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11 x What You Need To Pack For Spring In Amsterdam: Things You Actually Have To Take To The Netherlands In Spring

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Looking for what to pack for spring in Amsterdam? Search no more! Here you will find 11 things you have to pack for a visit to Amsterdam in March, April, May and June.

Are you planning on visiting Amsterdam in spring? Then you’re going to find this article on what to pack for spring in Amsterdam very useful. Spring is a beautiful time of year in The Netherlands and many people choose this time to visit the country (and rightly so), but the weather can be stubborn sometimes. And that’s where I come in.

Here you will discover how and what things you absolutely need to pack for Amsterdam in March, April, May and June. Whether you’re searching for a raincoat for Amsterdam (I got your back!) or what to pack for Europe in spring, I will give you everything you need. Find what to pack for spring break in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, here.

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What to pack for spring in Amsterdam: Things you actually need to take to Amsterdam

It can be very difficult to decide what items you cannot forget on your packing list for your Amsterdam and The Netherlands trip. That’s why I’m helping you out here. While you won’t learn what to wear in Amsterdam in March, April, May and June, you can see that and what to pack for a week end in Amsterdam in another packing list for Amsterdam article here, I will show you things you have to take to Amsterdam, that you will probably forget otherwise.

The weather in Amsterdam (plus temperature) in March can be found here. The weather in Amsterdam in April, May and June can be discovered in this article.

Below you will find the answer to your question ‘What do I need to travel to Amsterdam?’. You will discover what things you have to pack for a weekend in Amsterdam when you’re visiting Amsterdam in spring. Whether you’re visiting Amsterdam in March, April, May or June; This article shows you exactly what you have to, and cannot forget to, pack for a trip to Amsterdam.

1. Raincoat

Spring in The Netherlands is one of my favourite seasons, with one reason alone: It’s flower time. But spring brings more to the table than just pretty colours; there’s also rain. And usually quite some of it. While the weather in The Netherlands is always very unpredictable, bringing a good raincoat when you travel to Amsterdam is always a good idea. While you will see some tourists walking in those cheap, plastic ponchos, I actually wouldn’t recommend you to wear those. Not only do they break easily (meaning more plastic waste), but they won’t keep you very dry or warm either.

This women’s raincoat is a popular one with travellers, and myself, and with a good reason. It keeps you dry and warm. Plus, they look pretty nice compared to other raincoats, and that is something that doesn’t happen often.

This men’s raincoat is a stellar one as well. It’s waterproof and folds up small, so you can easily take it out of your backpack when you need it.

2. Waterproof backpack

This waterproof backpack is everything you need when you’re travelling to The Netherlands in spring. It keeps your belongings as dry as they should be. There’s no need to worry about getting your camera, clothes, notebook or other items wet. To me, it is very important to not worry about anything when I’m enjoying a new country or city, and one way to do so is by wearing a sturdy and waterproof travel backpack. With this stylish waterproof backpack, you can enjoy The Netherlands during every type of weather.

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3. Sarong

The thing I love about sarongs is that they can be used for many things, plus the fact that they are thin and lightweight. From wearing it as a scarf to using it as a towel. And from wearing it as a skirt to using it as a picnic cloth. There are simply endless options. That’s why I always have to bring a sarong with me when I travel, especially since I like to travel quite light and still want enough things with me so I can change according to the weather. This sarong is my favourite.

4. Merino wool sweater

Merino wool is one of those perfect fabrics. And when you’re visiting The Netherlands in spring, you can easily have many different seasons in one day. It could be sunny in the morning, and there can be hail in the afternoon. With this thin merino wool sweater you can easily add an extra layer to make sure you’re adapted to our strange Dutch weather every, single time you’re visiting.

Merino wool keeps you cosy and warm, and the sweater is thin, which also makes it easier to carry along. I don’t think anyone wants to carry thick and heavy sweaters around in their bags when exploring a city. If you’re more a fan of turtlenecks, then this merino sweater is perfect for your Europe travels.

5. Power bank

One of the things that always seems to happen to me is running out of battery on my phone. Especially during spring, the days are getting longer, which means that you’re staying out in the city and on the streets constantly a little later. Now, nothing is wrong with that, of course. However, there’s one downside. Because there is, for instance, a possibility that you won’t know where your accommodation in Amsterdam is as that information is usually on your bloody phone. Or you don’t know how to get back to your place to stay. Or you want to check your balance on your bank card. Or you want to check out of the train station with your e-ticket, etc.

Those are just some of the many things that will happen. And for those annoying things, you need this power bank. Lightweight, not too expensive, and it will take you through your darkest times.

6. Earplugs

Spring is the start of high season in The Netherlands, and there’s a good reason for that: TULIPS! While it’s a wonderful time, it is also getting increasingly busy in Amsterdam (and anywhere else) in hotels, b&b’s, hostels and any other accommodation you can think of. With more people comes more noise and if you’re anything like me (light sleeper in unknown surroundings and cannot handle people who snore), then earplugs are one of the lifesavers that you definitely need.

The number of times that they will rescue your night will be uncountable, and you will never want to travel anywhere without them anymore. These earplugs are my favourite and will have you sleeping like cinderella in no time.

7. Sunglasses

The sun is slowly making its way to The Netherlands during spring and one thing you cannot forget during that time are sunglasses. And not just any sunglasses that don’t do the job they are supposed to do. But actual good sunglasses. Everywhere in Amsterdam and The Netherlands, you will see reflections as soon as the sun is shining, especially since water is everywhere. These reflections don’t make exploring my country easier as it can be quite harsh for your eyes.  That’s why these sunglasses are the best way to enjoy your The Netherlands spring trip.

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8. Tripod

A tripod is a lifesaver for anyone who likes photography and beautiful photos. Whether you want one to take great pictures of yourself or the surroundings, it changes your photos from unstable and messy ones taken by strangers to beautifully framed photos that will remind you of the best times of your life.

If you’re into photography but don’t want to carry a big tripod everywhere, then this small tripod will work for you.

However, if you want to change heights and shoot very stable images with your good lenses and camera, then I would recommend you to have a look at this tripod. It’s perfect for bringing to photograph the tulip fields in The Netherlands.

9. Waterproof shoes

As the weather is so unpredictable during spring in The Netherlands, one thing you cannot miss is a good pair of comfortable waterproof shoes. It’s one of those must-have items when you travel to Amsterdam. Whether it’s going to rain, or not, it’s nice not be afraid of your socks being completely drenched by the end of the day. Because that means both blisters and cold feet. And if there’s anything I hate, then it’s cold feet. These waterproof shoes are some of the best you can buy.

10. Noise cancelling headphones

As spring is a busy period, in both Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands, it’s understandable that you sometimes want some peace of mind. And what is a better way to get relaxed and in your zone, than with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones?! Listen to some music, read a book or use the noise cancelling headphones during the night to get a good sleep. This is the best quality noise cancelling headphone out there, especially for the price.

11. Smartphone lense

If you want to make your flower and city photos pop, then these lenses are perfect for you. When you are using your phone as a camera, sometimes you have the feeling that something is missing. And when that happens, a smartphone lens is an excellent investment. Not only are they way cheaper than lenses for a camera, but they are a perfect way to get more out of your phone than you’re already doing. These smartphone lenses are the best in the game to create your new favourite travel memories.



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I hope that this article has helped you with discovering what you must pack for spring in Amsterdam. As well as that the links to articles above have helped you discovering what to do in Amsterdam in March, April, May and June, so you can enjoy your stay in Amsterdam the best way. Plus some other vacation in Amsterdam suggestions. As well as what things you have to pack for The Netherlands in March, April, May and June.

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Of course, if you’re travelling to other parts of The Netherlands, these items are still incredible handy. They can be used no matter where in The Netherlands you are planning to go. I would definitely recommend you to travel to other parts of The Netherlands as well; such as the Wadden Islands and other beautiful places in both Holland and The Netherlands. Share this post!!

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