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Best guided tulip bike tours in Holland 2023: See flower fields in North- Holland region

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aerial view of blooming tulip fields in north holland, the netherlands

The Netherlands and tulip season: it’s the busiest and most beautiful time of year to visit The Netherlands. Are you looking to go on one of my tulip tours in the Holland region? Then this blog is perfect for you! I will tell you about a great tulip tour in The Netherlands that you should join and some important information you should know about tulip tours in The Netherlands.

Or perhaps you’re looking for tulip fields in Amsterdam? Spoiler: there aren’t any. But, if you’re looking for a trip to the tulip fields from Amsterdam, you’ve come to the right place too. The Noord- Holland region is perfect for visiting Holland and its tulip fields and going on a bike tour of the tulip fields from Amsterdam. It’s only an hour train ride up North from Amsterdam Centraal train station. It’s straightforward to see the beautiful tulip on a tulip tour from Amsterdam, and so worth it. Continue reading to find more information about this bike route to the tulips in The Netherlands, and I cannot wait to see you from Amsterdam (or somewhere else) on my tulip tours.

Why trust me?

Why should you trust me? I have been helping people explore The Netherlands’ hidden gems since the end of 2018. And I am also an expert when it comes to flower fields in The Netherlands. I know the exact locations for every province and the history of tulips in The Netherlands, and I’ve worked my entire teenage years in the tulip industry. I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people to visit The Netherlands and its blooming tulip fields.

But it gets better. Because I will take you on a guided bike tour along the tulip fields in the region where I was born and raised (and still live) in The Netherlands.

NOTE: My tulip bike tours for 2024 are bookable from October 2023!

When is this tulip tour perfect for you?

  1. You are visiting Amsterdam (or any other Dutch city) and want to join one of the great tulip tours in 2023 to see tulip fields without thousands of tourists.
  2. You want to go on one of the best trips to the tulip fields in the Holland region with a Dutch local.
  3. You want to learn about how you can be respectful on your visits.
  4. You don’t want to join one of the large Dutch bulb field tours but prefer a small group.
  5. You want to see the most tulip fields in the country, Dutch windmills, meadows filled with sheep and cows, and water barriers in their natural ‘habitat’.
  6. You want to cycle at a relaxing pace (don’t worry if you haven’t cycled in a while, we’re not going to rush)

Book your spot for the best tulip tours from Amsterdam now!

aerial view of red and pink blooming tulips nearby amsterdam in noord north holland, the netherlands during tulip season in spring

Join me on my tulip tours in Holland

It’s easy to go on a bike trip through the Holland region and the rest of The Netherlands. But, sometimes, you need a local touch to make the experience much better, and I’m here for that. I will take you to see the best tulip fields in the world (in my humble opinion), and you will be able to admire the peaceful Dutch countryside with just a small group.

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I’ve been spreading tourism in The Netherlands since the end of 2018, dramatically affecting how people are welcomed. Many large and/or international companies offer tulip tours in Holland, but they do not know the country like a local does. And they are in it for the money and do not care about the country, locals or sustainable tourism in The Netherlands. What bugs me with that is that they, for instance, do not care if tourism disturbs locals’ lives or even destroys their income by walking in tulip fields. When people have harmful interactions with mass tourism, they are less keen on welcoming people again the following year. Imagine having 50 or more tourists for every inhabitant of a town. So, we’re doing something else here.

When you join one of my tours to see tulips in Holland, we will do the opposite of other tours. With this Holland tour, you will admire the best of The Netherlands in a peaceful matter: all while staying respectful and exploring this region above Amsterdam on a tulip fields tour, which not many people tend to visit. If you are visiting Amsterdam (or any other place) and want to go on a tulip fields bike tour, join me! Besides that, many people have asked me over the years to start my bike tulip tours in Holland, and I am finally listening.

aerial image of blooming tulip and flower fields and green meadows next to each other in the netherlands

You might ask yourself, ‘that’s all fun and games, but where can I see tulips and windmills in The Netherlands?’ That is a valid question really. While you’re in The Netherlands, you must take advantage of your time, which is why I will also show you some traditional Dutch windmills on the way. After all, I know where these bad boys are located as I’m from the region anyway.

These tours to see tulips in Holland are a step up from typical tulip cycling. Not in the distance, but most tulip tours in The Netherlands take place in the Zuid- Holland region. And that is precisely where millions of visitors head to during tulip season. So, that’s not what we’re going to do or witness. Absolutely not. This is one of the different Holland tours.

Instead, we will head up to the province of Noord (North)- Holland, which makes this one of the best day trips from Amsterdam to see tulips. In Noord- Holland, you can find the most flower fields in the country, so I will take you to a specific part of the province for these tulip tours in Holland.

Visiting the Holland region and going on trips for tulips is always a great idea, but it gets even better when you can explore an area with the knowledge of a Dutch local. It’s not like I’m biased or anything, but I’m simply stating facts.

I’ve created four different routes, so we will switch them up several times a week. If you want to visit from Amsterdam and join my tulip tours this 2023 once, or several times, then this is also one of the best tulip tours from Amsterdam that you can join this 2023.

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Important information about these tulip tours in Holland:

  • The tour lasts around 4 hours
  • The amount of kilometres is between 25-30
  • We start at 10:00
  • Bike rental is included
  • Only 7 people can join every day
  • There are twenty days: from the 15th of April- the 4th of May (meaning only 140 spots in total, so be quick!)
  • The best time to see the tulip fields is the last week of April
  • The tour will only be cancelled when there’s a storm; otherwise, it will continue. Dutch weather is very emotional and changes quickly, so wear layers
  • These tulip tours in Holland take place in Noord (North)- Holland, and start from the city of Schagen
  • The tour is priced at 99 euros per person. Reason being: Viator takes almost 25%, bike rental is included, I need to pay myself for being out on the tours, creating the routes and so on.

Reserve your spot for my Dutch bike tour now!


aerial view of several blooming flower fields in noord north holland in the netherlands during tulip season in spring

I want to join this tulip bike tour from Amsterdam!

And you’re more than welcome to join! The small city of Schagen is only an hour train ride from Amsterdam Centraal train station (take the train in the direction of Den Helder!) and from there I will be waiting on you with the bikes at the train station of Schagen. Check or for the current public transportation routes.

This bike tour to the tulip fields is easy to join from Amsterdam, as it’s a direct train that runs from Amsterdam Centraal to Schagen. Trains run anywhere from two to four times an hour. If you are late because of a delayed train, we will obviously wait because you cannot do anything about that, and I want you to take advantage of these trips to the tulip fields when you travel from Amsterdam.

Book your spot to join my tulip tours in Holland now!

Private tulip field bike tour

These cycling tours in Holland are obviously in a group. If you want to go on a tulip and windmill tour from Amsterdam (or another place in the country) and see the tulips up North with a private tulip tour, please get in touch with me. We can work something out. This way you can easily visit the tulip fields from Amsterdam (or another town) and can join me on one of the best bike tours in The Netherlands. And you also don’t need to search questions like ‘where are tulip fields in The Netherlands’ because I know all the locations. Just contact me!


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I hope you will join me on this tour of the best tulip fields in The Netherlands. Whether you’re looking for a tulip bike tour from Amsterdam – or want to see tulip fields from places like Alkmaar, Den Helder, Zaandam and so on, you will love this tulip bike ride.

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It’s the best place to see tulip fields in The Netherlands, and these Dutch cycle tours will show you the gorgeous blooming flowers in the best possible way. With these guided bike tours, you get to see the beauty of The Netherlands, which is often overlooked by Dutch people but very much appreciated by visitors. And I cannot wait to take you on these tulip bike tours in Holland.

Remember to share this post about tulip tours in Holland with friends and family, so they can also enjoy this tulip bike tour with beautiful routes in The Netherlands. I don’t want them to miss out on these tulip tours because they will miss out on a stunning area waiting to be discovered.

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