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One Day In Geertruidenberg: See What Things You Have To Do In This Small Dutch City In The South Of The Netherlands

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Are you thinking of spending one day in Geertruidenberg, Noord (North)- Brabant, The Netherlands? This travel blog shows you the best things to do in Geertruidenberg when you visit this town.

Geertruidenberg is one of those destinations in the province of Noord (North)- Brabant you need to visit. This small Dutch town in the south of The Netherlands has plenty of things to do and see, which makes spending one day in Geertruidenberg and its surroundings very easy. Whether you’re looking for the best activities to do in Geertruidenberg, landmarks, or even beautiful streets to visit, this travel guide for Geertruidenberg shows it all.

Discover one of the places to visit in Noord (North)- Brabant with this Geertruidenberg city guide. You will see everything from beautiful buildings to where to go and places to see in Geertruidenberg. And by the end of your day in Geertruidenberg, you will understand why it’s one of the small towns you need to visit in Noord (North)- Brabant.

Things to do in one day in Geertruidenberg, Noord (North)- Brabant, The Netherlands

When you’re looking for what to see in Geertruidenberg in one day, then this article is perfect for you. Whether you’re thinking of spending a weekend in Geertruidenberg and its surroundings to enjoy the calm region in The Netherlands without too many people around you or thinking of visiting Geertruidenberg on a quick day trip, you won’t regret it.

Sightseeing in Geertruidenberg is one of the things you need to do here, and although it will be quick, Geertruidenberg is worth visiting. As one of the oldest cities in the Holland region (it was a part of that region before it became part of Noord- Brabant, more on that in the history part of this article), there are many things to explore in this town and its surroundings. Geertruidenberg is also nicknamed the fortified city on the shores of the Biesbosch National Park.

Discover one of the best things to do in Noord (North) – Brabant and explore one of its cities in 24 hours. Enjoy this Geertruidenberg travel blog.

History and facts about Geertruidenberg

The city of Geertruidenberg is found south of the river Bergsche Maas and west from the Donge river. On the opposite side of the Donge river, you can find the town of Raamsdonksveer, and on the west, you will see villages such as Drimmelen. The biggest city near Geertruidenberg is Breda. The population of Geertruidenberg is currently around 7000, but the municipality of Geertruidenberg is home to about 22.000 people.

The name of the town of Geertruidenberg is also named Mons Sanctae Gertrudis and is named after Saint Gertrudis in 1220. It is said that she founded a monastery on a hill in the 7th century. However, archaeologists didn’t find any remains of a settlement or monastery before the 11th century.

Geertruidenberg was part of the county of Holland, but it’s currently located in the province of Noord (North)- Brabant. In 1213, Geertruidenberg obtained several market rights. However, this didn’t mean that Geertruidenberg also gained its city rights during that year. People often debate whether Geertruidenberg is the oldest city of the county of Holland, or Dordrecht (which is still found in the Holland region). In 2013, Geertruidenberg celebrated its 800-year existence as a ‘city’, but it’s not unlikely that Geertruidenberg obtained city rights a bit later than 1213.

Interesting is to know that Geertruidenberg rapidly developed itself as a town, and later as a city, due to its perfect location. Geertruidenberg was also nicknamed ‘Sleutel van Holland’, or the key of Holland, due to its strategic location. During the 1320s, Geertruidenberg got its fortifications (and even a castle). The 14th century was a significant period for Geertruidenberg as economically things were going very well until the 15th century made its way to this city in the current northern part of Brabant. There were wars and floods, which left the town in shambles, and it lost its trading function plus many rights.

During the 80-year-war Geertruidenberg was bought from the English by the Spanish, while the English were supposed to fight together with the Dutch Republic. Then in 1593, Prince Maurits of Orange reconquered the city during the siege of Geertruidenberg. Then during the end of the 18th century, the city was captured by the French. In 1807, Geertruidenberg wasn’t a part of Holland anymore. As the United Kingdom of The Netherlands was formed in 1815, Geertruidenberg became a part of the Dutch province of Noord (North)- Brabant. Geertruidenberg has had a long history of fishing in the Biesbosch (which is now a national park). It was filled with different species of fish that were traded all over Europe, which gave Geertruidenberg a lot of wealth.

Most of the fortifications of Geertruidenberg were demolished in 1823, however, during the Belgian uprising the city gained new fortifications in 1833. Until 1950, Geertruidenberg has a train station, but this was torn down in 1965.

Where to stay in Geertruidenberg

There’s only one hotel found in Geertruidenberg, however, it’s a great hotel. You can find this accommodation in Geertruidenberg below.

Hotel den Berg: check rates & availability on

If you want to stay outside of Geertruidenberg, but still in its surroundings, then I would recommend you to stay in Raamsdonksveer, or in the village of Drimmelen.

Best restaurants in Geertruidenberg

If you’re looking for good food in Geertruidenberg, then these restaurants will be perfect for you. Whether you’re looking to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simply want to do some drinks in Geertruidenberg, these are the best places to do so.

My favourite restaurants in Geertruidenberg are ZUZ&ZOOZ, To Daze Concept Store and Ons Petries. Of course, there are more places to eat in Geertruidenberg than these restaurants and cafes I’ve listed, but these are just a few of my favourites.

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What to do in Geertruidenberg

Free walking tour of Geertruidenberg

This walking tour in Geertruidenberg is around 3 kilometres long, so it’s very easily done. We will start our tour in Geertruidenberg at the Markt square, this is the centre of Geertruidenberg and is filled with monumental buildings. Don’t forget to have a look at two of the five water pumps that you can find in Geertruidenberg on the Markt square. These were most likely designed by Guilliam Carrier in Louis XV style and dated back to 1767.

At Markt 52, you will see a former orphanage. This building comes forth from a chapel that dates back to 1483. It was reconstructed into an orphanage in 1681. The facade of this building in Geertruidenberg was created by Philip Willem Schonck between 1771 and 1772.


Then continue to Markt 36, here you see the old town hall of Geertruidenberg. The core of the building dates back to the end of the 14th century. Then the city hall in Geertruidenberg was reconstructed from 1520 until 1532. And from 1767 until 1769 it was again renewed, this time in the style of Louis XV and designed by Philip Willem Schonck. The sculptures on the town hall were made by Guilliam Carrier. What’s interesting to know is that on both sides of the middle windows there were coat of arms to be seen. However, one of them was removed. The coat of arms of Geertruidenberg was kept, but the ones of the Earls of Nassau were slashed away by the French during the occupation.

At Markt 8 you will find a house that dates back to at least 1492. At that time the buildings of Markt 6 and Markt 8 had one common name: Den Wildeman. Markt 8 is currently named De Rogh, and that name was first written down in 1655. What is cool to know is that old murals from 1530 were discovered during research in 1999. So people suspect that this part of the house was earlier a chapel.

Now you’re going to continue one of the free things to do in Geertruidenberg, and you will walk to Elfhuizen and then to Elfhuizen 3. This is where the main church, or the Geertruidskerk, in Geertruidenberg is found. On the location of this church there first was a Roman church located in the 11th century. During the 12th and 13th century this church was expanded several times, and a tower was added. In 1420, the city of Geertruidenberg was set on fire by people from the city of Dordrecht.

During that time the church was also heavily damaged, but it was rebuilt, and further constructions continued. Then during the 80-year-war against the Spanish, the tower was partly destroyed when Prince Maurits of Orange took back Geertruidenberg from Spain. And when the French occupied The Netherlands more than a century later, they also damaged the church. Only in 1768, this church tower in Geertruidenberg was completely restored.

One of the best things to do in Geertruidenberg is to climb the church tower of the Geertruidskerk. This is usually possible during summer, and a few other dates. This of course always changes, so whether you can climb the tower and its current times can be found on the agenda of the Geertruidenberg tourist information. If nothing can be found this means that it’s not possible to climb the tower.





































After you’ve either climbed the tower in Geertruidenberg or admired this church, we’re headed to Elfhuizen 1. This is a former synagogue which dates back to 1874. Then you’re walking via Brandestraat, Stationsweg, Zuidwal, Koestraat to Venestraat 1. This is the old entrance building of the arsenal and was made in Louis XV style in 1791. At Venestraat 3, you will see the former barracks which were built in Empire style in 1821.

Then you will continue to see more must-sees in Geertruidenberg on this tour, and you will walk to VenestraatElisabethstraat and Haven. When you’re walking around halfway on the street Haven, there’s a sandy path to an old bastion with a powder house. This powder house dates back to about 1839.

Now you’re walking towards Waterpoortstraat 1, which is where you will see a military waiting building from 1826. Then walk to Haven 18, where you can see the construction of a former garrison bakery in a 19th-century building. Now go to Haven 30, this building is a warehouse which was made in the second half of the 19th century. Continue your walking tour in Geertruidenberg to Haven 48. This is the former arsenal which was designed by Philip Willem Schonck in the style of Louis XVI between 1771- 1777. You can see the coat of arms from the (then) big province of Holland (currently divided between Noord- Holland & Zuid- Holland). Interesting to know is that this coat of arms is decorated with trophies from wars that the province won. 

Then go towards Markt square once again and then walk to Markt 1. That building is the location of a former brewery and dates back to the 16th century. The only downside about Markt square in Geertruidenberg is that it’s also allowed for cars to drive through, which is a little annoying sometimes.

Now continue to Vismarktstraat and Vismarktstraat 17. Here you will see the old location of the fish market. This was designed, by once again Philips Willem Schonck, in 1772. Continue to Havendijkstraat and lastly to Gasthuisstraat. Your final destination is Gasthuisstraat 10-34. Here you will find a courtyard in Geertruidenberg. These houses were made for older women and men in the 18th century.

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Get the full route and map of this Geertruidenberg walking tour

Best museums in Geertruidenberg

There is one museum in Geertruidenberg which is called ‘Museum De Roos‘. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Geertruidenberg, as well as about the Biesbosch National Park and nearby towns, you will love this Dutch museum in Noord (North)- Brabant. It’s very interesting, not the biggest museum, but it has plenty of information.

Something else that might be interesting, especially if you’re a fan of art, is to visit Cultural Centre Schattelijn in Geertruidenberg. On the ground floor, there are often exhibitions by regional and local artists. You can often visit them on weekdays from 09:00- 20:00 and during the weekend when the centre is opened for theatre or musical activities.

Do some shopping in Geertruidenberg

So, it’s not like Geertruidenberg is the best city to go shopping in The Netherlands, but there are a few great stores to check out. I would recommend you to visit To Daze Concept store

The neighbouring town of Raamsdonksveer has more shops to visit, so that might be a better option if you want more shops. If you’re looking for cool souvenirs, then I would recommend you to at least visit a jeweller, Edelsmid Ingeborg de Groot, she has a beautiful atelier and makes incredible pieces.

When you’re done with visiting a few shops in Geertruidenberg and its neighbouring town, don’t forget to visit Ijssalon Enzo for the best ice cream in Geertruidenberg. You can thank me later.

Go for drinks in an old cellar cafe in Geertruidenberg

One of the things you must do in Geertruidenberg is to visit this cafe on the historical Markt square. This is unlike any place you will ever visit in The Netherlands, and it’s especially nice during the hot summer days as it keeps very cool inside this cellar. At Stadskelder In Den Bock you’re at the perfect place in Geertruidenberg to go for some drinks.

Things to do in the surroundings of Geertruidenberg

Visit the village of Drimmelen

Drimmelen is one of those beautiful and cute Dutch villages that you can find in The Netherlands. While small, as it’s a village, it’s so worth to visit. Drimmelen is located, as Geertruidenberg, on the edge of the Biesbosch National Park but the difference is that there is a boat tour company in Drimmelen that sails you all through this beautiful piece of Dutch nature. Besides that, Drimmelen is one of those calm and picturesque villages in The Netherlands, which makes it a perfect reason to visit.

Rent scooters, canoes or boats near Geertruidenberg

One of the best things to do in, and near, Geertruidenberg is to explore the area by whatever mode of transportation you can find. Luckily, I did the job searching for different forms of transport for you, so you only have to decide what you want to use and from there, continue your exploration. The area of Geertruidenberg is filled with things to do. With renting a canoe or a boat you can explore some of the Dutch natural beauty in Noord (North)- Brabant: The National Park De Biesbosch is found opposite of Geertruidenberg. And with scooters, you can go a lot further with your exploration than with other items. It’s well worth it.

You can rent these items in the town of Raamsdonksveer, which is a short walk from Geertruidenberg. The websites are in Dutch; however, if you use a translating tool, this must not be a problem. You can rent a scooter near Geertruidenberg here. The website for renting boats near Geertruidenberg is found here. Find the site to rent canoes near Geertruidenberg here. If you want to go on a self-guided walking tour through the Biesbosch National Park, then I can recommend you to visit this website for more information (in Dutch, but again: translation tools are useful).

If you’re going to rent a scooter, then I would recommend you to visit what we call the area of the ‘Langstraat’. Here you will find traditional farms from this region in The Netherlands, plus barely any visitors as most people skip this underrated region in The Netherlands.

The Halve Zolenpad is a route in Noord (North)- Brabant that stretches roughly from Waalwijk until Raamsdonk. It was the centre of the leather industry in The Netherlands and used to have a railway, which used to go all the way from Waalwijk until the northern part of the province. Here you can see the authentic Noord (North)- Brabant countryside.

Travel to the city of Breda

The closest big city to Geertruidenberg is Breda, and if you visit the town by public transport, you have probably arrived in Geertruidenberg by bus from Breda. But, in case you weren’t quite sure how close they are located or if you can visit any other city closeby: It’s possible and Breda is a must-visit.

The historic Dutch city of Breda is filled with incredible things to do. From incredible monuments to great walking tours. And from the best Dutch museums to cool cafes: Breda has it all.

Visit the best theme park in The Netherlands

I think if you ask any Dutch person the question what their favourite theme park is that they’ve ever visited, they will answer: ‘De Efteling‘, very quickly and loud. This Dutch theme park in The Netherlands is located in the province of Noord (North)- Brabant and has attractions that are based on fairytales and stories. So not only can you visit a theme park with amazing rollercoasters, etc. but these attractions also tell a story. And if you think that this sounds like something for kids only, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

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De Efteling is the best theme park to visit in both The Netherlands, Europe and some (aka I) say it’s the best theme park in the world. You have to spend an entire day in the Efteling Park. And, if you have the time (and money) for a weekend (or simply two random days) in the Efteling, then I would recommend you to do so. This way, you have all the time of the world to enjoy everything that the Efteling theme park has to offer.

My favourite places to stay near the Efteling theme park are the following:


Efteling Loonsche Land Hotel: Check rates & availability on

Efteling Hotel: Check rates & availability on

Efteling Bosrijk: Check rates & availability on

GuestHouse Hotel Kaatsheuvel-Waalwijk: Check rates & availability on

Discover the region of Geertruidenberg by foot

Whether you want to walk to the village of Drimmelen from Geertruidenberg or wish to discover the surroundings of Geertruidenberg, there is something beautiful to find everywhere. I definitely recommend you to walk along the Donge river and the Bergsche Maas. You will have beautiful views in any of the areas.

See a fortress near Geertruidenberg

You can visit Fort Lunet in the neighbouring town of Raamsdonksveer if you want to eat some good food or want to grab some drinks in a magical surrounding. Yes, this restaurant is located in a fortress in Noord (North)- Brabant. After the Spanish occupation, the French arrived. And when the French left at the beginning of the 19th century, you’d think that it would stay calm for a little bit.

But of course, that’s not how history goes. In 1830, the Belgian uprising happened, because my neighbours didn’t want to be a part of The Netherlands anymore. So, William I, made sure the Zuiderwaterlinie was in the best possible shape, the oldest and most used defence line in The Netherlands. That included the fortifications in Geertruidenberg, but that wasn’t enough. So, the defence line was expanded with Fort Lunet, which was built between 1837 and 1839.

Visit a cherry farm near Geertruidenberg

At De Kersenhof in the town of Raamsdonk, you can buy those perfect cherries that you’ve been dreaming about since the last season ended. During summer they have a beautiful terrace where you can sit with a cup of coffee and a piece of pie or cake. You will not want to leave without at least one kilogram of cherries. The cherry season in The Netherlands is generally between the middle/end of June (it’s earlier in the south of the country than in the north) until the end of July/ beginning of August.

How to get to Geertruidenberg

Always visit to discover the updated and best ways to travel to places in The Netherlands by public transportation.

From Breda: It’s very easy to visit Geertruidenberg from Breda, you only need to take a bus in the direction of Raamsdonksveer and get out in Stationsweg, Geertruidenberg. To get from Breda on a day trip to Geertruidenberg takes you around 40 minutes.

From Rotterdam: To get from Rotterdam to Geertruidenberg, you first need to take the intercity direct train from Rotterdam Centraal station to Breda. From here you need to take the bus from Breda train station in the direction of Raamsdonksveer. Get out at Stationsweg, Geertruidenberg. It takes you around 1,5 hour to get to Geertruidenberg from Rotterdam.

From Utrecht: To get from Utrecht to the city of Geertruidenberg, you can take a bus from Utrecht Centraal train station in the direction of Oosterhout. Then you have to get out in Raamsdonksveer, and you can either walk to Geertruidenberg from here (as its the neighbouring small town), or you can wait on the bus to take you to Geertruidenberg. To get to Geertruidenberg from the city of Utrecht will take you around one hour and 10 minutes.



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One week itinerary for the south of The Netherlands

I hope that you’ve found exactly what to do in one day in Geertruidenberg, The Netherlands, in this itinerary. Do remember that Geertruidenberg is currently not located in the Holland region anymore, but in the province of Noord- Brabant. Tourism is in Geertruidenberg, but it’s honestly not a lot. I genuinely hope that you’ve found fun things to do, sights to see and attractions to visit in this Geertruidenberg city blog. And, that you’ve also learned the answer to the question ‘Where is Geertruidenberg, The Netherlands?’. If you don’t know where this small town in The Netherlands is located after this article, then I’d suggest you reread it.

I will be so happy if you’re going to visit one of the Dutch hidden gems and unusual places to visit in The Netherlands. You won’t regret bringing a visit to Geertruidenberg. Travel to Geertruidenberg and discover one of the places to visit in The Netherlands. Share this post!

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