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off the beaten path things to do in Amsterdam local | Cities to visit Noord-Holland, Netherlands | Visiting The Dutch Countryside

I have never met anyone who didn’t know Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city within the province of Noord-Holland and is the capital of The Netherlands. Remember, Amsterdam is not the capital of the province Noord-Holland, Haarlem is. Amsterdam currently houses around 850.000 people, which is a lot for any city within The Netherlands.

The entire canal belt a Unesco World Heritage site and that makes Amsterdam a truly beautiful city to visit. While everyone knows the ‘standard’ places such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam has more places to offer. Here you will find off the beaten path, hidden and secret places within Amsterdam when it comes to food, things to do or see and places to stay.

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off the beaten path things to do in Amsterdam local | Cities to visit Noord-Holland, Netherlands | Visiting The Dutch Countryside
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