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Packing List The Netherlands for Women | Recommended by a born and raised local Dutch woman | You're traveling to The Netherlands, but don't know what to pack? Don't worry. Right here you will find a packing list for women created by a local woman. |Visiting The Dutch Countryside | Explore The Netherlands beyond the crowds
Visiting The Dutch Countryside is the website for travelers who want to visit The Netherlands beyond the crowds. On this website they will find beautiful villages and national parks. They will find the off the beaten path things to do in cities such as Amsterdam, among many other things.

Visiting The Dutch Countryside would love to work together to, for example, promote destinations or events in The Netherlands. I would also be more than happy to work with companies that will help the spreading of the tourism industry within The Netherlands in a positive way. All I’m looking for is to make a positive impact for the local communities but to keep it authentic in the same way. 

I want people to explore The Netherlands in all its beauty, but to not let them take advantage of it. That’s why if you have great ideas that help the environment, you can also count me in. Whether it’s to promote the beach cleanups every year, or plogging (jogging while picking up garbage). Send me an email, and you’ll hear back from me. 

Are you looking to expand your event to a bigger audience? Do you want to show my audience how they can make the most out of their train ticket in one day? Do you have a great tour that you think suits my audience? Or do you want me to write a guest post on a beautiful village? Do you want me to have an Instagram or TikTok Live session while I fall flat on my face when mudwalking? (Sounds pretty okay, by the way) Or do you want me to create a tour? There are endless possibilities when working together.
I am open to many things, however, I do not publish sponsored advertorials. I write my own information and I will not misuse the trust that my readers give me.
I am open for inquiries and ideas at Please mention that it’s for a collaboration or inquiry so it won’t get lost.
Fijne dag! (Have a good day!)


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