries on your The Netherlands trip or to exploring the most beautiful nature reserves in The Netherlands on your The Netherlands adventure. If you’re a city person, then let me give you the best city tips for you. And if you’re a slow, or fast-paced traveller, then I will precisely know what suits you best. 

Each The Netherlands itinerary I create is uniquely planned and caters to your needs. Think of budget, travel style, interests and more. 

I won’t book anything in these The Netherlands itineraries for you; you must do that. But, I will give you links and information for the places to make booking completely hassle-free. So, I will create your The Netherlands trip package, but you’d have to book everything yourself.

Why am I offering customized The Netherlands & Holland itinerary planning?

The reason why I’m offering my help to create a The Netherlands travel itinerary is simple. While I’m always happy to answer easy and small questions about The Netherlands on my social media channels and in the comments section of my website, I do not have more than 24 hours in a day. 

This means that most of my time is spent on creating amazing and free articles on my The Netherlands website (if I may say so myself, although I might be a little biased). This way you can plan a trip to The Netherlands yourself, but if you’d need extra help when planning a trip to The Netherlands, then this is something I charge for.

So, I will happily create a tailor-made travel itinerary for The Netherlands for you. Plus, I’m able to give you lots of The Netherlands travel tips, for instance for a The Netherlands (cycle) route planner, Dutch weather, local culture and so much more.

The Netherlands Itinerary Help

Who: If you have already planned most of your The Netherlands itinerary, but need me to fill in some parts, want some extra tips and feedback. For instance, if you’re planning a 10-day trip to The Netherlands and you’ve only planned two days, you’d need to plan more, or I would recommend you to use the next plan that I offer.

What: I will look through your The Netherlands planning and will give you recommendations on places to add or leave out, based on your interests. I will be able to provide feedback on whether your plan is doable, plus tips on restaurants, what to pack and more. 

Price: 20 euros per day of your The Netherlands trip itinerary. So, if you have planned most of your ten-day The Netherlands trip, then me making your route & itinerary perfect and giving you tips and tricks will be costing 200 euros. 

Interested? Send an email! 

info[@] with ‘The Netherlands Itinerary Help’ as the subject. Don’t forget to introduce yourself, state your budget, send your current The Netherlands planning, travel dates, interests and any ideas you might’ve had.

This fee must be paid upfront. 

The Netherlands Itinerary Planning

Who: If you don’t know what places you want to visit in The Netherlands, then this is for you. Your personalised The Netherlands itinerary will be perfect for you.

What: An exactly planned The Netherlands itinerary which caters to your wishes. It includes tips on where to stay, which tours to do, museums to visit, where to eat, etc. It’s completely tailored to your interests. Plus, you will be able to get tips on what to pack, the weather and more.

Price: 80 euros per day. For instance, if you want your favourite The Netherlands travel planner (it’s me, in case you were wondering) to create a 7-day itinerary, this is 560 euros. 

Interested? Send an email! 

info[@] with ‘The Netherlands Itinerary Planning’ as the subject of the mail. Don’t forget to introduce yourself, state your budget, travel dates, interests and any ideas you might’ve had. 

Half of the fee must be paid upfront. The other half needs to be paid before your perfect itinerary, with things to see in The Netherlands, is send your way. Without payment, you won’t get your plan.

Some quick information about The Netherlands travel planning consultations

– You won’t receive your The Netherlands planning, or feedback when you haven’t made any payment yet. 

– I can only make a certain number of itineraries each month. So, first come is first served. They tend to fill up rather quickly.

– I am not a travel agent. I will send you exact tips and a complete itinerary, but you have to make the bookings yourself. ‘What bookings?’ Think of accommodation, rental bikes and tours. Don’t worry; I will send you the links to those specific places, so you can do it exactly as we planned. But, it is your responsibility to reserve and book these places on time. 

– I would recommend you to send me an email way in advance, if you can. The later you send me an email, the more good tours and accommodation will be booked, and you will be missing out on those, which is not what you want. Of course, I can still do a bit of magic, but the absolute dream spots will probably be sold out. So, do you want your dream holiday in The Netherlands? Then be on time so that I can provide this for you.

– If you need a visa for The Netherlands, then this is your job to apply for one. When you get accepted for your visa, then you can send me an email. I know that permits are a pain in the ass sometimes and often pretty short notice, but don’t worry, I will still search the best possible activities in The Netherlands for you. Just let me know that the reason for your late email is the visa and then I will squeeze it in wherever I can. 

– I am also not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that may affect your ultimate enjoyment of the trip. 

In conclusion about The Netherlands & Holland travel consultation

Getting a perfect The Netherlands itinerary planning will be done quickly by me. Whether you want a luxury The Netherlands travel itinerary, are on a budget or simply want to get some more trip-planning information. I will help you with almost every step of the way, so you will be able to see the highlights of The Netherlands. You can use me to get the best The Netherlands vacation ideas and to make to most out of your The Netherlands and Holland itinerary.

Whether you’re searching for the best local The Netherlands itinerary planner, or what a trip to The Netherlands might cost, let me help plan your trip to The Netherlands. The Netherlands is beautiful in any month, from April to September and December. By the end of your journey, you’ve explored everything you could’ve ever wished for. And don’t forget to recommend my Holland & The Netherlands trip planner service to your family and friends. Whether they’re searching for an Amsterdam travel planner or simply want to start planning a trip to the Holland region, I’ve got them covered.

If you want me to plan your trip to Amsterdam, a The Netherlands road trip or something completely different, I will be there with my creative ideas and thoughts as your The Netherlands and Holland trip planner. 

So, if you ask me: ‘Manon, what can you see in The Netherlands?’, then I will probably answer you with ‘a whole lot’. But, when you state your interests, then I can guarantee you that using me as your travel planner for The Netherlands will be the best choice you’ve made. 

The Netherlands has so much to offer and I can’t wait for you to experience it!