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19 Things To Do In Wieringen: Visit And Travel To A Former Dutch Island In The North Of The Netherlands

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The vatrop nature reserve on the former Dutch island Wieringen, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands
Do you want to experience the island life in The Netherlands, but don’t want to actually go to an island? Then the former Dutch island of Wieringen is perfect to visit. There are many things to do in Wieringen and you will discover what to do here.

Wieringen island is one of the best places in The Netherlands to discover the countryside. You’ll find that there are plenty of things to do in Wieringen and the polder next to the former Dutch island of Wieringen. Admire some of the beautiful villages in The Netherlands and the Dutch countryside. You will discover small towns, plus things to do and see in places such as Den Oever.

Wieringen is located in the top of the province of Noord (North)- Holland and is filled with things to do and see. It’s an easy day or weekend trip from Amsterdam where you can discover nature and top places to visit in The Netherlands.
Whether you want to spend one day in Wieringen or a weekend, the must do’s and sees in Wieringen are endless. Find the what things you need to see and do in Wieringen, a Dutch island, in the Kop van Noord- Holland region below. Discover exactly how you should spend a relaxing weekend, or 24 hours, in Wieringen.

The former Dutch island stretches from the town of Den Oever in the East to the Amstelmeer (lake) in the west. And from the Amstelmeerkanaal in the South the beginning of the Wadden Sea in the North. While it’s not an island anymore, it’s not hard to imagine what it would’ve looked like. Below you will find some of my favourite secret places in The Netherlands and how to get around the former island. Plus some of the best scenery in The Netherlands and plenty of reasons why The Netherlands countryside is worth to travel to.

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Things to do in Wieringen, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands

Wieringen is one of the places in The Netherlands that used to be an island. You might wonder how this works. How does an island become, well, not an island? In The Netherlands, we call this ‘inpolderen’. We build dykes around an area, pump the water away with windmills (or nowadays electric pumps), wait for the soil to shrink because the water is gone and the water expanded the soil, plant grass or other plants, remove those plants, built houses or farms and voila. You have new land.

So nowadays, because Wieringen isn’t Wieringen Island anymore, it’s way easier to get to this beautiful area in The Netherlands. It’s a mesmerizing area, that feels so different from most parts in The Netherlands. The island feel hasn’t left Wieringen. Discover the archaic landscape that was formed during the last ice age, experience the Viking history of the island and witness the most beautiful sunset in The Netherlands. In Wieringen you will find everything you’re searching for when you’re looking for relaxing and scenic places in The Netherlands.

Note: I recommend you to bring some cash to Wieringen as many companies that I’ve included for activities don’t have card machines.

History, things to know and facts about Wieringen

Wieringen is located next to the Afsluitdijk and in the top of North Holland. The name Wieringen refers to to the old Frisian word of wîr, which means height. The current name was first found in writings in 1184. Wieringen was connected to land until the early Middle Ages, but because of several big floods the land was washed away, and the island of Wieringen remained.

Wieringen has also been attacked by the Vikings, which first happened in 810, but increased immensely in the second half of the 9th century. In 1996, a silver treasure was found near the village of Westerklief. And after research, it has become known that the area of Westerklief was a base camp for Danish Vikings in the 9th century. The treasure exists out of around 1,7 kilograms of coins, jewellery and plenty of more. It can be seen in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in the city in Zuid- Holland, Leiden. Wieringen got its city rights as one of the last areas in Noord- Holland in 1432. Many different tribes have occupied Wieringen. From the Frisians to the Vikings. And from the Geuzen to stadtholders. During the time of the Dutch East India Company, the western part of the island was used as a quarantine area for seamen who came back from the east. The history of Wieringen was a whirlwind.

In 1924, the island of Wieringen was forever changed. The Amsteldiep and Ulkediep were closed off by the Amsteldiepdyke, which is also nicknamed the short closing dyke (short Afsluitdijk). In 1930 the eastern Wieringermeerdijk in the former Zuiderzee (southern sea) was finished, and that meant that the polder the Wieringermeer that bordered the island of Wieringen was also completed. The Afsluitdijk was finished in 1932 and connected the former island of Wieringen with the province of Friesland. The Afsluitdijk starts at the town of Den Oever, which is the most Eastern town on the old Dutch island.

Landscape, nature and beauty in Wieringen, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands

The landscape of Wieringen island is also fascinating. It was mainly shaped during the second last Ice Age and the oldest part of the island was created around 120.000 years ago. It’s interesting to note how the nature on this Dutch island is so different from the humanmade polder that lies at the southern part of the former island. The roads are curved on Wieringen, both the landscape and nature differ significantly from the neighbouring polder. The island is quite a bit higher than the polder as it was lifted by ice during the Saalien. At Westerland, it’s even 12 meters above sea level; the neighbouring polders are between 2-3 meters below sea level.

Fun fact about Wieringen: It was together with the famous Dutch island of Texel one island in the last between glacial period. In the past ice age, Wieringen was separated from Texel and connected to its surroundings of sandbanks and marsh grounds. Rising temperatures during the last ice age meant that the sea level was rising, which meant that it covered a big part of the Western Netherlands with water. Then after a long time and a lot of sedimentation plus explosive peat growth Wieringen, the island was connected to the mainland again. During the late Middle Ages, Wieringen returned as an island after several severe floods and storms that washed away the land.
North of the town of Stroe and West of the village of Westerland you can find small cliffs and natural leeves. The combination of morainic hills and cliffs is scarce in The Netherlands and Wieringen is one of the three places you can see this.

You will see quite a few erratic boulders around Wieringen that were taken from Scandinavia and a part of the Baltic States. They’re mostly made from granite, quartzite and flint. Some of these boulders contain fossils. You will often see deep parallel scratches that come from the old glacier. These erratic boulders were used for many things. During funerals, to use as a weight on fishing nets, as land boundaries etc..

Old, traditional farmhouse on former Dutch island of Wieringen, 1,5 hour north of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Where to stay in Wieringen

If you’re searching for places to stay in the area of Wieringen, then this part will be beneficial for you. From the best B&B’s in Den Oever to the best hotels in Hippolytushoef. And from the most mesmerizing view on the Wadden Sea when you wake up to waking up in a hotel or B&B to the tranquil sounds of the Dutch countryside. When you’re looking for where to stay in The Netherlands countryside, then the best accommodation in the Wieringen area can be found here.

Het Huis van de Wadden, check prices here

Wad Leuk!, check prices here

Auberge het Stamineeke, check prices here

Holiday Home Wiringhervilla 4, check prices here

Best restaurants in Wieringen

As the Wieringen island doesn’t exist out of just one town, there are several excellent restaurants to enjoy a tasty meal. Whether you’re interested in some more island-style Dutch food, which includes seafood, or a regular meal, these restaurants in Wieringen are great.

  • Mieke’s eten en drinken in the town of Hippolytushoef
  • Eeterij Ongder de Kukel in the town of Hippolytushoef
  • Restaurant De Zingende Wielen in the town of Den Oever

1. Visit the Flora & Visserijdagen

A great event to visit on the island of Wieringen, The Netherlands, in August is the Flora & Visserijdagen, or the flora & fishery day in the Dutch town of Den Oever. From the 21st of August until the 24th of August 2020 you will be able to learn everything about the North Sea and the species living here. Try traditional Dutch seafood, sail on a traditional fishing vessel and discover many other things to do in the harbour of Den Oever.
If you’re visiting The Netherlands on a budget, then this festival in Noord- Holland is also great to visit as it has free entry. Besides that, on Monday you can sail on a traditional Dutch fishing boat for free and afterwards taste some free fried Dutch fish. During this event, there’s also a funfair in the village of Den Oever. Don’t forget to watch the performances in the harbour of Den Oever either.

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2. Explore nature reserves in Wieringen

As Wieringen is a former island between the Wadden Sea and previous Zuiderzee, it was formed by the tides and by the climates. The led to a magical landscape in Wieringen. Admire the green areas,  winding roads, wooded copses, historical farms and beautiful Dutch villages. The nature reserves in Wieringen are truly something special. They have a landscape that can not be found anywhere else in The Netherlands and takes you back hundreds of year ago (if you don’t look at some of the paved cycling and walking paths). There are a lot of paved paths here, so if you’re a wheelchair user, then you are still able to enjoy the nature parks in Wieringen. The areas that are a nature reserve is around 190 hectares together and opened throughout the entire year. This is one of the best things you can do in Wieringen.

Nature reserves in Wieringen:

  • Broekerpolder
  • De Skril
  • Hippolytushoeverkoog
  • Hoelmerkoog
  • Kleiput Vatrop
  • Klievervenne
  • Klutengat
  • Marskepoeltjes
  • Normerven
  • Oeverse Schor
  • Stroeërkoog
  • Voorboezem
  • Westerlanderkoog
  • Wierdijk

Vatrop: a nature reserve near the Dutch town of Den Oever on the Dutch island of Wieringen, The Netherlands

3. Go on an ecotour on the Wadden Sea

As Wieringen is located on the edge of the Wadden Sea, which is one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites in The Netherlands, there are interesting Wadden Sea tours that you can take. Explore the reason why this natural area is so crucial for this country. You will be looking for seals and other sea animals, learn about the sea and will be travelling by boat to the most beautiful places in the Wadden Sea.

Find more information about one of the best Wadden Sea tours in The Netherlands here

4. Admire the old Wierdijk & other interesting places in Wieringen

See morainic hills and cliffs

North of the town of Stroe and West of the village of Westerland you can find small cliffs and natural leeves. The combination of morainic hills and cliffs is very rare in The Netherlands and Wieringen is one of the three places you can see this.

Visit the stone of Westerklief

As I’ve said before, you will find some erratic boulders on Wieringen, but not all of them are as unique as the steen (stone) of Westerklief. You can find the stone at Hollebalgweg. The reason why it’s such an unusual stone is that some old tales connect the stone. It was said that the stone would turn around if it heard the bells ring and then your face would stay the same expression forever. People also believed the stone was so long and pushed into the earth that it reached China. The stone was recently moved, and that’s when people noticed that the rock didn’t make it to China, it was only pushed into the ground for around 20-30 centimetres. But forget I said that, it’s way more fun to keep the mystery alive.

Admire the old Wierdijk

As Wieringen was an island, it needed protection against the rough seas if people wanted to continue living there. In Wieringen they created so-called ‘wierdijken’ or dykes made from stacks of dried seagrass. These dykes were easy to maintain and were very strong. The dried grass created a hard mass, and the salt in the seagrass conserved the grass perfectly, which made the dykes last longer.

While these dykes were made in several places throughout The Netherlands, Wieringen is the only place you can still see an original wierdijk’, and it was built around 1600. You can find the wierdijk in Wieringen on the southern part of the former Dutch island. This dyke in Wieringen is a monument since 1986. Seagrass has disappeared from the Wieringen area around 1930. This was both because of diseases as well as the construction of the dykes. You can find a Wierdijk at Hoelmerdijk.

See the highest point of Wieringen island

Wieringen used to be an island, which meant that land was higher than the water that surrounded it. Around 120.000 years ago Norwegian glaciers created the hill that became the Wieringer island eventually. The highest point of Wieringen island is about 12-13 metres above sea-level and can be found near the Dutch village of Westerland. It’s pretty interesting to see the Dutch Wieringermeer polder in the distance, where everything is metres below sea level, and to compare it to the Wieringer island.

See the Peilhuisje

The peilhuisje, or level building, was used to measure the water levels. The information that was measured at this building was used during the Zuiderzeewerken, of Southern Sea works, which began in 1920. The Zuiderzeewerken was the start of the ending of the island of Wieringen, the creation of several dykes and the Afsluitdijk. You can find one of them at the Wadden Sea side near the hamlet of Dam and another one near the harbour of Den Oever.

Discover why ‘Tuunwoallen’ were used

Several layers of turf on top of each other were used to separate pieces of land from the different owners. In The Netherlands, this isn’t something that was used often, and usually, people dug small canals to make the border clear. However, that wasn’t an option on the higher parts in the island as they would be dry often. They were called ‘tuunwoallen’, or garden walls.

You can still find some of these garden walls on Wieringen. When you cycle, you need to look for higher walls that are made from sand, soil and turf of around one metre tall. Most were removed, but some are restored.

Admire the Wadden Sea from the dyke

When you walk on the Northern part of the former island, you can witness the Unesco World Heritage site the Wadden Sea. Stare into the distance, search for seals and birds through binoculars and enjoy the calm surroundings as the wind blows through your hair. I would recommend you to take it all in and don’t rush when you’re here. Take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh sea air. These activities in Wieringen are all a must-do.

A dyke and wierdijk on the island of Wieringen; it's one of the secret and unique places in The Netherlands

5. Visit the Wieringer windmills

Windmills were used for many things; to grain, to pump water away, to saw wood, amongst plenty of other things. There are two windmills that you can visit, one can be found in Hippolytushoef and the other in the town of Den Oever.

Hippolytushoef: This windmill is called De Onderneming and opens on Tuesday & Wednesday from 10:00- 16:00, and is opened as well when the mill is working. It was built in 1851 and was located west of the town of Hippolytushoef in the middle of the open space. The windmill wasn’t in use anymore during the 1930s, but when the Second World War came, people started to use it again. Then in 1950, the windmill wasn’t used and decayed rapidly. It was restored in 1964, and it has been in use since 2000. You can visit the mill on Koningsweg 75, 1777 JR Hippolytushoef.

Den Oever: The next windmill in Wieringen you can visit is called De Hoop and is also opened on Tuesday & Wednesday from 10:00- 16:00 and when the mill is working. It was built as a corn-mill in the 17th century. It was located in the open space to get as much traction from the wind as possible, but it has been surrounded by buildings since the 1920s. Writings state that there was already a corn-mill on Wieringen in 1391. Volunteers operate both mills, so during holidays or special days, the windmills opening times can change. Look at their facebook page here for changing opening times. You can visit this windmill at Hofstraat 57, 1779 CB Den Oever.

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Cows and sheep on Wieringen island in Noord- Holland, The Netherlands

6. Discover the VIStival in Wieringen

Translated to the fish festival, the VIStival in Wieringen is the best festival in Wieringen. You will discover the best local dishes from Wieringen on this festival, as well as see the fish that is for sale and plenty of more. The atmosphere is fun and is one of the many highlights in Wieringen. If you’re planning on visiting the region during July, then you’re in luck. This 11th edition of the Wieringer VIStival is scheduled on Saturday the 18th of July from 10:00- 17:00 and takes place on the harbour terrain of Den Oever.

7. Dream away by the beautiful traditional farms in Stroe, Oosterland & Westerland

One of my favourite things about Wieringen is the traditional Wieringer farms. Typical for that farm is that the barn is built transversely on the farmhouse. You can find them in several places throughout the island, and I will tell you exactly where you can find them. And of course, these are homes. So people live here. Admire the farmhouses from a distance.

In the town of Stroe you can find these farms at:

  • Stroeerweg 7
  • Stroeerweg 29
  • Stroeerweg 39

In Stroe, you can also have a look at a chapel called the Heidense kapel. It is located at Stroeërweg 39 and opened from 10:00- 18:00. I’m not religious, but I do think that it’s a beautiful, little building to look at.

In Westerland you can find them at:

  • Dam 7
  • Noorderbuurt 3

At Westerlandweg 63 in Westerland you can find a beautiful reformed church that dates back to around 1500.

Traditional Wieringen farmhouses and traditions and cultures and island life in The Netherlands

8. Enjoy the Den Oever fish market

Island life isn’t complete without fishing. And Wieringen is no different. The best fish market in The Netherlands can be found at Den Oever. That makes this fish market one of the things you need to do in Wieringen. Every Saturday morning from 08:30- 12:00 you can walk through this fish market. Try out some fresh, sustainable catches local and seasonal fish, walk through the harbour of Den Oever and visit the rest of the market. There are also vegetables, wines and delicacies to try out.

The market takes place at Havenkade 1, 1779 GT Den Oever.

9. Spot seals

Seals are funny creatures. They’re playful, beautiful, predators and lazy all at the same time. And what’s a better way to witness the characters of the seals in the Wadden Sea than with a seal boat tour from Den Oever? There’s simply no better way. The journey takes around 2-2,5 hours and will sail you from Den Oever, through the sluices, you will sail past beautiful sandbanks with many birds. Then after about a 30-minute boat trip you will arrive at the seals and can witness them being their true selves in the Wadden Sea.

You can buy tickets at the SWRW office at Oostkade 3 in Den Oever. If it is said that it will become beautiful weather, tickets will sell out easier. And sold out is sold out, they don’t add another boat tour to the day. You can reserve tickets by calling their phone number.

Find more information, including possible dates, here

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10. Enjoy the best museum in Wieringen

The Wieringen Eiland Museum, or Island of Wieringen Museum, Jan Lont is the best museum you can visit in the island of Wieringen. Here you will discover everything you want to know about Wieringen as an island, including history, the culture and typical costumes. Remember, while The Netherlands is small, every small region had its own culture, language and several dialect and habits. Wieringen was also one of those areas. Entry fee is 5 euros, which will be used to sustain the museum.

They open from the 1st of November- 1st of April on Saturday & Sunday from 13:00- 16:00. From the 2nd of April until the 31st of October they are opened from Wednesday – Sunday from 13:00-17:00.

It is located at Stroeërweg 39.

11. Find traces from Vikings on the former Dutch island of Wieringen

Wieringen is a spectacular place, and apparently, Vikings thought so too, because they made their way to this Dutch island around the 9th century. In 1996, archaeologists found a silver treasure that is named the zilverschat, or silver treasure, from Westerklief. This first treasure is located in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden, but that doesn’t mean that the Viking Information Centre in Wieringen isn’t worth visiting. Because while the first treasure isn’t here anymore, the second and third treasure that was found on Wieringen is still in this Viking museum in The Netherlands. There’s also a permanent exhibition about the Vikings here that is well worth seeing.

It is opened from the 18th of March until the 30th of November on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00- 16:00. There’s an admission fee of 3,50 euros. The centre is closed from the 1st of December until mid- March. If you’re headed to Wieringen especially to the Viking Information Centre, then it is smart to give them a call in advance. As the museum is working with volunteers, something can happen that the centre is closed. Their Dutch phone number is [0227] 510467.

One of the other exciting things to do in Wieringen is visiting the Vikingdagen or Viking Days. On the 12th and 13th of September 2020, there are Viking Days at the Viking Information Centre Wieringen. There will be plenty of demonstrations of fights, crafts, amongst other things. This event in Noord- Holland starts both days at 12:00 and finished at 17:00. There is no entry fee to visit these Viking Days.

12. Go out and explore this former Dutch island

Wieringen cycling route: Cycling on Wieringen is a perfect activity. This cycling route for Wieringer Island will guide you through the best parts of this Dutch area to experience the island feeling. This cycling route starts and finished in Den Oever and is around 20 kilometres. You will discover the entire Dutch island. From the cutest Dutch villages to incredible nature reserves.

You can rent bicycles at Fietsverhuur Wieringen. You do have to reserve bicycles through email in advance, this is the only way you know for sure that there’s a bike available for you, as they only open on appointments from 09:30- 20:00. You will get a confirmation within 24 hours, but the reservation is only definite after you get a confirmation. If you want to rent a bike within 24 hours you have to call them. They don’t have a card machine, so bring cash. Find their website here.

Wieringen walking route: This free walking route in Wieringen starts and finishes in Den Oever. You will walk to one of my favourite nature reserve on the island, discover the magical Wadden Sea and will walk through small and beautiful villages in The Netherlands.

Find both Wieringen routes here

The Netherlands & Holland countryside: A long meadow on the former island of Wieringen, The Netherlands

13. Go supping

Whether you’re looking to get a fun workout in on your trip to The Netherlands, or simply want to learn how to SUP, then the lake next to the island of Wieringen is a perfect location to do so. The Amstelmeer, next to the Lutjestrand (beach), is the start of your supping class in Noord- Holland. The surroundings are worth the sore muscles in the morning.

Find more information about supping in Wieringen here

14. Explore Den Oever

Den Oever has a lot to offer. And while this small Dutch town in the Northern Netherlands isn’t the prettiest, it has a pleasant atmosphere. Plus, it has plenty of things to offer. I’ve already told you about the seal trips, mudflat walking, shrimp fishing and fish market in Den Oever. But there are more things to do and see in Den Oever.
What is there to do and see in Den Oever? Walkthrough the harbour, discover the nature reserve the Oeverse Schor and admire the lighthouse (vuurtoren) of Den Oever. Take a walk on the Molgerdijk and spot seals, eat fresh Dutch fish such as herring or fried and smoked fish and visit the Waddenbelevingspunt while you watch as the Wadden Sea continually changes.

The harbour of the fishing town in the province of Noord- Holland: Den Oever, The Netherlands

15. Go to the beach

If it’s a beautiful spring, summer or autumn day in Wieringen, The Netherlands, then visiting a beach is a great idea. While the former island isn’t known for having many beaches, there is one beach you need to bring a visit. The Lutjestrand is the only beach on Wieringen, and it’s a perfect area to relax for a few hours or a day. Whether you have enough days to spend in Wieringen, or just a few hours, visiting the beach is one of the things you need to do in Wieringen.

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16. Learn how to windsurf

Windsurfing is one of the many fun things you can do in Wieringen. If you don’t mind getting some muscle ache and falling into the water tons of time, this is an excellent activity in Wieringen. You will be learning how to windsurf in the Amstelmeer, or Amstel lake, which is a perfect location for both beginner and advanced surfers. It’s located next to the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, so there’s often a good wind. Which makes this one of the best windsurf locations in The Netherlands.

Book your windsurf lesson in Wieringen here

17. Visit the Afsluitdijk and Wadden Sea Centre

The Afsluitdijk, or closing dyke, is the longest barrier in The Netherlands. In the Wadden Sea Centre, you will discover all the best facts and interesting information about both the Afsluitdijk and the Unesco World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea. Explore why and how The Netherland’s most prominent dyke was built and learn why the Wadden Sea is such a unique national park in The Netherlands.

Find more information about the Wadden Sea Centre and Afsluitdijk here

The longest dyke, closing dyke/ Afsluitdijk, in The Netherlands. It's between Noord-Holland and Friesland and closed off the Zuiderzee and Wadden Sea

18. Go fish for shrimps or go mudflatwalking

Wadlopen, or mudflat walking, is one of the unique things you need to do in The Netherlands, and it has to be on your bucket list. With mudflat walking in the Northern Netherlands, you will walk on the bottom of the world Unesco heritage site the Wadden Sea. It’s also called an intertidal walk because the tides in the Wadden Sea in The Netherlands are what makes this area and walk so unique.

You can also go shrimp fishing or garnalenvissen. Small shrimps are found throughout the Wadden Sea and a stable in the local Dutch kitchen. You will also be able to eat some shrimps at the end of the tour and can take some home to cook with.

Find more information about these tours in The Netherlands here

One of the nature reserves near Wieringen: marshes can be seen with green vegetation

19. Visit two Wieringer gardens

Beyond the beautiful nature on the island of Wieringen that you can see, there are also two private gardens that you can explore. Both gardens are at a walking distance (300 metres) from each other; they are called Zonnehoek (sun corner) and Waddentuun (Wadden garden).

You will see ponds with fishes, secret Dutch gardens, small rock beds and endless colours. Those colours are especially prominent from March until October. Don’t forget to check out the smallest shop in Wieringen in the garden Zonnehoek that sells various sorts of jams, juices and fruits that come from this garden.

Both gardens aren’t opened often, but both Zonnehoek and Waddentuun are opened on the following dates from 11:00-17:00;

  • Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th of May 2020
  • Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th of June 2020
  • Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th of July 2020
  • Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of August 2020
  • Saturday 12nd & Sunday 13th of September 2020

Wieringen in the evening light: sunset on the former Dutch island of Wieringen, North Holland, The Netherlands

Other things to do in the surroundings of Wieringen

There are many more things to do and see in this area in Noord- Holland, that’s why you can easily spend two days in Wieringen, The Netherlands. Whether you’re searching for the best places to go in The Netherlands or for the best countryside in The Netherlands, you will find some extra options here. They include scenic and cool places in The Netherlands and places to stay in The Netherlands.

Buy local and traditional food in Wieringen

One of the things that you need to buy on the former island of Wieringen are Jodenkoeken. These are cookies that are made differently than the traditional Dutch Jodenkoeken, as Wieringen was an island and had a completely different culture than its region. Buy Jodenkoeken at Bakker Ben Idema or Bakkerij Bellis.

Visit forests and nature reserves

The area of Wieringen is home to quite some nature, and in the surroundings of this former Dutch island, you can walk through beautiful Dutch nature. Admire dunes, lakes and typical Dutch landscape in this beautiful part of The Netherlands.

Explore the island of Texel

The most famous Dutch island is Texel. Not only is it the biggest, but it’s also the only one that is part of the province Noord- Holland plus close to Wieringen. If you want to discover this beautiful Dutch island you have to go to the city of Den Helder and take the ferry from there.
And trust me when I say that you want to explore this Dutch West Frisian island. There are beautiful beaches, cute towns, stunning nature reserves, fantastic craft beer, great Dutch island food and plenty of more. You want to make a weekend trip to Texel.

top things to see and do on the island of Texel. Visit the best Dutch beaches of the province of Noord- Holland, The Netherlands

Visit the rest of the Kop van Noord- Holland

The former island of Wieringen is located in the region of the Kop van Noord- Holland. This is a Dutch countryside area that starts at an hour above Amsterdam. Discover endless meadows, tulip fields, uninhabited islands, beautiful nature reserves, great Dutch craft beers and spectacular Dutch museums. This region has so much to offer and is a perfect day trip from Amsterdam to see The Netherlands countryside in its best way.

Find things to do in the Kop van Noord- Holland

A polder in the province of Noord- Holland, The Netherlands, during sunrise

Travel to the province of Friesland

The Afsluitdijk, or closing dyke, is what connects the province of Noord- Holland with the one of Friesland. And when you’re this close anyway, you have to visit this beautiful Dutch province. It’s both easily accessible with public transport (check for the best routes) as well as by car.

Explore the most beautiful destinations and places to visit in Friesland. Discover the Frisian culture and try some local Frisian food. Be mesmerized by the stunning Dutch countryside in Friesland and enjoy their waterways and lakes.

Discover the best destinations and towns to visit in Friesland

Best day trips from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands | Things to do Friesland | Cities to visit Friesland Netherlands | Ijlst | Visiting The Dutch Countryside | You are going to spend a few days in Leeuwarden, Friesland and am looking at the best day trips you should take from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands? Then this is your perfect article.

See tulip fields in Noord- Holland

The Netherlands is most famous for having those gorgeous, long tulip fields. And the area with the most Dutch flower fields in The Netherlands is the region of the Kop van Noord- Holland or the top of the province of Noord- Holland. Wieringen is also located in this Dutch area, which means that there when you visit The Netherlands in April that you will see those colourful tulips everywhere in this part of The Netherlands.

Find locations to tulip fields in Noord- Holland without tourists here

Find all the best tulip fields in The Netherlands. From tulip fields in the top of North Holland, to tulip fields in the province of Zeeland. And from a tulip route in South - Holland, to discovering tulip fields in Flevoland and Drenthe. Discover the best places to visit tulip fields in The Netherlands, Holland and Amsterdam with this article to finding free tulip fields.

How to get to Wieringen

If you’re looking for the best directions on how to go to Wieringen, then I would recommend you to use the town of Den Oever as the direction to go to. In this town, there is a fast bus that departs from Alkmaar and heads to the city of Leeuwarden but stops in Den Oever. From here, you can explore the former island. Use to find out how you can get from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, or any other place in The Netherlands to the Wieringen.




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I hope that you enjoyed this travel guide and blog for the former Dutch island of Wieringen. And that you have discovered what you must visit when you go to Wieringen to enjoy the countryside in The Netherlands. As well as what to do and see in Noord- Holland and its countryside. Plus that you’ve enjoyed some pictures of The Netherlands countryside on this travel blog.

I hope that these beautiful places to visit in Noord- Holland are added to your The Netherlands destinations bucket list because they deserve to be. Share this post!!

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