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13 x Best & Cheapest Hostels And Campings In Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Budget-Friendly Dorms & Hostels In Amsterdam Under 35 Euros A Night!

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Are you looking for the best and cheapest hostels in Amsterdam? Then you will be glad you clicked on this article. But here you will find the cheapest dorm rooms, campings and places to stay in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam and budget friendly accommodation don’t go hand in hand. I found 13 of the most budget-friendly accommodation in Amsterdam under 35 euros a night. From backpackers who want to stay in the best and cheapest dorms in Amsterdam, to campings in Amsterdam. You will find the cheapest accommodation in Amsterdam here.

I noticed that many people have issues with Amsterdam and affordable accommodation, as I have gotten quite a few emails from people who wondered if I had suggestions.

I did some research for the ones who are having a hard time finding budget places to stay in the capital city of The Netherlands. The price starts at 11 euros a night, up to a maximum of 35 euros a night. So here it is. The 13 best budget-friendly accommodation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that you will ever find.

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for price changes. Throughout the seasons the prices of hostels and bed and breakfasts fluctuate. High season, especially the month of July, is incredibly expensive. And the hostel that is sometimes 13 euros, goes up to even 54 euros. All places that I’ve written down offer Wi-Fi and have friendly staff. You will find backpackers in every hostel on this list, so if you’re worried about not meeting people. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

The best & cheapest hostels and dorms for a small budget in Amsterdam

Dutchies Hostel 

This hostel is nearby Amsterdam Sloterdijk and located in the neighbourhood of Bos and Lommer, which is a very mixed neighbourhood with many nationalities. That means you will also find a great Moroccan bakery a few minutes walking at Gulden Winckelplantsoen 44 (street).

There is good Wi-Fi in Dutchies Hostel, lockers are available, and the building is non-smoking as all other buildings in The Netherlands. There are several trams- and bus stops nearby that will take you into the city centre with 10-15 minutes. It’s a great budget hostel in Amsterdam.

Price: The price is anywhere between 13 euros and 54 euros. 54 euros has been found during the absolute high of the high season in July. For a stay within your budget, you’ll prefer the month of November, as the price decreases to 13 euros.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Address: Sara Burgerhartstraat 21a, 1055 KV Amsterdam

Wow Amsterdam Hostel 

The Wow Amsterdam Hostel is located nearby Dutchies Hostel and a 13-minute walk from train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. You can also take the tram for one stop and walk the final part. There are several trams- and bus stops near Wow Amsterdam Hostel that will take you into the city centre with 10-15 minutes.

Breakfast is included as well as good Wi-Fi. You are able to rent bicycles on-site.

Price: The lowest price I was able to find is 17 euros a night in November. However, during July it is 27 euros.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Address: Wiltzanghlaan 60, 1061 HC, Amsterdam

Via Amsterdam 

Via Amsterdam is located in the area of Diemen. The area is perfectly fine and there is enough public transportation in the surroundings of the hostel. You can take a train or even metro to the city centre. Breakfast is not included for the price. Breakfast is 6,50 euros extra.

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Price: The lowest price I was able to find was 14 euros, the highest 37 euros.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Address: 20 Diemerhof Via Amsterdam, 1112 XN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Bucket list| Off the beaten path things to do Amsterdam local | Budget places dorms to stay Amsterdam Netherlands

The Flying Pig Uptown

The Flying Pig Uptown is known for its friendly staff and a lot, a lot of backpackers. Breakfast is not included in the price, this costs 3 euros. The location of this hostel is perfect as the Vondelpark and the museum square are around the corner. This is one of the hostels that offers cheap accommodation in the Amsterdam city centre.

Price: The prices at The Flying Pig increase and decrease a lot. The cheapest price I’ve seen was 23 euros. The highest, 90 euros.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Vossiusstraat 46,

1071 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

A&O Amsterdam Zuid Oost 

A&O is a hotel and hostel in one, but with huge price differences. If you don’t have much money I’d prefer the hostel. The location is pretty okay as it’s located nearby the Johan Cruijff Arena, and you can take public transport (metro) to get further into the city centre. Breakfast is 8 euros.

Price: The prices at A&O Amsterdam Zuid Oost start at 31 euros.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Hogehilweg 22,
1101 CD Amsterdam

Generator Amsterdam 

This hostel is located near one of my most favourite areas of Amsterdam, De Pijp. The area is vibrant and has lots of nice cafes and bars. The Oosterpark is also nearby. Public transport is everywhere, so arriving and leaving Generator hostel in Amsterdam is no problem. This immediately makes Generator one of the best places to stay in Amsterdam on a budget, but also one of the best hostels in Amsterdam.

Price: Starts at 18 euros.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Mauritskade 57,
1092 AD Amsterdam

Clicknoord Hostel

This hostel is located in the Amsterdam Noord area. Within ten minutes you’ll arrive in the middle of Amsterdam. There is a short ferry ride needed as you need to cross the IJ river. However, this one is free and runs 24/7. Breakfast is not included in the price.

Price: The prices at Clicknoord Hostel in Amsterdam start at 18 euros but fluctuate as with any other budget hostel in Amsterdam.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.

Badhuiskade 3,
1031 KV Amsterdam

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St Christopher’s inn at the Winston

Another relatively cheap hostel that is located in the centre of Amsterdam, this time near the Royal Palace and Dam square. This hostel sells out quick because of its great location. The dorms in this hostel in Amsterdam are great and makes for some good affordable accommodation in Amsterdam.

Price: The cheapest price I’ve seen at St. Christopher’s in Amsterdam is 32 euros, the price goes up to 59 in July.

Click here to see the current prices and availability.


Warmoesstraat 129,
1012 JA Amsterdam

Lucky lake hostel Vinkeveen

This hostel is definitely one of a kind. It is not located in Amsterdam, but Vinkeveen which is the heart of the Dutch countryside. It’s around 30 minutes from the city centre of Amsterdam. There is a free shuttle bus from the hostel to Amsterdam and back. Keep in mind that they open from April until September. This is one of the best hostels in the Amsterdam region. Although it’s not in Amsterdam, this hostel is a budget hostel outside Amsterdam. And it is one of the best places to stay in the surroundings of Amsterdam on a budget.

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Price: The Lucky Lake Hostel price is around 32 euros a night. Have a look at their website for more information.

Vinkenkade 75
3645 AP Vinkeveen

Amsterdam during autumn | Where to stay in Amsterdam on a budget | Bucketlist experiences Amsterdam Netherlands

The best camping’s in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Camping hostel Amsterdam Amsterdamse Bos

This is a camping and hostel in one. Camping Hostel Amsterdam is one of the best places you can stay in Amsterdam. It is located in the Amsterdamse Bos, or, the Amsterdam forest. The area is incredible and with the metro, you’re in the centre of Amsterdam in no time.

Price: For the cheapest spot you will pay 35 euro a night for a cabin during low season and 45 euros a night during high season. You do have to stay for at least two or three nights at this camping. The prices don’t fluctuate for the camping’s in Amsterdam that I have included on this list.

So, if you’re looking for New Year or Christmas accommodation, these are the cheapest spots of Amsterdam. Not every camping opens 365 days a year, some open in March and close in October.

Camping Hostel Amsterdam
‘Het Amsterdamse Bos’
Kleine Noorddijk 1
1187 NZ Amstelveen
The Netherlands

Camping Vliegenbos 

At Camping Vliegenbos there are cabins available, or places that you can put up your tents. For the cabins, a minimum stay of two nights is enforced. Camping Vliegenbos is located in Amsterdam Noord (North), and only a 15-minute walk from the free pond to the centre of Amsterdam.

The best thing about this camping is that it is located in the middle of a 25 acres forest. You can choose the crowds and not set a foot outside your hostel of b&b and will be swallowed by the crowds. The price includes the use of showers, tourist fee, and Wi-Fi. This is one of the cheapest ways to stay in Amsterdam.

Price: 12 euros a night during the high season and weekends for a place for a tent for one person. During the low season, the price is 10 euros. The cabins are more expensive.

Camping Vliegenbos Amsterdam
Meeuwenlaan 138
1022 AM Amsterdam

At the next camping’s you can only get a spot when you either have a tent, caravan or camper. However, you could always buy a cheap tent at Decathlon, for instance, to save some money on the accommodation costs if you’re planning on staying in the area of Amsterdam for longer than a few days. It makes the accommodation in Amsterdam suddenly a lot more affordable and budget friendly.

Gaasper Camping 

This camping is only 15 minutes from the city centre of Amsterdam and very cheap as well. You can even rent bicycles at this camping to explore Amsterdam or the surroundings of the area. This great camping in Amsterdam is located almost in the Gaasper park. This is a city park with meadows, lakes, dunes and one of the best beaches of Amsterdam.

Price: The prices for a spot for your tent start at 10,25 during the low season and 12,25 during the high season.

Gaasper Camping Amsterdam
Loosdrechtdreef 7
1108 AZ Amsterdam

Camping De Badhoeve 

Camping De Badhoeve is another camping in Amsterdam and one that is located between lakes. It has the Kinselmeer on one side and the Amsterdam Ijmeer on the other side. This makes it a perfect location for water sports. This camping is just ten minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam.

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Price: The prices at Camping De Badhoeve start at 11 euros for a place for your tent.

Camping de Badhoeve
Uitdammerdijk 10
1026 CP Amsterdam

The best and cheapest bed & breakfast in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For the cheapest and best B&B’s, I would recommend you go to Budget places, click here.

If you still think these prices are too expensive and are out of your budget, then Couchsurfing in Amsterdam is your only option.













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I hope this article was useful for you and that you found budget hostels or campings in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If there is any cheap hostel or B&B that I missed, let me know! Are you interested in more information about Amsterdam? Click here for 49 interesting facts about this beautiful city. Have a look here for the page with more information about Amsterdam. Share this post!!

2 thoughts on “13 x Best & Cheapest Hostels And Campings In Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Budget-Friendly Dorms & Hostels In Amsterdam Under 35 Euros A Night!

  1. Thank you for this article! So, do you think that hostels/hotels are generally better to book than Airbnbs in Amsterdam?

    1. You’re very welcome! I definitely think that hostels and hotels are way better than Airbnbs.

      Also because we have a housing crisis, and Airbnb is one of the companies that doesn’t make it easier for people to live in Amsterdam. In fact, entire neighbourhoods were filled with more tourists than locals thanks to Airbnb. Luckily, the council of Amsterdam has made some changes and people now can only rent their room, or house, for a small amount of time and they need to report their Airbnb to the council, but not all rooms that you will find on Airbnb have done that.

      Some are illegal and Airbnb isn’t working together with the council to go against this. Nowadays, the council works together with locals to report illegal Airbnbs. If you stay in one that is illegal and people have reported it, the chances are that you will be set on the streets with no place to stay and the house owner gets a massive fine amongst other things. There’s, unfortunately, no way to find out which ones are illegal and which ones aren’t.

      I hope this helps!


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