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13 Best things to do in Middelburg, The Netherlands | Visit one of the most beautiful cities of The Netherlands

The province of Zeeland, The Netherlands exists out of several islands that are connected by dikes and bridges. Zeeland shares it’s borders with Noord- Brabant and Zuid- Holland within The Netherlands, however it also borders Belgium. 380.000 people live in the entire provice of Zeeland.

The capital city of Zeeland is Middelburg, so obviously you should visit Middelburg as well. The city is honestly so beautiful and I find that Middelburg is one of the must see places within The Netherlands. It’s not crowded at all and feels like a village while it’s a big town.

As Zeeland is made up out of islands, the beaches are some of The Netherlands most beautiful and peaceful beaches. Besides the beaches there is still plenty to do, so if you’re not a beachbum don’t you worry. The province of Zeeland offers plenty of things to do. From visiting tulips in Zeeland to small towns and villages. And from great things to do in Zeeland to incredibly beautiful cities and amazing festivals.

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