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Things to do in Gelderland, Netherlands | Castles to visit in Gelderland, Netherlands

Utrecht is a province that is densely populated, yet there are quite some castles that you’d want to visit. Here you will find the most beautiful castles in Utrecht that you should visit. From beautiful castles that are a great day trip from the city of Utrecht to discovering smaller castles that require the exploration of small Dutch villages and even estates; it can all be explored here. As well as stunning castle hotels near Utrecht, The Netherlands, that will make  your dreams come true.

Castle Doornenburg which can be visited in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Most beautiful Dutch castles in The Netherlands
Zuylen Castle with its decorative garden is a Dutch castle at the village of Oud-Zuilen just north of the city of Utrecht. It is located along the river Vecht at the southern end of the Vechtstreek. Discover one of the best castles near Utrecht to visit
Dutch Estates to visit in Utrecht
Sterkenburg at sunset near langbroek with a great and strong tower in orange light.
The Netherlands Beautiful Castle Hotels