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Things To Do In One Day In Brielle, The Netherlands: Visit This Small Dutch Town In Zuid (South)- Holland

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Are you looking for information on what things to do and see in one day in the town of Brielle, The Netherlands? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Are you thinking of spending one day in Brielle, The Netherlands? Then this city guide for Brielle is perfect for you, as it will show you exactly all the things you need to do in Brielle and its surroundings. Brielle is one of those picture-perfect small Dutch towns and its located near Rotterdam, which makes Brielle a perfect day trip from Rotterdam. And the best part? There is hardly any tourism in Brielle, except during the most significant event in Brielle of the year.

The Dutch town of Brielle is found in the province of Zuid (South) – Holland at the Dutch island of Voorne-Putten at approximately one hour from Rotterdam Central Train Station by public transport. I have visited Brielle several times, and all those times it’s been magical. Fun fact: Brielle has two names. This Dutch fortified city is also called Den Briel.
Whether you’re looking for towns and places to visit in the Dutch province of Zuid (South) – Holland or a great city trip from Rotterdam: Brielle is the place to be.

In this travel blog about Brielle, you will find everything you need to know about one of the best places to visit in The Netherlands. From the best hotels in Brielle to best restaurants. And from how to get to Brielle to what to do. As well as things to do in Brielle and its surroundings. Plus interesting facts about Brielle, The Netherlands.

Last updated 30th of May 2022

Your perfect one day itinerary for Brielle: Discover things you must do

Brielle, The Netherlands, has so much to offer. Whether you’re coming to visit Brielle on a day trip from Rotterdam and only have 24 hours in Brielle, or when you’re planning on staying longer in this fortified Dutch town and its surroundings. Discover everything from the things to do and see, to the best hotels and food in Brielle. And from where to do some shopping in Brielle to cheap things to do. Brielle city has so many landmarks to enjoy, so if you’re looking for what to do and see in Brielle, then you’re at the right place. Come on and join me on this adventure with this Brielle city guide.

History, things to know and facts about Brielle

Brielle is the best kept fortified city in The Netherlands, and you will be able to walk through Brielle and head back in time. The ramparts, canals, harbours and streets of Brielle are in perfect shape. In combination with the historical centre of Brielle, this shows you exactly how a medieval trading city in The Netherlands could change into a strategic Dutch fortified town. Brielle is the only Dutch walled city in The Netherlands where both the fortifications on the water and land are entirely intact.

The name of Brielle refers to the Celtic word of ‘brogilo’, which meant something like enclosed area. It is said that the current location of Brielle is the ‘Nieuwe Briel’, or the new Briel. During the 11th and 12th century the island of Voorne consisted out of a few small and big islands. On those islands, farmers were settling there. They quarried the peat soil that was found on parts of the islands to use it for agriculture and livestock farming. These areas frequently flooded due to the North Sea and Meuse river. That’s when these families started in creating dykes so that they could continue to live in these areas. Due to the floods that continued to take away the land outside the barriers, the quarried land eventually became an island, which was the start of the city of Brielle.

Brielle was home to many monasteries and Roman Catholic churches. The town of Brielle was built around these monasteries and churches.

Brielle is most known for being very important for how The Netherlands looks today. Brielle was the first town to be back in the hands of the Dutch people (back then part of the Seventeen Provinces: today The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) after a long time of occupation.

Who were they occupied by and fighting against? There was an 80-year’s war against Spain (1566-1648). The King of Spain (Philip II) sent a lot of troops to the rebelling provinces to take back control. He took his control back of the Southern provinces (Belgium, Luxembourg, some parts of The Netherlands and Germany). But the Northern provinces who were led by William I (Prince of Orange) continued the Dutch revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs in collaboration with the Watergeuzen (Sea Beggars) and Geuzen.

The Sea Beggars first captured Brielle on the 1st of April 1572. After that, tons of other cities were also quickly captured by the Sea Beggars. The capture of Brielle, and the tons of cities that followed in revolting, eventually resulted in establishing the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands in 1581. While they were still at war with the Spanish, the central heart of the Republic wasn’t in danger anymore. The Dutch Revolt all started in Brielle. Thanks to this fact Brielle has the motto: Libertatis Primitiae; Eersteling der Vrijheid.

In 1585, Brielle was owned by the English, together with the towns of Oostende and Vlissingen as well as Fort Rammekens. In exchange, the Republic got military and financial help in the battle against Spain. In 1616, these places became a part of the Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden again.

During the 18th century, Den Briel gained many facilities that every garrison city had. The fortifications of Den Briel, or Brielle, were restored between 1972 and 1975. It is currently a protected townscape. Together with the Frisian town of Harlingen, Brielle has the most monuments per person in The Netherlands.

Brielle has a population of around 13.500 people. And if you’re wondering where you can find Brielle, The Netherlands, it’s only an hour southwest of Rotterdam. In this Brielle city blog, you will discover the perfect Brielle itinerary for a day trip. But there will also be plenty of tips for spending a weekend or simply two days in Brielle. Plus sights you need to see in Brielle and attractions. After this Brielle travel guide and blog, you will know exactly what to do in one day in Brielle.

Best hotels and accommodation in Brielle

I always recommend you to spend at least a night somewhere. However, if there’s absolutely no room in your The Netherlands itinerary, then a day trip is okay as well. But if you do have time, then I would tell you to spend a night in Brielle. See the way this Dutch town wakes up and goes to sleep. The atmosphere changes. There is not that much accommodation to choose from in Brielle. However, the best B&B and hotel in Brielle can be found below. If you’re looking for hostels in Brielle, then I would have to disappoint you as there are none.

B&B De Zeeuwse Ruyter: Check rates & availability:

Bastion Hotel Brielle – Europoort: Check rates & availability:

Breakfast cafes in Brielle

What’s a better way to start your one day in Brielle than with breakfast? This way, you will have enough fuel to explore Brielle for a couple of hours. Either you’re having breakfast at your hotel or B&B in Brielle, or I would recommend you to head to Chez Andre.

Free walking tour in Brielle

This free walking tour in Brielle is around 7 kilometres and is mostly suitable for wheelchair users. Don’t forget to look closely at the outside of the homes that you’re passing by. Before the French invaded The Netherlands, there weren’t any house numbers, so people used to give their house a name or an identification mark.

We will start our free walking tour in Brielle at the main square, which is called Markt. From here you will walk to a statue of former Queen Wilhelmina (standbeeld Koningin Wilhelmina in Dutch), that is found on the markt square. This statue is made of bronze materials by the Irish- Dutch artist Carol van den Boom – Cairns. It was initially created for an exhibit in the provincial building of Zuid- Holland, and a bigger size was placed in Brielle in 1985. This statue in Brielle showed Queen Wilhelmina when she returned to The Netherlands from London after the Second World War.

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It was so special as it was the 40th Liberation Day after the Second World War in 1985. At the same time, the municipality of Brielle wanted to emphasize the unique band between the Dutch royal family and Brielle as a city. Brielle was the first city in former Holland that was freed by the Geuzen from the Spaniards in 1572. Willem van Oranje (William of Orange) became the leader of the revolt and asked for help from the Geuzen. And in 1575 Willem van Oranje married his first wife Charlotte van Bourbon. Queen Wilhelmina visited the city of Brielle in 1922.

Fun fact: A smaller version of this statue can be found in the resistance museum, or Verzetsmuseum, Zuid- Holland.

At Markt 1 you will find the old city hall of Brielle. Its facade was designed by architect Johannes van Westenhout, who also designed the Binnenhof in The Hague, in 1792. Then you will walk to Historisch Museum Den Briel, which is currently housed in the same building.

As of next, we will continue our Brielle tour to Koopmanstraat and Venkelstraat 4C. Here you will find a former Latin School in a building that dates back to 1593. A Latin School was a school that was widespread through the continent of Europe, and its students (only male from the higher societies) were prepared for either religious duties or a study at a university. The Latin language was the language of science and classes at universities were only given in this language. Now you will walk to Venkelstraat 7, where you will find a former weighing house (it’s called a Waag in Dutch) and every Dutch city has one of these weighing buildings.

Parochie H.H. Martelaren van Gorcum will be your next stop. This catholic church dates back to 1830. It can be found in the Nobelstraat and was designed by architect P. Plukhooy. Now you will be walking to Sjoel Brielle, where you can find a synagogue. This synagogue is the only remaining Jewish synagogue in the region of Voorne-Putten, Rozenburg and Goeree-Overflakkee. It wasn’t used as a place of worship since the Second World War. It was sold to a constructor who used it as a storage space in 1945. The synagogue got restored and reopened in 2005. However, nowadays the Sjoel is a cultural and meeting centre.

Then we will continue our Brielle free walking tour to Turfkade, Nobelstraat, Gasthuisstraat, Venkelstraat, Heultje, Wellerondom to end up at the Pomp Wellerondomplein. Here you will see a water pump which dates back to 1590.

Now walk to Langestraat and then to St. Catharijnekerk. This is the primary and most significant church in Brielle and construction started in 1417. In 1456, a massive fire broke out, and construction began again, only to stop again when they ran out of money in 1482. It was supposed to become the biggest church in the Holland region, but that didn’t work out. You can visit this church from King’s Day until October from Monday- Saturday (10:30- 16:30). During that time you can also climb its tower for the most spectacular view of Brielle and its surroundings.




Now continue your tour through Brielle towards Sint Catherijnehof, this is one of the courtyards in Brielle and is also nicknamed Commandeurshof because the military had locations there. Now go to Sint Catharijnehof 8. Here you will find a former orphanage that was first established in the 16th century, although the current buildings date back to the 17th century. Now walk to Commandeursstraat and then onwards to Sint Catharijnehof 12. This building is a former military housing complex and dates back to the 17th century.

Continue one of the must do’s in Brielle to the Torenstraat and then admire a statue in Brielle called ‘De Zeenymph’, or the sea nymph in English. This bronze statue was a gift on the 1st of April 1872 from the Dutch people when it was remembered that Brielle was the first place to be liberated by the Watergeuzen from the Spanish during the 80-year war 300 years ago.

The sea nymph is a symbol for the freedom the people of Brielle gained in 1572. The sea nymph is pointing to the Meuse estuary with her left hand, which is where the Geuzen came from before they liberate Brielle from the Spanish. In her right hand, she has the flag of Prince Willem van Oranje who collaborated with the Geuzen to liberate Brielle. On the pedestal, you will see the motto of Brielle: Libertatis Primitiae, which means something like the firstling of freedom.

Now head towards Asyl voor Oude en Gebrekkige Zeelieden. This courtyard exists out of 14 houses. It was built on an assignment of the main committee of the commemoration of 1572-1872. King Willem II placed the first stone on the 1st of April 1872.

After that, we will head to Coppelstockstraat 13, where you will find a chapel that dates back to around 1480. Now walk to Maarland ZuidzijdeLangestraat and then walk to Langepoort. This city gate in Brielle dates back to 1704 and was renewed in 1799. This is one of the two remaining city gates in Brielle, while this city used to have four gates.

As of now, we will make our way to Maarland Noordzijde 104. This shed was built for the torpedo service between 1884- 1886. This service left the building in 1922. Nowadays it’s in use for the local shooting club. Now walk to Maarland Noordzijde and then to Bastion VIII, Bastion “8.5”, Bastion IX and lastly to the remains of Noordpoort. This was the exact location where the Sea Beggars entered Brielle on the 1st of April 1572. This city gate in Brielle was demolished in 1619. 

Now walk to Slagveld 42. Here you can find a patrician residence that dates back to around 1800. Continue your free walking tour in Brielle to the only windmill of this city: Molen ‘t Vliegend Hert. This windmill has three attics, and the mill is used to grind grains. During the restoration of the fortifications of Brielle, people found two big pieces of stones, which were the fundaments of an old windmill that used to stand here in the 17th century. In 1985, the mill was rebuilt. And the best part is that you can visit this windmill in Brielle every Friday (and usually Saturday) from 10:00- 16:00. The view of Brielle from the windmill is breathtaking. 

Then we will make our way to Bastion II, also called Kruithuis or the powder house, which was built in the 17th century on a safe distance from buildings (at the time). Now continue this Brielle tour to the Kaaipoort, which is the second remaining city gate in Brielle. It was built in 1709 and was last restored between 1972-1975. This monument in Brielle has survived changes over time, and even the guardhouse just within the city walls of Brielle has survived (it’s currently in use as a house).


This tour in Brielle is slowly coming to an end, but not quite yet. Now head over to Bastion IIIKaaiwalScharloo and Scharloo 5. This is a big warehouse that dates back to 1620. Then you will make your way to Kaaistraat 18 where you will find an old city farm (which isn’t a farm anymore) that dates back to the 19th century. Now walk to KaaistraatLijnbaan and then towards Rozemarijnstraat 46.

This building is an old arsenal, which was initially meant for stockpiling arms and was finished in 1708. It was used for military purposes until 1922. And until January 2018, this building was in use as the public library of Brielle. Continue one of the must do’s in Brielle towards Geuzenstraat 16. This old church is nowadays transformed into two apartments, but this wasn’t always the case. This church was first taken in use on the 20th of February 1873, and the last church service took place on the 27th of October 1968 (as a new church building was built nearby). 

That’s when this church was bought by a contractor, who turned it into his workspace. But he, unfortunately, wasn’t able to renovate the church. The last thirty years, there was endless of scaffolding placed around the church, but nothing happened. The municipality of Brielle threatened the contractor with fines to change something. Which eventually led to the fact that two guys from Brielle bought the church and ended up restoring it. It has become incredibly beautiful.

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Now walk to NieuwstraatVoorstraat and then to Voorstraat 86. This chapel dates back to 1652 and was last in use in 1970. Nowadays, there’s a medical practice located in this church. But now and then the church is still used for concerts. Then we’re headed to Voorstraat 80, where you will find an interesting plaque on the building which refers to the liberation from the people of Brielle by the Sea Beggars. Then just walk a little bit further to Voorstraat 45. This is the former home of Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp and has original plastered ceilings that date back to 1600. Unfortunately, you can’t see them, but the idea of this building having it is enough. 

We’re coming to an end of our walking tour through Brielle. Walk to Rozemarijnstraat, Vischstraat and Markt to spot the final must-sees in Brielle. And you’re done.

Find the full self-guided walking tour in Brielle and a map here

Best museums in Brielle

Historisch Museum Den Briel

The biggest museum in Brielle is Historisch Museum Den Briel. Here you will learn everything you want (and need) to learn about the history of Brielle and its surroundings. As well as about the important people who shaped the way Brielle, and The Netherlands, are today. One important topic is the Eighty Years’ War against the Spaniards, and you will learn everything you need to learn about that long and dreadful war here. The Brielle Historical Museum is based in the former town jail and weigh-house (Waag). There are also changing exhibitions in this museum in Brielle. But the subjects I’ve told you about are always there to explore and enjoy.

Find more information about this museum in Brielle here


The other museum that you must visit in Brielle is found in the ‘Kruithuisje’, or powder house. From the 1st of April until the 1st of November (every Saturday 11:00- 16:00 and Sunday 12:00- 16:00) you can visit this powder house on the fortifications of Brielle. There is a permanent exhibition about the 1st of April celebrations throughout the years, plus a few others. This museum is one of the free things you can do in Brielle as the museum is free to enter. However, a donation is certainly appreciated.

Lunch restaurants and cafes in Brielle

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day (although I think every meal is essential because food is always the answer). And luckily for you, Brielle is filled with great lunch restaurants. But I’ve listed my favourite lunch cafes in Brielle below.

I would recommend you to head to Gluutlooz & Zo in Brielle, they sell gluten-free products and cater to other dietary restrictions as well. It’s the perfect lunch cafe to go for some delicious and tasty food.

Nobelstraat 69, 3231 BB Brielle

Another great place to go for lunch is the Brielsche Aap. It’s located on one of the fortifications in Brielle, and it has a perfect cosy atmosphere, plus great food.

Kaaisingel 2, 3231 KB Brielle

Walk over the fortifications in Brielle

One of the best things to do in Brielle is to walk on the rampart that surrounds this medieval Dutch town. While you’ve gone on our free walking tour in Brielle before, it didn’t include walking most of the ramparts. And it would be truly a shame if you’ve missed out on that. Walking over this monument in Brielle, you will see this Dutch city near Rotterdam in a completely different light and from a different viewpoint.

I would recommend you to walk this route in Brielle:

Ravelijn Kaaivest – Oranjeplein – Between Oranjeplein and Bastion VII there is another one that is unnamed – Bastion VIIRavelijn Lange VestBastion IXRavelijn Prikkevest. After Ravelijn Prikkevest, you need to walk back to Maarland Noordzijde, cross the Julianabrug, walk to the Molenstraat and then via the Vestingpad you can walk on the ramparts again. Then walk in the direction of Kruithuis and then towards Ravelijn Molenvest.

One thing you need to know about this walking route in Brielle is that you will walk on top of the ramparts and fortifications. And that you’re following the exact way that the fortifications surround the town of Brielle. So these names and places that I’ve listed are often found next to the ramparts, but on a lower level. So you’re walking on the higher and grass path on top of the ramparts in Brielle. This route in Brielle is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users.

Rent a mode of transport to explore the area of Brielle

Another great way to explore Brielle and its surroundings is by bike, canoe, paddle boats and simply by boat. Canoe through the canals in the city centre of Brielle and explore a little bit of the surroundings after that. Or if you don’t have the strongest arms, but do have some leg strength, then opt for the paddle boats. Especially during a beautiful spring, summer or autumn day, this is the perfect way to discover more of Brielle than you already have.

Another option is to rent a bike and cycle further in the surroundings of Brielle. I would recommend you to cycle this following bike route from Brielle: Brielle – Brielse Meer – Jacobaburcht (ruins of an old castle; can be visited daily for free from 10:00- 17:00 but only from 1st of April – 30th of September) – Oostvoornse Meer (cycle below the Oostvoornse Meer, not above it) – Oostvoorne – Rugge – Zuurland – Brielle. This is in total around 20 kilometres, but you can always increase the distance if you want to.

The last option is renting a boat in Brielle. I would recommend you to head to the Brielse Meer and sail around there. Visit this rental website in Brielle (in Dutch) for contact information and reservations.

Eat dinner at the best restaurants in Brielle

When your day in Brielle slowly comes to an end, you should not miss out on some of the great restaurants that can be found in Brielle. There are several excellent restaurants, but my two favourites are Momenti Italian food & wine, as well as De Smaeck van Brielle.

Things to do in Brielle in the evening and night

As Brielle is not the biggest Dutch town in The Netherlands, you won’t find a very bustling nightlife in Brielle. However, there are still some fun things to do in Brielle when the day is starting to come to an end.

Go for some drinks in Brielle

A perfect way to end one special day in Brielle is to go for a final drink at ‘t Kont van het Paard. Whether you’re interested in drinking wine, whisky, sodas or beer, this brown bar in Brielle is the best destination for that. Enjoy the old Dutch touch and the final moments of your stay in Brielle.

Walkthrough the magical Dutch city at night

One of my favourite things to do in any new city is to explore it in the evening or at night. Brielle is a very safe city, so stroll through the alleys and streets, while also admiring the harbour in Brielle in the beautiful light of the moon. It’s breathtaking.

Witness a beautiful sunset near the canals in Brielle

The last thing I would recommend you to do in Brielle in the evening is to admire the stunning sunset. Sit on top of one of the fortifications in Brielle and enjoy the constant changes in the light of the sky. All of that while you’re in one of the most beautiful Dutch towns in The Netherlands.

Other things to do in and near Brielle

Brielle is located in a stunning area, and there’s plenty of things to do in its surroundings. But I also haven’t shown you everything you can do inside the town of Brielle itself. So here you will find a combination of both what to do in Brielle and its surroundings. There will be room for things to do in Brielle in every season, from spring to summer and autumn to winter. Discover the beautiful streets in Brielle and other places to see.

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Visit the first stone lighthouse in The Netherlands

The ‘Stenen Baak’ can be found outside Brielle and it the first, and thus oldest, stone lighthouse in The Netherlands. It dates back to 1630 and can be found just northeast of the centre of the village Oostvoorne and around three kilometres northwest of the centre of Brielle. It was decided to build a stone lighthouse of 15 metres high, as the wooden ones were burned down once again. It was in use until 1781 and is nowadays a monument. It has been opened for the public since July 2004. You can climb the stairs of this old lighthouse and discover a great permanent exhibition. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that, when the weather is great, you can climb to the top of this lighthouse and can see a beautiful view of the area and the island of Voorne-Putten.

It is opened in April & October on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00- 16:00. From May until September this lighthouse can be visited from Tuesday until Sunday 11:00 – 16:00. But again, when it’s very windy, or rainy, the roof is not accessible. There is no entry fee, so this is one of the cheap things to do in Brielle and its surroundings.

Discover the Fishery Museum in the nearby village of Zwartewaal

The village of Zwartewaal is part of the municipality of Brielle and has opened a new museum: the Fishery Museum. If you’re in the area anyway, I would recommend you to cycle to Zwartewaal (as it’s terribly cute) and then explore the Visserijmuseum. It has texts in both English and Dutch (which is great for such a small museum) and is opened from April until October on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13:00-17:00.

Bernissedijk 24

3238 BM Zwartewaal

Explore the art galleries in Brielle and its surroundings

If you’re interested in discovering art, then Brielle is also a quaint, artsy town in The Netherlands to visit. There are plenty of galleries found in Brielle and its surroundings. In Brielle, I would recommend you to visit Galerie Van Bellen art. And in the surroundings, head to some galleries in the places of Tinte and Vierpolders.

Witness the best event in Brielle

The 1st of April was the day when Brielle was freed from the Spanish occupiers by the Sea Beggars. And every year it’s reenacted by a whole bunch of volunteers. You will see how the Sea Beggars storm the fortified city of Brielle and the Spaniards that eventually admit their defeat. Then there is a parade, which showcases the captured Spaniards. And during the entire day, there are markets with old crafts, food and a bunch of people on every corner. The city entirely goes back to the 1st of April 1572. In 2022, it will be 425 years ago that Brielle was liberated from the Spanish and they have big plans in Brielle for this event, but every year it’s one of the fun things to do and see in Brielle. So make sure to write the 1st of April in your agenda.

Discover one of the most important nature reserves in Western Europe

The dune area of the island of Voorne-Putten is one of the most important nature reserves in Western Europe. Discover the region of the Duinen van Voorne (dunes of Voorne), and I can guarantee that you will be blown away by the natural beauty of South Holland. Whether you want to rent a bike or explore this region on foot, it’s a trip that you won’t forget.

See beautiful murals in Bastion V

Bastion V is one of the small fortresses found on the fortifications of Brielle. From the 1st of June until the 31st of October, it’s opened daily (when the weather is good) from 10:00 until the end of the afternoon. You can discover the murals in this fortress and can see an exciting presentation when you push one of the buttons inside.

Visit the Brielse meer

The Brielse Meer is one of the best lakes to visit in The Netherlands and very close to Brielle. Rent a boat and sail to the Brielse meer, or cycle or walk there. It’s a beautiful area and perfect to visit during the beautiful spring and summer days. You can also take a small ferry from Brielle to Rozenburg (and back) at the Brielse Meer, and from here you can explore the area from another point of view. It does costs you a few euros, so keep that in mind. And when you’re at the Brielse Meer anyway, don’t forget to grab a drink at Strandcafe De Meiden (on the side of Brielle).

Photo by Tasfoto / Deposit Photos

Go shopping in Brielle

What I love about Brielle is that it’s a small town, but has a lot to offer. And if you’re like me, you like to bring some local souvenirs home. And the best way to do that is by visiting some of these stores in Brielle.

I would first recommend you to visit’ t Doosje van Lobs. Here you can find fantastic chocolate, great tea and the best presents. Up next, you must visit Meesterbakker Voskamp Vischstraat. This bakery in Brielle has terrific bread, pastries and cakes. It will be hard to choose, so my recommendation is to take as much as you can. I’ve told you about restaurant Brielsche Aap, well not only is it a great restaurant, but they also have a shop. It’s called De Eilandwinkel and sells products that are connected to Brielle and its surroundings.

Then I would recommend you to head to ‘t Voorhuys for the best fresh Dutch cheese, nuts and toppings. Up next we have Memories and Music for the best music-inspired art, games, vinyl and more. Last, but most certainly not least, Katoen & Koffie. This clothing store is my most favourite in Brielle, and you can also drink coffee, tea or juice here.

How to get to Brielle

It’s very easy to visit Brielle with public transportation, and I would recommend you to do so. Don’t forget to always check for the current route updates, prices etc.

From Amsterdam: To get from Amsterdam Centraal to Brielle by train, there are several options. I would recommend you to check for the exact options. To get to Brielle from Amsterdam takes you between 2 hours and 15 minutes and 2 hours and 30 minutes.

From Rotterdam: To go on a trip to Brielle from Rotterdam by train, you’d have to take the metro from Rotterdam Centraal in the direction of De Akkers. Get out at Spijkenisse Centrum. From here you must change to bus 403 in the direction of Rockanje. To get from Rotterdam to Brielle takes you around one hour.

From Utrecht: Take a train from Utrecht Centraal to Rotterdam Centraal. From here take the metro from Rotterdam Centraal in the direction of De Akkers. Get out at Spijkenisse Centrum. From here you must change to bus 403 in the direction of Rockanje. To get to Brielle from Utrecht takes you around 1 hour and 50 minutes.


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I hope that by now, you’re aware of how beautiful the city of Brielle is and the things you have to do here. These pictures have shown you that Brielle in Zuid- Holland, The Netherlands, is more than worth visiting and deserves more tourism.

Brielle centre and its surroundings have so much to offer. Travel to Brielle and discover everything from hidden gems to unusual places. And from beautiful buildings to the best sightseeing in Brielle. It’s one of the best places to visit. So I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning where to go in Brielle as well as the best things to do in Brielle. Share this post!!

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