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Local Guide: Visit the Best Tulip Fields in Zeeland, The Netherlands

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Do you want to see tulip fields in Zeeland? Then this blog is great for you. Only a few people tend to visit tulip fields in the South of The Netherlands, but they are here. Discover the best places to explore the Dutch tulip fields in Zeeland here.

Zeeland is not traditionally a province home to many tulip fields, but in the last few years, more and more tulip fields have been found in this southern province. Zeeland has cheaper and more available land compared to the main tulip provinces, like Noord- Holland and Zuid- Holland.

Most of the tulip fields in Zeeland, The Netherlands, can be found in Oost- Zeeuws- Vlaanderen. But in other places of this province of The Netherlands, you can also find the Dutch tulip fields.

When is tulip season in Zeeland?

The tulips in Zeeland bloom roughly from mid-April until the first few days in May. But please remember that it is still nature, and the exact dates depend on the Dutch winter that we’ve had – as well as the flower species, as some are earlier or later. If we have a late and harsh winter, the flower fields in Zeeland will bloom later, but if we have a mild winter, it’ll bloom around the middle of April. The best time to visit Zeeland for tulip fields is the last week of April.

Please don’t wait until the end of May to visit tulip fields in Zeeland because they will be long gone. The best tulip fields in Zeeland bloom in a short period: only around two weeks. So, make sure to see Zeeland and its tulip fields and stop listening to people telling you that they bloom in the middle of May or the end of May. You can also head to Zeeland to visit tulips below Amsterdam, as it’s a region that is not often visited for tulip season. Zeeland and its flower fields do not bloom in the first week of April either, so please know that it’s a very short timeframe. 

Can I walk inside tulip fields in Zeeland?

No. It’s that easy: no. For years, I’ve been telling people that they should not walk inside Dutch flower fields, and for a good reason: the damage that tourists do to the fields costs tulip farmers tens of thousands of euros every year. By walking inside tulip fields, you will spread not only fungi, bacteria, insects and diseases, but you will also crack tulips prematurely, which increases the chance of the tulip getting a disease. And as usual, sickness doesn’t just stay in one tulip: it spreads. Besides that, tulip fields in The Netherlands are private property and are not here for your Instagram or TikTok photo or video. Please be respectful. 

Visit tulip fields in Zeeland

The province of Zeeland is a beautiful region in the southwest of The Netherlands which primarily exists out of several islands connected – and the mainland – by bridges. Zeeland is home to around 383,000 people, with most of them living in Middelburg, which is home to around 42,000 people. The capital of Zeeland is the historic city of Middelburg, founded in the 9th century. Other well-known places are cities like Vlissingen, Veere, Goes, and Zierikzee, villages and towns such as Dreischor, Sluis and Groede.

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Zeeland is a province famous for its endless, stunning beaches and small, picturesque villages, towns and cities. On one side of Zeeland, you can find big lakes and rivers, such as the Oosterschelde (which is also a National Park) and on the other side, the North Sea. You can taste delicious local foods, such as locally grown mussels and oysters, and try some tasty baked goods like ‘Zeeuwse Bolus’ and ‘Zeeuwse Kaneelkoekjes’. 

Continue reading to find the best tulip field spots in Zeeland to enjoy spring in this beautiful province. Zeeland has the best of both worlds and deserves to be explored, so don’t be afraid to visit Zeeland for tulip fields.

1. Zeeuws- Vlaanderen

Most of the tulip fields in Zeeland can be found in this region, especially in the East of Zeeuws- Vlaanderen. This region in Zeeland is connected to the Belgian border and is home to around 105,000 people, which means it is one of the less densely populated areas in The Netherlands. You can find beautiful places to visit in this area: from the nature reserve of ‘Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe’ to towns and villages such as Sluis, Hulst, Sint Anna Ter Muiden, Aardenburg and IJzendijke. This is the place to see tulips in the province of Zeeland; you will find spots to see tulip fields in Zeeuws- Vlaanderen.


Hulst is one of the fortified cities you can find in the province of Zeeland and is the capital of the municipality of Hulst. It’s currently home to around 11,000 people, making it the sixth-largest city in the entire province of Zeeland. The city of Hulst was founded in the 11th century as Hulust and eventually obtained city rights in 1180. This was why it became an important enough city to become a fortified city eventually.


Heikant is a young village found in the municipality of Hulst and is also a ribbon village. It is currently home to around 1,100 people. The name Heikant refers to big heather fields that used to exist in this area: the Dutch words ‘hei’ and ‘heide’ refer to heather.


Koewacht is one of the villages and towns that has been divided into a Dutch and Belgian part since the Belgian separation from the United Kingdom of The Netherlands in 1830. Around 2,500 people call the Dutch side of the village of Koewacht their home.


The village of Clinge is located in the municipality of Hulst, in the southern part of the province of Zeeland, and is home to around 2,350 people. Clinge is one of the many places in The Netherlands that used to be a municipality, which was the case until 1970. Clinge is a traditional Dutch village that exists out of what we call ‘lintbebouwing’, or a ribbon village, and it is 2,5 kilometres long. The name Clinge means inland dune.

2. Schouwen-Duiveland

Schouwen-Duiveland is not an island in Zeeland where you can find dozens of tulip fields, but there are a few blooming flower fields to discover. This Dutch island is filled with beautiful, long sandy beaches, picturesque villages and stunning nature. But that’s not all. Because if you’re looking for the perfect place to explore some of The Netherlands’ most interesting history, then you’re at the correct location.

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The village of Kerkwerve is a village in the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland (yes, the island). Kerkwerve was founded around the year 1200. Currently, the village is home to around 1,000 people.

3. Walcheren

The island of Walcheren is home to the capital of Zeeland: Middelburg, as well as other large cities like Vlissingen and Goes. Just like on Schouwen-Duiveland, you can not find countless blooming tulip fields on Walcheren, but it’s a stunning island that deserves to be explored. Add a few tulip fields here and there, and you will have a fantastic stay in one of Zealand’s most beautiful regions.


The village of Heinkenszand is located in the municipality of Borsele and is home to around 5,500 people. Heinkenszand is one of the places that exist because of land reclamation. A sand bank was turned into reclaimed land in the 14th century. The name Heinkenszand is said to refer to the sand bank (zand in Dutch) and the owner of it – who was named Hein/Heinken.

More things to do in Zeeland this flower season

Visit picking gardens in Zeeland

Pluktion La Fleur has, besides several picking gardens in Noord- Brabant, also gardens in the Zeeland province. During tulip season, you can pick tulips here. When tulip season is over, you can harvest tons of other species of flowers. It’s a great way to see tulip fields on a Dutch island.

  • Nisseweg 15, Kruiningen
  • Brouwerijstraat 18, Noordgouwe
  • Nieuwe Rijksweg, ‘s-Heer Hendrikskinderen
  • Vrouwenpolderseweg, Serooskerke

Besides La Fleur, there are also other picking gardens in Zeeland. In Kruiningen you can also find Pluktuin Bloemenzee at Blauwhoefseweg 2-C, 4416 RC Kruiningen.

Admire beautiful flower gardens in Walcheren and Zuid- Beveland

Every year during one of the last weekends in April, a special flower bulb route in Zeeland, called Zeeuwse bloembollenroute, will bring you along several gardens. These gardens have specially planted many tulips and other spring flowers so you can enjoy them during that specific weekend from 10:00- 17:00. There is an entry fee for every garden, which depends on the garden. Some are four euros, others less or more. So, please bring some cash with you. Tuin De Pionier-Ster in Grijpskerke is always one of the participating gardens.

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I hope this blog about tulip fields in Zeeland made you excited to visit Zeeland in spring. There are many things to do in Zeeland, and exploring a Dutch tulip field in this Dutch province is always a great idea. All these places are where you can find free tulip fields in Zeeland, as these are private property, so you can admire them from the road or a further distance. Admiring Zeeland and its tulips is one of the things to do in Zeeland in spring, and I can guarantee you will love it. 

Remember to share this post with your friends and family so they know where to see tulip fields around Zeeland and what to do in Zeeland when they have a chance to visit. Now you know essential information about the Zeeland province, where to find these specific tulip Fields in The Netherlands and its location.

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