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Do you need advice on the tips and cycling rules of The Netherlands? Don't look any further. I, a Dutch local, will help you out for a safe rexperience. | Everything you should know about cycling in the Netherlands | The best tips and rules for a safe cycling experience in The Netherlands by a local | Visiting The Dutch Countryside

On this page you will find the best road trips you need to do through The Netherlands during the winter season. Winter season means snow, rain, hard winds, ice-skating and falling on your butt while cycling because of the slippery roads. It also means Christmas and New Years time in The Netherlands. 

I absolutely adore the few months of winter and cannot wait to get my skates on and go ice-skating. That’s of course one of the many things you should do, but besides ice-skating The Netherlands has a lot to offer during winter and I will help you discover that.

Discover the best road trip winter itinerary for The Netherlands below.

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A view on delft and its canals during winter
Christmas Market Winter Road Trip In The Netherlands