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Noord- Brabant

Noord- Brabant is one of the most Southern provinces of The Netherlands and borders not only Belgium, but als Gelderland, Limburg, Zeeland and Zuid-Holland. Noord- Brabant is the province when it comes to painter Vincent van Gogh. Vincent van Gogh was born in Noord- Brabant, The Netherlands, obviously in the time when The Netherlands didn’t look like this yet.

Besides plenty of museums, Noord- Brabant offers some of the most scenic places of The Netherlands. Think about cities such as Den Bosch or Breda, but also smaller cities and national park. There are even dunes in the middle of this province. Around 2.4 million people live in this beautiful province and I can completely understand why. The capital city of Noord- Brabant is Den Bosch, also called ‘s Hertogensbosch.

Whether you’re searching for nature in Noord (North)- Brabant to explore or beautiful towns and villages; this Dutch province offers a lot. This region in The Netherlands has a Burgundian atmosphere and will leave you wanting to go back for more as there are so many things to do in Noord (North)- Brabant.

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a view on a cyclist going through a cobblestoned street in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
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