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10 Things You Actually Need To Pack For Amsterdam In Winter: What To Pack For Winter In Amsterdam, Holland & The Netherlands

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Amsterdam, Noord- Holland, The Netherlands in winter: frozen canals and people iceskating with the westertoren in the distance
Visit The Netherlands during a typical Dutch winter. Discover what to pack for winter in Amsterdam, Holland and The Netherlands here.

There are quite some things that you need to pack when you visit The Netherlands in winter. But some are more important than others, that’s why you will find the essential things to pack for winter in Amsterdam here. Including boots for Amsterdam in winter and tips on what to wear in Amsterdam in December, January, February and March. Discover what to pack for winter in Amsterdam and enjoy your The Netherlands trip.

What to wear in Amsterdam in December, January, February and March: What to pack for winter in Amsterdam, Holland and The Netherlands

Find the best tips on what to pack for winter in Amsterdam. Including what to pack for Amsterdam in December, January, February and March. This way, you will experience The Netherlands in the best way possible.

The winter climate in The Netherlands

Winter season in The Netherlands starts on either the 21st or 22nd of December and finishes at the 19th of March. Every single year again. And while I love the winter season (I mean, hello ice-skating, oliebollen and more!), I do have to warn you about our winter in The Netherlands. It’s as unpredictable as it can be. Think rain, hail, thunder (rarely though), sun, snow, rain and wind all in the span of a few hours. That’s why it’s beneficial to be aware of the season, how to dress and what things you cannot leave home without if you’re visiting any part of The Netherlands in December, January, February or March.

When the sun is shining, the winter days in Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands are beautiful. You can walk around the cities, breath in the fresh winter air and feel your rosy, frozen cheeks. Every season in The Netherlands has its charm and winter is no different.

January is one of the coldest winter months in The Netherlands. You will discover that soon enough when you arrive in The Netherlands. There are plenty of cold days in January, so it will have you sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea. But it is also the month where you can enjoy The Netherlands without masses of tourists, as January is part of the low season in both Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

  • Average temperature January The Netherlands= 1,4 degrees Celsius / 34F
  • Average maximum temperature January The Netherlands= 7,1 degrees Celsius / 44F
  • Average minimum temperature January The Netherlands= -7 degrees Celsius / 19F
  • Average days with precipitation= 20 (remember that it rarely rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in January The Netherlands= 1,4 hours

February is a cold month in The Netherlands as well. The last couple of years the final two months of winter (February & the beginning of March) have been quite cold in general, so be prepared. February is one of the months where the sun will slowly make its way more into the sky.

  • Average temperature February The Netherlands= 7,6 degrees Celsius / 45F
  • Average maximum temperature February The Netherlands= 2,5 degrees Celsius / 36F
  • Average minimum temperature February The Netherlands= -6,7 degrees Celsius / 19F
  • Average days with precipitation= 18 (remember that it rarely rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in February The Netherlands= 2,3 hours a day

March in The Netherlands is a confusing month and filled with contradictions. Some days are sunny, with that nice spring sun in your face. And the next hour, your face freezes because of the wind and you cannot wait until you get to the next cafe to drink a nice cup of tea. It is also the start of the flower season in The Netherlands. The hyacinths and daffodils start blooming on the fields around the end of March.

  • Average temperature March The Netherlands= 4,7 degrees Celsius / 40F
  • Average maximum temperature March The Netherlands= 8,8 degrees Celsius / 47F
  • Average minimum temperature March The Netherlands= -2,3 degrees Celsius / 27F
  • Average days with precipitation= 18 (remember that it rarely rains or snows an entire day, but short amounts)
  • Average sun hours a day in March The Netherlands= 3,4 hours
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Keep in mind that the winter season in The Netherlands is generally pretty mild thanks to the fact that we have a maritime climate. But the wind during a Dutch winter is pretty harsh, and your face will feel like it’s frozen. There will be anything from rain to snow and maybe even frozen canals in The Netherlands during winter. And even if the weather is generally mild in The Netherlands, there are very cold (for us Dutch people) days as well.

P.S. The weather in The Netherlands always feels colder than what the weather reports say. The reason for this is the location of The Netherlands. You have the North Sea in the West and the Wadden Sea in the North. There is almost always wind in The Netherlands, and yes also in Amsterdam. And not a little wind. Wind in The Netherlands often likes to show off…

Canals in Amsterdam with a canal cruise under a bridge

1. Thermals

Now, if you’re coming from a country where you’re not used to having the same kind of the winter climate as in The Netherlands, then these thermals are a must. With the Dutch winter weather, you will see anything from snow to sun, from hail to rain and storms. All of that in the span of a few hours.

While my favourite days are the days with the blue skies and cold weather, barely any wind, those days aren’t that frequent as I would like them to be. And although the winter weather can be very mild at times as well, packing these thermals on your winter trip to Amsterdam is always a good idea. Trust me on this.

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2. Scarves

Whether you’re a fan of plaid, looking at you Scotland, or not, scarves are a must-have during an Amsterdam winter. And this scarf will keep you cosy and warm, while you’re on your adventures through The Netherlands. It will help you enjoy your winter trip to Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands so much more.

Being cold while walking is one of the things I despise, so after October in The Netherlands, I make sure always to wear a scarf, or at least carry one with me at all times. And you must do the same when you travel to Amsterdam in December, January, February and March. A scarf is an item you simply have to pack.

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3. Books about The Netherlands

Now you’d think ‘Why the hell would I read a book when I’m in another country?!’ But I’m here to tell you that sometimes it can be great to do so. Winter days in The Netherlands can be grumpy, and sometimes you just don’t want to deal with it. So get dressed, get your ass out of bed and drag yourself to a cosy Dutch cafe. Sit down by the window, order a tea, hot chocolate, coffee or whiskey for my sake. And learn about the country you’re in with the help of these books below. Don’t forget to look outside when you’ve planted your ass in a chair near the window either. Because while you’re here enjoying a significant part of Dutch society, others are out there battling the harsh Dutch winter weather.

The hundreds of events that happened during the entire history of The Netherlands have left an impact on Dutch society. It has shaped the way we are, whether we like to acknowledge it or not. There were wars against the French, Spanish, Germans and plenty of more. There was a time of blossoming in The Netherlands, thanks to the destructions in other nations. Painters stood up and made The Netherlands one of the countries with many great legends. Women fought their way through society.

Whether you are interested in the Dutch culture, our history or are curious to learn about many great people who once were part of my country, a book is a perfect way to do so, and they make the best Dutch gifts.

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4. Socks

One of the other things you have to wear in Amsterdam in January, or any of the winter months in The Netherlands, are warm socks. My toes are almost always cold, no matter if it’s the middle of summer or if there’s ice on the lakes in The Netherlands. But trust me when I say that these babies will keep your precious, little feet warm.

Do make sure that you have big enough boots or shoes to wear them in, as they are a bit thicker than your usual socks. But once you try these bad boys, I can assure you that there’s nothing else you’d want to wear in winter in Amsterdam. #dutchlocalhonours

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5. Hats

Do you like your ears to freeze off when you’re travelling to any part of The Netherlands? No? I didn’t think so either. I have a feeling that you don’t want to turn into Vincent van Gogh (although he cut his ear off, which is pretty bizarre). Anyway, you kind of need your ears. Not to mention, they’re cute, little things. And it would be a shame to let them be cold.

So in addition to your scarf, thermos and socks, a hat is perfect for keeping your beautiful head as warm as it possibly can. And luckily for us, warm hats look pretty lovely nowadays. So take advantage of both fashion and the heat.

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6. Gloves

When you’re in The Netherlands, you want to create as many memories as you possibly can. But you can’t do that when your hands are freezing, that’s why gloves are a must when you travel to The Netherlands in winter. However, not every pair of gloves is perfect for you, but the ones below certainly are.

While you’re creating the endless stream of memories, you will also take photos. Whether the pictures are made with a smartphone or professional camera, it’s always convenient to be able to use the tips of your fingers to focus or push any buttons. And this pair of gloves will help you on that journey. Make the best memories in The Netherlands in winter with the help of these warm and practical gloves.

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7. Waterproof and sturdy shoes

The Netherlands is filled with cobblestoned streets, now not all of them are, but there are quite some. The last thing you want is to walk over those streets on shoes that don’t have any grip. Let alone when it has rained, snowed or frozen. Because you will fall and possibly break something. Now, I want you to stay safe, while at the same time give your feet a sturdy shoe that is waterproof and can fit those comfortable socks of yours.

That’s where these babies come in. While I wouldn’t wear these shoes for the first time in Amsterdam (please walk in them at home already, your feet will thank you!), once they’re broken into, you will feel like you’re walking on little clouds throughout any of the Dutch cities and provinces that you will visit. All of that, while keeping dry feet. It truly doesn’t get better than this.

Find more travel shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals to wear in The Netherlands here.

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8. Winter coats for Amsterdam

One thing that you don’t want when you travel to Amsterdam in winter is to be freezing. Can you imagine that you’re walking through a beautiful place in The Netherlands for half an hour and you’re as cold as you can be? How is it possible for you to enjoy your well-deserved trip to The Netherlands if you’re cold? Exactly. It’s simply impossible. It’s better to be too warm than too cold. At least, during the winter season.

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And the best way to stay warm in The Netherlands during winter is to buy yourself a waterproof and windproof winter coat or jacket. If you’re from a country that has a similar climate to The Netherlands, then you probably know which coat to take. If you happen to be from a warmer country, then you will love yourself this ski jacket because it will keep you warm the entire day.

Find more perfect winter coats and jackets for Amsterdam here.

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9. Jumper

Although it might seem obvious, one jumper isn’t the same as the next sweater. And not all of them are warm or made of good quality. During winter in The Netherlands, I prefer not to wear a lot of very tight shirts, simply because wider sweaters keep me warmer and more comfortable. While this jumper won’t be great for when you have work meetings, I do hope that you’re visiting The Netherlands for a vacation.

And if you’re travelling to The Netherlands in winter, then wearing a sweater like this will be the perfect solution to stay warm.

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10. Waterproof bag

Rain is something that you don’t want to get on your trip to Amsterdam or any other Dutch city. However, sometimes it just happens. And the best way to cope with that is to be prepared. You don’t want your camera or stuff in your bag to be wet after a little rain, so I would recommend you to have a look at waterproof travel backpacks.

The thing that is most important for me is comfort. It is that way with clothes, but also with backpacks and anything similar. Practicality is the second part that is a huge plus for me. Luckily for you, this waterproof backpack below is the perfect combination to keep your camera gear dry in Amsterdam, as well as your other items in your day pack.

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2 thoughts on “10 Things You Actually Need To Pack For Amsterdam In Winter: What To Pack For Winter In Amsterdam, Holland & The Netherlands

  1. I never knew that it is so cold in Netherlands in winters. This blog is actually very helpful because it provides all the details regarding what one should take with him or her for winters while there travel to Amsterdam, Holland or the Netherlands. I and my family had the Netherlands visa appointment yesterday, it went well. Now we are just waiting for the visa to come out with the stamp so that we can book our stay and tickets accordingly. This is a family trip which includes kids as well I am just confused if it will be right to take our kids with us in such weather. If someone can really resolve this query it would be helpful for me.

    1. I’m glad it has been helpful! The winter period is actually a great time to visit, as there are less tourists than normally in the country, which means; having tons of places to yourself. There are tons of fun museums (also for kids), so I’m sure it’ll be great. Don’t forget to check out botanical gardens either, we’ve got quite a few of them in the country and they’re great, especially in winter times. It can be rather chilly here (especially due to the neverending wind), but like we say: there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Make sure to take good scarves, socks, gloves, waterproof shoes, coats, and perhaps even some thermals depending on when you’re exactly going.

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