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Things to do in De Rijp: What to do in one of the most beautiful villages of The Netherlands & Holland

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One of the most beautiful small towns of The Netherlands: De Rijp. Here you can see one of the canals and most beautiful streets of De Rijp and its traditional fishing houses.
Explore one of the most beautiful small towns of The Netherlands. De Rijp is a fishing village in Noord- Holland and has many things to do. Discover what to do and see in De Rijp and its surroundings in one day.

De Rijp is a beautiful fishing village in the province of Noord- Holland, The Netherlands, and De Rijp is filled with things to do. Although it’s a very small town, you can easily spend one day in De Rijp and its surroundings as there are many things you can do in De Rijp and its surroundings. The reason for that is that De Rijp is surrounded by nature reserves, canals and lakes. Thus during the beautiful summer weather in The Netherlands, one of the things you have to do in Noord- Holland is renting a boat and going through the area of De Rijp, but more about that below.

De Rijp is one of the most underrated places of The Netherlands and not often visited, just yet. So if you’re looking for picturesque places and hidden gems to visit in The Netherlands, then you’ll De Rijp. There are not hundreds of things to do in De Rijp, but as I’ve said before, you can still spend 24 hours in the surroundings of De Rijp.

Here you will discover all the activities and must do’s of De Rijp, as well as learn about the history and find the best places to stay.

History of De Rijp

The beautiful village of De Rijp, Noord- Holland, dates back to the 13th century and its name refers to the river banks. De Rijp is located on the Southern part of the dike that was places around the Schermereiland (Schermer island that is land right now). In the 17th, 18th and 19th century the town of De Rijp was economically flourishing, mainly because of whaling, herring fishing and the processing of hemp.

Whaling in De Rijp became important to its economy after the herring fishing incomes were in a downwards spiral. The last whaling expedition took place in 1798.

The main important historical event that took place in De Rijp is the big fire from the night of the 6th to the 7th of January 1654. It started in a mill that was used to process hemp, but spread very quickly. Within no time more than 400 houses were destroyed and firefighters were working a week long because the fire was starting to relight more than once. There were no victims and the village was quickly rebuilt.

But the entire damage was more than 700 houses, 100 warehouses with oil, hemp & tar and much more. Only the church that dates back to 1529 and the raadhuis (town hall) from 1630 were still standing. You can see a painting about the fire by Egbert van der Poel in the Museum In ‘t Houten huis, which is one of the museums you have to visit in De Rijp.

As of right now, De Rijp is a lovely town that brings you back to centuries ago. Friendly people, cuddly cats, picturesque buildings, some canals and a beautiful surrounding. The entire town of De Rijp has around 4000 inhabitants, but the beautiful part has way less than that.

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One of the most beautiful small towns of The Netherlands: De Rijp. Here you can see one of the canals and most beautiful streets of De Rijp and its traditional fishing houses.

Things to do in De Rijp, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands

From must do’s to the best hotels in De Rijp. And from the best place to rent a boat to great restaurants in De Rijp. You’ll find all of that information, and more, below. If you’re interested in discovering more off the beaten path places in The Netherlands click here.

Best hotels in De Rijp

One of the things you always hear me say is that it’s best to spend an entire day in a place (meaning a full 24 hours). Although De Rijp is small, it’s a great and typical Dutch town in The Netherlands where you can sit back and relax. So if you’re looking to get away from the crowds in The Netherlands, a perfect place to do so is De Rijp. You won’t find that many hotels, B&b’s or other accommodation in De Rijp, but there are definitely some.

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B&B Het Pakhuys: Check prices & availability via

Westeindelijk: Check prices & availability via

‘t Doktershuis: Check prices & availability via

Bed & Bike De Rijp: Check prices & availability via

One of the most beautiful small towns of The Netherlands: De Rijp. Here you can see one of the canals and most beautiful streets of De Rijp and its traditional fishing houses. You see a small the back of some canal houses that are painted green blueish and a small part of the canals.

What to do in De Rijp: Cool activities, must sees and other things to do

Start with a walking tour through the village of De Rijp and discover its secrets

As I’ve said before, De Rijp is small. But even though it’s small, it’s incredibly cute and is a breathtaking village in The Netherlands. And what’s a better way to explore this village than by foot? There is no better way. If you’re looking for things to do in De Rijp, then this one is an absolute must.

I would recommend you to first go for a quick bite or drink in one of the cafes of De Rijp before you start your little walking tour of this town. From the small centre you will start your little walking tour of De Rijp at the tourism office, or VVV office, of De Rijp.

A view of the top part of the houses of De Rijp and the main church which can be found in the middle

One of the most important streets of De Rijp. You have canal houses on both sides of the street and see the Grote Kerk (main important church) of De Rijp in the far distance surrounded with trees

This is located inside the most beautiful building of this old Dutch town, the town hall that dates back to 1630. Pay attention to the coat of arms on the town hall as well. It refers to the main industry of De Rijp: two herrings. While the vvv office can be found here, the rest of the town hall can only be visited with a guide. 

And how do you get a guide? Well, if you’re with a group of at least 10 people you can hire a guide in De Rijp via this Dutch website. Unfortunately, if you are with less people you will be screwed.

Which means you won’t get to see the fire hose that was used in the big fire of De Rijp, nor see the closet Jan Adriaanszn. Leeghwater had to make before people agreed to let him design the town hall, or one of the only paintings of Jan Adriaanszn. Leeghwater. But okay, my frustration set aside, let’s start with the walking tour. From the tourist office of De Rijp we walk to Kleine Dam 2.

From here you walk into the direction of the St Bonifatius church. Just before you arrive there you go to the left into the Langebrugspad. From here walk to the Venbuurt, continue to Vlaander and Keizerbuurt. Go to the right and walk to Zuideinde and then you will see a beautiful bridge called Lievelandsbrug. From here you turn around to head back to the centre of De Rijp.

When you pass the Grote Kerk, go to the right into the street called Tuingracht. This is one of the most beautiful streets of De Rijp. From the Tuingracht you go into the Rolderspad and follow the Havenstraat and Zeilmakerspad to get to the Kralingergracht. Here you will cross a bridge to Oosteinde and Rechtestraat. Walk untill you see the town hall again and you’ve finished your walking tour through De Rijp.

Click here for a full map of De Rijp, including best restaurants, monuments, museums and more.

The top part of the town hall of De Rijp photographed with the white bridge in front of them

Visit the museums of De Rijp

If you’re looking for answers on ‘what to do in De Rijp’, then visiting a museum has to be on your list of things to do in this beautiful town in Noord- Holland. There are two museums (besides the town hall that can only be visited on a group tour) that you can visit in De Rijp. These museums are: Museum Jan Boon and Museum In ‘t Houten Huis.

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Museum In ‘t Houten Huis is a museum in De Rijp about the history of De Rijp and the Schermer island. You will learn everything about their forms of fishing, why the houses are built and shaped the way that they are and plenty of more. This museum is one of the main attractions and must sees of De Rijp, so be sure to bring it a visit.

Opening times Museum In ’t Houten Huis

June, July & August: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 17:00

September- Mid October: Tuesday – Sunday 13:00 – 17:00

Mid October – Mid April: Sunday 13:00 – 17:00

Mid April – End of May: Tuesday – Sunday 13:00 – 17:00

Admission fees

Adults 4,50

Museum card: Free

The ticket is also valid for Raadhuis Graft (town hall in the village of Graft)


Tuingracht 13, 1483 AP De Rijp

The top part of Museum in t houten huis in De Rijp. You see a lattern on the left side and the house itself is painted in the blue-green colour that many houses in De Rijp, The Netherlands, has

Museum Jan Boon

Jan Boon was one of the prominent inhabitants of De Rijp and a successful businessman. His ships sailed to, as far as, South America to sell products such as skin, cow hair, cheese and dozens of other products. He didn’t have any children, so in his testament he wrote that the biggest part of his money had to go back into the community of De Rijp. And it did. There are new exhibitions every month, which makes this museum even more interesting.

Opening times

May until October: Saturday & Sunday from 13:00 – 17:00

Admission fee



Rechtestraat 146-148, De Rijp

Rent a boat and discover one of the most beautiful nature reserves of The Netherlands & Holland

One of the most stunning nature reserves of The Netherlands near Amsterdam is the Eilandspolder. This area is surrounding a big part of the small town of De Rijp, The Netherlands, and exists out of little islands that are surrounded by water. So there’s not better way to discover this nature reserve then by boat.

You have several options when you’re looking for rental boats in De Rijp as there are two companies that have rental boats that are allowed into the area of Eilandspolder.

Het Ouweland is the first company. One hour of rental will set you back 23 euros and you can also buy a filled picnic basket for during your little boat trip.

De Gouw is the second company and one hour will set you back 22 euros. They also offer bike rental. Here they also have bigger boats that you can rent, which is perfect if you want to visit the Alkmaardermeer (Lake of Alkmaar) for instance.

Rent a boat in De Rijp. There are blue rental boats seen in the foreground and in the background you will see water that is part of De Eilandspolder nature reserve in The Netherlands as well as little islands with grass and trees

Explore the surroundings of De Rijp by board: Supping in De Rijp

If you’re interested in a supping class or a trip through the area of De RIjp, then that will set you back 20 euros for one hour. You can also rent a sup if you’re already proficient in supping. This will cost you 12,50 per hour. If you’re renting a board, keep in mind that you have to bring a valid id.

They prefer to get paid in cash and if you want to cancel the class or rent, then you’d have to say so at more than 24 hours before said class or rent. If not, you’ll have to pay the full price online. When participating in a class or renting a board, you have to be a strong swimmer.

For more information about supping in the area of De Rijp, visit this Dutch website. Sent an email to the email address that is placed on the bottom of their website for reservations and further information.

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Eilandspolder nature reserve in Noord- Holland, The Netherlands. You see trees on the right side in the beginning of their bloom and water in the fore and background.

Discover the smallest shop of The Netherlands in Graft

Nearby De Rijp you will find the small village of De Graft which houses the smallest candy store of The Netherlands. It has been closed for years, but has opened up its doors again. The shop is only 5 square meters and the shop itself was first opened in 1890. The shop is called Bram en Aagie and they are opened from second Easter day until the 1st of October from Wednesday until Sunday 12:00 – 17:00. Buy all the traditional Dutch candy you can find and you will have the perfect Dutch souvenir.

You can find Bram en Aagie at the following address:

Raadhuisstraat 21
1484 EN Graft

Where to eat and best restaurants in De Rijp

Although De Rijp is pretty small, you can still find quite some restaurants and eateries here. From small lunch cafes to restaurants. My favourite restaurants in De Rijp are Bij Ernst, De Reghter, Het Wapen van Munster and Oudejans. When you sit in these restaurants you will understand why I like them so much. Not only do they have great food, but they all give me this cosy feeling which I prefer to get inside a restaurant.

Houses in De Rijp

How to get to De Rijp

It’s very easy to get to De Rijp by public transport, although it doesn’t run often. The busses mainly run once an hour, but you won’t mind to wait a little as the bus brings you through a spectacular and typical Dutch landscape to De Rijp.

From Amsterdam: To get from Amsterdam to De Rijp you have to take EBS Bus 305 in the direction De Rijp & Purmerend from Amsterdam Central station. This bus runs twice an hour. It will take around 50 minutes to get to De Rijp from Amsterdam.

From Alkmaar: Take bus 123 from Alkmaar station in the direction of Alkmaar Station (This is not a typo). Get out at Wollandje, De Rijp. From here it’s a short walk to the village. From Alkmaar to De Rijp will take you around 32 minutes.


You can spend one full day in De Rijp and its surroundings with the things I’ve listed above. De Rijp is a beautiful village and is definitely worth a visit. If you’re planning on discovering more of the province of Noord- Holland, be sure to visit Alkmaar for at least one day. But also have a look at the best cheese markets of The Netherlands, such as the cheese markets in Alkmaar and Hoorn.

I would also recommend you to spend one day or half a day in Hoorn. And click here when you’re looking for some beautiful Dutch beaches to visit in Noord- Holland. When it’s summer there are plenty of more things to do in The Netherlands than going to the best. Discover the top and most fun things to do in The Netherlands during summer here.

The last place in Noord-Holland you must visit is the fortified town of Naarden. There are plenty of things you can do here and it’s nearby Amsterdam as well!

Are you visiting the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, but want to discover the secrets of Amsterdam? Then you should definitely have a look at this 2 day itinerary for Amsterdam. Here you’ll discover the courtyards of Amsterdam and even villages! And don’t forget to explore a small part of Amsterdam with a small group tour, I went on a semi-private tour through Amsterdam and it was pretty great to say the least. Share this post!

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