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What I love about the countryside in The Netherlands is that, no matter where you visit, you will discover the most scenic places in The Netherlands. In the countryside of the province of Noord- Holland, you will find everything The Netherlands is famous for. From old fishing villages to beautiful Dutch nature. Below you will find some of the most beautiful villages in The Netherlands you need to visit.
Broek op Langedijk things to do | Villages to visit in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Broek op Langedijk
One of the most beautiful small towns of The Netherlands: De Rijp. Here you can see one of the canals and most beautiful streets of De Rijp and its traditional fishing houses.
De Rijp
An old farm like on a classic painting. A cow and a pony are just biding their time.  Laundry is hanging to dry. The roof is covered with reed, seen on many old Dutch farms
den oever fish market fishery days events netherlands holland in summer
Den Oever
Villages to visit in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands | What to do in Nieuwe Niedorp
Nieuwe Niedorp
The day draws to an end. The dusk is setting in and the sun bids her farewell to the former island of Wieringen.
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At Vatrop at the former island Wieringen there is a small part of land that is partly indundated.