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The Netherlands: 16 Best Dutch beaches to visit in Noord- Holland

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Visit the top and best Dutch beaches of Noord- Holland, The Netherlands. Not only will you discover beaches near Amsterdam, but also a beach in Amsterdam and off the beaten path and hidden beaches in The Netherlands.

Travel to the best Dutch beaches in the province of Noord- Holland, The Netherlands. From the top beaches near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to the best hidden and less visited beaches in Holland. You can find some of the nicest and best sandy beaches in Europe in The Netherlands and is even a beach to find in Amsterdam. For all the information on where to find the best Dutch beaches in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, and the best beach resorts, continue reading and discover some of The Netherlands best beaches in this guide for Noord- Holland.

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Visit the 16 best Dutch beaches in Noord (North) – Holland, The Netherlands

1. Callantsoog

Callantsoog is home to one of the best beaches of Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. While Callantsoog is a relatively crowded beach during the beautiful summer days, I can definitely say that it’s with a good reason. The wide and long sandy beaches make for a perfect beach day in The Netherlands.

The town of Callantsoog has around 2400 people itself, but during the summer this number is significantly higher. One of the best ice cream shops of The Netherlands is located near the beach of Callantsoog. Ijsie Prima is the place to be during summer. A great restaurant in Callantsoog is Grand Cafe De Foyer and another one of the best restaurants of Callantsoog is Dorpszicht. There are plenty of things to do in Callantsoog, but when you’re in Callantsoog one of the must do’s and must sees is visiting the nature reserve of Het Zwanenwater.

Callantsoog is in general very easy to reach from Amsterdam, however you’d have to take a bus that doesn’t run every day. It’s best to use one of the public transport apps for The Netherlands, such as 9292. You can find more about that here. Travelling from Amsterdam to Callantsoog and its beach will take you around 1 hour and 50 minutes (one way).

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2. Groote Keeten

The original name of Groote Keeten was Dubbelduijn. In around 1610 a town hall was made and named ‘bekwame keet’. This resulted finally in a name switch to Groote Keeten. The village of Groote Keeten is built on the remains of the old island ‘t Oghe, but the area where Groote Keeten is located as of now was diked around the 1600s. The village has around 300 inhabitants.

As Groote Keeten is a small village, there’s not plenty of things to do. However, one of the things you have to do in Groote Keeten is walking through the dune area. You can still see remains of the old island ‘t Oghe. The beaches at Groote Keeten are very good and they are less popular than the beaches of Callantsoog. Groote Keeten has one of the nicest beaches in Europe and best beaches in The Netherlands.

Travelling from Amsterdam to Groote Keeten and its beach will take you around 1,5 hours one way. Take the train in the direction of Schagen or Den Helder and get out at the train station of Schagen. From here you have to take the bus in the direction of Callantsoog that usually runs once an hour. Check for the current timetables and schedules.

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3. Petten

The name of the village of Petten dates back to the year 739. The village of Petten has been swept away by several floods. The protection of the town against the sea already started back in 1432. In 1625 there was yet another flood which swept away more than 100 houses and the church of Petten. After this flooding the town was rebuilt again. But the current village dates back to the around 1946. In 1943, during the Second World War, the Germans destroyed the entire old town of Petten for the creation of the Atlantikwall. Thus an entirely new village was created after the war.

One of the things you need to do in Petten is to rent a bike. This way you can not only explore Petten, but also its beautiful surroundings. Petten is not a very bustling town, as it’s relatively small, so it’s mainly quiet and the perfect place to wind down. Great restaurants in Petten are Brasserie Zo Gewoon and Strandpaviljoen Zee en Zo. And The Sandbar is a little bar with drinks and snacks at the beautiful beach. Don’t forget to walk to ‘Palendorp Petten’ either, which is a memorial site of the old village of Petten that was swept away in a flood and exits out of poles that represent one church and ten houses.

To get to the beach of Petten from Amsterdam you’d have to take the train from Amsterdam central station in the direction of Alkmaar, Den Helder or Schagen. Get out at Alkmaar. From here you’d have to take a bus to Petten. In total it’ll take you around 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from Amsterdam to Petten. Check for the current timetables and schedules.

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4. Hargen Aan Zee

Hargen aan Zee is neither a village or a town, but it’s just a seaside resort in The Netherlands that is located within the muncipality of Bergen. This spot only exists out of a big parking space in the dunes, a couple of beach clubs and the dunes and beaches. The name Hargen aan Zee comes from the name of the original path, which was named the Hargerzeeweg. Strandpaviljoen Hargen is a great restaurant in Hargen aan Zee.

Hargen aan Zee houses some of the best Dutch beaches in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. Located on the North Sea, this are in The Netherlands, is known for its great beach. And if you’re looking for nice beaches in Europe, then you’re also in for a treat.

To get to the beach of Hargen aan Zee you’d have to take a train from Amsterdam to the train station of Alkmaar. From there you’d have to catch a bus and walk the final 20 minutes. It’ll take you around 1,5 hour to get from Amsterdam to the beach of Hargen. Check for the current timetables and schedules.

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5. Texel

On the island of Texel, The Netherlands you can find a great beach. Texel is one of the Wadden Islands or West Frisian Islands of The Netherlands. And although it’s definitely not a city, the Wadden Island of Texel is located in the province of Noord (North)- Holland. But the main reason for including Texel on this best beaches of Noord-Holland list is because you can definitely find some of the best Dutch beaches of The Netherlands and some of the top beaches in Europe on this island.

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There are around 13.600 permanent residents on Texel and while it’s can definitely get crowded here you will still be able to enjoy the island of Texel and it’s beauty. You can find the best beaches on Texel all around the island and there’s always a spot for you. One of the best restaurants of Texel is De Zwaluw, but keep in mind that having a reservation is needed here as it’s a tiny restaurant with around 20 spots. One of the things you have to do on Texel is for sure to visit the area and nature reserve of De Slufter and Muy.

To get to Texel from Amsterdam you first have to take the train from Amsterdam to Den Helder. This train departs twice an hour. After that you’d have to take a bus to the harbour and ferry of Den Helder. I would recommend you to buy tickets for the ferry in advance. For the ferry schedule of Den Helder- Texel click here. And for up to date public transport information I can recommend you to read this article of best apps to download for The Netherlands and Amsterdam, this way you’ll always get the fastest routes.  From Amsterdam to Texel by public transport will take you anywhere between 2,5 hours and 3 hours one way.

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6. Zandvoort

Zandvoort, The Netherlands, has a great beach. In fact, Zandvoort has one of the most famous beaches of Noord-Holland and The Netherlands and dates back to the 11th century when it had the name of Sandevoerde. For centuries the towns main income was the fishing industry, but in the 19th century other industries were upcoming. One of them was bathing houses and in 1828 the first bathing house was introduced in Zandvoort.

If you’re looking for hidden beaches or less popular beaches in The Netherlands or Holland, then Zandvoort is not your beach. However, if you’re looking for beaches in Noord- Holland and near Amsterdam or Haarlem, then Zandvoort is the easiest beach to reach. To get to Zandvoort beach from Amsterdam you’d only have to take a 30-minute train ride to Zandvoort aan Zee. Find the best beach resorts near Amsterdam and a great beach hotel in Zandvoort below.

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7. Bloemendaal aan Zee

Bloemendaal aan Zee is a beach resort that is located in the muncipality of Bloemendaal, Noord- Holland. The town of Bloemendaal itself doesn’t have a beach, but Bloemendaal aan Zee is not far away and it’s easy to reach. The beach of Bloemendaal aan Zee, The Netherlands, is located between the beaches of Ijmuiden and Zandvoort. Bloemendaal aan Zee is a beach that’s very popular with young adults and is 4,3 km long.

If you’re interested in sun bathing naked, then you’re also in luck. At the Northern part of the beach of Bloemendaal aan Zee, The Netherlands, you can find a nude beach that is 1 km long. When you’re finished with all the sunbathing some of the best beach clubs in Bloemendaal aan Zee are Vroeger and Parnassia. If you’re looking for other things to do in Bloemendaal aan Zee, Noord- Holland, then have a look at the watersportcentrum. It’s very easy to get from Amsterdam to Bloemendaal beach as well as from Bloemendaal beach to Amsterdam. Have a look at to see the public transport schedules.

As I’ve said before, Bloemendaal beach is one of the popular beaches of The Netherlands for young adult, but you can find all sorts of people on the beach here. If you’re looking for the best accommodation in Bloemendaal and its beach then have a look at the link below for great hotels. Bloemendaal beach is one of the best beaches to visit that is near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. To get from Amsterdam to Bloemendaal beach I recommend you to have a look at

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8. Wijk Aan Zee

The village of Wijk aan Zee has around 2200 inhabitants and is located between Tata Steel, the North Sea and a nature reserve. Up until the 19th century Wijk aan Zee was the traditional fishing village in The Netherlands, but didn’t have any harbour. Even though Wijk aan Zee didn’t have a harbour, its fishing industry was flourishing. That changed when the ships got bigger and heavier. Whereas they used to drag the ships onto the shore in the previous times, this wasn’t possible anymore because of the changes in the ships. So Wijk aan Zee had to change perspectives and opened it’s first beach hotel in 1881.

Years ago the visitors of the beach of Wijk aan Zee were mainly Amsterdammers with their families. As of now you will see people from plenty of regions visiting this beach as it’s very easy reachable from Amsterdam, but also from other beautiful Dutch cities. You can find a great beach house in this part of The Netherlands, as well in and near the other beaches. So for the perfect Dutch beach holidays, Wijk aan Zee is a perfect area in The Netherlands to visit.

When you’re in Wijk aan Zee there is one thing you have to see, besides the beach, and that is having a look at the old Dorpskerk. During the second World War the Germans forced a Dutch fisherman to sail the church bells to Germany to be melted into bullets. The Dutch fisherman didn’t have any of it and sank the ship in the middle of the Ijsselmeer so that the Germans couldn’t melt the century-old church bells. After the war ended, the church bells were recovered from the bottom of the Ijsselmeer lake and were placed into the church tower again.

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9. Bergen Aan Zee

The village of Bergen aan Zee has around 378 inhabitants and is a very young village. It exists since 1906 and lays around 5 km from the town of Bergen. Bergen nowadays is quite known for painters and artists. And especially for the Bergense School. This Dutch art movement took place between 1915 and 1925 and is known for its expressionistic style with dark colours. The artists were working in and around Bergen and Bergen aan Zee.

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As of today, Bergen aan Zee is one of the relatively popular and best Dutch beaches in The Netherlands and Noord- Holland, especially for the people that come from the Alkmaar region. When you’re in Bergen, or Bergen aan Zee, I can recommend you to stay in Hotel Restaurant Cafe Prins Maurits. This hotel in Bergen aan Zee was the first hotel that was built in the newly made village and still exists as of now. Bergen aan Zee is one of the beaches that is quite near to Amsterdam, but not as nearby at the beaches of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal beach, to name a few.

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10. Julianadorp

The town and beach of Julianadorp are during the summer very popular with German tourists.The Dutch beach of Julianadorp is one of The Netherlands and Noord- Holland best beaches in my opinion. The town has around 14.000 inhabitants and is located in the top of Noord-Holland at around 5 km South of Den Helder. Julianadorp used to be called Buitenveld up until the creation of the Noordhollandsch Kanaal in 1825. Buitenveld was located outside of the protection of the dikes of Huisduinen and Den Helder and the area was often flooded. When the Noordhollandsch canal and a new dike were finished, the name changed into Koegras.

On the 30th of April 1909, Princess Juliana of The Netherlands was born. Thus people wrote previous Queen Wilhelmina whether the town could change its name into Julianadorp in October 1909. Within 14 days it was approved and the name Julianadorp was there to stay. Until the Germans came along in the second World War. They didn’t like the reference to the Royal Family so it was changed into Loopuytdorp. After the war, Julianadorp got its name back.

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11. Sint Maartenszee

Sint Maartenszee has one of the top beaches in The Netherlands and is a beach resort that is located North of the village of Petten. The village has around 40-65 inhabitants and borders the nature reserve called Het Wildrijk that is famous for having thousands of wild hyacints.

But Sint Maartenszee has more than wild hyacints, although those are pretty cool already, the beach of Sint Maartenszee is one of my favourite Dutch beaches. It’s not the most popular beach of Noord- Holland and on the North side you can find the nature reserve Zwanenwater that stretches until Callantsoog. Which makes visiting the beach of Sint Maartenszee an even better idea. One of the things you have to do in Sint Maartenszee is to walk through the dune area. You can find two walking routes here.

Sint Maartenszee has definitely one of the best beaches in Noord- Holland, The Netherlands, but is not one of the beaches that is near Amsterdam. However, I can definitely recommend you to head up North and discover more of the province of Noord- Holland.

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Photo by: Saskia op de Weegh

12. Camperduin

Camperduin is a village that dates back to the 10th century when it was known as Campthorpa. The village is located near the town of Schoorl. You can find some nice beaches and beach resorts in this part of Holland as well as a great beach hotel in The Netherlands. Besides visiting one of the great beaches of The Netherlands, there are other great things to do in Camperduin and its surroundings.

Camperduin is located near the town of Schoorl, that is famous for having the biggest, highest and widest dune area of The Netherlands. If you’re headed to Camperduin, I can also recommend you to explore Schoorl and all the things you can do here. There’s also a windmill, the Hargermolen, that dates back to 1804 and keeps the Harger-and Pettemerpolder dry. However, you are not allowed to visit this windmill.

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13. Egmond Aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee is a town that exists since the year 977. The myth is that a rich man from Egmond- Binnen built ten houses for poor families and they got the right to fish on the sea. But they were only allowed to live there if they gave 10 percent of their fish to the abbey in Egmond- Binnen. After that, Egmond aan Zee turned into a typical fisherman’s village.

The beach of Egmond aan Zee is one of the top beaches in The Netherlands and a perfect place for a beach holiday in The Netherlands. A long beach and it’s very easy reachable. If you’re looking for other things to do in Egmond aan Zee, I can recommend you to visit the Museum van Egmond, or Museum of Egmond. Another fun thing to do is go for a long-distance hike in The Netherlands. Through Egmond you can find the European walking route E9, but it’s called the North Sea Trail or Hollands Kustpad in The Netherlands.

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14. Castricum Aan Zee

The beach resort of Castricum aan Zee, is also called Bakkum aan Zee, and is located next to the North Sea in the middle of the Noordhollands dune reserve and West of the villages of Bakkum and Castricum. If you’re looking for the best beach resorts in The Netherlands such as Zandvoort, then the beach of Castricum aan Zee is not your place to be.

However, if you’re more a fan of visiting secluded, hidden and less popular beaches in Noord- Holland, The Netherlands, then you will love Castricum aan Zee. There’s no boulevard or permanent inhabitants in Castricum aan Zee. In fact, Castricum aan Zee is a special beach in The Netherlands. It has two beaches, the busy beach or ‘drukke strand’ and the silent beach or ‘stille strand’. At the first beach you can find beach clubs, a surfschool and other activities for tourists. Besides that, this beach at Bakkum aan Zee is also very easy reachable. At the second beach there are no facilities for tourists, it is located South of the busy beach and only reachable by bike or foot via the forests and dunes.

It’s very easy to reach the general beach of Castricum or Bakkum aan Zee from Amsterdam. Check for the best public transportation routes. During summer there’s a special bus to the beach that leaves from the train station of Castricum. And it’s definitely worth to explore these nice beaches in The Netherlands.

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One of the best things to do in Castricum, The Netherlands, is visiting the dunes and forest area. If you want to explore this nature reserve you’d have to visit De Hoep first, and get a ticket to enter the special area of the forest and dunes. With your contribution they can protect the dunes and forests for future generations.

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15. Amsterdam

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, then you’re in for a treat. Is there a beach near or in Amsterdam? Well yes. Not only are there many beaches that are near and around Amsterdam, such as Ijmuiden, Bloemendaal and Zandvoort, but you can even find a city beach in Amsterdam. The best Amsterdam beach to visit is called Strand Blijburg. Amsterdam has actually several beaches, something you might not expect in this part of The Netherlands.

Although Strand Blijburg is always quite crowded during the summer days, it’s the best place to enjoy a swim and the sun in Amsterdam. Not only does the beach or Amsterdam has a fun beach club and bar, but it’s a bigger beach than you’d expect. There are many great and fun things to do in Amsterdam, as well as free things such as a walking or cycling tour, here you can find a 2 day itinerary for Amsterdam written by a local that is me.

So does Amsterdam have a beach? Yes. There’s another beach in Amsterdam that you can visit, one that is located on the Gaasperplas. However, this beach is only small and the rest of the area is grassland. So if you’re not a fan of sand, then the Gaasperplas area one of the best ‘beaches’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for you. So to get from Amsterdam to a beach, it’s not that far. However, if you want to go to real beaches near Amsterdam then you’d have to go in the direction of the North Sea.

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For the cheapest hostels and camping options in Amsterdam, I can recommend you to read this article about the best budget friendly accommodation in Amsterdam. And what is more fun than knowing all the most interesting and fun facts before you travel to Amsterdam? Learn how many bridges there are, where the smallest facade of Europe is and plenty of more amazing facts about Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Photo by: Franklin Heijnen

16. Ijmuiden

One of the closest beaches near to Amsterdam is the beach from the town of Ijmuiden. Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, has a nice and long beach. The city is mostly known for having the biggest harbour of The Netherlands after Rotterdam and Amsterdam. From Ijmuiden there’s a ferry that goes to Newcastle. Around 30.000 people are living in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands. The long beach of Ijmuiden is one of the longest and best Dutch beaches of The Netherlands. But in my opinion Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe as well.

One of the other things you can do in Ijmuiden, besides visiting the beach, is to visit the Bunker Museum Ijmuiden. Here you can find a very interesting and big exhibit about the second World War and its influence on Ijmuiden. Have a look at more information on the bunker museum of Ijmuiden here. Another thing to see in Ijmuiden are the piers of Ijmuiden. These are two long ‘arms’ that make it safe for ships to sail into the harbour of Ijmuiden. They protect the ships against the waves. You can walk on these piers, that are both 4,3 km long, unless the wind is stronger than 5 Beaufort. But then the entrance is just closed off.

I would also recommend you to visit Ship.This is a museum about the world’s biggest sea sluice and about the North Sea Channel in The Netherlands. It’s opened 7 days a week.

Last thing you have to do in Ijmuiden is to visit the fortress island of Ijmuiden. This is part of the defense line of Amsterdam and is a Unesco World Heritage site. The fortress was used during the first World War and Second World war. In and after 1996, after the addition to the Unesco list, the fortress of Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, got restored. You can only visit the fortress of Ijmuiden on several Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the year.

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Explore the most beautiful Dutch beaches in Noord- Holland, The Netherlands. Including the best and top beaches near and in Amsterdam, best beach resorts in The Netherlands and more.













Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or a cold winter day, visiting the best Dutch beaches in The Netherlands is always a great idea. I hope that this article gave you some inspiration on finding the best beaches near Amsterdam and the top beaches of Noord (North)- Holland, The Netherlands. If you’re interested in some of the most perfect day trips from Amsterdam, then I can recommend, Naarden, Hoorn, Alkmaar and Schoorl for you. These towns are all very lovely. Don’t forget to visit the best cheese markets of The Netherlands either, here you can find a full guide to the cheese markets you have to travel to in Holland. If you prefer to travel to the most beautiful offbeat places of The Netherlands without tourists, I can recommend you to read this article I wrote.

Are you planning on visiting The Netherlands during tulip season as well? Then you’re in for a treat. In Noord- Holland you can find the best tulip fields of The Netherlands and without tourists. I wrote a complete tulip fields guide for Noord- Holland, including cycle routes here. If you don’t want to visit Noord-Holland for tulip fields, there are other areas where you can find Dutch tulip fields in The Netherlands as well, click here for that article. When you’re in The Netherlands anyway, it’s time to taste some of our typical Dutch food and our Dutch cuisine. Discover the best regional and typical Dutch foods to try in The Netherlands here.

Last, but not least, discover the best backpacks for your minimalist travels to The Netherlands here and best women’s shoes for a European adventure here. You can find the best travel apps for The Netherlands and Amsterdam here. That way the public transport of The Netherlands and many other things, will be a lot easier to discover. Again, I hope that this post was useful for you! Share this article!!

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