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16x Cool bars in Utrecht, The Netherlands | Where to go for drinks in Utrecht

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Cool bars of Utrecht The Netherlands | Best wine bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Are you looking for all the cool bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands that you should visit? Have a look below to see 16 cool bars of Utrecht.

Are you looking for all the cool bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands? It is a very beautiful and lively town and when you are visiting a new city, the perfect way to explore it is by having a drink. A wine, beer, or a soda. Place yourself within one of these 16 bars and cafes that I listed below and you’ll soon discover another part of Utrecht. Here you’ll find yourself connecting to locals, while drinking a great beer, wine or soda.


Café De Zaak

One of my most favourite cafes of Utrecht, The Netherlands is Cafe De Zaak. It is located in a little square and has this great atmosphere. You will see a lot of different kind of people, from young students to people in their mid-thirties. You cannot get any food or snacks at Café De Zaak, so they allow you to eat your own food on their terrace. The music here is also great. So, get yourself something at Bigoli or some of the other best lunch spots I recommended in Utrecht. Have a look at the article here.

Café De Zaak opens 7 days a week. Monday-Wednesday 08:00-02:00. Thursday& Friday 08:00-03:00. Saturday 10:00-03:00. Sunday 11:00-01:00.

Korte Minrebroederstraat 9,
3512 GG Utrecht

Café De Morgenster

This is a cosy and typical Dutch café. It’s what we call a bruin café, a traditional Dutch brown café on one of the most beautiful streets of Utrecht, The Netherlands. They have a lot of different type of beers, incredible wines and even good Scottish whisky’s.

Café De Morgenster opens 7 days a week. Monday 15:00-01:00. Tuesday-Thursday 15:00-01:30. Friday 15:00-02:00. Saturday 15:00-01:45. Sunday 15:00-00:00.

Oudegracht 323, 3511 PC Utrecht

Drie Dorstige Herten

If you’re looking for Dutch wines, a lot of choices when it comes to beer, typical Dutch liquors, single malt whisky, and jenever, then you have to bring a visit to the Drie Dorstige Herten. This authentic café has the local and seasonal beer that will give you a real taste of the many different Dutch beers. If you’re looking for a little snack, they have local cheeses and little pieces of local sausage to eat. So, if you’re searching for the best beer and wine of Utrecht, The Netherlands, then this is your spot.

The Drie Dorstige Herten opens 5 days a week. Wednesday and Thursday 15:00-22:00. Friday and Saturday 15:00-00:00. Sunday 15:00-19:00. Sometimes the opening times change, so have a look at their Facebook page here, to see if it has changed.

Verde Marrone

Verde Marrone is one of the best wine bars and located in the middle of the centre of Utrecht. They are actually a Bruschetteria and Wine bar, so if you want something more than just a snack, you can take some bruschetta. At Verde Marrone, they have over 40 different wines from 20 different areas of Italy. So, I won’t recommend you try them all unless you have a week in the city of Utrecht.

Verde Marrone opens 6 days a week. Tuesday and Wednesday 16:00-01:00. Thursday-Sunday 12:00-01:00.

Donkere Gaard 2,
3511 KW Utrecht

Cafe Le Journal

This is a great place on one of my most favourite squares of Utrecht, Neude. The whole area is really lively, and Cafe Le Journal is a good cafe to sit down for a wine and a snack. Take bitterballen. As many as you can. During the day you can eat very simple things here, but I like Café Le Journal more for the evening.

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Café Le Journal is opened 7 days a week. Monday-Wednesday 08:45-01:00. Thursday 08:45-02:00. Friday and Saturday 08:45-02:30. Sunday 09:45-01:00.

Neude 32,
3512 AG Utrecht

Rubens Proeflokaal

Another recommendation, another wine bar in Utrecht The Netherlands. But don’t worry you can also get a beer, port and many other things here. Rubers Proeflokaal is another local favourite. The café is opened four days a week and has some of the best wines you will ever taste. Also, once you enter Rubens Proeflokaal, I’m certain you’re coming back another time. That’s just the magic of one of the best wine bars of Utrecht.

Rubens Proeflokaal is opened on Thursday and Friday 16:00-24:00. Saturday 16:00-20:00. Sunday 15:00-20:00.

Nieuwegracht 197,
3512 LN Utrecht

Wijncafe Lefebvre

I know, I know. Another wine bar? Yes. Wijncafe Lefebvre has to be one of the coolest bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands. This wine bar has a very modern feel, has wonderful staff and a great variation of wines and beers. It is a small, but a long bar in the middle of the centre of Utrecht.

Wijncafe Lefebvre opens 7 days a week. Monday-Friday from 15:00. Saturday and Sunday from 13:30.

Café Willem

For lunch, dinner, and drinks Café Willem is your new hotspot in Utrecht. The interior is just so beautiful, peaceful but edgy at the same time that this makes it a reason by itself to visit Café Willem in Utrecht. They have organic and seasonal products to create the best and most fresh dishes. And those are not disappointing. But the atmosphere at night really turns everything around. Cosy, but full of life.

The opening times of Café Willem are the following; Sunday-Thursday 11:00-23:00. Friday & Saturday 11:00-01:00

Willem van Noortstraat 186,

3514 GJ Utrecht

Talud 9

Talud 9 is another cute little place. It serves great breakfasts and lunches during the day. And good bites and wine whenever you want. Talud9 is a wine bar as well. It is always time for wine and snacks. The food is simple, but with a touch. That touch in combination with the location, interior and people that work here is golden. But this is another great wine bar in Utrecht, The Netherlands that you should visit.

Talud 9 is opened from Tuesday until Saturday 10:00- 01:00. And on Sunday 10:00- 20:00. On Monday Talud 9 is closed.

Donkere Gaard 9,

3511 KV, Utrecht

Roost aan de Singel

For great lunches, an incredible atmosphere and fun people you should go to Roost aan de Singel. It’s located on the side of one of the canals of Utrecht. You should go here for lunch, a good dinner that’s made on a braai (South African bbq) and drinks. Be aware that this is a hotspot for locals during summer. The location makes this café one of the cool bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

From April until the beginning of October this place opens from Wednesday- Sunday from 12:00-23:00. After that you should have a look at their Facebook page here, to see the opening times or events.

Paardenveld 1
3512 RD Utrecht

Cafe Het Gegeven Paard

Cafe het Gegeven Paard can be found within TivoliVredenburg which is a music complex. The venue consists of five halls designed acoustically for a specific music genre. So, you can have a great dinner here, go for some drinks and go partying later at night. This café can definitely be recommended for a few drinks.

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The opening times as follows: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 09:00 -00:00 Thursday: 09:00-01:00. Friday 09:00-01:30. Saturday 10:00- 01:30. Sunday 10:00-00:00.
Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC

Borrelbar Plank

Borrelbar Plank is a nice, little bar. It feels like a pub in the middle of Utrecht, The Netherlands. At Borrelbar Plank they offer a lot of nice tap beers, typical Dutch food (homemade) and even have board games to play. That alone makes Borrelbar Plank one of the cool bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands. And one that you have to visit.

Borrelbar Plank is opened 6 days a week. Tuesday- Friday 16:00-01:00. Saturday 15:00-01:00. Sunday 15:00-23:00.

Voorstraat 96,
3512 AV Utrecht

Café Orloff

This is another café located on the Oudegracht, Utrecht. Café Orloff has a nice atmosphere and one of the cosiest terraces of the entire city of Utrecht. This café is perfectly located and gives you a view over the canals. And honestly, I can sit there for days. I must admit, it is very busy at the weekend but still worth a visit. Don’t forget to try all of their snacks.

They open 7 days a week. Monday-Wednesday 08:00-01:00. Thursday 08:00-02:00. Friday 08:00-03:00. Saturday 09:00-03:00. Sunday 10:00-01:00.

Donkere Gaard 8,
3511 KW Utrecht

Café Flater

Another café on the Oudegracht, Utrecht. This is also close to the lovely area of Neude. At café Flater you can find very friendly staff, some comics on the wall (yes really) and plenty of locals. Definitely, a cool bar to get a drink at in Utrecht. It is oftentimes very busy, with a lot of young people. And as the evening gets later, people start dancing.

Café Flater is opened 6 times a week. The opening times are not all known to me. I do know that they open on Thursday from 12:00. I still wanted to include this café, even though I do not have all their information, because you shouldn’t miss this place. If you do know their opening times, please let me know in the comments below.

Oudegracht 140,
3511 AZ Utrecht

Kafé België

You are tired from all the Dutch beers and prefer something else? Kafe België is the best Belgium bar from Utrecht, with obviously a lot of great beers. If you’re looking to get away from students, as Utrecht is a student town, you should skip Kafe Belgie. It sometimes looks like one of the student bars of Utrecht. However, I think the beer is worth a visit.

Kafe België is opened 7 days a week. Sunday & Monday 13:00-03:00. Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-03:00. Friday & Saturday 11:00-04:00.

Oudegracht 196,
3511 NR Utrecht

Café Ledig Erf

This cafe is also one of the coolest cafes of Utrecht, The Netherlands and one you have to visit. It is, like we Dutchies like to call it, gezellig. It kind of means cosy, but it’s way more than that. They have a lot of different kind of beers and other drinks, plus one of the most beautiful terraces of Utrecht. Besides that, you can play games here. Typical Dutch games and international ones. And a drink makes everything more fun.

It opens 7 days a week from 10:00-00:00.

Tolsteegbrug 3,
3511 ZN Utrecht

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Bars to visit in Utrecht | Best bars Utrecht Netherlands | Going out in Utrecht Netherlands

Are you looking for the best pubs and bars of Utrecht? Here you will find great wine bars, beer cafes and pubs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. If you enjoy great company at the best bars of Utrecht, these places are a must visit when you travel to Utrecht, The Netherlands.













I hope you found this article useful and that you found one of the cool bars of Utrecht, The Netherlands to have a drink tonight. Have you been to one of these places already and what did you think? Is there any café you’d like to add? If you’re looking for the best breakfast spots of Utrecht, click here. For amazing lunch places, you should have a look here. And if you want to see dinner options in Utrecht, you can click here.

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