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21 Best restaurants for dinner in Leiden, The Netherlands

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Where to eat dinner in Leiden The Netherlands | Best restaurants in Leiden The Netherlands | Where to eat in Leiden The Netherlands | Best Italian restaurants Leiden
Are you looking for the best restaurants to eat dinner at in Leiden, The Netherlands? Continue reading!

You are looking for the best restaurants to eat dinner in Leiden, The Netherlands? Here you will find the best places to eat in Leiden. ‘If you’re hungry and you know it clap your hands! ‘ Finding great restaurants in new cities can be difficult, that’s why I did the work for you. Here you will find the best restaurants of Leiden, The Netherlands.


Last updated on the 2nd of June 2022

 Best restaurants in Leiden for a great dinner

These restaurants are great to visit for dinner. Remember that we usually eat dinner quite early in The Netherlands, so while many restaurants are opened until 00:00, they often close their kitchen roughly one hour, or sometimes two hours before closing. Usually restaurants are already busy around 18:00 and this lasts usually until 21:00- 21:30.

Very Italian Pizza

If you’re looking for a great Italian place in Leiden, that has plenty of room, then this is a fantastic spot to visit. It has great pizza, obviously, but also tons of other great Italian food. There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Leiden, and many of them are wonderful: Very Italian Pizza is most certainly one of them.

Opening times

Monday 17:00- 23:00

Tuesday- Sunday 12:00- 23:00

Turfmarkt 8, 2312 CE Leiden

La Bota

This cosy restaurant is another wonderful spot in Leiden. It not only has a very nice atmosphere, but the food is also simply good and I can recommend you to certainly have a look at the day menu, as that’s always great (and greatly priced).

Opening times

Monday – Sunday 17:00- 22:00

Herensteeg 9, 2311 SG Leiden

Bar Lokaal

This is personally one of my most favourite hot spots of Leiden, The Netherlands. Bar Lokaal is a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks in Leiden. The atmosphere in Bar Lokaal is something else and the food is even better. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, you’ll enjoy Bar Lokaal in Leiden. So, if you’re looking for a vegetarian restaurant or vegetarian options in Leiden, then you’ll be perfectly happy at this restaurant.

Opening times Bar Lokaal

Monday-Sunday 08:00- 00:00 (kitchen is opened until 22:00)

Hartesteeg 13, Leiden

Lot & De Walvis

You might’ve heard of Lot & De Walvis before, but I cannot let one of the best restaurants in Leiden, The Netherlands, slip by. The food here is great, the staff is wonderful and Lot & De Walvis has a great atmosphere. You won’t be hungry for a while once you’re finished at this restaurant in Leiden.

Opening times Lot & De Walvis

Lot & De Walvis is opened 7 days a week.

Monday- Sunday 09:00 – 00:00 (kitchen opened until 22:00)

Haven 1, Leiden

De Waag

Good food, an incredible interior, and a big menu. So, if you’re in doubt what you should eat for dinner in Leiden, then De Waag will help you out. It is located in a historic house and has a great quality of food and service. Besides that, they have dishes that you won’t see anywhere else. That makes De Waag one of the best dinner restaurants of Leiden, The Netherlands.

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Opening times De Waag

Thursday- Saturday 11:00- 00:00

Sunday – Wednesday 11:00- 22:00

Aalmarkt 21, Leiden

Het Pakhuis

One of the other top restaurants in Leiden is Het Pakhuis. This restaurant is one of the places you have to eat at when you’re in Leiden. Now, in general, the food isn’t that special, however, they master the art of simple but delicious food. If you’re looking for good restaurants in Leiden, then this is your spot.

Opening times Het Pakhuis

Sunday – Wednesday 11:00- 00:00

Thursday – Saturday 11:00- 01:00

Doelensteeg 8, Leiden

Aan de Rijn

If you’re looking for a great dinner restaurants Aan de Rijn is a great spot in Leiden, The Netherlands. Getting lunch at this place in Leiden is always, like we say, gezellig. It’s cosy, but way more than that. What I love about this place is that during dinner you can order several small dishes and get a taste of several meals instead of taking just one meal. That makes Aan de Rijn an even better dinner spot in Leiden. So, if you’re looking on where to go for dinner in Leiden, then this is one of the many places you should visit.

Opening times Aan de Rijn

Sunday – Monday 11:00- 22:00

Tuesday – Saturday 10:00- 22:00

Nieuwe Rijn 37, Leiden

Vet Gezond

Vet Gezond is another restaurant in Leiden where you have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. You’re asking for a vegan pizza in Leiden? You can get it at Vet Gezond. The best smoothies, sides and even a healthy kapsalon, can all be found it all here.

Opening times Vet Gezond


Tuesday – Friday 11:30 – 21:00

Saturday & Sunday 16:00 – 21:00

Omegaplantsoen 4, Leiden


At Dende, they serve a great dinner. The concept is simple but gives your dinner experience at this great restaurant in Leiden an extra boost. They have several plates that you can order. Those all have several dishes that you can share with the people around you. Or keep it to yourself. But I prefer the sharing part.

Opening times Dende

Sunday – Thursday 11:00 – 00:00

Friday & Saturday 11:00- 01:30

Nieuwe Rijn 5, Leiden

Catootje aan de Markt

This great restaurant in Leiden has a French/Mediterranean kitchen. All the products are as fresh as possible and most of them are organic. The best thing about one of the best restaurants of Leiden is that they not only work with seasonal products, but they can make every meal vegetarian or vegan. So, if you’re looking for a great vegan restaurant of a dinner spot in Leiden, then Catootje aan de Markt is your place to be.

Opening times Catootje aan de Markt

Sunday- Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday – Saturday 17:30-22:00

Kaasmarkt 10, Leiden

Bistro Malle Jan

While a bistro doesn’t sound that special, Bistro Malle Jan is different. The food is great, the staff is wonderful and the location is super as well. I find that they have a bit more special food combinations than quite a few other restaurants in Leiden, which I like. One thing to note is that there are not enough toilets for the amount of people that visit, as the locals love this place too.

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Opening times Bistro Malle Jan

Tuesday- Friday 18:00- 22:00

Saturday & Sunday 17:00- 22:00

Nieuwesteeg 9-11, Leiden

Restaurant Puur

At Restaurant Puur they serve great dishes, that are somewhat different than you’re used to. This is one of the things I like about dining out, trying new food and other combinations. The restaurant feels warm and cosy. The food is full with flavour and the staff are very friendly and can help you make some good food choices.

Opening times Restaurant Puur


Tuesday- Sunday 18:00 – 22:00

Pieterskerk Choorsteeg 9, Leiden

Rembrandt Roast

This is a great restaurant for people who love a good piece of meat or fish. So if you’re looking for a restaurant that is a bit more meat or fish heavy in Leiden, then you could go to Rembrandt Roast and enjoy a tasty meal. Besides the fact that at Rembrandt Roast the staff tries to help everyone get the best food.

Opening times Rembrandt Roast

Monday- Sunday 17:00- 22:00

Rembrandtstraat 2, Leiden

Pizzeria Giuseppe

Pizzeria Giuseppe is a great take away Italian restaurant in Leiden. This is pizza the way it should be. Authentic, full of flavour and leaves you wanting for more. Not because the food wasn’t enough, but because of the taste. The portions are definitely big enough. The vibe in the best pizzeria of Leiden is always very cosy, which gives it extra bonus points.

Opening times of Pizzeria Giuseppe


Tuesday- Sunday 17:00- 22:00

Herenstraat 33, Leiden

Karels Bio Friet

If you are looking for the best fries or organic snacks in Leiden, then Karels Bio Friet is your place to be. They also serve seasonal products, such as kroketten with the meat of lamb during spring. Be aware that as a vegan, this place won’t be your cup of tea. However, if you are looking for fried snacks and fries in Leiden for dinner, then this is your place.

Opening times Karels Bio Friet


Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday 12:00- 20:00

Thursday – Saturday 12:00- 21:00

Hogewoerd 37, Leiden


For one of the best Greek restaurants of Leiden, you should head to Delphi. Delphi is a great restaurant to have a dinner and the staff will make you feel very welcome. Very authentic and tasty food. The atmosphere is wonderful as well and so are the prices. So, if you’re looking for a Greek restaurant in Leiden, then head over to Delphi.

Opening times Delphi

Monday- Sunday 16:30 – 22:30

Nieuwe Rijn 52, Leiden

Pannenkoekenboerderij de Hooiberg

This is a pancake restaurant in the surroundings of Leiden. It’s about 20 minutes by bike away from the centre in a nearby town called Oud Ade and it totally worth a visit. One of the best places for authentic, Dutch pancakes in Leiden and surroundings is this place.

Opening times De Hooiberg

Monday- Sunday 12:00- 20:30

Ghoybos 1, Oud Ade

In den Doofpot

This is one of the best restaurants of Leiden and doesn’t just serve their food but also want to present it to you in the best possible way. This does mean that this good restaurant in Leiden is more expensive, classy and high-end than the other restaurants that you find on this list.

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Opening times In Den Doofpot

Monday- Friday 12:00- 22:00

Saturday 17:00- 22:00


Turfmarkt 9, Leiden

Koetshuis de Burcht

At Koetshuis de Burcht they also offer a sharing dinner which is great if you’re visiting Leiden with friends or family. Or for when you’re extra hungry. This restaurant is located in the centre of Leiden and has a big terrace. If you’re looking for craft beers to drink during your dinner in Leiden, then this restaurant will be even better for you. And, best of all, the atmosphere feels like home.

Opening times Koetshuis de Burcht


Tuesday- Sunday 11:30- 00:00

Burgsteeg 13, Leiden

City Hall

Are you looking for a great pizzeria or Italian restaurant in the centre of Leiden, then City Hall is one of the options you can choose from. The pizza is not the standard Italian pizza, but definitely really good. I’m a pizza fan, so I know what I’m talking about.

Opening times City Hall

Sunday- Thursday 11:00- 00:00

Friday 11:00 – 01:30

Saturday 10:00- 01:30

Stadhuisplein 3, Leiden

Where to eat dinner in Leiden The Netherlands | Best restaurants in Leiden The Netherlands | Where to eat in Leiden The Netherlands | Best Italian restaurants Leiden | #restaurantsleiden #leiden #dinnerleiden

Have you found a place to eat dinner in Leiden, The Netherlands? I hope your dinner at these best restaurants in Leiden is going to be as tasty as I have experienced it. Let me know what you thought! Have a look here for the best lunch and brunch restaurants in Leiden and click here for the best breakfast spots.



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