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30+ Best Day Trips From Rotterdam Recommended By A Dutch Local

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A view on delft and its canals during winter
Do you want to explore day trips from Rotterdam? With these Rotterdam day trips you will explore the Zuid (South)- Holland region and more!

Rotterdam is one of The Netherlands largest cities, and while it’s undoubtedly a great one to visit, sometimes you want to explore more of the region, and that’s why I’m here. These day trips from Rotterdam will leave you in awe. Not only will you discover day trips from Rotterdam to see windmills, but you will also find many small Dutch towns and villages that are perfect day trips near Rotterdam. And, you will discover many easy train trips from Rotterdam too.

No matter if you’re searching for the best day trips from Rotterdam during summer or winter, these day trips around Rotterdam will make be the highlight of your holiday in The Netherlands. And, the best part? If you want to extend your trip and make it into one of the great weekend getaways from Rotterdam, then that is easily done as well. Whether you’re looking for a 1 day trip from Rotterdam, or weekend trips from Rotterdam, I can guarantee you that this Rotterdam blog will answer any question you might have.

Explore the absolute best day trips from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and visit the Zuid (South)- Holland area

With these day trips from Rotterdam, you’ll easily explore the area around Rotterdam and not just the highlights of the Zuid (South)- Holland province. All of the travel time for these Rotterdam day trips are calculated from Rotterdam Central train station.

I highly recommend you to use or their app to plan your public transportation trip in The Netherlands; we all use the app in The Netherlands as it’s the travel app that is easiest and fastest to use. There is so much to explore around Rotterdam for a day trip, and almost all of these places that I’ve listed can be reached by public transportation.

Some of these places to visit near Rotterdam are very small, so you could definitely opt to visit several of these destinations around Rotterdam on your day trip. There are plenty of cities to be found near Rotterdam, but there is also more to explore on your day trip out of Rotterdam.

If you’re looking for castle day trips from Rotterdam, I advise you to look at these Dutch castle hotels to enjoy castles in The Netherlands the best possible way.

If you’re done exploring the region of Zuid (South)- Holland and discovered the things to do here and the places to visit and want to find more of the city of Rotterdam, then this city guide for Rotterdam is just right for you. I hope you will like this day trips from Rotterdam article and that you will discover where you have to travel to from Rotterdam.

1. Dordrecht

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 23 minutes

Where to stay: Heer&Meester Bed&Breakfast

The city of Dordrecht is one of the most beautiful places to visit in The Netherlands. It’s home to endless beautiful buildings and incredible canal views. Not only can you explore Dordrecht from the water with a boat tour, but you can also wander through the small cobblestoned streets that hide little cafes and shops. Dordrecht is one of those cities that is bustling but not overcrowded. Also, did you know that Dordrecht is located nearby one of The Netherlands most beautiful national parks? All of this, and more, make Dordrecht one of the day trips from Rotterdam you cannot miss.

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a view on the old water and city gate in Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2. Schiedam

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 5 minutes

Where to stay: B&B Museumkwartier Schiedam

Schiedam is one of the cities that is famous within the country for its traditional Dutch windmills. These windmills are not only the highest in The Netherlands but the tallest traditional windmills in the world, with a height of several tens of metres. These windmills were used to grind ingredients to create the alcoholic drink Jenever, the forerunner of English gin.

This jenever industry is what made Schiedam a bustling and wealthy city. You can visit a few of those windmills, and one of the other things I recommend you do in Schiedam is visiting the Jenevermuseum. Besides learning everything about Dutch jenever, there are countless things to see in Schiedam, such as the breathtaking buildings, canals, and so much more. Visiting the city of Schiedam is most certainly one of the Rotterdam day tours you must do.

A view on a canal and canal houses in the city of Schiedam, The Netherlands

3. Den Haag

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 30 minutes

Where to stay: The Collector Hotel

The Hague, or Den Haag in Dutch, is one of the most important cities in The Netherlands due to it being home to the Dutch parliament and the Peace Palace. Den Haag is a very bustling city that is home to tons of activities. Not only is The Hague located near one of the most famous Dutch beaches, Scheveningen, but it is also found in the perfect area to enjoy some Dutch nature and city life. One of the best things to do in Den Haag is to visit De Haagse Markt, where you can buy incredible produce and great food. It’s one of the biggest markets in Europe and a great place to visit in The Hague.

One of the other musts in The Hague is visiting one of the best museums in Den Haag: Kunstmuseum Den Haag. This art museum is a must-see when you’re visiting The Hague on a Rotterdam day trip.

view on the Dutch parliament at night

4. Vlaardingen

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 16 minutes

Where to stay: Pension Schravendijkplein

Vlaardingen is a small town connected to Schiedam (and Schiedam is connected to Rotterdam), so it’s just a quick trip from the city. Before you know it, you’ll be walking and admiring Vlaardingen and its beautiful canal houses. One of the things you need to do in Vlaardingen is to visit Museum Vlaardingen. This museum takes you back to the history of Vlaardingen, from 5000 years ago to the way it is today.

Besides that, I can also highly recommend you visit the Museum Jan Anderson, which is found in the Northern part of Vlaardingen. This Streekmuseum, or regional museum, will show you everything about the different handicrafts often used in this area. The museum is opened every Saturday afternoon and every first Sunday of the month, from 14:00- 16:00. Combine quiet streets, pretty buildings and a protected cityscape, and you’ve got one of the best tours from Rotterdam.

view on historic dutch brick buildings in the town of Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

5. Maassluis

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 22 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel Maassluis

Maassluis is a Dutch town that comes straight out of a fairy tale and is an absolute must-visit during one of your Rotterdam day tours. Not only will you love wandering around the town and admire its charming streets and buildings, but there are quite a few things to do in Maassluis. One of the must do’s in Maassluis, if you’re interested in the maritime history of The Netherlands, is the Nationaal Scheepvaart Museum Maassluis. There are even more things to do and see in Maassluis, so don’t be afraid to wander around and get lost in one of the most beautiful towns to visit nearby Rotterdam.

view on a canal that runs through the town of Maassluis and historic canal houses on the side in The Netherlands

6. Maasland

Province:  Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 24 minutes

Where to stay: Bed&Breakfast Maasland

The village of Maasland is one of those picture-perfect Dutch villages and found relatively close to Rotterdam, making it one of the best side trips from Rotterdam. You can admire the beautiful canal that runs through the village and its monumental buildings and peaceful atmosphere. One of the best things to do in Maasland is to visit the local museum of the village.

Museum de Schilpen mainly shows you the history of Maasland in the 19th and 20th century, and it’s the perfect place to visit to learn something more about this small village near Rotterdam. It is generally opened every Wednesday (only from May until September from 14:00- 17:00), every Saturday (11:00- 17:00), as well as every first Sunday of the month from (14:00-17:00).

View on a canal and old Dutch brick buildings during summer in the village of Maasland

7. Delft

Province: Zuid- Holland

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Travel time: 12 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel de Emauspoort

If you’re looking for day trips from Rotterdam, then Delft is always a great option. Delft is famous for many things, such as Delfts Blauw (Delfts Blue), incredible beautiful buildings and streets and Vermeer. While Delft is becoming quite a popular city with people on a day trip, it isn’t overrun. Luckily, because if it were, I wouldn’t recommend you to visit. But Delft has so many things to offer. There are endless museums to visit, shops to explore and monuments to admire. It’s one of those cities that will leave you in awe and give you countless memories.

Find a full article on what to do in Delft here.

Delft Main Square at Winter Snowy Sunny Day

8. Leiden

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 33 minutes

Where to stay: De Doelen

Leiden is one of those cities in The Netherlands that you must visit at least once on your visit. It’s a pretty big city by Dutch standards but feels very cosy and homey. The city of Leiden is filled with unique places to visit, such as the Burcht of Leiden or the castle of Leiden.

But that’s not all that this lovely Dutch city has to offer, because it is absolutely stuffed with museums. For my archaeology fans, I can highly recommend you to visit the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden or visit the Museum De Lakenhal, which is the art museum of Leiden. Honestly, no matter what you end up doing in Leiden, it’s all good. And Leiden is one of the places where you can go from Rotterdam by train.

a view on a dutch canal and old brick canal houses in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands

9. Nature

Province: Zuid- Holland & Noord-Brabant

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: This depends on which nature reserve you want to visit, but there is accommodation near every nature reserve.

It’s funny when people think of visiting Rotterdam or the Zuid- Holland region in its entirety; people don’t often think about the beautiful nature that you can find near and around Rotterdam. But, if you ask me the question: ‘What is around Rotterdam?’, then one of my first answers would be nature and countryside.

While the Zuid (South) – Holland province is undoubtedly the most densely populated province in The Netherlands and nature is constantly under pressure, there is still a lot of incredible Dutch nature to visit in this part of the country. I will publish an extensive article with nature reserves to visit and the exact things you can do there soon. Still, in the meantime, I would recommend you to visit nature reserves in Zuid (South)- Holland, such as the Rhoonse Grienden, Biesbosch National Park, Duinen van Oostvoorne and Eiland Tiengemeten.

a shed surrounded by water in the landscape on the Dutch nature island of Tiengemeten Holland

10. Brielle

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 55 minutes

Where to stay: Poorter Boutique Hotel Brielle

If you ask me what one of my favourite fortified Dutch cities in the Zuid (South)- Holland region is, then my answer would probably be Brielle. Brielle is such a beautiful Dutch town and a must-visit in The Netherlands. Not only can you walk on the ramparts that surround the city and get a beautiful view, but Brielle is also a very calm and, at the same time, bustling town. And, Brielle is beautiful and filled with great activities making it one of the short trips from Rotterdam you must make.

Find a full article on what to do in Brielle here.

A view on old Dutch brick houses, covered in green during a rainy day in Brielle, The Netherlands

11. Gouda

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 18 minutes

Where to stay: B&B De Kamer Hiernaast

Gouda is an incredible Dutch city mainly famous for its reenactment of the cheese market, but there’s more to Gouda than cheese, even though cheese is already a great enough reason to visit. But, Gouda has so much more to offer. When I think of visiting Gouda, I think of its canals, cosy squares and friendly people. One of the best things you can do in Gouda is to explore the channels by sup board from Jabasup (if you want to reserve a sup board in the centre of Gouda, you can reserve one via the contact button). But there are even more things to do in Gouda, such as visiting Museum Gouda. It’s also easily one of the best train trips from Rotterdam.

Find a full article on cheese markets in The Netherlands here.

View on a canal and canal houses in the city of Gouda, The Netherlands

12. Heenvliet

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 46 minutes

Where to stay: ‘t Koetshuys

One of the small towns that you can find nearby Rotterdam is Heenvliet. Heenvliet is one of the places where you can find castle ruins in The Netherlands, and you can visit it during summer. At the ruins of Ravesteyn castle, you can find beautiful sculptures during a special event that starts somewhere in May and last for a few weeks. During that time, you can visit the garden from Thursday to Sunday from 12:00- 17:00. You can also visit the castle ruins of Ravesteyn during July and August on a few Saturdays from 12:00- 17:00. Even though Heenvliet is a small town, its small centre makes for one of the best day trips out of Rotterdam.

A view on a church tower from the main square in the village of Heenvliet

13. Geervliet

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 44 minutes

Where to stay: Pension Buitenzicht

The village of Geervliet is one of those places near Rotterdam that is small but still worth visiting. One thing that is great about Geervliet is that it’s closely located to towns such as Heenvliet and Brielle, so it’s effortless to explore multiple places in a day. One of the things I recommend you to do in Geervliet is to walk through the town to streets such as Kerkstraat, Molenstraat, Tolstraat, Kaaistraat and Dorpsplein. It definitely is one of the good day trips from Rotterdam.

View on a pond in front of Dutch wooden houses in the village of Geervliet, The Netherlands

14. Oud- Beijerland

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 48 minutes

Where to stay: Tiny House Experience Oud Beijerland

Oud- Beijerland is another small Dutch town that makes for one of the best short day trips from Rotterdam. One of the things you need to do in Oud- Beijerland is explore the town and walk to Havendam, Marktplein and Oostkade. The surroundings of Oud- Beijerland are beautiful to explore too, with the Dutch countryside surrounding the town. You can discover that beautiful Dutch region best by bike, and you can rent a bike in Oud- Beijerland at George Tweewielers (it’s best to reserve via e-mail in advance).

Front facade of former city hall (anno 1622) in old town of Oud-Beijerland, Hoeksche Waard, South Holland, Netherlands

15. Abbenbroek

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: There is only a special bus that runs to Abbenbroek, which you need to call in advance. But, you can walk from the nearest town Heenvliet to Abbenbroek, and it’s a nice, lovely walk or cycle ride.

Where to stay: There is no accommodation to be found in Abbenbroek, the nearest place to stay is in Geervliet or Heenvliet.

We have a saying in The Netherlands that goes ‘Klein, maar fijn’, and means: small, but nice. And that’s exactly the perfect description of Abbenbroek. Not only can you find beautiful walking routes around the village of Abbenbroek that will show you a beautiful part of The Netherlands nearby Rotterdam, but there is also a picturesque part found in Abbenbroek. There are not many things to do in Abbenbroek, but one of the things you need to do in Abbenbroek is walk to the street called ‘Ring’, which is the pretty place where I took this photo. And as you find Geervliet and Heenvliet nearby, it quickly makes the list for the best one-day trips from Rotterdam.

View on the main canal surrounded by dutch houses in Abbenbroek, The Netherlands

16. Zuidland

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 47 minutes

Where to stay: Bed en Breakfast Bernisse

Zuidland is another small town that you can find in the Zuid (South)- Holland province. One of the things you need to do in Zuidland is walking along the streets of Ring, Kerkstraat, Raadhuisstraat and Breedstraat. But, what is great about visiting Zuidland is that it is very closely located to Stompaardseplas lake, Bernisse river and beach Bernisse strand.

You can also go on a river tour from Zuidland, which will take you on the Bernisse river. I would recommend you to buy tickets online (as you can pay with most credit cards here). This whisper boat sails 12 months a year over the Bernisse river. At ‘Rondvaart Kalender’ down on their website, you can see if there are still spaces available for the day you want to join this Dutch river tour close to Rotterdam. If you want to make sure it books correctly, you could also ask a Dutch-speaking person in your hotel, hostel, B&B, etc., if they want to book it for you to make sure everything is okay.

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Last but not least, I would recommend you hire a boat, kayak, sup board or paddleboat in Zuidland at bootverhuur Bernisse. It’s the perfect way to explore The Netherlands and its waterways. They are found nearby Pannenkoekenbakker Zuidland in Simonshaven/ Zuidland, and you can also send them an e-mail. Visiting Zuidland is one of the day trips from Rotterdam you cannot miss out on.

View on old dutch brick houses in the vilage of Zuidland, The Netherlands

17. Hellevoetsluis

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 58 minutes

Where to stay: CasaLuca

If you’re thinking of visiting one of the most fascinating maritime cities in The Netherlands, Hellevoetsluis is a great place to visit. Besides admiring the beautiful buildings and streets, as it’s one of the many fortified towns in The Netherlands, Hellevoetsluis is home to many things to do. Hellevoetsluis is located on the shore of the Haringvliet, which flows into the North Sea.

One of the things to do in Hellevoetsluis is to visit a museum, explore Stadsmuseum Hellevoetsluis, for instance. Here you will discover the way people used to live and work in this Dutch city and explore the transformation from centuries ago to the current time. It’s generally opened from the end of April until the 1st of November on Wednesday and Thursday (10:00- 16:00) and Friday and Sunday (13:00- 16:00).

Another activity and highlight in Hellevoetsluis is to visit the oldest dry dock in Europe: Droogdok Jan Blanken, and explore its visitors centre. It’s generally opened from the 1st of November until the 31st of October from Monday to Friday (10:00- 17:00). Then from the 1st of April, it is also opened on Saturday and Sunday (13:30- 16:30). If you want to enjoy some nature, then nature reserve Quackhors is also located nearby Hellevoetsluis. Hellevoetsluis is one of the day trips from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, that you will love.

view on a boat in the canal in Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands

18. Lake district

Province: Zuid- Holland, Noord- Holland & Utrecht

Travel time: 35 – 60 minutes

Where to stay: The Outpost plashuis – heerlijk natuurhuis aan Reeuwijkse Plassen bij Gouda

The lake district in The Netherlands is a big area that exists out of approximately eight separate locations. In this lake district, you will find beautiful Dutch lakes with islands in them. And not only can you explore these Dutch lakes by renting a boat, but you can also rent a canoe or sup board and use these to visit areas where boats aren’t allowed to come. The nearest parts of this lake area near Rotterdam is found at the Reeuwijkse Plassen (lakes of Reeuwijk) and Vlietlanden. Enjoy the calm and beautiful surroundings during one of the most fun day trips out of Rotterdam.

Find a full article on what to do in the Dutch lake district here.

view on islands with greenery located in the middle of big sweet water lakes in The Netherlands

19. Beaches

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 40 – 60 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel De Gravin

Whereas some other beaches in quite a few countries have pebbles, The Netherlands is filled with sandy beaches. One of the most popular beaches in The Netherlands is Scheveningen, near The Hague. But, there are plenty of beaches to visit in the Zuid (South)- Holland province that isn’t as crowded: think of visiting the beach of ‘s-Gravenzande, for instance. Whichever Dutch beach you’ll be visiting near Rotterdam, I can guarantee that you will love it, and it will be one of the top day trips from Rotterdam.

Dunes at the North sea shore in the Netherlands

20. Haastrecht

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 38 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel Over de Brug

Haastrecht is one of those small towns that is cute and home to one of the most interesting houses in the Zuid- Holland province. One of the things you need to do in Haastrecht is to visit Museum Paulina Bisdom van Vliet. Paulina le Fèvre de Montigny–Bisdom van Vliet was the last person who lived in this patrician house and has achieved a lot in Haastrecht and its surroundings. Her will was that the house would be turned into a museum and not changed. So, when you enter this museum, it will be exactly as when she was still living here, and this gives you a fascinating inside look at the life of wealthy families in the 19th century. There are many things to do outside Rotterdam, and visiting Haastrecht is one of them.

a view of a cobblestoned street with dutch houses in Haastrecht, The Netherlands

21. Schoonhoven

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: Hotel Restaurant Belvédère

Schoonhoven is the Dutch town that is most famous for being nicknamed ‘Zilverstad’ for 700 years now, or silver city, due to its history. The city has evolved into a unique centre for anything related to silver: craftsmanship, industry and art. One of the things you need to do in Schoonhoven is to explore that part of its history and visit the National Silver museum. Besides that, you can also find tons of galleries and small shops in Schoonhoven that sell beautiful works of silver and plenty of other things. Schoonhoven is most certainly one of the places to see when you’re looking at Rotterdam and can be explored around the city.

view on dutch canal houses in the town of Schoonhoven, The Netherlands

22. Utrecht

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 38 minutes

Where to stay: Grand Hotel Karel V

Utrecht is one of The Netherlands most well-known cities, but it’s still good old Utrecht. With that, I mean that Utrecht is still not overcrowded, is a bustling city, and feels homey. Rotterdam and Utrecht are complete opposites. Where Rotterdam only has a small part of the historic centre-left, and the city is much more spread, Utrecht is filled with those typical picturesque Dutch streets and very knit together.

One of the things you need to see in Utrecht is to admire the town’s landmarks, such as the Dom church and climb its tower for a magical view. But also, I can highly recommend you to rent a canoe and discover Utrecht by its canals. Renting a boat or canoe in Utrecht will be one of the best things you can do in the city. The other must-do in Utrecht is to visit the Centraal Museum, it’s one of the best museums in Utrecht and is the ultimate place to visit. Utrecht is a city with plenty of sights; it’s very easy to make a one day trip into two-day trips from Rotterdam.

Bridge across canal in the historic center of Utrecht in the evening, Netherlands

23. Kinderdijk

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 48 minutes

Where to stay: Theetuin Onder de Pannen

The windmills of Kinderdijk have been a touristic hotspot in The Netherlands for years, and it’s part of the Unesco World Heritage sites in the world. But, beyond its windmills, Kinderdijk is one of the small villages near Rotterdam and not an open-air museum. So, while I recommend you visit Kinderdijk because it’s beautiful, I also urge you to be mindful, respectful and talk to other visitors if they cross the line, such as when people stand inside gardens, look inside homes and throw trash on the ground. I would also recommend you visit the windmills by public transportation and not by car, as the village cannot handle the number of vehicles that it gets daily.

The Kinderdijk windmills are mainly located at the Molenkade Nederwaard, and it’s a beautiful view to admire. One of the things you need to do in Kinderdijk is visit museum mills to learn more about why these Dutch windmills are crucial for this area in The Netherlands. This is the best place to visit and see Dutch windmills near Rotterdam.

A view on the historic windmills of Kinderdijk in The Netherlands

24. Woerden

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 38 minutes

Where to stay: Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden

The small town of Woerden is the ultimate place to visit in The Netherlands for cheese lovers, making it one of the great day trips from Rotterdam. Not only is Woerden the only city in The Netherlands where you can find the last real cheese market, but it’s also found in the middle of the cheese valley in The Netherlands. One of the things you need to do in Woerden is to learn more about our Dutch cheese. At the Woerden cheese experience, you will get all the information you need, plus get a behind the scenes about how cheese is made. So, if you’re into cheese, then you cannot miss out on visiting Woerden.

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View on an old street in the city of Woerden

25. Oudewater

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 58 minutes

Where to stay: Broeck Oudewater

Rotterdam and its surroundings are filled with nearby places to visit. The town of Oudewater is often known for one thing and one thing only: witches. And the reason Oudewater is associated with witches is for a straightforward reason because it is home to a witch scale. This witch scale was used centuries ago to weigh whether people were witches, but don’t worry, no one was ever accused or prosecuted in Oudewater. Besides learning more about Oudewater and its witches, there are plenty of more things to do in Oudewater and its surroundings, so don’t be afraid to get to know it.

Find a full article on what to do in Oudewater here.

view on a canal surrounded by old Dutch houses in the town of Oudewater, The Netherlands

26. Hoek van Holland

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 34 minutes

Where to stay: Hotel Amerika

Hoek van Holland is one of the places to see in The Netherlands, not just because of the beach of Hoek van Holland and the view on one of The Netherlands most expensive parts of the delta works: Maeslantkering. I would certainly recommend you visit the Maeslantkering to learn more about how The Netherlands works together with water to keep us safe.

But that’s not all that you can do and see in Hoek van Holland, because one of the things you need to do in Hoek van Holland is to rent a bike to explore beyond the city of Rotterdam and see nearby attractions. When you rent a bike, you can easily reach Futureland (on the Maasvlakte, which is part of Rotterdam’s harbour) and explore Hoek van Holland’s surroundings. You can rent a bike at Kleijn Tweewielers or Peter van Leeuwen Tweewielers. Futureland can be visited by taking a fast ferry from Hoek van Holland (your bike can go aboard for free, but you do need to pay for the ferry, which can be done in advance online or in real-time) to the Antarticaweg. From there you need to cycle or walk 4,5 kilometres to Futureland.

27. Willemstad

Province: Noord- Brabant

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: Het Wapen Van Willemstad

Willemstad is a beautiful Dutch town found in the Noord- Brabant province, at roughly an hour by public transportation from Rotterdam. It is one of those destinations in the South of The Netherlands that is a fortified town and filled with beautiful streets and incredible views. And if you’re done with visiting Willemstad, then you can always explore its surroundings more further, as it’s lovely. Willemstad is truly magical, which makes it one of the best places to visit around Rotterdam.

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A view on an old Dutch windmill seen from fortifications in Willemstad, The Netherlands

28. Maarssen

Province: Utrecht

Travel time: 55 minutes

Where to stay: De Eendracht Maarssen

The town of Maarsen is located on the shore of the Vecht river, which is home to one of the most beautiful Dutch landscapes in The Netherlands. The Vecht river was one area where wealthy merchants from Amsterdam would build their estates, and many of them are still found here today. Not only can you find the prettiest estates and castles along this beautiful Dutch river, but many pretty villages and towns such as Maarssen are waiting to be explored too. Maarssen is the perfect cosy village that will show you one of the best places to visit in the Utrecht region. And, as it’s relatively close to Rotterdam, Maarssen is one of the best places to visit from Rotterdam.

Find a full article on what to do in Maarssen here.

View on the canal and old Dutch canal houses in the town of Maarssen, The Netherlands

29. Nieuwpoort

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: Hotel Restaurant Belvédère

The town of Nieuwpoort is one of The Netherlands most beautiful small towns. It’s officially a city due to obtaining city rights in the Middle Ages like many small places in The Netherlands, but it’s not that big. Nieuwpoort is one of those towns that come straight out of a fairy tale and is a must-visit destination in the Zuid (South)- Holland.

One of the best things to do in Nieuwpoort is to admire the town’s fortifications: it is still mostly surrounded by ramparts, which you can walk on and at the same time get a breathtaking view of the Dutch Lek river. Nieuwpoort is certainly one of the best places to visit near Rotterdam.

A view on old Dutch brick canal houses behind a canal and trees in the town of Nieuwpoort, The Netherlands

30. Zwartewaal

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 1 hour

Where to stay: There is no accommodation to be found in Abbenbroek, the nearest place to stay is in Geervliet or Heenvliet.

Zwartewaal is a small town found southwest of Rotterdam. Now, as it’s tiny, there is not a whole lot to do in Zwartewaal. But one of the things you need to do in Zwartewaal is to walk the streets of Kadeplein and Dorpsstraat. I can also highly recommend you rent a bike in Zwartewaal or a canoe to explore the river or the island of Voorne- Putten.

And, Zwartewaal is excellent to visit if you’re also thinking about visiting the towns of Abbenbroek, Heenvliet, Brielle and/or Geervliet as they are located very near each other. And that makes this one of the day trips from Rotterdam you must do.

View on a historic street with canal houses in the town of Zwartewaal, The Netherlands

31. Gorinchem

Province: Zuid- Holland

Travel time: 45 minutes

Where to stay: Boutique Hotel Goud En Zilver

Gorinchem is the largest fortified city in The Netherlands and amazing to visit. This city is located on the banks of the Waal river, which is one of The Netherlands biggest rivers. Gorinchem is one of those places that has many things to do and see, think of visiting the Hendrick Hamel Museum, for instance. This museum is found in the Hamelhuis house and here you’ll learn everything about Hendrick Hamel and his adventures in Korea. This sea traveller from Gorinchem was shipwrecked off the coast of Korea in 1653 and was held captive there for the next 13 years. His journal ‘Hamel’s Journal and a Description of the Kingdom of Korea, 1653-1666’ gave the western world its first inside view of Korea.

Besides that, I would also highly recommend you to visit windmill ‘Molen De Hoop’ in Gorinchem. You can do so every Saturday (10:00- 17:00), Sunday (10:00- 16:00) and when the mill is operating. Not only will you learn a lot of interesting facts about Gorinchem and the windmill, but you will get a beautiful view from the deck of the windmill of the Waal river, Gorinchem and its surroundings.

view on a street in the town of Gorinchem, The Netherlands


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I hope this article gave you the answer to the question: ‘Where to go from Rotterdam?’, so you can enjoy a great day trip from Rotterdam. Rotterdam has plenty of nearby cities, towns and villages, as you’ve discovered by now, and any of them are good for day trips outside of Rotterdam. Cities close to Rotterdam are often great to extend the day trip in a weekend trip from Rotterdam, but exploring the countryside around the city for a few days is certainly not a bad idea either.

Whether you’ve been searching for day trips from Rotterdam during spring or autumn, I hope that these tours from Rotterdam have inspired you to look beyond the city and the most famous places to visit in The Netherlands. Share this day trips from Rotterdam post!

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