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Amersfoort: Best things to do in one day in this beautiful city in Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Are you looking for the top things to do and see in Amersfoort, The Netherlands? Here you will find a one day itinerary to Amersfoort, including what to do and see, where to stay, where to eat, day trips from Amersfoort and tips for an itinerary to spending a weekend in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Amersfoort is a beautiful city in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands, and has plenty of things to do. This medieval city is not often visited by foreigners, but is one of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands. In this article you’ll discover what to do and see in Amersfoort, the best hotels and other accommodation, the top restaurants of Amersfoort and plenty of other things. While this is a perfect one day itinerary for Amersfoort, I also included tips to extend your stay. This way it’s very easy to create an itinerary for spending one weekend in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Last updated 31st of May 2022

What to do and see in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, in 24 hours

Best hotels, B&B’s and other accommodation in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Amersfoort was named ‘Hotelstad van Nederland’ in 2015, which means it was named one of the best cities in The Netherlands with the best hotels, B&B’s and other accommodation. In Amersfoort you will find nice hotels, cute B&B’s and plenty of more accommodation options. I’ve listed the best hotels and B&B’s of Amersfoort, The Netherlands, below.

Note: There may be affiliate links in this article. Click here for the full disclaimer.

B&B In Negentienvijf, click here for the availability and current prices

Leerhotel Het Klooster,click here for the availability and current prices

Mercure Hotel Amersfoort Centre, click here for the availability and current prices

Jamila Suites (B&B), click here for the availability and current prices


Lange Jan Hotel, click here for the availability and current prices

Hotel Randenbroek, click here for the availability and current prices

Logement de Gaaper, click here for the availability and current prices

NH Amersfoort,  click here for the availability and current prices

Eat the best breakfast at this restaurant in Amersfoort

Het Lokaal

If you’re looking for a great breakfast cafe with local products, then Het Lokaal will be your favourite spot for breakfast in Amersfoort. The biggest part of their products are locally grown. Not only can you eat a fantastic breakfast here, it’s actually a great lunch and dinner restaurant in Amersfoort as well. Don’t forget to try their great coffee (the words of customers, I don’t like coffee) and bread. You can thank me later.

Oliemolenhof 90, 3812 PB Amersfoort

Coffee Corazon

Coffee Corazon is not just the place for good coffee, but if you’re a tea lover, like me, you’ll love this place. Not only can you drink some of the best tea of Amersfoort here, but you can get cold or warm sandwiches, salads, smoothies, cakes and plenty of more. One thing I love the most about Coffee Corazon is the relaxing atmosphere. Even though Amersfoort is a beautiful city to travel to and has plenty of things to do and see, somehow you just keep on sitting down in Coffee Corazon.

Krommestraat 18, 3811 CC Amersfoort

Photo by: Tony Taylorstock / Deposit Photos

Discover one of the best museums of Amersfoort


The Mondriaanhuis (Mondriaan house) in Amersfoort is a museum about the life and work or painter Piet Mondriaan. Piet Mondriaan was born in Amersfoort at the Kortegracht 11 and was one of the founders of the art movement De Stijl. In this museum in Amersfoort you will get to know more about the life and work of Piet Mondriaan with the help of photo’s, video’s and audio.

Opening times

The museum is opened year round from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 17:00. It’s closed on Monday.

Click here for more information and exceptions on the opening times


The Mondriaanhuis is largely accessible to wheelchair users, but not all of it. You should use the front entrance with the help of the access ramp. You’d have to contact the reception in advance. There’s also an elevator in the museum, that reaches all, but one floor.  There’s a wheelchair available for loan in the museum in Amersfoort. Service dogs are also allowed inside.

Admission fee

Adults 13,00 euros

Museum card FREE

For more prices click here


Kortegracht 11, 3811 KG Amersfoort

Click here for more information about the museum Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort.

Kunsthal KAdE

At Kunsthal KAdE you can find several exhibits in the field of contemporary/modern art, architecture, design and contemporary visual culture. Although Kunsthal KAdE has no collection on its own, its exhibitions will surprise you, in a very good way. The exhibitions differ widely and offer something for everyone. Besides these exhibits Kunsthal KAdE organises a public programme of tours, workshops and lectures. 

Opening times

Kunsthal KAdE is opened from Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00-17:00. It’s closed on Monday.


Kunsthal KAdE is wheelchair-friendly. There is an elevator in the building and there are wheelchairs available, which you can also reserve in advance.

Admission fee

Adults 13,00 euros

Students 6 euros

Museum card FREE


Eemplein 77, 3812 EA, Amersfoort

Click here for more information about Kunsthal Kade 

Museum Flehite

The Museum Flehite is a museum that houses paintings and objects that will guide you through the history of the city of Amersfoort. The entire collection of Museum Flehite is around 24.000 objects, paintings, drawings and more. Besides this, there are also art exhibits and more.

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Opening times

Museum Flehite is opened from Tuesday until Sunday from 10:00 – 17:00. It’s closed on Monday.


The Museum Flehite is accessible for wheelchair users at the entrance of Westsingel 50. The museum also has an elevator that reaches all floors and a special toilet.

Admission fee

(The fees are 16 euros and 7,50 euros due to a special exhibition, until the 11th of September 2022, after that they’re back to 13 euros and 6,00 euros)

Adults 13,00 euros

Students 6,00 euros

Museum card FREE


Westsingel 50, 3811 BC Amersfoort


Explore Amersfoort on a free walking or cycling city tour + canal tour

A great way to get to know Amersfoort, The Netherlands, is by taking a canal tour and a walking tour.

The first thing I recommend you to do in Amersfoort is to see the city from the canals with a canal tour. Every day the organization, called De Waterlijn, sails through the canals of Amersfoort. The boats depart from the Krommestraat, where you can buy a ticket as well. During the canal tour through Amersfoort you will learn everything about the history of the city, about famous Amersfoorters (people from Amersfoort), about art that you can find on the canals and plenty of more.

From the canal tour at the Krommestraat you will be making a city tour through Amersfoort with the help of a map I created. Here you will see the one courtyard of Amersfoort (and one of the most beautiful courtyards of The Netherlands), as well as amazing monuments, streets, city gates, city walls and plenty of more.

When you have arrived at the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren you’d have to climb it. This way you will get to see the best view of Amersfoort at around 100 meters high. One fun fact is that this tower is the exact geographical centre of The Netherlands. Click here for information on when you can climb the tower (website is in Dutch). One extra tip: rub your hands on the wings on the door of the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, it’s said that this brings you luck and I think we can all use that in our lives. Last, but not least, walk over the old city wall. You can walk all around the city center of Amersfoort.

For the full map with all the streets and points to visit, click here.

Go to the best lunch restaurants of Amersfoort

There are too many great lunch restaurants in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Just naming one option wouldn’t be sufficient, so instead of visiting just one of the best lunch spots of Amersfoort, you can visit three. You’re welcome.

Buuf in de Serre

For the best cake and lunch of Amersfoort you’d have to bring a visit to Buuf in de Serre. It’s becoming a more popular place, but still has the authentic vibe that you’re looking for. Not to mention, cake. Very good cake. And they have other kinds of food as well such as very tasty sandwiches, so you can easily spend hours here as the food is just too good.

Kleine Haag 2, 3811 HE Amersfoort

Juffrouw Jacoba

At Juffrouw Jacoba you can find the real and tasty Breton crêpes and galettes. So if you prefer a more savoury lunch, then I can definitely recommend you to eat these amazing crêpes, as they are very filling as well. Not only is the food amazing in this lunch restaurant in Amersfoort, they also have one of the most beautiful gardens of Amersfoort and are located in a beautiful building.

Krankeledenstraat 6, 3811 BN Amersfoort

Vlaams Friteshuis van Gogh

Do you prefer an easy, small and tasty lunch instead and are you a fan of fried food? Then the Vlaams Friteshuis van Gogh is your dream spot. Here they serve incredibly tasty fries, made from fresh potatoes and other home-made snacks such as several home-made Dutch kroketten. This is the best snack bar from Amersfoort and is definitely worth a visit.

Langestraat 143, 3811 AE Amersfoort

Another great lunch spot is “Bij Daphne in de Kas”, which is in the area of Amersfoort Vathorst

See Amersfoort and/ or its surroundings by canoe

While it’s very normal to explore a city by foot, it’s more special to explore a new town by canoe and that is exactly what you will be doing. You can rent a canoe at Kanocentrum Boerderij Berg in the town of Leusden. This is around 8 kilometers from Amersfoort, which is easily reachable by bike. They are opened daily from 09:00 until sunset, including Sunday. And they can be found at Langesteeg 2A, Leusden. It’s preferred that you reserve the canoes. You can call them at (+31) 033 4945352

If you’re not that strong, or prefer to canoe a bit in the area of Leusden, I can assure you that the surroundings of Leusden are very beautiful as well for a canoe ride. If, however, you are confident that you can and want to do a canoe ride through Amersfoort, then you’ll absolutely love that as well. Seeing the city from a canoe, instead of from the road or canalboat, gives you an entire completely different view of the city of Amersfoort. You can discover the canals at your own pace, while looking at the people who walk along the canals or enjoy a nice refreshment on the terraces.

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Do some serious shopping in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Amersfoort is a great city in The Netherlands to do some serious shopping. One of the best streets for local boutiques and shops in Amersfoort is de Krommestraat. This used to be an area that mainly has breweries, as it has a very useful location with the canals for transporting the beer.

One extra tip: Roots and Las Lunas are some of my favourite clothes stores in Amersfoort.

Grab the best dinner of Amersfoort at these restaurants


At Habibi you will get some of the best Arabic food of The Netherlands. I know this is a big statement, but the food at this restaurant in Amersfoort is so good that I’m willing to risk it. You will get food that looks like tapas/ mezze, this makes it so easy to try so many kind of foods and flavours. The combinations are very tasty, so if you’re looking for one of the best restaurants of Amersfoort, Habibi is one of them.

Krommestraat 45, 3811 CB Amersfoort


Dara is a big restaurant in Amersfoort and has an industrial feel to it. There’s something for everyone at this restaurant, whether you like meat or prefer vegetarian or even vegan or allergies options, it’s all here. And even if you cannot find a vegan option of a dish on the menu, you can ask the waiters and the chefs will make sure you get what you want. So if you’re looking for a restaurant in Amersfoort with vegan or special options for allergies, then you will adore Dara. Not to mention that during summer, the terrace of Dara is one of the sunniest terraces of Amersfoort.

Grote Koppel 5, 3812 PH Amersfoort

Other great restaurants including some with vegetarian or vegan options in Amersfoort are Alberts eten en drinken, SEM (Sla En Meer)Sloop, Hete Kolen (temporarily closed), Hey! Pannenkoek and El Tenero.

Eat the best ice cream of Amersfoort

Some of the best ice cream of Amersfoort can be found at Josy’s ice cream bar. If you’re looking for great ice cream, that looks beautiful as well, then you’re in for a treat here. At this ice cream shop in Amersfoort you can find 16 flavours of ice cream, and all of them are to die for. Usually this shop is closed during the winter period for four months. But from around March until October, this will be your favourite spot of Amersfoort.

Schimmelpenninckstraat 55A, 3813 AH Amersfoort

Finish the day in Amersfoort with a drink at one of the best cafes

Amersfoort is a city that is known for its breweries. Although there were more breweries years ago, as of today there are still around 15 breweries in the city of Amersfoort. Besides breweries there are other pubs and bars that you should visit in Amersfoort to get a nice drink. As you can see below, I like to give you some options. From a great wine bar in Amersfoort, to the oldest cafe of Amersfoort. You can find it all below.

Rock City Beers

The first brewery in Amersfoort you should visit is Rock City Beers. Not only does this brewery have a perfect atmosphere, Rock City Beers in Amersfoort is well-known with the people from Amersfoort for their alternative and more special beers. The name refers to the nickname of Amersfoort of ‘Keistad’, which means rock city. They also serve very good food here, have a nice terrace and serve around 20 craft beers from the tap.

Mijnbouwweg 15, 3812 RT Amersfoort

Café Onder De Linde

This cafe is the oldest or one of the oldest cafes of Amersfoort, The Netherlands, and is around 500 years old. Cafe Onder De Linde is located behind the Joriskerk and has one of those old cafe vibes. This cafe in Amersfoort has a cosy living room/ brown cafe atmosphere and has very kind staff. Not to mention that you can play card and board games here. If you’re hungry I can recommend you to eat the meal of the day, or daghap, here in Amersfoort at around dinner time (around 18:00 in The Netherlands). It’s not expensive either and you’ll be tasting some typical Dutch food.

Groenmarkt 9, 3811 CP Amersfoort

Zuster Margaux

One of the best wine bars of Amersfoort is Wijnbar Zuster Margaux. Not only is the location very cute, but they serve around 40 different wines and every wine has its own story. One fun fact about Zuster Margaux is that this wine bar in Amersfoort was a finalist in the election of ‘Wine Bar Of The Year 2016.

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Kleine Haag 2, Amersfoort

Other fun or interesting things to do in and day trips near Amersfoort, The Netherlands, for creating a weekend trip

Visit a national park near Amersfoort, The Netherlands

In Amersfoort you can find many parks, but outside of this beautiful town in The Netherlands you can find even bigger and better parks. One of them is National Park the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. For some of the best hikes and most beautiful nature of The Netherlands you can visit this beautiful nature reserve. While the city of Amersfoort has a relaxing atmosphere already, it doesn’t hurt to completely recharge with spending a day in the fresh air.

Discover the festivals of Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a city that has some of the most festivals in The Netherlands. During summer, almost every weekend you can find festivals on De Hof square. These vary from live music to dance festivals and even rock music. But there are other events throughout the city as well. For the upcoming events, have a look here.

Visit Kamp Amersfoort

Kamp Amersfoort is located between Leusden and Amersfoort and is one of the three best known Dutch memorial centers about the Second World War. Between 1941 and 1945 around 37.000 prisoners were kept in this camp, that served both as a transit and prison camp under the direct command of the SS. When the Second World War ended people wanted to forget the horrors as soon as they possibly could, thus they dismantled the camp. Then in 2001, a memorial was completed where you can relive the memories of what happened in and around Kamp Amersfoort. At Kamp Amersfoort you can remember, reflect and learn.

Click here for more information about Camp Amersfoort

Get the best regional foods and souvenirs of Amersfoort

Visit the tourist office of Amersfoort, or VVV, and find local foods here. I would at least recommend you to buy Amersfoortse Keitjes, Lieve Vrouwekoekjes and Amersfoortse Keesjes.

Explore the old way of life in Amersfoort

During summer you can discover the way people used to live in Amersfoort in two several buildings. One is the ‘Mannenzaal‘ or men hall. Here you will be shown around through this monumental, medieval building in Amersfoort with the help of actors, which help this monument come back alive. From the 13th of July until the 31st of August 2022 (only from Wednesday until Saturday from 12:00- 16:30): entry for kids is 2 euros and for adults 5 euros.

The ‘Mannenzaal’ can be found at Westsingel 47, 3811 BB, Amersfoort.

The next building you can visit is the Burgerweeshuis, or orphanage. Here actors will act how everything worked inside the orphanage in Amersfoort. You can visit this building during July and August on Wednesday and Friday from 13:00 – 17:00. The admission fee is a voluntary gift. Keep in mind that you cannot visit this house when the outside temperature is more than 29 degrees celsius. The reason for that is the high temperature inside the attic of the building.

The ‘Burgerweeshuis’ can be found at Zuidsingel 25, 3811 HB, Amersfoort. 

Click here for more information, you’d have to Google Translate the page in your language but you will get the gist.

Visit one of the most beautiful castles of The Netherlands

Kasteel Groeneveld is an estate in Baarn that dates back to 1710. It’s one of the most beautiful estates of The Netherlands and was mainly used during the summer. This castle near Amersfoort, The Netherlands, was a private property until 1940 and changed owners countless of times, but is now in the hands of Staatsbosbeheer. One of the things you have to do at Castle Groeneveld in The Netherlands is taking a guided tour. On Saturday and Sunday at 12:00, 13:15, 14:30 and 15:45 there’s a guided tour through Castle Groeneveld in Baarn. Kasteel Groeneveld is a 30-minute walk from the train station of Baarn.

Opening times of Kasteel Groeneveld

Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 -17:00

Closed on Monday, King’s Day, 1st and 2nd Christmas Day and New Years Day

The park of Kasteel Groeneveld is opened from sunrise until sunset.

Admission fee to Castle Groeneveld

12+: 6,50 euros

4- 11: 4,50 euros

The park, garden and shop are free to visit


The castle Groeneveld and Grand Cafe are accessible for wheelchairs, as well as the main paths of the park of Kasteel Groeneveld. You can ask for free wheelchairs at the information desk.

Groeneveld 2, 3744 ML Baarn

I hope you got some good ideas to spend one day of weekend in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. This is one of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands and can be visited as a day trip from cities such as Hoorn, Nijmegen and Delft.

Other places that you might be interested in visiting are the fortified town of Naarden, which is pretty close to Amersfoort. As well as a 2 day itinerary made by a local to the off the beaten path places in Amsterdam. Share this post!!

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