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Visit Museum De Broekerveiling in The Netherlands | Explore one of the best museums of Holland

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Best museums of The Netherlands | Museum De Broekerveiling, The Netherlands | Photo Bert Knot..
Do you want to visit one of the best museums of The Netherlands? Museum De Broekerveiling is one of the museums you must visit in Noord-Holland. Photo by Bert Knot Flickr

Some of the best museums of The Netherlands can be found in the province of Noord Holland. One of them is the museum De Broekerveiling, which is the oldest sail through auction in the world.

De Broekerveiling is, in my opinion, one of the best museums of The Netherlands and of Noord Holland. And is part of the museums you have to visit during your trip in The Netherlands. Although De Broekerveiling is the oldest sail through action in the world, not many people even within The Netherlands have heard of this museum. So logically not many people from abroad have heard of this museum.

However, as I’m born and raised in this area of Noord- Holland we went on schooltrips and familytrips to this museum. De Broekerveiling in Broek op Langedijk is a museum that is surrounded by water as the boats sail through the auction. This museum is like an experience you will never forget, and is, in my opinion, fun and interesting for all ages. So bring your (grand) parents on the trip to The Netherlands and they will have fun as well.

From walking between the boats in the waiting building, to experiencing a real auction. And from sailing through the calm ‘duizend eilandenrijk (realm of thousand islands) to eating a great and typical Dutch apple pie once you get back. It Is an experience like nothing else in the world. It all makes visiting museum De Broekerveiling worth it.

Visiting museum De Broekerveiling in The Netherlands is a highlight for everyone who is interested in getting to know more about the history of The Netherlands, but also about the trading history in the 19th and 20th century.

History of De Broekerveiling

De Broekerveiling is the oldest auction in The Netherlands and in the world where horticulturists could sell their goods by sailing through an auction. Yes, your read that correctly. In the village of Broek op Langedijk this way of auctioning first began on the 29th of July in 1887 nearby De Bakkersbrug (The Bakeries bridge, literal translation) in the open air.

The current auction building of De Broekerveiling in Noord-Holland is built in 1912. The building is placed on poles; therefore the horticulturists could sail into the auction building with their boats that were filled with vegetables. In the auctionbuilding there is a historic auction clock located. In 1922 the building expanded with a so called ‘lighal’. This is an extra department where the horticulturists could wait under a roof so that the weather had no influence on their vegetables. In 1925 a second ‘lighal’ was build.

Since 1973 De Broekerveiling isn’t used as an auctioncenter anymore, but was transformed into a museum. Very often there are auctions held for visitors who can see the way horticulturists used to auction their cabbage and other crops.

Best museums of The Netherlands | Museum De Broekerveiling, The Netherlands | Photo Bert Knot
Photo by Bert Knot Flickr

Museum De Broekerveiling, The Netherlands

Museum De Broekerveiling is in my opinion one of those museums you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting The Netherlands or Noord- Holland. One of my most favourite things is that there are four expositions, that are at the museum at all times, so you can get to know the history behind the entire area and ask questions to horticulturists.

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The first exposition is ‘auction day’. Here you will see in an eight-minute long film what the live of a horticulturist in the 1900s looked like. The film is spoken in Dutch, but has subtitles in German, French and English. So there is nothing to worry about if you don’t speak Dutch.

Exposition two is about the realm of thousand islands. You will get to know information about the origination of the realm. It is bizarre, in my opinion, that there were 15.000 islands once they finished the constructions. Can you imagine, creating this right now without the technology of today? It’s a true work of art.

The third exposition is about the route of the crops from the fields and islands they were growing on, towards the customer. You will get to know the different island and their own themes. Also the traditional clothing of the area of Broek op Langedijk and the tools the horticulturists were using to make a living. There are videos and interviews with a horticulturist, his wife, a judge and a buyer so you will really get an understanding of the entire process. These videos are also spoken in Dutch, but is subtitled in German and English.

The last, and fourth, exposition is an audio tour where horticulturist Arie takes you through the entire auction building.

And while these expositions are all really fun and interesting, my most favourite part of of visiting museum De Broekerveiling is the auction itself. Daily there are auctions held for visitors where everyone can experience and offer a price during the auction, and buy some seasonal crops. It’s a fun game that everyone enjoy, because if you set your offer to early, you will pay too much money. However, if you press the button to late… You will lose your crops. So if you thought that auctions were easy peasy, you will be doomed during this activity. However, it’s a good thing because you will not think so high of yourself anymore. So yes, bring money. The crops are not free.

There are several auctions on a day, and there is no need to reserve a spot. However, it is best to just ask someone who works there when the next auction takes place. In that way you can sign up, and come to the auction building at the time of the auction.

Another favourite activity of mine is the tour through the islands with a boat, that is included in your admission fee. The area is truly beautiful, and you can get the best experience when going by boat between the islands. You will see horticulturists work on their land and even see them harvest their crops. The whole area is peaceful as no boats with a motor are allowed to enter. You can ask the employees of museum De Broekerveiling when the boats are leaving in order to join in with the fun. This makes visiting museum De Broekerveiling one of the best museums of The Netherlands.

Best museums of The Netherlands | Museum De Broekerveiling, The Netherlands | Photo Bert Knot.,,
Photo by Bert Knot Flickr

Important information about De Broekerveiling


Opening times

Museum De Broekerveiling is open all seasons from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am till 17 pm. In July and August the museum also opens on Monday from 10 am till 17 pm.

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On Kings Day, the 27th of April, 21st of June of 2018 due to a walking event, Christmas (24th – 26th of December), 31st of December and 1st of January the museum is closed.

Museum De Broekerveiling in Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands  is more than a century old and has a lot of bumps throughout the building, so special paths for the users of wheelchairs have been created. There is also a boat that has a small lift to ensure you can also enjoy the area of De Broekerveiling utmost.

Dogs are allowed inside, and outside museum De Broekerveiling.


Tours in museum De Broekerveiling

There is also a tour available in museum De Broekerveiling with groups from 2-25 people. The guides speak Dutch, English, French and German and you can ask as many questions as you want during the 45-60 minutes tour. If you would love to reserve a tour you need to contact the museum at reservering [@]

Besides that, you can also have the chance to do a boat tour through the realm of thousand islands. Sailing and participating in the auction is not possible between the 17th of November and the 5th of December.

Something exciting is renting canoes, sups or boats to explore the area yourself. There are two types of boats you can rent one is 25 euros an hour and for 4-6 people. The other 110 euros for half a day and 190 for a full day for 8-10 people.

Renting a canoe will set you back 28 euros for half a day and 50 euros for an entire day.

The prices of the paddle boards aren’t known just yet, however you can sent reservering [@] an email for all your reservations.

Best museums of The Netherlands | Museum De Broekerveiling, The Netherlands | Photo Bert Knot..
Bert Knot Flickr

Admission fee De Broekerveiling

You can buy tickets online, or at the museum itself. In 2018 the prices are as following:

Adults 17,50 euros.

Kids 4-12 9,25 euros.

Kids under 4 are free.

Museum card holders have free entry.



Museum Broekerveiling

Museumweg 2

1721 BW Broek op Langedijk

Telephone number: 0226 318 304 (Dutch number, so with a foreign sim card you would have to add +31 and remove the 0, so +31226…)

For more information you can send an email to info [@] or give them a call.

Best museums of The Netherlands | Museum De Broekerveiling, The Netherlands | Photo Bert Knot.|

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