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35+ Best Day trips From Amsterdam Recommended By A Dutch Local

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a view on the cobblestoned streets in the historic city of Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Are you looking for the best day trips from Amsterdam? Here you will find hidden villages and towns to visit nearby Amsterdam and so much more.

Visiting the city of Amsterdam is always a great idea; however, I can also understand that you want to see more of The Netherlands than just our capital city. That’s why I’m helping you with these best day trips from Amsterdam, because trust me, they are great. It’s very easy to go on a 1 day trip from Amsterdam, as the city is incredibly well connected by public transportation and most of the rest of The Netherlands.

But, I don’t want to make it a big journey for you, because it should be fun after all, so it takes between 15 and 60 minutes by public transportation to reach these day trips from Amsterdam. Whether you’re looking for day trips from Amsterdam in winter or summer, there’s something for you here. Also, it’s very easy to change one of these day trips into weekend trips from Amsterdam, and if you have more time to spare, I definitely recommend you to take your time. However, it’s not necessary as you will get a great feeling of what’s around Amsterdam on a day trip of your pick from this list. Here you can find the best non touristy day trips from Amsterdam, as well as places that get a bit more visitors.

The fact that you’re reading this blog about trips from Amsterdam means that you’re interested in seeing what else The Netherlands has to offer. As a born and raised Dutch person, I know that my country is beautiful, but I’m thrilled that you want to see more of Amsterdam and its surrounding areas and the rest of the country. If you want to read more of Amsterdam and its hidden gems for your trip, then this blog about spending two days in Amsterdam is going to be great.

I can highly recommend you to explore more Dutch villages to visit when you’re done with travelling to a few of these places. Especially since The Netherlands is so much more than just Amsterdam. But, beautiful villages isn’t everything that this country has to offer. If you like to visit beautiful places in The Netherlands, that article will be an absolute dream.

Also, if you’re interested in the best road trips from Amsterdam, this spring road trip through The Netherlands might be something for you. Or, maybe you want to visit The Netherlands in winter, in that case, you will love this winter road trip in The Netherlands.

You can easily reach most of these day trips from Amsterdam using public transportation: often you can get to one of these day trips from Amsterdam by train, but sometimes you’d need to take a bus to reach your place to be. I have been recommending this travel app for The Netherlands for years: is an absolute lifesaver. It has both an app plus a website, and there are English translations. With the 9292 app, you can plan your trip to and from any destination via public transportation, and you will find the prices and the fastest way. NS is our national railway service in The Netherlands, and is the best app for specific train destinations.

A few destinations do not have any transportation but can easily be reached by bike from Amsterdam: Ransdorp, Durgerdam and Holysloot. Not all destinations that I’ve included have card machines, so make sure to take some euros in cash with you, so you will be able to pay for items or food.

I have also included the best places to stay in every destination if you’d want to explore the town or its surroundings a bit longer. The travel time for these quick trips from Amsterdam is also included and calculated from Amsterdam Central train station. I hope you will enjoy these Amsterdam day tours.

P.S. Do you want to see tulip fields in The Netherlands (including the Holland region), then I recommend you to join me on my group – or private- tulip fields bike tour in The Netherlands this year (2023). I’m born – and raised- in the largest tulip field region in The Netherlands, and I will show you around the most beautiful Dutch tulip fields bike routes that I created. Don’t miss out!

Explore The Best Day Trips From Amsterdam

1. Muiden

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 38 minutes

Where to stay: Accommodatie in Muiden

If you want to explore one of The Netherlands most famous castles, then visiting Muiden is a fantastic idea. Muiden is home to the Muiderslot castle, sometimes referred to as Amsterdam castle, besides this castle not being in Amsterdam for tourist purposes. Besides visiting this castle in Muiden, this small town actually has many things you can do, and its surroundings aren’t too shabby to explore either. If you’re looking for castle day trips from Amsterdam, then Muiden is even greater to visit and it’s especially one of the great day trips from Amsterdam during autumn as the atmosphere gets even better.

Find a full article on what to do in Muiden here.

A cobblestoned street in the town of Muiden, The Netherlands

2. Weesp

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 16 minutes

Where to stay: Het Hart van Weesp

One of the closest cities located to Amsterdam is Weesp, and it’s a great Amsterdam day trip. Weesp is one of the many Dutch towns found on the shores of a big river, has canals and beautiful old Dutch canal houses. One of the things you need to do in Weesp is to visit Museum Weesp, found in the city hall of Weesp. In this museum, you will learn everything you want about the history of Weesp as a city and its inhabitants. Besides that, Weesp is also the perfect location to explore The Netherlands by boat, and I would highly recommend you rent a boat in Weesp.

View on the river that flows through the city of Weesp and its beautiful canal houses in The Netherlands

3. Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 24 minutes

Where to stay: Ride the Amstel

The village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is located in a beautiful part of the countryside close to Amsterdam, which makes it one of the best day trips from Amsterdam. Just south of Ouderkerk you can find a polder, called Rondehoep. So it’s beautiful to cycle the route: Ouderkerk aan de Amstel – Rondehoep West – Waver – Rondehoep Oost – Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

One of the things you need to do in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is walking along the riverside, such as at Amstelzijde and enjoy a walk on the village’s main street: Dorpsstraat. If you’re visiting Ouderkerk aan de Amstel during a beautiful spring or summer day, then you can most certainly go for a nice swim at the Ouderkerkerplas. Lastly, I would recommend you to visit an estate just outside Ouderkerk and its beautiful gardens.

View on a canal and old Dutch village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands

4. Durgerdam

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 35 minutes cycling

Where to stay: Het Witte Huis

The village of Durgerdam is found within the municipality of Amsterdam, so you don’t even need to go beyond the greater Amsterdam region to explore incredible places. Durgerdam is found just behind a dyke, and the IJ river is located in front of the dyke. Durgerdam is easy to reach by bike and beautiful no matter what time of the year you’re planning to visit Durgerdam. So, if you’re in Amsterdam and are looking for day trips that are quick to reach, then this is one of them.

Find a full article on what to do in Durgerdam here.

Aerial from the traditional village Durgerdam at the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands

5. Ransdorp

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 31 minutes cycling

Where to stay:  Amsterdam Farmland

If you don’t like to venture much outside of the city of Amsterdam for a day trip, then visiting Ransdorp is perfect. Especially if you’re looking to get the traditional Dutch village feeling, then Ransdorp is one of the great day trips outside of Amsterdam. Ransdorp is small, picturesque, and a breath of fresh air if the crowds of Amsterdam have become a bit overwhelming. The village is also located in one of the zones of silence you can find in the Noord (North)- Holland province and is fantastic to explore while walking or cycling.

Find a full article on what to do in Ransdorp here.

View at the small Dutch historic village of Ransdorp north of Amsterdam

6. Volendam

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 30 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel Old Dutch

Volendam is one of the most popular trips from Amsterdam, which means that it is often pretty crowded here during the weekend and high season in The Netherlands. What I would recommend you to do, is to visit Volendam when everything starts to open up early in the morning. Because while Volendam is worth exploring, it is also nice to not feel like a sardine. One of the things I recommend you to do in Volendam is to visit the Volendams museum. By visiting this museum, you will understand Volendam, its people, the local culture and their mentality.

Volendam view at the harbour, traditional Dutch fishing village located at Markermeer lake.

7. Edam

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 30 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel & Restaurant De Fortuna

Edam is a village that is very famous for one main thing: cheese. Edammer cheese is one of the most known Dutch cheeses, together with Gouda, and close to Amsterdam. If you ask me the question: ‘What is around Amsterdam?’, I can answer you very quickly: many picturesque towns, water, and nature.

The village of Edam is filled with traditional Dutch buildings, water and things to do. One of the things I recommend you do in Edam is rent a boat to get a different perspective of the city and its surroundings. Another great activity in Edam is to visit the local museum, Edams Museum, to be baffled by endless interesting facts about this Dutch town. And lastly, you cannot leave Edam without doing something with cheese. So, if you’re up for it, I think another highlight in Edam is to watch the Edam cheese market.

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View on old Dutch brick houses in the village of Edam, The Netherlands

8. Broek in Waterland

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 16 minutes

Where to stay: Slapen bij Jesse

Broek in Waterland is such a dream place to visit. It’s one of those places to visit near Amsterdam that you imagine when you think of this part of The Netherlands: home to traditional wooden and brick buildings, small canals and peaceful surroundings. If you ask me the following question: ‘What is one activity I need to do in Broek in Waterland?’, I can quickly answer that by renting a boat or canoe. Why? Broek in Waterland is rich in water, so it’s the best way to explore the town and its surroundings. You can rent a boat or canoe in Broek in Waterland here.

A river and old Dutch wooden coloured houses along them on a summer day in Broek op Waterland

9. Haarlem

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 19 minutes

Where to stay: the niu Dairy

The capital of the province of Noord- Holland is the city of Haarlem, and it’s one of the best Dutch cities you can visit. Haarlem is charming, rather big for Dutch standards, filled with cafes and local shops, and so much more. Not only can you find picturesque streets in every corner, but Haarlem also isn’t run over with tourists just yet, even though visiting Haarlem from Amsterdam is already quite popular. Whether you’re interested in visiting Dutch art museums in Haarlem or simply want to enjoy wandering around, Haarlem is perfect for whatever you’re searching for. And, if you’re looking for the answer to ‘Where to go from Amsterdam by train?’, then Haarlem is also perfect as it’s just a direct train ride away.

Find a full article on what to do in Haarlem here.

Cobblestoned street with historic buildings in the Dutch city of Haarlem, The Netherlands

10. Abcoude

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 21 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel Restaurant Koekenbier Abcoude

On a short train ride from Amsterdam, you can find the Green Heart region of The Netherlands. This area stretches from Amsterdam to Rotterdam to Utrecht, filled with meadows, nature and small villages. Abcoude is a village that is part of this region, and as soon as you get out of the train, you will be at peace. It’s home to a fort that is part of the defence line of Amsterdam and tons of local shops. Besides that, Abcoude is simply the perfect place to visit if you want to relax in a typical Dutch former farmer village and enjoy what the beautiful surroundings have to offer. And that, in my opinion, makes Abcoude one of the best day trips from Amsterdam.

Find a full article on what to do in Abcoude here.

Dutch houses with a river and a boat in front of them in Abcoude, The Netherlands

11. Maarssen

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 35 minutes

Where to stay: De Eendracht Maarssen

Maarssen is a town found on the banks of the Vecht river in the Utrecht region. The Vecht river is one of the most beautiful, small rivers in The Netherlands to sail on or cycle along. Not only will you find endless breathtaking estates and castles along the river, but also incredible Dutch towns like Maarssen. Maarssen is definitely worth visiting for its cosy atmosphere, pretty town centre and the great things you can do here. Not to mention that Maarssen is one of the great short trips from Amsterdam you can take.

Find a full article on what to do in Maarssen here.

View on the canal and old Dutch canal houses in the town of Maarssen, The Netherlands

12. Nature reserves

Province: Noord- Holland & Zuid- Holland

Travel time: +- 15- 30 minutes

Where to stay: Tips on where to stay near the nature reserves can be found in the article below

Many people do not think of visiting Dutch nature when travelling to Amsterdam, but I’m here to change that thought process. Roughly 26 per cent of The Netherlands is protected nature, which means that nature reserves are everywhere to be found. There are tons of outstanding nature reserves to visit nearby Amsterdam and in my humble opinion, visiting nature as a day trip from Amsterdam is always a great idea. From endless dunes to areas filled with creeks and meadows, there is something for everyone to admire. And breathing a bit of fresh oxygen makes this easily one of the best day trips out of Amsterdam.

Find a full article on nature reserves to visit near Amsterdam here.

View on old Dutch farm landscape in The Netherlands

13. Lake district

Province: Noord- Holland, Zuid- Holland & Utrecht

Travel time: +- 35- 50 minutes

Where to stay: Tips on where to stay near the lake district can be found in the article below

The lake district in The Netherlands exists out of roughly eight areas, relatively close to each other, combined under this name. This is not the lake district that you can find in the U.K. No, we do it the Dutch way. This lake district exists out of dreamy Dutch islands in the middle of sweet water formed here due to the extraction of peat centuries ago.

Over time, due to the influence of weather, many islands have been swallowed by water, which has turned massive areas into big lakes in The Netherlands. These areas are the perfect day trip from Amsterdam during summer, because not only can you swim in them, but canoeing and sailing are the top two activities. Combine beautiful lakes, islands and fantastic weather, and you will have good day trips from Amsterdam. The area that is closest to Amsterdam is either the Vinkeveense Plassen, Loosdrechtse Plassen or Westeinder Plassen.

Find a full article on the lake district in The Netherlands here.

A birdeye view at Dutch islands in the Loosdrechtse Plassen (lakes) region, The Netherlands

14. De Rijp

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 48 minutes

Where to stay: B&B Het Pakhuys

If you’re looking for a village located on the edge of one of the most beautiful parts of nature in The Netherlands, then visiting De Rijp is a fantastic idea. You can easily see the Eilandspolder nature reserve by renting a boat in De Rijp. But, enjoying nature isn’t all that De Rijp offers because this village has to be one of the most beautiful villages in The Netherlands. It’s calm and quaint: two words that turn into a magical combination when you visit one of the best day trips from Amsterdam.

Find a full article on what to do in De Rijp here.

a view on a canal that flows through the historic Dutch village of De Rijp, The Netherlands

15. Marken

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 40 minutes

Where to stay: Hof van Marken

The Netherlands is filled with former islands, from Urk to Wieringen and Marken. Marken is located nearby the much-visited town of Volendam, which makes Marken a busy destination as well. But, as with the few other busy destinations, there are in this post: Come either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and it’ll be generally okay. One of the things I recommend you to do in Marken is to visit the Marker Museum; there you can learn more about the traditions of Marken and the lifestyle. You should also definitely head to ‘Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes’, where you can see a traditional Marker home and interior from the 1900s. And what is also great about Marken is that it’s one of the short day trips from Amsterdam, as all of these locations are, so before you know it, you’re there.

Aerial view on a canal that runs through the village of Marken island peninsula, The Netherlands

16. Alkmaar

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 34 minutes

Where to stay: Slapen bij hofman

The city of Alkmaar is famous for its Dutch cheese market, which is a highlight for thousands of visitors each day. However, Alkmaar has more to offer than this cheese market. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see and to witness, but it’s not the best activity in Alkmaar. Alkmaar is filled with great places to visit: from one of the best ice cream shops in The Netherlands to local stores. And from incredible monuments to the most beautiful streets and canals. And, you can even rent a boat in Alkmaar or go on a canal tour. Alkmaar truly has it all. And it gets better because Alkmaar is only a direct train ride away, making this one of the best train trips from Amsterdam.

Find a full article on what to do in Alkmaar here.

Blooming flowers in front of a canal in the Dutch city of Alkmaar

17. Hoorn

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 33 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel de Magneet

Located on one of the biggest lakes in The Netherlands, the historical city of Hoorn is one of those destinations that are perfect for a day trip. Combine historic buildings and endless lake views with a cheese market and bustling cafes, and you’ve got one of the most fantastic day trips from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Hoorn is a lovely, small city but has plenty of things to offer and will definitely win you over with its charm.

Find a full article on what to do in Hoorn here.

A view on old statues on a dyke in the harbour of the city of Hoorn, The Netherlands

18. Enkhuizen

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 1 hour and 3 minutes

Where to stay: Herberg de Compagnie

One of the best side trips from Amsterdam has to be Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen is located on the shores of the former Zuiderzee, which was a sea that is now divided into the Markermeer and IJsselmeer, and separated from the Wadden Sea in the North by the Afsluitdijk (closing dyke). One of the most popular things to do in Enkhuizen is to visit the Zuiderzeemuseum, which showcases the way people used to live in the areas surrounding the Zuiderzee. Although it’s one of the top things to do in Enkhuizen, I would certainly recommend you look there to get an insight into the habits and culture.

The city of Enkhuizen is calm but bustling at the same time. It’s one of those places that will forever surprise you, but in a good way. No matter what you end up doing in Enkhuizen, it’s filled with activities and highlights, so you won’t be bored.

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A view on a canal filled with old leafs and canal houses surrounded in city of Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

19. Beaches

Province: Noord- Holland & Zuid- Holland

Travel time: +- 15- 35 minutes

Where to stay: Tips on where to stay near the lake district can be found in the article below

People are often surprised to find that beaches aren’t that far away from Amsterdam as they think. There are even beaches within the municipality of Amsterdam that you can visit when you want to cool during a hot summer day. If you want the real deal, then you will be happy to hear that you can visit beaches near Amsterdam in a finger snap as they’re mostly just a train or bus ride away. And, Dutch people go to the beach no matter if it’s sunny or stormy as the beach is simply a great place to visit. So, why don’t you join the beach craze and head out on one of the best one-day trips from Amsterdam?

Find a full article on beaches to visit around Amsterdam here.

Dunes at the North sea shore in the Netherlands

20. Utrecht

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 27 minutes

Where to stay: Grand Hotel Karel V

Besides Haarlem, Utrecht is another big city closest to Amsterdam. It’ll be like a breath of fresh air when you arrive here simply because Utrecht is such a lovely city that isn’t anywhere near as crowded as Amsterdam. It’s a bustling city and home to everything you wish for: Canals and canal houses, independent shops, fun museums and cosy cafes. And that is why Utrecht is one of the must-do day trips out of Amsterdam.

One of the things you need to do in Utrecht is rent a canoe and explore Utrecht from the water. I always like to get a different perspective of a place that I’m visiting, and that’s precisely what you will get by renting a boat or canoe in Utrecht. One of the other activities and highlights in the city of Utrecht that you will love is to visit the Centraal Museum. This museum in Utrecht is one of my favourite art museums in the city and is the perfect place to get lost for a few hours.

Bridge across canal in the historic center of Utrecht in the evening, Netherlands

21. Naarden

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 26 minutes

Where to stay: Vesting Hotel & Restaurant

One of the best-fortified cities in The Netherlands to visit has to be Naarden. This fortified Dutch town is shaped like a star and will bring you back in time, making it one of the top day trips from Amsterdam. Explore the town’s fortifications, wander through the streets and imagine what it must’ve been like living here hundreds of years ago. Luckily for us, it’s a lot calmer nowadays, and we can easily wander through the century-old streets without fearing an invasion. Naarden is filled with things to do, such as visiting the Vestingmuseum, where you will learn interesting facts about the city and its shape.

Find a full article on what to do in Naarden here.

A view on the fortifications and main city in the bastion fort town of Naarden, The Netherlands

22. Aalsmeer

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: Hotel Restaurant de Jonge Heertjes

If you’re looking for more things to do outside of Amsterdam, visiting Aalsmeer is a great idea. Not only because you can find the Westeinderplassen here, which are part of the lake district, but there’s more. Aalsmeer is primarily famous for flowers and mainly for selling them. The world’s largest flower auction is found in Aalsmeer and is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam if you want to see the hectic world behind the flowers at your local florist. It’s truly a wild, wild world, and I can guarantee that it will blow your mind.

View on top of flowers in bunches in the worlds largest flower auction in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

23. Tulips

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: Slot Hotel Schagen

People often think that they can find tulips and windmills in Amsterdam, but I have to disappoint most of you. You can indeed find a few Dutch windmills in Amsterdam, such as at Brouwerij ‘t IJ, but you can only see many tulips in Amsterdam during National Tulip Day. Besides that, flower pots with tulips spread throughout Amsterdam during spring, but that’s it. There are no tulip fields located in the city of Amsterdam; you need to go well outside the city to see tulips.

It’s possible to be disappointed by that matter, but I’m here to help, remember? So, I will tell you where you can find the best tulip fields without tourists in The Netherlands: the Noord- Holland province. Heading to this part of The Netherlands will be one of the best tulip tours from Amsterdam.

Find a full article on where to find Dutch tulip fields in Noord (North)- Holland here.

aerial view of tulip fields in The Netherlands (Noord North Holland) during sunrise in spring

24. Zuiderwoude

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 53 minutes

Where to stay: Bed & Breakfast ARKEN AE

Zuiderwoude is the perfect little village to walk around for a bit, just a bit, as it’s tiny. But, it’s the ultimate place to go to if you’re looking to destress and get a breath of fresh air. Its surroundings are beautiful too, so if you’re done exploring all the streets in the village, you can continue exploring the rest of this part of the countryside near Amsterdam. Don’t forget to visit a tea garden either: Theetuin en theeschenkerij ‘t Einde is perfect for a bit of exploration break. It’s definitely one of the best day trips from Amsterdam, and I can guarantee that you’ll be recharged by the end of the day.

View on the village of Zuiderwoude and its Dutch wooden houses
Photo by Jeroen Stroes/ Flickr

25. Leiden

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 36 minutes

Where to stay: De Doelen

The city of Leiden is one of those picturesque Dutch cities that feels small but is rather significant if you compare it to other cities in The Netherlands. If you’re looking for a quieter city to visit, especially in comparison to Amsterdam, then Leiden is a great place to travel to. Not only is Leiden filled with incredible monuments, such as the castle of Leiden, which is one of the oldest in The Netherlands and roughly dates back to the 12th and 13th century.

But Leiden is more than its pretty buildings, charming streets and photogenic canals. One of my favourite things to do in Leiden is visit museums because you can find some of the best museums in The Netherlands within one city. If you’re interested in archaeology, the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is perfect for visiting or visit the Museum De Lakenhal, which is the art museum of Leiden. You can easily turn this day trip into two-day trips from Amsterdam as there are so many landmarks and highlights to explore in Leiden.

a view on a dutch canal and old brick canal houses in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands

26. Holysloot

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 47 minutes cycling

Where to stay: There is no accommodation in Holysloot, the nearest is in Ransdorp at  Amsterdam Farmland

Holysloot is a tiny village, but it’s great if you’re in Amsterdam and looking for nearby places. It’s one of the best places to visit nearby Amsterdam if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation moment. Not only is it located on a beautiful piece of water, but you can also rent a boat in Holysloot to enjoy it in the best possible way. It’s not too bad to spend a lovely day in the calm and pretty Dutch countryside. There is a lot to explore in Amsterdam and around the city, and Holysloot is one of those parts.

Find a full article on what to do in Holysloot here.

a view on the hamlet of Holysloot nearby Amsterdam

27. Uitdam

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 53 minutes

Where to stay: 

While Uitdam is a small village, it is also home to one of the most unique experiences in The Netherlands and one of Amsterdam and its nearby attractions. One of the things you need to do in Uitdam is rent a camping raft and sail around the town’s picturesque villages. Not only will you be able to experience the Amsterdam wetlands in the best possible way, but you will also spend the night out in nature on the raft.

I can also highly recommend you visit theetuin Uitdam, or tea garden Uitdam, for a relaxing moment. It’s located on a sheep farm, and if the owners are there, they will often show you their farm if they have time and if you’re interested. The terrace of the tea garden is opened during beautiful weekend days, but their indoor place is opened more often.

And, you can also rent a boat in Uitdam there: I would recommend you reserve a boat in advance via their mobile telephone number. Also, they have homemade ice cream here, and you cannot leave the farm without trying it. Generally, the tea garden, terrace and ice cream sale is opened at the following times: Monday (12:30- 17:00), Tuesday- Thursday (14:00- 17:00), Friday (12:30- 17:00), Saturday- Sunday (10:30 -17:00).

Aerial from the traditional village Uitdam at the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands at sunset

28. Hilversum

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 20 minutes

Where to stay: Gooiland Hotel

Hilversum is a media town, meaning: most of the broadcasters of Dutch television are found in Hilversum. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do here; in fact, I find that there are many things you can do in Hilversum. And they are things that you won’t find anywhere else, making this one of the best places to visit around Amsterdam. If you want to explore some museums in Hilversum, then I can recommend you to go to Museum Hilversum, Beeld en Geluid and Dudok Architectuur Centrum. You can even go on a helicopter sightseeing flight over The Netherlands from Hilversum.

One of the other things you need to do in Hilversum is to visit the Siertuin Gooilust. Gooilust is a beautiful estate in the Hilversum area and is filled with incredible sights. There are tons of rare trees, and they have a ‘siertuin’, or ornamental garden. This walled garden is filled with beautiful plants and is roughly opened from mid-March until mid-November on Thursday and Saturday from 13:00- 16:30. It can be visited for free, but a donation is more than appreciated. 

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View on a Dutch forest, with green blooming trees and brown leaves on the forest floor

29. Woerden

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 39 minutes

Where to stay: Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden

Woerden is the only town in The Netherlands where they still hold a real cheese market and do not reenact it. I would highly recommend you visit the cheese market in Woerden, but that’s not all you have to do in Woerden. Because Woerden is located in -what we call- the cheese valley in The Netherlands. A lot of Dutch cheese is made in this area, and Woerden is the perfect location to learn more about cheese. At the Woerden cheese experience, you will get all the information you need and get behind the scenes about how cheese is made. If you like cheese, then this is one of the best places to visit from Amsterdam.

View on an old street in the city of Woerden

30. Defence line of Amsterdam

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: +- 30-50 minutes

Where to stay: 

One of the Unesco sites that you can find in The Netherlands is the defence line of Amsterdam. This defence line is 135 kilometres long and is home to 45 fortresses built between 1880 and 1920. It was added to the World Heritage list in The Netherlands in 1996. For anyone interested in fortresses, history and cool places: this is one of the best places to visit near Amsterdam.

You can actually explore quite a few of these fortresses, and there are also restaurants and cafes located in some of these Dutch forts. If you want to visit a Dutch fortress, I can highly recommend you visit Pampus eiland, a special fort island and can best be visited via Muiden. You can also visit Fort Abcoude on special days, which I’ve told you about in the article about Abcoude. In Fort aan de Drecht and Fort bij de Kwakel, you can find a restaurant and cafe, which is pretty cool in itself.

Man-made fort island Pampus with fortress and jetty in IJmeer lake near Amsterdam, Netherlands

31. Beemster

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 44 minutes

Where to stay: 

The Beemster area is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites you can find in The Netherlands and is an absolute dream. The Beemster Polder is one of the best examples of reclaimed land in The Netherlands, dates back to the early 17th century and has been a World Heritage site in The Netherlands since 1999.

While visiting small villages such as Westbeemster, Noordbeemster and Middenbeemster, one of the things I recommend you to do is to visit Bezoekerscentrum Beemster. This visitor’s centre of the Beemster is found in a monumental house and is the perfect place to start your visit to the Beemster. Not only can you find great cycling and walking routes here, local souvenirs and more, but in the traditional farm behind the house, you can visit a museum. Agrarisch Museum Westerhem is the perfect museum to visit in Middenbeemster as it will show you the life of the Beemster in the 1920s.

You can also visit the garden behind the house and farm, and there you can see many old fruit species in the orchard. And, don’t forget to visit the Beemster experience, where you will learn everything about the Beemster area throughout the centuries: From big lakes to polders. This is one of those places that if you ask me: ‘Where do I need to go from Amsterdam?’, and then I’ll answer the Beemster because it’s genuinely worth it.

Dike with a row of trees in the Beemster Polder, a cultural landscape located north of Amsterdam, dating from the early 17th century, and an exceptional example of reclaimed land in the Netherlands

32. Den Haag/ The Hague

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 48 minutes

Where to stay: The Collector Hotel

The city of Den Haag, or The Hague in English, is home to the Dutch parliament and the Peace Palace, and Amsterdam is one of the relatively nearby cities. Ultimately that means that Den Haag is one of The Netherlands most important cities due to its parliament, which could equal to it being boring, but Den Haag is the complete opposite of that. The Hague home to one of my favourite markets in The Netherlands (and one of the biggest in Europe!): De Haagse Markt, where you can buy incredible produce and great food.

But that’s not all you have to visit in The Hague. One activity in Den Haag that I would certainly recommend you to do is visit Kunstmuseum Den Haag. This is one of the best art museums in The Netherlands and will be one of the highlights during your trip to Den Haag. Combine everything you can see and do in The Hague, and you will get one of the best day trips from Amsterdam.

view on the Dutch parliament at night

33. Zaanse Schans/ Zaandijk

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 20 minutes

Where to stay: Boutique Hotel Zaanse Schans

If you’re looking for a traditional Dutch windmill village to visit during a day trip from Amsterdam, the Zaanse Schans is an absolute must-visit. But, just as with Volendam, I recommend you visit either early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon because the Zaanse Schans is one of the most popular places in The Netherlands to visit. However, I’d say that the Zaanse Schans is worth a visit. Not only will you find beautiful authentic wooden houses here, but also many handicraft shops that you can visit. Don’t forget to visit the Zaans Museum to learn more about the Zaan region either. This is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam if you want to see windmills.

symbol of a tradition now lost, now a mere tourist attraction. colorful windmills built of wood still overlook the water of the river of zaanse schans on which it reflects their vintage image

34. Purmerend

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 36 minutes

Where to stay: Hostel 45

Purmerend isn’t usually a town that many people tend to visit, but I truly hope it’s slowly changing. Although the historic city centre isn’t the largest, mainly around Koemarkt, Bierkade and Weerwal, Purmerend is still more than worth visiting. One of the things you need to do in Purmerend is to visit the Purmerends Museum. Here you will find out why Purmerend became the centre for Jugendstil decorative earthenware around the 1900s and learn more about the city found between the Beemster and Purmer polders. If you’re looking for tips on where to travel to from Amsterdam, then Purmerend is one of those.

Red brick facades of bars and cafes in Purmerend, Netherlands
Photo by venemama2/ Depositphotos

35. IJmuiden

Province: Noord- Holland

Travel time: 44 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel Rauw aan de Kade

The town of IJmuiden is home to one of the many Dutch beaches you can visit in the surroundings of Amsterdam, but IJmuiden also has more to offer than just its sandy beach. Not only can you see the largest sluice in the world in IJmuiden, but you can also visit one of the museums in IJmuiden: Bunkermuseum. This museum exists out of six bunkers. You will learn about how IJmuiden and ultimately Amsterdam were defended during World War 2 and see an enormous collection of items from the war. It’s generally opened every first and third Sunday between April- October from 11:00- 16:00.

Another thing I recommend you to do in IJmuiden is to go on a boat tour through the harbour of IJmuiden and the coastal area. It’s fascinating and beautiful to see this part of the town. And on special days, you can even visit fort island IJmuiden, which makes this an even more special day trip out of Amsterdam.

Find an article with tips on what to do in IJmuiden here.

view on Dutch beach at IJmuiden

36. Almere

Province: Flevoland

Travel time: 20 minutes

Where to stay: Best Western Plus Plaza Almere

Another great place to visit is the city of Almere. Now, Almere used to be a city that not many people thought highly of, but this image has been slowly turned around, and it’s now one of the cities near Amsterdam to visit. Almere is a perfect city to visit if you’re interested in seeing things such as modern Dutch architecture, street art and so on. One of the things I recommend you do in Almere is go on an architecture tour through the city of Almere and rent a bike. You can rent a bike in Almere at the VVV Almere, which is the local tourist office.

View on modern buildings in the city of Almere, The Netherlands

37. Amersfoort

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 34 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel de Gaaper

The city of Amersfoort is another one of the easy train trips from Amsterdam. This fortified Dutch city is home to an incredible city gate still primarily intact and countless other historic buildings. So, if you’re one of those people who like to imagine going back a few hundred years in time, then Amersfoort is excellent to visit. If you’re not and simply love to explore beautiful places, you should also travel to Amersfoort. The reason? Amersfoort is filled with picturesque buildings and streets, tons of cosy cafes and shops, incredible museums, and so much more. Amersfoort is definitely one of the day trips around Amsterdam that you will enjoy.

Find a full article on what to do in Amersfoort here.

A view on an old medieval city gate with a river in Amersfoort, The Netherlands



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I hope you enjoyed this article on the best day trips you can take from Amsterdam. Whether you were looking for cities close to Amsterdam to visit or day trips from Amsterdam in spring, there should be something for everyone on this list. It’s really easy to go on tours from Amsterdam, as there are so many amazing day trips near Amsterdam. I hope you have gotten some new information and tips on where to go from Amsterdam by train and maybe even some weekend getaways from Amsterdam inspiration. Share this post!

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